Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy 19th Birthday to Jeremy and Zach! Happy Mother's day! Happy Roloff sighting day!

Happy Mother's day to all the Moms out there and to Amy. She said in a recent interview she was planning on spending today at home with her kids. Matt always ensures they do something special for Amy on her big day. Last year was the Gazebo in Amy's favorite spot on the farm. In honor of Mother's day Little People, Big World Roloff style, here is the card Jacob made for Amy and the sweet little poem Jeremy wrote Amy in the first Mother's day they included on the show.

If you're a kid reading this and you haven't yet given your mom anything, you might want to steal Jeremy's creative poem and make your mom, we don't condone that it should come from your own heart ;-)

Here is Jeremy's mother's day poem "Oh Mother Dear" - Jeremy Roloff age 16


Oh Mother oh dear
Tis the day has come
To realize what you have done
Not just for me
But for the family
You do so much
You keep us in line
And you do so fine
We take it for granted, but can you see
We respect thee
Tis the day and so we pray
For who we have been given
It's a priceless gift, one from above
One we adore, it is you...oh mother oh dear
We will see what's in store and just like before
You will plainly see that I love thee
Oh Mother, oh dear, I love you, love you, love you

Also today is Jeremy and Zach's 19th birthday. Happy birthday to the twins! On the show the twins 16th birthday celebration was staying in a cabin on the beach birthday with several friends. Their 17th birthday was supposedly low key having several friends over to play paintball in the woods. Their 18th birthday was Amy arranging the gliding activity and a big pool party.

There was also a Roloff sighting yesterday from Brittany!

On a sunny Saturday in Oregon she spotted the Roloff family having lunch at a bagel shop. As we said in our Roloffs and Fan interaction article, as usual the Roloffs in person were reported to be kind and gracious, even posing for a picture and wishing Brittany well in her day in Oregon.

That's a nice picture.

Amy...looks amused.'s different for him to be the only one in the picture that's not really smiling.

Zach...blinded by the sun, but still looking cool. And stop the presses! Is that Root Beer in front of Zach and not Mountain Dew?? tall! He looks four years older since the last time we saw him!

Molly...sporting her black Rockstar shirt. If you don't know about that, check out the link to the right.

So we're wishing an all-around Happy Day to everyone.


Candice said...

The cards were sweet :)

After I watched that episode, my mother turned to be and asked me why I never wrote her a card like Jeremy's. Thanks a lot, Jeremy!!! j/k

Justin said...

I will give Jeremy that. The card was thoughtful.

But I can't resist pointing out, look at Jake's card and look at Jeremy.

Not only can he write and print better, but he can spell better than Jeremy.

Erica said...

Great picture.

Jeremy looks like he's gaining weight or muscle. Maybe the sun was in his eye or he had a cold or wasn't ready for the picture, but he doesn't look very happy.

Molly looks wonderful. She looks very confident.

Jake is adorable and like you said, he sure is growing up.

It's like Zach and Jeremy changed personalities for this picture. It used to be Zach who would always look put out for pictures and Jeremy who looked like he enjoyed it. Zach looks happy.

Sheri said...

That's a lucky girl. God bless the Roloffs for being so patient and down to earth.

Anybody that thinks the Roloffs are rude to fans should take a look at this.

Brandon said...

Sheri, in fairness the issue has never been how the Roloffs act face to face with somebody. It was how they talk with their friends about fans and on the computer.

Jeremy does look like he's getting more muscle in his chest area. I think Molly looks great.

Amanda said...

Jacob has a very predominant chin.

Molly and Jeremy have the same shape of chin, but Jake's is very different.

I know Zach and Amy have different facial features than Jeremy, Zach and Molly because of dwarfism.

Was Matt there?

Sandra said...

Jeremy looks kind of sad, but it could just be the picture.

Cindy said...

Yes, it's hard to read too much into an expression in a picture, but I have noticed that in pictures. I think the increased fame has affected Jeremy and how he is with fans for pictures.

In the first couple of years of the show he used to show every tooth he had with a big wide smile and throw his arms around whoever was in the picture with him.

Now this expression is not unusual for Jeremy. Many of the pictures of Jeremy at the recent pumpkin season were the same. Two years ago he always looked as though he was enjoying himself.

I give Zach credit for getting used to it and accepting it.

m said...

Jeremy looks very broad. Either been working out of gained weight?

Not to sure I enjoy amys hair.

You can really see how much they look like eachother same noses and mouths on the kids.

Christine said...

"Jeremy looks very broad. Either been working out of gained weight?"

M - I agree. I think Jeremy has been working out. This site posted a link to a video Peggy Roloff had up for a day or two. All the kids were at their house except for Jeremy. She said he was at the gym working out.

In the show that they went back to Sylvan with the improved grades, Jeremy said he made the B honor role. The instructor smiled and said "That weight-training grade is impressive".

Jeremy said he was considering being a model. Perhaps he's serious. If he's going to model he's going to have to have a fit body.

I think Amy's hair is fine.

I agree with Amanda about their nose and chins. I see the similarity between Molly and Jeremy, but not with Jake.

Christine said...

Btw, I agree with the other comments. Could just be the picture, but Jeremy doesn't look very happy. His eyes look sad.

DJ said...

Molly is going to be a tall girl. She's almost as tall as Jer and she's almost 4 years younger. They all look like they were having a good time except Jer.

Anonymous said...

of course jeremy looks sad. he always looks lost when he's not with mueller or his gang of buddies.

Cody said...

It must get annoying to be asked to pose for a picture when you're out trying to eat. Good for the Roloffs that they were nice. Too bad they don't have the same level of class on the internet!

Molly looks good in the black T.

And yeah, what's wrong with Jeremy in this picture? Maybe it is separation anxiety from being away from Mueller.

Jeremy does look bigger through the chest.

Celeste said...

I forgot that yesterday was Jeremy and Zach's birthday.
BTW where's Matt? Why isn't he celebrating Mother's day with Amy and the kids?

Anonymous said...

To me, Jeremy looks like he has really been working out.
And I dont really think he looks sad, i think that he just want really ready, maybe? He looks like hes kinda squinting.

I think that all have some simial featurs, they all seem to have the same shaped eyes.
I also think that most of the kids look like Amy more than Matt, except for Jacob. I think he looks like Matt more than Amy.
And that girl is very lucky! :)

Natalie said...

[[To me, Jeremy looks like he has really been working out.]]

Definitely. The difference is very noticeable in a relatively short amount of time.

Look at the picture on this site before Christmas of Jeremy with Ron dressed as Santa. Think of Jeremy in that whole episode. That will filmed in what, November probably?

Look at the difference in his chest in a matter of 5 or 6 months. It's startling.

It's probably more than just lifting weights, my brother is that age and they're all into that muscle building stuff you can by in the nutrition stores.

Since Jeremy isn't a very motivated person (though he might be for something shallow like appearance), I think he must be trying to make it as a model.

Model? Hace you watched modeling shows? said...

Natalie- for real? You think he looks like model material in this pic?

I'm a good sport but really, he doesn't look much different from before and he's nineteen and his little sister is about his size and *she's* probably too short to be a model.

Natalie said...

Yes, for real. I should clarify. When I say model (and I think other people), I don't only mean a runway model in Paris. I'm thinking more of being in television commercials, magazine ads, etc.

They aren't all the "runway" model types (I don't think they're good looking at all, smile once in a while, guys and girls!)

My point (and I would bet a lot that I'm going to be right) is that Jeremy is going to try to make a career in some form out of his looks. To do that, he knows he will need to look good without a shirt on.

I think that's the reason why he has obviously gained muscle in the last five months.

Natalie said...

I disagree with you if you don't think Jeremy looks different than before Christmas. I think the difference in his chest is startling.

Model? Hace you watched modeling shows? said...

I think Jeremy is a nice looking kid, but I don't see the model looks. I mean that in a nice way - I wasn't model material at 19. He doesn't look significantly different from before and he's a bit short and a bit squinty (and I base that on more than one photo). He also is a little too recognizable to be a model. He's "Jeremy Roloff" not "a model" and that's a problem.

I make allowances in that he's just not my type, but he's really not better looking than the three neighbor boys down the street who graduate next week, one of whom is just simply stunning and still not model material for the same reasons I think Jeremy can't get by on his looks.

Jeremy is pretty immature for his age. He's lived with his parents, he's never been accountable for much... and he's currently tied down to a reality show. He's on tap for season five which means he's *on the farm for the cameras* until he hits twenty. Modeling, and making money off one's pretty face and muscles, is a young man's game, and it's the game of people who are free to play it. Jeremy *isn't* free to waltz off and not be around for pumpkin season. And if he wants to be a model, he needs to be a man first and not live at home, doing his parents bidding. Seriously, he'll need to leave home for New York or Los Angeles (if we're talking a real career and not a one shot deal where he does one shoot and then his fans point to that when ever the topic is raised)

But really? He's just not that good looking. He's a nice looking guy but his looks are a dime a dozen. I'm watching Survivor right now and there's a bunch of pretty people there..... The world is filled with nice looking kids. Jeremy is already a year behind the curve for modeling and it will get worse since he's contractually tied to TLC for at least a year.

Anonymous said...

Here, here, I TOTALLY AGREE!! Jeremy Roloff is NOT model material, and yes, his looks are a dime a dozen. He's just kinda cute I suppose, but no big deal. And he's got a girly butt; it's not tight and narrow and high like a guy's butt should be.
I think the reason so many bloggers think he's so cute is because he's usually next to Zach and not to be mean here, but hey, of course Jeremy's going to look cuter in comparison