Friday, April 24, 2009

Some recent Roloff travel plans

One fact that you might not realize that we've found out from running this site, the Roloffs have fans/followers/people that are interested in them from all around the world. Every day people from all around the world are searching and inquiring about Roloff related information from countries all around the world that you probably wouldn't guess.

So this might have come as a disappointment to some of the Roloff followers from England and the UK, as per Amy Roloff's official website, her speaking tour in England originally scheduled for now - April 18th - 28th was cancelled or at least postponed to a late date yet to be determined, perhaps in the Fall.

Amy's speaking event in Ashland, Kentucky, originally scheduled for May 8th and 9th (a day before the twins 19th birthday) also has been cancelled.

For all the fans of Matt's parents, Ron and Peggy Roloff, they recently embarked on a trip to Canada (British Columbia).

Peggy kept a sort of diary of their trip which she posted on their website. You can read the entries on their website:


JakeFan said...

is that because of the world economy or something with Amy?

Margaret said...

did she actually do the speaking in suffolk county? If so... booo I live so close and I missed it! I would have liked to see her speak.

Is she sick?

Jocelynn said...

Margaret, I think she did do the Suffolk county date.

I don't think she's sick. It is probably due to the ecomony. Matt's speaking fees were quite high. Who was hosting the event in England? The cost of sending Amy all the way to England and then the fee. If they're suffering financially like the rest of the world, those things would get cut the first. That's a lot of money just for a guest speaker. Depending on the event, it could be in part due to the Jeremy thing.

I like the Roloffs, but I admit if I scheduled Amy to speak to minorities about discrimination and then realized her son has used hate words, that might be enough to make me reconsider.

If Amy's speaking contract is anything like Matt's, I think he gets paid 50% of his fee up front.

Jan said...

Everybody I know has very positive things to say about Amy in person. I thought it would be repetative. I've seen some clips and what has been on the show of her speeches and it is mostly the same, but people who attend enjoy themselves and say Amy is very genuine and real in person.

Jocelynn, I think Amy would be smart to include the Jeremy scandal in her speech, but she probably wouldn't go there.

Jason said...

Jan, what are you thinking? "My son Jeremy and his friends are racist gay bashing bigots cracking jokes about all of you behind your backs. Thanks for inviting me here!"

That's the last piece of information Amy would volunteer. I think it's obvious the Roloffs just hope people don't know about their nasty little secret.

Jan said...

Jason - Why not? It would be something real and new for Amy to talk about.

I don't like Jeremy's language and I don't approve of the way he hasn't dealt with it, but he's not the only teenager in America to say racist words and he's certainly not the only Christian teenage male to say or do homophobic things.

Amy should be a bigger person and use it to educate. She should say I'm asking you to teach your kids to understand and respect people like myself, I know it can be a challenge, I'm working on that with my own son. She should face it and include it in her speech. Talk about why words are hurtful. It would make her seem less phony and less like she's placing herself on pedestal and speaking down to the audience.

Red Baron said...

I doubt it has to do with the economy or Amy being ill. A rumor has it that one of Amy's parents, or another family member, is not doing so well. She may be sticking around for that. Or, she may have realized that she's coming into the home stretch with Zach and Jeremy. If, and that's a big if, they're going to school in the fall, then she may be helping them (re: doing everything for them) get ready to go.

Timothy said...

Red Baron, where did you hear a rumor about Amy's parents being ill?

I don't think Gordon is ill unless it happened within the last week. He is still writing his newsletter for his church. He wrote his column for the April letter and helped out with several events around Easter.