Saturday, May 9, 2009

Extended video of Mike Detjen's memorial and the Roloff family speeches

TLC has graciously released the video clip that has been most requested -- Mike Detjen's memorial.

These are extended clips, one part of it wasn't shown in the episode that was originally televised.

The "new" part includes Amy driving to the memorial. She expresses concern for Jeremy and Jacob and how they will deal with Mike's passing.

Unfortunately, in this clip they deleted Jeremy's memorial speech. That was one of the most emotional moments of the funeral memorial.

You can see the clip on TLC's website:


Trisha said...

I still cry when I see that. I don't know why they wouldn't include Jeremy's speech. What gives?

Raven said...

It's hard to say this about a real funeral, but that was wonderful episode, seeing something emotional is wonderful sometimes. It was so well done. I've never liked Amy more than in her interview after her speech.

I agree! Jeremy's speech was the best part. Trisha, I suppose they wanted to leave it incomplete because they want people to buy the DVD when it comes out. They're wrong because people who are going to buy the DVD would still buy if even if they saw that clip in full.

It's not right to include Zach's speech and exclude Jeremy's. If the clip has a time limit on it, they made an error by including Zach's speech and not Jeremy's.

I'm sorry, but I speak the truth. Zach's speech was not in the same league as Jeremy's. Jer's speech was honest from the heart, a tribute and lovely in all its emotion.

All the kids loved Mike, but as Amy even said, she worried about Jeremy and Jacob. That was evident by Jeremy's speech. Zach didn't have the same sense of loss and emotion as Jeremy and Zach just isn't the public speaker that Jeremy is. The video should have included Jeremy's speech.

Dana said...

What are they doing? This is a disgrace to Jeremy AND Mike.

Whoever put that video together made a mistake. They should have showed Jeremy's entire speech (he was still speaking when the show cut out) and skipped Zach's. Zach just talked about himself anyway.

Tired of the scum masquerading as LPBW fans said...

Wow, way to slam Zach at a moment that most families would not televise. If you really feel feel Zach was such a monster, perhaps you should direct your hateful views towards Matt and Amy directly on their respective websites. I am sure they would love to hear how you feel about their son.

Please feel free to link to your posts on the mr board. I would really like to see people talk the talk for a change. It's awfully easy to say this where Matt and Amy aren't looking but I doubt either Dana or Raven have the chops to directly tell Amy and Matt how awful they find Zach's comments.

Come on Dana and Raven. You've got the balls to whine on a "hater board" but will you post these comments on

Red Baron said...

Forgive me for being the cynic, but between this and the Grandpa Duggar funeral, I am very disappointed in TLC! I'm serious - this may be the last straw for me and their network. Death is personal. Trying to make a buck off the DVDs by including unseen funeral footage is dispicable. How would you feel if your father's funeral was exploited so that the Roloffs or the producers could make a couple more bucks? I realize that Mike, likely, signed a waiver to appear on LPBW, but does anyone sign that sort of waiver with the foresight to know that their death will be a "very special episode" or an exclusive extra on a DVD? I would very much like to see the contract that states this in detail because I can't imagine anyone signing such a thing. Anything for a buck, huh? Worse than the greed is the fact that this makes Amy and Matt the biggest hypocrites in the history of hypocrites. It's bad enough to whine about your children losing their privacy when you've put them on television. It's dumbfounding when you whine and bitch about people not respecting your child's boundaries and personal space when you exploit their raw emotions on national television. Grief is a complicated thing - it's messy and it's one of the deepest, most vulnerable emotions in the human experience. Losing someone who is near and dear to you is intensely private (or should be). I'm not uncomfortable with death. It happens and it's part of being human. I'm uncomfortable with watching a group of children who are grieving and hurting while a camera man and sound guy shove a boom mic in their face and stand outside their door waiting for the big breakdown. It pisses me off that Jeremy's eulogy for Mike is just another scene. I may be in the majority, but I won't be watching the extra clip. I don't care how eloquent Jeremy was or how sweet it was - I'm sure Jeremy didn't craft it for the ears of an audience that didn't know Mike as he did. It's too voyeuristic. It seems so unnecessary to me.

Jocelynn said...

Tired - I don't think there was much wrong with the comments. When I watched the show it was Jeremy's speech that made me cry. As Raven said, Jeremy and Jake were grieving hard. Amy wasn't being disrespectful to Zach and Molly. It's not disrespectful to feel that Jeremy's speech was more emotional.

Red - I disagree. The show was a tribute to Mike. It showed how much they loved him and how much he meant to the ones that cared about him and whom he cared about. It wasn't tacky. It was done with respect.

Mike was on the show since the very beginning. It would have been disrespectful for them not to do an episode about it and show the family grief. I would have been disappointed if they didn't handle it the way they did and were ho-hum, Mike died.

There is nothing disrespectful about showing that someone was loved. Mike was apart of the show. He deserved the tribute. I don't believe Tim Detjen and Mike's family objected or they wouldn't have been on the show. Why would they object to a tribute to their father?

The show is about the Roloff family and an extended family member that even the audience came to care about passed away suddenly. That's real life. I am glad they handled the episode the way they did.

Jeremy's speech (and wouldn't we all want to see the tender-hearted emotional Jeremy compared to some of his other qualities) would have been difficult for him regardless of the cameras, it was the situation that made it difficult.

There are things to complain about the Roloffs, but this is not one of them.

Tired of the scum masquerading as LPBW fans said...

I think Raven and Dana were being disrespectful to Zach. I also think Raven and Dana are leaping on Zach's funeral speech in an attempt to slam Zach and pump up Jeremy. I think if Raven and Dana geniunely feel that:

"Zach just talked about himself anyway"

"Zach's speech was not in the same league as Jeremy's."

Then they should have the decency to say it directly to Matt and Amy Roloff. I have seen both Dana and Raven slam people here for their comments. You know what? I think Matt and Amy need to know that *Dana the Christian who defends them* did a bad job at Mike's funeral. I mean - thats a nice thing to say, a *Christian* thing to say? It's *Christian* to judge. Dana is a *Christian* so why isn't Dana - as a Christian - telling Zach's parent's directly? Why isn't Raven - a fan of the show - directly telling Matt and Amy on their respective websites how AWFUL Zach spoke? I mean, come on Dana and Raven, you know and applaud how Matt and Amy welcome all challenges! Lets see them deal with some criticism that you both feel SO STRONGLY about that you need to slam their kid over it. Own it. Tell Matt and Amy how you feel their average height son did a MUCH BETTER speech than their dwarf son. If its not tacky enough to not say on a public hater board, then its not tacky enough to avoid saying directly to Matt and Amy. If you feel Zach was that terrible of a speaker - show some courage and go to the board and speak your mind.

Rap541 said...

"There are things to complain about the Roloffs, but this is not one of them."

Jocelyn, I honestly dislike the fans on this issue. There's a contigent on the board that turned mike's funeral into a competition over which kid was grieving the most and Raven was one of the prime offenders.

I think, simply because fans like Raven attacked Zach over his impromptu comments, that showing Mike's service was inappropriate. It's called having a little decency, and clearly some fans don't have any.

I mean really, Jeremy gave a nice speech. Does Zach really need to hear from fans who profess to love him thats he's the bad twin over a *funeral speech*?

Apparently some fans think he needs that kick when he's down. I'm struck by how these are the same fans who think Jeremy needs a popsicle and a "thatta boy, thats Christian!" over calling Mike the n-word.

Greg said...

I thought the show was a nice way to honor Mike. It wasn't exploitive. They didn't show the doctor giving them the news, etc.

The only people that spoke in front of the camera were Amy, Jeremy and Zach. They're all used to them and as someone else said, I don't think it made any difference to them. No one else spoke on camera. The cameras didn't force or prevent the other people in attendence from speaking about Mike.

Besides, it was one of the few times that Jeremy I had a genuine feeling that Jeremy might actually be capable of being a decent person. I was impressed by his comment about appreciating people that come into your life and help you.

RoloffsRule said...

Jocelyn, nevermind the fools. They're just bitter because some (moi) noticed for years that Mike was like Jeremy's second father and extremely important in his life. If you understand the human spirit and were watching, you would know that without needing an episode or commentary about it.

The Roloffs gave a tribute fitting of a great man like Mike and no one made Mike prouder than Jeremy. It was a beautiful thing to see a wonderful young Christian choke back tears and still muster up the courage to speak because he wanted to honor his coach, his friend and his mentor. He was able to do it because of the strength that Jesus gave him during that terrible time.

There is no greater way to honor Mike than the world knowing what a profound influence he had on a precious young Christian such as Jeremy James Roloff.

Zoloft said...

I assume, Roloffsrules, that you're just as proud of that sweet Christian boy calling his father figure and coach his sweet n-word for doing his bidding? :)

Jesus must have been very proud of Jeremy calling his mentor a n-word, don't you think? All precious Christians call their mentors and parental figures their sweet n-words because thats being Christian these days. Is Jesus also sweet like a n-word?

I mean, Jeremy says people he loves are sweet like an n-word so if Jeremy loves Jesus, he must say Jesus is sweet like an n-word as well? And no one has a problem with that?

Btw - anyone who protests about calling Jesus sweet like an n-word really needs to consider their defense of Jeremy on this point. If you think calling Jesus the n-word in any context is offensive.... then why is Jeremy calling Mike the n-word in a clearly racist context "just being a boy" and "being a precious Christian"?

Red Baron said...

...and this is exactly why things like this should be private. You all know me, I'm no big fan of the way the Roloffs do things. However, rating the best funeral speech (Jeremy or Zach) is ridiculous. Everyone handles grief differently and it's, as I said, a very private thing. You can't judge a person's love or level of grief by the public speaking skills and unfortunately that's what some seem to be doing. As a parent, I would've gone out of my way to keep my kids protected during this time of mourning...the cameras would've been gone. Show the funeral, if that's what Mike would've wanted or what his children were cool with. I guess that's fine (if everyone is on-board). Just set limits about how your children are filmed during this grief. Be a parent - put their emotional needs first and give them space. Like I said, for me it was showing Jeremy sitting in his room, practically despondent, and showing Jacob looking so devestated and numb as to be disturbing...that's not cool (in my opinion, ymmv). Where do we draw the line? As some have said, Mike was more like a father than Matt (in some respects). Would you show the kids grieving Matt? Would you shove a camera in their room if Amy died and tape their heartfelt goodbyes? Or, would you respect that boundary and let them grieve privately?

I realize people will disagree and that's cool. I'm just venting here.

Red Baron said...

There is no greater way to honor Mike than the world knowing what a profound influence he had on a precious young Christian such as Jeremy James Roloff.Oh give it a rest, RR! Do you honestly think that prefacing everything with the word Christian and using his middle name makes you credible? You're starting to sound like an obsessive freak.

Jocelynn said...

Red - I don't think the Roloffs are ruled by what people say about them. I don't think Jeremy or Zach cared that there was a camera in the church when they gave their speeches. I don't think they act any differently.

When they showed Jeremy sitting in his room looking heartbroken, he probably didn't even know the camera was at the door.

Grieving is part of life. If you're filming someone's life, it's going to have the joys and the heartaches.

If you're going to turn the cameras off the moment real life happens and not some contrived plot, then you might as well not have a reality show.

I don't think Jacob or any of the kids had their privacy infringed or their grieving process hindered. Most of it was Amy's concern for the two of them. There was one shot Jake from a distance sitting on the floor and the picture of Jeremy in his room. I don't think any of the kids were hurt like that. It's not as though they had a robotic camera man in their face following them from room to room where they couldn't escape.

I think the "Mike" episode was one of the highlights of the history of the show because it captured the emotion and despair of losing someone close to you. I can relate, many can relate.

Rap541 said...

Jocelynn, I think what is harmful is the probability that Zach has seen the nasty comments about how he did a bad job in comparison to Precious Christian Jeremy.

I mean really. Do you have kids? If your kids mentor died, would you like them to be filmed so people can rate which gave the better memorial speech?

Would you like your children to know child A was great at the funeral and should have his speech memorialized and child B did a terrible job in comparison? Because thats what people have a problem with. A very private personal moment was put on tv - for money - and now fans are complaining about how one kid sucked and how that kid shouldn't have been focused on and the *other* kid held up as incredible?

I mean, after all was said and done, some fans can't say Jeremy did a nice job without making damn well sure that it's noted how much *better* they thought he was than his brother. How nice for Zach. He puts himself out there on camera and people like Raven run to post how poorly he spoke at a funeral in comparison to his more attractive brother.

If it was your kids on tv for a funeral, would you appreciate fans of the show ranking the speeches?

Raven said...

To the antagonist: It is far more disrespectful to talk about a teenage comment three years ago when discussing the memorial. JMO.

I have the utmost respect for Matt Roloff. I express my opinions in my preferred venues for my own reasons. Your argument that I should yell my opinion in Matt's face is ludicrous.

I watch the show and express my opinion. Not that it matters, but Matt is never shy about speaking truth, such as Jeremy was the best the tractor and Zach needed to be pulled off tractor duty.

Jeremy delivered perhaps one of the best and most touching memorial speeches that I can ever recall hearing. He spoke from his heart and paid tribute to Mike's life as a mentor, and the influence he had on his life. Everything about Jeremy's speech was beautiful from what he said to having the strength to continue while fighting back the emotion. Jeremy's speech and character in making it was inspiring and I am many years older than Jeremy.

Before the show was televised, I was doubtful that Jeremy would have even been able to get up and speak knowing how devastated he must have been by Mike's loss as Amy indicated several times. I believe Matt, Amy and Mike watching down from Heaven have never been prouder of Jeremy to see that even when he was hurting so much inside, he still had the strength to do something that was difficult and do it so well. Jeremy paid tribute to Mike, where his family and the world could hear it, in a way that I don't believe any other individual was in a position to honor Mike.

My opinion was and still is, and I felt bad for feeling this way but I cringed when Zach spoke. It amounted to 'I liked Mike because he saw MY talent, MY skill, MY greatness. 'We disagreed but i guess he was a good guy for the most part' has no place at a funeral speech. I still fast-forwarded through Zach's speech in this new clip. Zach's one on one interview bit with the camera 'Mike represented kindness and patience' was much better, but the truth is his memorial speech was embarassing.

That was MY honest opinion after viewing the show and I expressed it in the place where I have an account to express my opinion. All of your 'Go yell your opinion in Matt's face' is ridiculous troll behavior from somebody that just uses places like this to fight with other people.

Jocelynn said...

Rap, One of the things I respect about the Roloffs is that their decisions aren't ruled by what other people will think or how they'll react.

Some may disagree, but I agree with the Roloffs and the producers, the best way to honor Mike was to air the episode they did.

It would be wrong for them not to do what they think was right (showing the episode) because some people in the world might be rude. That's not the way to make decisions in your life.

JimW said...

Raven, excellent summary of Jeremy's speech.

It's true Zach's speech did not have the impact Jeremy's did, but the most disrespectful behavior at the funeral was not from Zach, it was Jake.

For a kid that was supposed to be beside himself with grief, did you watch him? Jake was sitting there with his elbows on his knees and his chin on his hand like he was sitting through a boring movie. While Jeremy was grieving with his head in his hands trying to compose himself (as was the rest of the soccer team) Jake is sprawled out on the bench with his head on the back of the bench like a restless kid bored out of his mind. Jake was 11 at the time. He was old enough to show some respect at the funeral. If he needed an example, his brother was sitting right beside him.

Rap541 said...

Raven - so in other words, you understand that your rating of speeches would be percieved as rude by Matt and Amy Roloff and don't have the courage of your convictions to be direct in your complaints. But be assured, since it's obvious Matt and Amy do read this board, they know how horribly you cringed to hear their son speak. You've certainly made a point of commenting repeatedly on numerous boards how badly you cringed and how horrified you were over Zach's speech and how Jeremy's speech was so much better.

Btw, if you could, could you explain WHY discussing Jeremy's public myspace language that took place over three years of time is disrespectful? Because I don't understand why I should be respecting Jeremy's nasty mouth. Particularly when he was calling his loved father figure the n-word.

Raven said...

Rap, enough with the baiting. It's not my "complaint", it's my opinion about what I watched on the show. I post on a board and I post my reaction to the show I watched. That's what I did. That's where it ends.

The topic is Mike Detjen's memorial and the show about it. A teenager's language in one comment three years ago has nothing to do with Mike Detjen's memorial show. It is disrespectful to try and force it into the discussion here.

Rap541 said...

Your opinion is a complaint. Calling it your opinion doesn't make it any less ugly. You feel the need to post on numerous boards how you cringed over Zach's comments. How is that NOT complaining about his comments? You cringed but you don't consider saying you cringed a complaint? What exactly do you mean by expressing your opinion? You are clearly expressing a negative opinion about a young man's memorial speech and you seem proud to do so... but very quick to insist you're not complainting, just publically commenting how it was so bad you cringed. Hmm.... so bad you cringed but thats NOT A COMPLAINT. Right.

The very fact that you're throwing a hissy over my "opinion" of Jeremy's language means you understand that opinions are complaints. If you are all about expressing opinions to where yours are not to be questioned then do me the courtesy you demand for yourself. If your "opinions" are to be expressed without any discussion, then stop complaining when others express their opinions.

The topic here is the Roloff family, and if Jeremy can manage to stand up and say something nice about Mike at a funeral, it's really too bad that his public comments *before Mike died* were about how Mike was his sweet n-word.

I hope Jeremy regrets publically calling his mentor his sweet n-word. I think Jeremy publically disrespected Mike with his myspace comments. You seem to think the only actions that matter when it comes to Jeremy is his positive actions. I don't. I think he is a disrespectful young man who seems to harbor racist feelings, which is a shame.

Raven said...

I've made my opinion clear. I'm bowing out of this conversation.

Rap541 said...

Yes, you have made your complaint about how poorly Zach spoke at a funeral very clear indeed.

If it was your child who had spoke thusly, would you be stating your "opinion" so loudly for everyone to see?

Erica said...

Why do some people do nothing but complain about Jeremy?

He was so close to Mike, but still managed to give a great speech. I don't think I would have been able to do what Jeremy did. God bless him.

Sheri said...

Rap, since when did you start caring about the feelings of the Roloff family? When you call Jeremy a racist bigot? When you insult Matt and Amy?

Stop hating on Jeremy.

Jeremy gave the greatest speech because Jesus gave him the strength to do it and he did it to honor a great man. God bless Mike and his family.

I think even Zach would admit Jeremy did a better job speaking. It takes a very special person to be able to do what Jeremy did.

I thank Jeremy for having the courage to say what he did because that was the best tribute he could have given to Mike.

Rap541 said...

When Jeremy apologizes for calling Mike Detjen his n-word, I will stop "hating" on him.

If your own child called his father figure "his n-word" would you be defending him and talking about how he was *honoring* his father figure? By calling him his n-word in public and never apologizing?

It sure seems like *Jeremy* was *hating* on Mike... but apparently that's ok and calling your father figure your *n-word* is how you HONOR them.

Sheri, do your kids call your husband their *n-word*? And do you tell your husband to hush when they do?

I call Jeremy Roloff a racist bigot because he called his father figure *his n-word* in public and was never made accountable for it and people like you *praise him for his christian actions by calling Mike Detjen his n-word*.

As a Christian, Sheri, do you think calling ANYONE the n-word is acceptable? Do you think Jeremy was honoring Mike when he called Mike his n-word?

It amazes me how being pretty means being racist is ok. I seriously believe that if Jeremy wasn't attractive, people would think his actions were a LOT less Christian.