Monday, April 6, 2009

Rumor regarding Jeremy Roloff allegedly arrested for assault in March is unfounded

Yesterday, those of us with this site debated about posting this item; sometimes things don't deserve to be mentioned even if it is to caution people about believing it. We are now posting because we have an answer about whether the allegations are true...they are not true.

On Monday this site was flooded with inquiries about Jeremy Roloff supposedly being arrested for assault last month.

We've traced this to a rather vicious rumor on the very unreliable Wikipedia site. If you are unfamiliar with Wikipedia, any individual can edit the information and insert rumors and lies. I am surprised that as of now, the entry is still on Wikipedia. It is odd that it has remained on the Wikipedia site for this amount of time. The National Enquirer story regarding Jeremy using racial and homophobic slurs online was entered on Wikipedia and removed immediately, and that information is indeed true and has even been confirmed by the Roloff family, albeit in very vague statements. It's surprising that something such as alleging that Jeremy was arrested for assault has remained on that site for this amount of time.

It is located in the Matt Roloff Legal issues section.

It alleges that on March 6, 2009, Jeremy Roloff was arrested for assaulted an unnamed female at the Roloff farm following a domestic dispute.

As we originally stated last night, the information, the lack of information or names seem very suspect, especially considering the date is almost one month ago. Jeremy did vacation in the British Virgin Islands with Matt, Jacob and Jacob Mueller last week.

Granted, when Matt Roloff was arrested on suspicion of DUII in June of 2007 (he was eventually found not guilty as viewers of the show are aware), the news of his arrest did not become public until July. So it is not unheard of for information to be a month behind, but the source must be considered -- wikipedia - an anonymous entry.

That entry on wikipedia set off a firestorm of searches to this site and Google.

This site does try to keep up with the buzz about the Roloff family, and without question due to the Wikipedia entry, the buzz of the moment is "was Jeremy Roloff arrested for assault?" It was the number one inquiry we received the past couple of days.

We can now confirm that the entry on Wikipedia alleging that Jeremy Roloff was arrested for assault is a hoax. The Washington County sheriff's department has been contacted to confirm or deny it and they denied it. They did make one error, Jeremy Roloff is not a minor. He is currently 18 years old. He will turn 19 on May 10, 2009. This is a copy of the emailed received from the WSCD.

"I have checked ALL my data bases from the first of January to present with NO record found on Jeremy Roloff being arrested for assault. Keep in mind that Jeremy is a minor and as such it would have been turned over to Juvenile if it had happened. I checked our dispatch database and also our jail information.

I believe that this is just another rumor that has hit the circuit.

Thank you for your inquiry...
Administrative Specialist II WCSO/Records

So for everybody inquiring about whether Jeremy Roloff was arrested for assault, it is not true. Hopefully it will be removed from Wikipedia and end this nasty rumor from spreading like it has yesterday and today.

*Edit - The entry on Wikipedia has since been rightfully removed. We are leaving this article here to hopefully end this erroneous rumor as people continue to inquire about a Jeremy Roloff assault arrest.


Dana said...

It's terrible that somebody would attack Jeremy's character with these lies. People should leave this poor kid alone.

RoloffsRules said...

Fools will stop at nothing to try to discredit Jeremy James Roloff. Methinks the green-eyed monster has a firm grasp on some people.

Jeremy is a fine Christian boy who is a blessing to family, friends and the world in general. As though Jeremy would ever assault somebody.

Methinks the fool that posted that lie on Wikipedia not only angered Matt Roloff, but God as well :)

Justin said...

I'm not surprised it is not true. I don't like Jeremy, but I can't imagine him involved in something like that. For all his idiocy, ignorance, hypocrisy and selfishness, he's not the violent type.

I wonder what possessed whoever entered that to dream that up.

Anonymous said...

There. I fixed it. All you had to do was go on to Wiki and click "edit" and delete the sentence.

Brokenwing said...

I can't believe Wikipedia isn't even allowed to exist. I don't use it. What a worthless site that doesn't require people to verify any facts and lie about a nice person like Jeremy.

That's awful that this news was spreading it.

I disagree with several opinions on this site, but I appreciate that you posted about it and led to it's removal rather than allowing it to spread.

I've never been able to understand what is about Jeremy that make some people hate him so much that they would dedicate their lives to trying to destroy his reputation.

Brokenwing said...

Anonymous @4:04, I don't use that site. What city does the person who posted that live in? Oregon?

Alice said...

I think it was important to make sure people knew it was not factual compared to simply removing it. Once it is written, people could believe it. It catches on and spreads. It's good people know it was a lie.

RedBaron said...

I think it's a good idea to leave this post as is. People are going to google search the rumor and, with any luck, they'll find this site denying confirmation of the incident. I'm not a Jeremy fan, but this type of viscious lie shouldn't be perpetrated against him.

With that said, I hope the Roloff's recognize something that's been bugging me for months now (since the twins turned 18). Jer and Zach aren't minors anymore. If they're having girls out to the farm, especially girls in their grade level or less (who are younger), they need to be doubly careful about their behavior and actions. Even in terms of Molly's friends, the most innocent contact could be taken out of context by a child or parent with less than perfect integrity. The Roloff's, for better or worse, are targets of a litigious society now. The boys need to watch their conduct moreso than other boys, by virtue of being on television and having a wealthy family with much to lose. It sucks, but it is what it is. If I were Matt and Amy, I'd be nervous and taking preventative measures.

Janet said...

That's an interesting point, Red Baron.

I think most of the people and girls in their class have been going to school with them for most of their lives. Maybe they aren't worried because they don't think someone they've known for that many years would ever take offense and make a claim.

You make a good point though. One of the rules Matt and Amy gave the boys was "No nudity towards girls - even Molly and their friends". That probably means they've done it before.

You're right if someone or their parents wanted to, they could make an issue out of it. People sue over anything these days. I dislike it.

RoloffsRules said...

Jeremy has been vindicated by God. Yahweh has removed the vicious satanic lies. The evil do'er shall be punished for their mortal sins.

Christian said...

You know, I find it odd that God worries about Jeremy Roloff possibly being maligned but also SMITES Matt Roloff, Amy Roloff, and Zach Roloff. In Leviticus, deformed people can't enter the temple (along with the gays). Jeremy - the "normal" son who is racist, is "blessed" but his mother and father are openly cursed?

I assume it's ok to say God hates the handicapped? Its in the bible after all. God does not want Matt Roloff - who is "blemished" but loves his son?

RoloffsRules said...

Matt is not deformed. He is a devout man of smaller stature. There have been many such people, silly, just as there were giants. Matt would be welcomed into God's arms in the temple.

Jeremy will be seated at the right hand of Yahweh after he finishes his mission here on earth.

Christian said...

So you're just ignoring the parts of Leviticus you don't like?

Because per Leviticus, the *BIBLE* that *GOD* wrote - Matt, Amy and Zach are deformed and are NOT WELCOME in God's Arms.

If you are going to play Bible Games, you need to know it.

Sherri said...

Christian, please do not compare dwarfism with homosexuality.

God made Matt and Amy dwarfs. God does not make people gay no matter how much they lie and try to say they were born that way. It is a choice. Being of short stature is not a choice.

Please don't compare them. Jeremy is not a hypocrite.

Christian said...

But the bible says blemished people should not go into the temple. It also says a woman should isolate herself during her menses. Do you live in a menstral hut during your period per the Bible? If you don't, you are not living godly per leviticus. I have never seen Amy and Molly properly handle their mentrual cycles as the Bible and God dictates either.

Red Baron said...

Before gene theory became commonly known and DNA traceable, people believed dwarfism and most other "different" traits were punishments from God. The only reason you accept dwarfism as different from homosexuality, with regard to your biblical "standard", is because there's an easily identifiable, scientific basis for dwarfism. Homosexuality isn't chosen anymore than dwarfism is. Saying that God would hand out one and not the other, by virtue of your comfort level and obscure biblical passages of your picking and choosing, will look as archaic as casting dwarfs to insitutions in the very near future. It just slays me that people like you, Sherri, and the Roloffs, claim to want a society tolerant of differences...unless the difference includes homosexuality.