Friday, May 1, 2009

Amy Roloff discussed her Christian faith on Fox News May 2nd

Amy was interviewed by Fox News on May 2nd, 2009 to discuss the Roloffs Christian faith. The Fox News interviewer said Little People, Big World and the Roloff family have earned high marks because not only is the show family oriented, but it is faith oriented and they don't hide their Christian Faith.

Amy answered that the show is real and about their family; faith is apart of their family. Amy said that is very encouraging to people and regardless of what a person's faith may be, it is very similar to what everybody else has with the foundation in their own family.

Presumably because of this interview, we're receiving a lot of inquiries today asking what faith are the Roloffs or inquiries about Amy Roloff's Christian faith. Some people might have seen the interview, but are not very familiar with the Roloffs and trying to find out more.

I think it is fair to say that on the show religion is not made into a major issue. The Roloff kids attend a private Christian school which has been shown and talked about several times. They've mentioned the kids being involved in various youth Church groups and occasionally (perhaps 4 or 5 times) they've shown the Roloffs saying a prayer before a meal (although family dinners are rare for the Roloffs). On a recent show in which Jacob said "Molly F'd us" for telling on him, Amy made him write out a passage in the Bible as his punishment.

In print and interviews however, the Roloffs are much more out-spoken about their Christian beliefs. Many of Amy's speaking engagements are Christian events and the Roloffs 2007 book "Little Family, Big Values" went into to detail about their beliefs and God - which included statements such as Jeremy stating he didn't drink or do the other bad stuff teens are known for because of his faith in God (although there was contradictory evidence to that seen on his Myspace account over the years).

You can watch the Fox News interview clip with Amy about the Roloffs Christian faith here.


Betty F said...

Thank you for posting this. I'm sorry I missed it on tv.

I am a Christian and I love that the Roloffs provide a Christian program for my family to watch.

Pete said...

FOX news. Ew. They probably booked Amy after they heard about Jeremy mocking on gay people and saying f*ggot.

Karen said...

If you get to interview the Roloffs, can you ask them these questions.

I'm not a christian. Do they still want me watching the show? Why do they think people who aren't christian should watch?

I'm not gay or lesbian, but I wonder, do the Roloffs want gay or lesbian people watching the show?

Greg said...

I think Amy was trying to be more inclusive than the host. Amy was implying the show was for everyone. Fox news wanted to make it about religion.

One question: If the show is real, how come Jeremy's language has never been on the show? How come there hasn't been an episode about Jeremy being in the National Enquirer? I think that's a substantial event to happen in a "regular" families life if one of the kids are in the Enquirer as a racist.

If the show was an honest look following their lives that stuff would be included.

tinker said...

people are, stuiped, if they think the roloffs really live in a messy hoarder those people have maids. goshhhhh. its a tv show. and as far as the religon, what does it matter? and if amy didnt act like she hated her husband, where would the drama be. they have to have something to make people watch the show. its a frikin soap opera.. i am just so glad that there are no blacks on that show!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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