Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Amy's greatest wish for her kids; Amy talks about being a mother

Amy spoke to a site focused on Motherhood and answered six questions about being a mother.

Amy said she'll be spending this Mother's Day at home with the kids as it will be Jeremy's and Zach's 19th birthday as well.

She was also asked what is her greatest wish for her kids?

Amy answered: "To keep their faith which will help them stay grounded, and to know true joy. The joy that is always there no matter what life may bring. I want them to know they have a purpose and to just appreciate every moment. Give back if you can. Thrive not just survive."

Amy was asked what was the most important parenting lesson she learned from her mother, Pat Knight. Amy said what her mother did best was keep and neat and orderly house, but Amy didn't pick up that trait ;-). She said her mother tried to do it all and the important thing is to make the best of whatever situation you find yourself in. Amy also said she learned to rely on her faith from her mother.

Amy's favorite part of being a mom is spending time with her kids. You have to hand it to Amy there. She does love spending time with her kids. She talks about how when they speak about a something or their friends refer to something, she knows what they're talking about because she was there and knows what is going on. Amy makes the point again, as she did in the episode that included Mike's memorial that it is more important for her to spend time with the people she loves and cares about than to worry about things such as if the house is in a mess and what she thinks will impress other people or what is important to them. Personally, I really like that about Amy.

She was asked about how the state of the world has affected her views on being a mother. She again talked about her faith and made this statement: "My focus is not on all of the stuff around me and what is happening, but on Him and how can I raise my kids to still be the best they can be in a world that is constantly changing. I have to help them to keep themselves grounded and still have character and compassion for others amongst all that is happening."

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Amanda said...

I had no idea Amy was as religious as she is. I knew she was Christian, but I don't know, it surprises me that she answers everything with "faith".

Sheri said...

Amanda, like any woman of faith like Amy is, she knows that God is what matters and everything does focus around God and Jesus.

Amy is a wonderful example to all mothers. Jeremy, Zach, Molly and Jacob are very lucky to have Amy as their mother and to be raised with such good values and with faith all around them.

Natalie said...

I'm not a christian, but I think it's wonderful how involved Amy is with her kids. She has her faults, but you can see how much she loves being with her kids.

Because I am not christian, I would answer my greatest wish differently than Amy. I want my kids to be happy, whatever path that is for them, it is their own journey of happiness. I wonder what Amy would think if one of her kids became an atheist or married a person of a different or that wasn't a Christian?

My other greatest wish is for my kids to be kind and compassionate human beings.

Joanne said...

I think amy is a very good mother and a wonderful person. It shows how much she loves her kids, family and friends, and I know I would get along great with her.
I wish Amy and her whole family all the best!

Red Baron said...

Amy does love her children. I may be critical of the family for other reasons, but I've never questioned her love for her kids. I also think Matt is in love with his children - I just think he has favorites. I have to commend Amy for not appearing to play that game. I don't have to agree with Amy's beliefs or politics to see that she truly wants what's best for them. Like a lot of parents, she just has trouble discerning between helping foster their growth and taking over what should be their responsibilities.

I will say that, between Amy and Matt, there's potential for a good balance.

Mark said...

I agree Amy loves her kids, but too much of the Christian thing turns me off. Too much of that and it's like fine, I'll leave you in the company of your own that won't isolate me because I don't believe what you believe.

I give the producers A LOT of credit for making the Roloffs APPEAR likeable on tv. The fact that the producers haven't allowed the Roloffs to alienate half of their viewers is a credit to the producers and TLC.

I don't think Matt and Amy have realized more people than just Christians watch the show.