Monday, April 6, 2009

New Roloff family preview details: April 20th -Trebuchet and Reaching Jacob

New episode previews have been released for the April 2oth Episodes. One will be about Matt's attempt to build the new trebuchet this past pumpkin season in honor of Mike Detjen.

The second episode will be about how challenging Jacob is for Matt, Amy and the other kids. I'm uncertain if this preview description will make all the Jacob Roloff fans happy or not. There is already an episode coming up about Jake at space camp. This will be a "Lost Episode", yet another episode centering around Jacob, although the circumstances might not be what the Jacob fans were hoping for.

Apr 20, 8:00 pm
(30 minutes)

Little People, Big World

Try, Try, Trebuchet

Still coping with the loss of his friend and business partner, Mike Detjen, Matt decides to complete their last big project together: the new and improved trebuchet. Matt hopes to finish it in honor of his late friend.

Apr 20, 8:30 pm
(30 minutes)

Little People, Big World Lost Episodes

Reaching Jacob

For Matt and Amy, Jacob has always been their most challenging child. Although he's a good student and soccer player, Jake acts out, sulks and annoys his siblings. When Jake uses profanity in front of Amy, she comes up with a creative way discipline him.


Terra said...

I can't wait to see what Jacob said and Amy's punishment. Jeremy uses racist slurs nothing happens to him.

That's a very negative write up about Jacob. I hate how Matt and Amy always protect Jeremy and try to make him as good as possible, but hey go ahead and make sure Jacob is known as a sulky annoying brat.

Craw said...

Terra, Jake fans need to stop their whining. I don't know how he can even have "fans".

It is a reality show. Jake is does sulk. He is annoying. He is a brat. That is the reality. It is going to be on the show.

I'm so sick and tired of seeing people criticize Matt, Amy, Zach and Jeremy and even Mueller, in trying to defend or make excuses for Jake being a brat.

Jake isn't even half the kid Jeremy is. The only reason why most people don't like Jeremy is because he exercised his free speech right and wasn't "sensitive" to gays. Jeremy stayed true to his Christian beliefs. It says in the Bible that gays are an abomination against God. I don't care if Jeremy isn't "sensitive" towards them.

That's the only reason why everybody hates Jeremy. He is 10 times the person Jake is. Jeremy doesn't annoy people. Jeremy doesn't sulk either. I've never seen Jeremy sulk because he was losing.

TLC says Jake sulks and annoys people because he does. That's the truth and it's the reality.

Jake fans are just about as annoying as Jake himself. LOL.

Alice said...

Maybe I was off, but honestly I always figured Jeremy was their most challenging child.

Amy used to always be fed up with him and Matt has spoke about in detail how sneaky and what a rule breaker Jer can be.

I'm surprised it is said so matter a factly that Jacob has always been their most challenging kid.

Rap541 said...

I think the trebuchet is a really dumb thing and to honor Mike's memory, I wish Matt would just let it go. It's dangerous and frankly if Mike's dream meant so bloody much, why has it taken three? years to build a new trebuchet? I mean, honestly, they aren't this difficult to build.

As for Jake, I've always had the impression he was something of an unexpected blessing. I don't see either parent intentionally spend time with him one on one. Unfortunately they have already set the standard with the twins and Jake sees their behavior and acts like them. I am also very curious as to what passes for bad language in the Roloff house. We already know that "p*ss" is fine.

Craw - I won't argue with you over how awesome you think Jeremy is - I've seen you on other boards praising the possibility he is doing pot and drinking alcohol - but I would ask... is there anything Jeremy could do that you wouldn't insist is awesome?

As for your views on Jake - I know I personally don't like the kid's behavior at times, but Jake is still at an age where a)he can change and b)he's still learning. If people seem harder on Jeremy, it's because Jeremy is older. He's eighteen. Guess what? Jake is eleven and being ragged out by people who don't know him as "not even half of his brother". I wonder what Jeremy would be like if he was on tv at eleven and people were noting his flaws and pointing out how much of jerk he was.

Ironically I think Jeremy and Jake are very similar in personality.

Jocelynn said...

I don't see any similarities between Jeremy and Jake, although it's hard to tell because Jake isn't on as much is more guarded.

Jeremy strikes me as always having been a social butterfly. Wanting to be the center of attention in a group of 20 kids. I don't have the impression that Jake is that social or wants that spotlight (among his friends, I'm not factoring in the TV show).

I've always thought Jeremy seems to go with the flow more, more relaxed than Jake. He seems frustrated and gets angry easily. I don't see that in Jeremy.

Jumping the rail on the boat does seem like something Jeremy do, though.

The Roloffs don't seem to be bothered by what's written about them (even by the TLC descriptions) or what people say. I don't have a problem with the preview description.

Whatever bad word Jake said, I think we all know much worse words are said in that home that they don't make an episode about.

Joanne said...

craw.. you are very critical of an 11 yr old boy. He may sulk, but he will outgrow it. He is young, the baby of the family and will find his way. Give jake a break. I think he is adorable. I have seen Amy and Matt spend time with him and he does get attention.

I dont go for comparing siblings anyway. They are not clones of each other and are unique individuals. Everyone has good and bad traits and they are no exception to anyone else.

I love watching this family and find them to be real and very likable people.

Brokenwing said...

Joanne, I think the Roloffs are a wonderful family as well. I disagree with you though. Jacob is a member of the family. I don't think it's wrong for people to make honest observations about him. Observations that the 5 other members of the family have made.

Matt, Amy, Molly, Zach and Jeremy have all spoke about how pesky and annoying Jacob can be. Jacob even admitted it on the RV trip, the train ride. If he acts like a brat, people are naturally going to say he's a brat. I agree he should grow out of it, but people are commenting on what they see now.

I think it's normal for people to compare siblings to each other, especially brothers. There are even more comparisons between Jeremy and Jacob since they are the only two average size boys.

In my opinion, Jeremy does seem like the much better behaved kid, even when he was younger. He doesn't have Jacob's temper or Jacob's tendency to sulk and be a sore loser.

Red Baron said...

I think Zach has the worst attitude of any of the Roloff kids. I recall him going through some pretty deep "sulky" phases in the last several years. There were even times when I would've considered him a depressed child needing intervention. He is duplicitous - saying one thing to one person and another to another. He's manipulative. He is lazy (despite protests to the opposite). He makes more excuses than a politician. He's also got an ego the size of Matt (figuratively).

Jake, on the other hand, seems resigned. He's resigned to the reality of being the "baby". He's resigned to getting the crap beat out of him regularly. He's resigned himself to being "accident prone". His life has been chronicled for public viewing during the most personal of times with seemingly little say on his part. Of all the children, he's the most vulnerable (by virtue of age) to this circus. He's a side-thought to his brothers and sisters: usually tagging along or being ignored by them. I just feel bad for the poor kid. I think he irks Matt because he's learned to be non-expressive and keep his head down (whereas Matt is over-expressive and wants to be seen). Matt had his twin sons. One is, in Matt's eyes, an Adonis who can do no wrong and parties like his old man. The second twin is an LP (worth major "just like dad" points) and gets the empathy card. Molly is the much wanted "daddy's girl". What's left for Jacob? Most of his life, dad was travelling or on television. That doesn't exactly lead to many bonding experiences. Mike seemed to fill Matt's role in many ways and I can only imagine Jake's deep grief over that loss.

Janet said...

Red Baron, again interesting points. I agree and disagree with you about Matt and his kids.

I think part of Zach's attitude towards Matt is because Matt blatantly prefers Jeremy over Zach and that is clear to all, even Zach. Numerous times Matt has told Zach to be more like Jeremy. Matt might play the parent role from time to time, but I think Matt twistedly respects the "bad boy" aspects in Jeremy. Matt wants his son to be a "man" (whatever Matt thinks that means) to bend the rules, to be confident, to be the center of attention, the straw that stirs the drink. That is Jeremy, not Zach. It's as clear as day that Matt prefers Jeremy over his other twin son.

I think Zach being LP works against him with Matt. Because he is LP, that is more reason for Matt to wish that Zach was confident and charismatic - like Jeremy.

Matt has called Jake a "sissy-man" before and has sighed at his constant injuries. When Amy called Matt to tell him Jake hit his head in the dunk tank at the school carnival and was on his way to the hospital, Matt's first question was not "Is he alright?", it was "Was he bawling?". When Matt hung up the phone he told someone nearby in a disgusted tone "Oh my kid hurt himself again".

I think Matt is a "macho" man and has a very archiac idea of what a man should be. I think Jeremy's personality is most what Matt admires out of his 3 sons.

Zach isn't charismatic and confident like Jeremy. Jake isn't tough like Jeremy. I don't know how "tough" Jeremy actually is because I don't think any thing has happened to him, but he doesn't get injured like the others and brags about his own toughness. That alone earns points with Matt.

Red Baron said...

I don't disagree. Jer' is the golden boy, with daddy. I just think Jake rates somewhere below Jeremy, Zach, and the Save the Spotted Owl Campaign in Matt's estimation. I don't think he's a bad kid (Jake, that is). I just think he's totally blown-off by Matt in most regards. The sad thing is - Matt *will* see Jake in the next few years. If Jer' and Zach ever leave Matt Roloff Interprises for the big, bad world (which I admit isn't bloody likely), then Jake will be the only one who can weld the trebuchet and do Matt's heavy lifting. I'm guessing, or hoping, that Camarino will have found a better employer by then. Hopefully, Jake will tell Matt where he can shove the blowtorch. :)