Friday, May 1, 2009

Is Matt Roloff "spit-wadding" mad at this blog? Interviews, and Q & A's

What a strange experience it is when one realizes that your site is obviously being mentioned in a very derogatory manner by Matt Roloff, especially when you don't even feel that your site is derogatory!

Matt Roloff answered some questions with his official site message board administrator. As we mentioned in our article about the Roloff and fan interaction, approximately 4 times a year on, Matt Roloff's employee, his web forum moderator takes screened questions from his web forum users. It is not really simply fan questions because to ask a question a person must have a certain number of posts. In other words, a message board regular. Matt's board members who Matt has praised makes it clear that the only people who are welcome are those that agree with all things the Roloffs have done. As a result there is a core group of 5 or 6 people, very similar to a high school clique who love all things about the Roloffs, call virtually anbody who has disagreed with the Roloffs about any subject a "hater". So basically, Matt is fielding questions from his fan club that always agrees with him and Matt Roloff's web administrator relays Matt's answers.

Matt Roloff answered some questions this week:

One of them quite pointedly is seemingly directed towards this site. This is the question and answer that I'll focus on here.

For starters, I think it is safe to assume that the primary blog in question is this site that you're reading right now. Without being a braggart, as far as I'm aware we are the most popular and most active Roloff blog on the internet. I think Google searches will confirm that. Also, as I will get into detail in a moment, Matt's comments about not declining a "challenge" appear to be some kind of a response to our offer to Jeremy Roloff many months ago for an interview to have his say on what people discuss about him. He never took us up on it. I don't know of any other "challenges" that were made towards the Roloffs or any other reason why Matt would possibly answer as he did.

Lets begin with the "question" posed to Matt?

21. You and your family are out in the open all the time, on television, online, in the public, etc. There is nothing you, Amy, and the kids hide from in the media. Do you think blogs (the internet) allows bloggers the ability to hide behind a curtain of anonimity rather than have an open dialouge?

Ok, I'm already skeptical! :) That's a very carefully well-crafted question for a normal fan question. I wonder who asked that question? :) It also appears to be a bit biased. Afterall honestly speaking, if there was nothing that Matt, Amy and the kids tried to hide from the media or the public, the National Enquirer wouldn't have shocked anyone when they informed the public that Jeremy Roloff had referred to Mike Detjen as "pretty sweet like a N-word", or calling people fagg*t-holes, or that he referred to Mexico as "that beaner place". If they truly weren't hiding anything Matt and Amy Roloff wouldn't speak in code and drop intentionally vague references; such as "one of our children" or Amy in an interview referring to "an incident" without ever directly mentioning what happened. Most people know it is about Jeremy Roloff's racist and homophobic language used on his Myspace account for several years. Why not directly refer to it? In my opinion, with instances like this, they are trying to hide it from anyone who might not be aware and they're trying not to draw attention to it, thus the vague references.

Matt's Answer: I think the internet allows all of us some anonymity which is good. That said some blogs and users who render personal opinions do at times hide who they are to protect themselves and their opinions from scrutiny, unlike us. Do I think that is fair? No especially not when bloggers' opinions are guised as personal attacks on me, my family, and our program. I would rather have an open conversation with someone who has a difference of opinion with me rather than be attacked by a nameless faceless entity.

We are here and always have been. We are open and engage any challenge that comes our way. It is hard to have a discussion when the other person isn't confident enough in their opinion or argument to back that up with who they are and why they have said opinion.

You have to put something on the line when you broadcast it to the world, your name and reputation. That is the risk you take. And that is a risk my family and I take everyday. To use an old adage, unless you are willing to "put your money where your mouth is" I think that speaks volumes about the value of what you say.

It could be a good thing when bloggers don't share their name and identity with their commentary because historically most successful movements have always had a name and a face behind their voice; I guess maybe we don't have to worry about the strength and validity of these comments and blogs after all.


Matt makes this statement: "We are open and engage any challenge that comes our way."

That statement, I'm sorry to say, is false. Several months ago, out of courtesy and fairness, we extended an offer to Jeremy Roloff to have his say on what has been said about him. That's the respectable and fair thing to do. This site extended the offer to Jeremy and the Roloff family. It isn't unheard of since members of the Roloff family have done interviews with other (sometimes less active than ours) blogs and websites.

A lot of people have spoken for Jeremy Roloff and offer their opinion on what they think is Jeremy Roloff's opinion and the meaning of his words and actions.

*Some of Jeremy's Christian fans have said Jeremy's "f*ggot" language and mocking gay behavior is Jeremy's way of showing his love of God and he is standing up for the Bible because homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes of the Lord.

*Some of Jeremy's fans say he did nothing wrong and Jeremy has never discussed it because Jeremy doesn't think he did anything wrong at all because he didn't do anything wrong by using the slurs he used.

*Some people say Jeremy was just ignorant of the words he was using and didn't know that "f*g" was a derogatory word for gay people or that the N word is highly offensive in most circles (there is a reason why the "N word" cannot even be typed in its entirety on most websites). Some people claim Jeremy was oblivious to what the words meant.

*Some people claim Jeremy didn't say any of it and it was all lies and Jeremy is completely innocent (though this sentiment pretty much stopped after Matt confirmed it as "one of his children's inappropriate language online").

*Some people say Jeremy is a full blown racist and gay basher and that he has hatred flowing through his veins and that's why he said what he said.

That's a lot of people speaking for Jeremy. In 9 days Jeremy is going to be 19 years old. What does Jeremy Roloff think? That is why we extended the offer for an interview --for Jeremy to have his say with an independent yet civil source (this site). Matt Roloff's employee quoted Jeremy as saying he wanted to answer all questions about himself for himself. I don't think that statement has truth to it.

Matt Roloff's website administrator is Jeremy Roloff's father's employee. It is comparable to a professional athlete such as Alex Rodriguez or Roger Clemens declaring that they are going to answer the tough questions. They conduct the interview and the interviewer, lo and behold, is their own agent or their father or their mother. At the end they declare 'I answered the questions!' In most opinions, I don't think that is the definition of an honest or unbiased interview or being open to questions. They would be laughed at.

Also, to clarify, when we extended the offer to Jeremy it was to represent all fans and all the buzz that people talk and wonder about. According to our site statistics, Jeremy is consistently the most searched about Roloff (which is basically a combination of two main subjects - the racist gay bashing inquiries and "Jeremy is cute" related searches). It wouldn't just be about "the scandal". I do think any interview is incomplete if the 'elephant in the room' issue is not broached. We would do our best to represent all fans - we have a great deal of loyal visitors who think Jeremy is the coolest and nicest person in the world, we want to ask their questions too. They're not all serious heavy subjects. There are soccer fans of Jeremy who would like to know why he waited until the last possible maximum age (16) to try out of ODP and don't understand why he didn't try out earlier. There are other soccer fans who are interested in Jeremy's advice for kids trying out for programs like ODP since he has the experience of the try out.

I wouldn't personally call it a "challenge". I don't think it is nearly that hostile, but if that is the word Matt is using, Jeremy Roloff did not take us up on that "challenge".

When Matt writes "we engage any challenge that comes our way" -- I take that to mean by "we" he means the entire Roloff family which includes Jeremy -- his statement is simply not true.

The Roloff family is well aware of our site. I can confirm that. I can confirm that several of Jeremy's friends know about this site. Obviously by Matt's answer here, he is aware -- as it seems to be almost a direct response to this blog. Jeremy chose not to accept the interview request. That is alright. If he doesn't feel he needs to justify his behavior, he has that right. I'm not going to harass Jeremy to do an interview. He obviously has his reasons for not accepting.

That's fine, however, it is not "engaging" in all challenges as Matt Roloff is stating. We did also do a piece on a letter that a woman who was concerned about Jeremy's behavior wrote to Amy Roloff, complete with the woman's name, telephone number and IP email. She did not receive a response from Amy directed at her concerns.

If Matt Roloff wants to do an interview, this site would welcome it. The contact information is here. The Roloffs can initiate contact through that if they accept all "challenges". I hate that this sounds so hostile, because from my perspective, it's not.

The Roloffs know of this site. Matt is welcome to accept our invitation and discuss with us. Quite honestly though, I think it is disrespectful to all involved especially Jeremy, to ask a 19 year old's father to speak for him and explain what the 19 year old thinks and was thinking and how he feels now. Jeremy Roloff is 9 days away from his 19th birthday. In all honesty, I think it's ridiculous that Jeremy Roloff at 19 years old has not spoken for himself about his own actions and opinions. He's not a child. He's not mentally challenged. He's a television star of a series. He's a co-author of a book about values. According to Matt Roloff, the entire family including Jeremy is available for public speaking engagements about diversity issues.

The only reason I can think why Matt Roloff still speaks for his soon to be 19 year old son, is because TLC, Discovery, GRP (Gay Rosenthal Productions - producers of LPBW) and Matt and Amy are terrified of allowing Jeremy to open his mouth on his own again publicly without the environment being controlled by TLC or Matt. If that's how they feel, I understand that. There are many wonderful and talented people who are associated with Little People, Big World. I'm sure there are many with great moral values who do not condone what Jeremy said and were disappointed to learn about it. I'm sure there are several individuals in the production of LPBW that dislike that their wonderful work and message that they present through the show is dilluted when one of the stars was caught with such distasteful behavior. I think the last thing they want is Jeremy once again undermining all their hard work and positive message by bringing more negativity towards the show by possibly saying something offensive again. I don't know that to be a fact - that is my guess. We know all too well what happened the last time Jeremy spoke uncensored-- Jeremy landed himself in the National Enquirer with the headline "Big Bigot - Racist, gay-basher."

However, if Matt Roloff wants to again speak for Jeremy, I would welcome the opportunity. I will try to represent all of our large following to the best of my ability. I would love to have the chance to do a series of interviews with Jeremy, with Matt, with Amy, with Zach, and even in the last several months Jacob Mueller is a hot topic of inquiries, add Jacob Mueller to the list.

If Matt welcomes a "challenge", he is welcome to do an interview and field questions from someone other than his hand-picked employee. Is that what Matt is trying to address by his answer? That he is stating that he would? The contact information is here.

The Roloff family and interviews or even fielding questions is an interesting subject. When the Roloffs are interviewed by national media programs, talk shows with an audience of millions or even well established newspapers throughout the world, the goal is to introduce the Roloffs to people who probably aren't very familiar with them. The questions and subjects are very basic. 'Tell me what it's like to be a little person?' or 'So, you have this show, now what happens, cameras follow you around?' Even the local Portland interviews Matt and Amy have done are not really designed for regular viewers of the show. They aren't done by or for people that know the finer details of the show or the Roloff's facts and history.

With all due respect to the recent 5 audio questions Matt answered on TLC's website, the only the interviews or questions Matt answers are done on his official website. Matt's employee selects filtered questions, she discusses them with Matt in private and relays his answers. Since Matt Roloff is the boss of the employee interviewing him, I think it is fair to say Matt Roloff is essentially interviewing himself.

Again, if the Roloff family do not want to answer any questions in an environment not controlled by them that is their right. I am simply confused why Matt would state with his answer that they "engage all challenges" when that is simply not the case.

The next piece in Matt's answer and the crux of his issue seems to be that he wants personal information made public in order to voice opinions on his family.

The first thing about that is to point out the irony that I don't think Matt's real issue is that people use screen names or "handles" instead of their real names and personal information while posting opinions on the internet. The piece of irony here is that Matt was doing this interview which he answered this question with an individual who publicly identifies herself as "Disruptive Spirit" (not to be confused with Spirits Wander!!) - which I don't believe is her birth name ;-) Obviously Matt understands why people on the internet are reluctant to use their personal information - as long as that person never questions a Roloff's actions or statements and does not ever really disagree with anything a Roloff has said or done, and even publicly declares that Jeremy has a "right" to say the N word and should not be corrected.

Matt appears to be boasting here that his family is out in the open and are public figures. That is true. They chose to be public figures. They chose, by signing up five times for more seasons of their program. They've reaped the rewards and some of the cons of their choices. That's a choice the Roloffs have personally made and they've seen their lifestyle change because of it and LP awareness has definitely been helped by it as well. The decision to be public figures is not a choice that all people would make. There is a reason why these times are called the information age. With a name and location, a lot of people would not feel comfortable with the public knowing their home address or what school their children attend and such. I don't think this is a bragging tool Matt should be using -- if you voice a disagreement with the Roloffs such as Jeremy was wrong to say the N word and f*ggot, people should know where you live? I don't agree. I haven't been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by a television network. Companies have not offered me free services in exchange for publicity. This is true of all users on the internet who voice opinions on public figures whether their opinion is positive or negative. The Roloffs put themselves out in the open through their show, through their books and through their public speaking events. People are going to discuss what they do. Hopefully viewers do it with intergrity and maturity (more on that later!).

The Roloffs are the public figures being rewarded for their decisions financially and I don't hold that against them. Matt has the means to hire security for his family when the Roloffs allow the public on their farm. Nobody makes any money on our blog (except maybe the Roloffs and TLC from our promotion which we are happy to provide) and it actually costs some money to maintain it. This site is purely for recreation, to be informative and fun. We hear from people from all walks of life, from all different countries - who thank us for providing the site and that is good enough for everyone involved. This blog is for people who are interested in the Roloff family and Little People, Big World. We aim to be a place for Roloff fans and followers to come and know that they're going to hear the honest news about things that involve these celebrities. They'll hear the good, the bad, anything we feel will be remotely interesting to viewers of the shows. We try to present things of interest and offer an opinion and you as a reader will form your own opinion. There are several people that contribute information to this site with their ears and eyes in several different places. If they see or know something interesting, they pass it on, we pass it on to you. Apparently people seem to appreciate our honest and open style of providing good and bad and all things Roloff and LPBW related because we've quickly generated a very large and loyal following.

The last point about Matt's issue of anonymity- if I was interviewing the Roloffs - on the condition of privacy - I would not mind sharing my name. I however do not have interest in posting personal information on the internet. We receive hate mail as well -- both from people who are upset at us for promoting the Roloffs and their endeavors as well as from people similar to Matt Roloff's rabid core supporters who feel any criticism of a Roloff is "hating" the family.

I don't want to provide my personal information publicly. What is the purpose? So people who send us hatemail via this site can harass us at home? Look our numbers up on the internet and crank call us all day or leave obscene messages? For all Matt has talked about being a Faith-based family, some of his rabid supporters he is fond of and says he is planning on quoting in a book, were banned numerous times on several different message board sites for their rude conduct, crude comments and harassment of people who did not always agree with everything the Roloffs have done.

Speaking on that subject for a second -- regarding Matt Roloff's "rabid" fans that hang out on his message board (not to be confused with all Roloff fans because we have tons of Roloff fans that follow our site, some of our contributors love everything about the Roloffs themselves) This is just speaking of a very small segment of people on Matt Roloff's official website message board - who do not represent all fans, fortunately.

This is almost embarassing to talk about and I'm not embarrased for our site. Some of Matt Roloff's official website message board users refer to our site - the name spiritswander as "spit-wadder", complete with smiley faces and tee-hee quote a Roloff kid "Are you freaking kidding me?" Spiritswander = Spit-wadder. Wow. That is the maturity level of a third grader, but perhaps that might not be giving third graders enough credit. These are adults. Adults that Matt Roloff has praised. Adults that Matt Roloff has said he is planning on quoting when he writes another book?? I'm speechless. Matt Roloff is a serious businessman with several professional business relationships. He is the former President of a respected organization such as the LPA. I'm stunned that Matt Roloff has any connection (allows this conduct on his official website) with this, praises some of these people and states he is planning on quoting some of these individuals in a future book. Spit-wadder to reference a site called Spirits Wander...I don't know what to say! This is not one of the Big Values the Roloffs wrote about in their family book. Just to clarify, my feelings are not hurt...if I was a 7 year old, I might be hurt...because this behavior is expected of 7 year old children. It truly is embarrassing.

Finally on the point about anonymity - I don't see the relevance. If the opinion is that Jeremy Roloff was wrong to use hate speech words, was further wrong to not apologize or express any regret, and if a person feels that Matt and Amy Roloff are hypocrites on this issue because they convey the attitude that they aren't really that bothered by Jeremy's use of hate words, but they're more upset at people who talk about it and don't pat Jeremy on the head and say he's a good Christian boy for saying what he did. The entire platform of the show and of their speaking careers as Matt has said several times - is that they speak "for all people of difference" - that includes black people, Mexicans, gay people, people with down syndrome, and hearing disabilities - Jeremy and his inseparable best friend, Jacob Mueller, who all the Roloffs have described as a great kid, have used words that are very hurtful and made jokes insulting to all those groups. It doesn't matter if it is Ozzy Osbourne, Oprah Winfrey, Charles Manson or a homeless man on the street corner stating that opinion - it has no bearing on the validity of the opinion that it is wrong for the Roloffs whose platform is we represent "all people of difference" to have a son who have used such hateful words without an apology or an acknowledgment from the son that he was wrong.

True, if it was the KKK founder speaking out against Jeremy's language, that would make him a hypocrite. It would not change anything about the Roloffs.

In fairness, I will say one thing for Matt on his issue of anonymity. I do think sometimes a few critics - perhaps with the "messy house" issue at times and more so with personal criticisms such as ridiculing the Roloffs for an occasional mispronounced word or mannerisms while speaking - criticisms that nobody with this blog has ever leveled against the Roloffs - could be frustrating because most people have something similar of their own that would show if they were in front of television cameras. So on that note, I can agree with Matt that people pretending to be perfect with the comfort of anonymity on the internet while criticizing them can be frustrating -- although it does come with the territory when you sign a contract to be on television and to be public figures. It becomes more of an issue with the Roloffs when they make certain claims publicly - such as Jeremy's quote in the Roloff family book stating that unlike a lot of teenagers, he does not drink alcohol or experiment with drugs because he only has fun in ways that please God. When people then see Jeremy reminsce with a friend about how at age 15 they stole Matt's vodka, replaced it with Sprite and proceeded to almost burn down the barn - that is going to garner some attention. Honestly, I think it's fair to say that a lot of people have some story similar to that in their teenage years. It would not get the same type of attention from people if Jeremy did not make the claim in a published book that he, unlike some teenagers, do not do that stuff and it is due to his love of God that he resists. He did make that claim in that book. He is portrayed that way on the show. As a result, many people praise the Roloffs for raising such good, innocent kids who don't drink like all those others bad teenagers. When Jeremy is found to be talking about drunk stories with friends, people can't be expected to just ignore it and not take notice of the discrepancies.

However, when it pertains to an issue such as, what I believe are some of the ugliest words in the english language and when their entire message is about diversity and respect, that's not pretending to be perfect. Thankfully a lot of people know it is wrong and is not acceptable and they should speak out against it. The Roloffs own close family friend - Jen Montzingo, is one of these people.

If people watch and admired the Roloffs because they truly care about their message that nobody should be ridiculed or mocked or have hate words said about them because they are "different" than those people should be disappointed when they discover that a kid that they thought was better than that has been using hateful words and mocking behavior - even if that kid is a Roloff. If they excuse it - then they didn't really understand the professed message of the show - they are simply starstruck by celebrities on television. That's not supposed to be the message of the show.

My final point on this entire subject is to express some disappointment. It is disappointing that Matt Roloff apparently has such negative feelings towards our site. I would expect that from his rabid group of 4 or 5 rabid supporters that feel comfortable on his message board. However, Matt is a professional. I think it is childish to declare something as an "attack" or label as a "hater" because one disagrees with something the family has done and voices that disagreement.

I ask what is the most distasteful thing about the Roloffs? If you had to choose? Personally, I would say discovering that Jeremy used such nasty hateful slurs and mocking behavior for so long and even more so that he didn't have the moral values to say he was wrong and apologize - in addition to the whole way the Roloffs have failed to address it appropriately (more venom towards people that say was wrong than towards Jeremy for using the words). I think the second most distasteful thing about the Roloffs was discovering that Jeremy, Zach and their friends were so nasty to adoring fans on the internet. It's all been said before - Zach and Jeremy saying they wanted to tell fans to F off at their TLC organized beach party, their friends calling Jeremy's fans losers, b*tches, f*ggots - Jeremy and his friends mocking a Puerto Rican girl who had a fan page in honor of him and his family and perhaps she was not the prettiest girl in the world. Once you know this about them, yet they are portrayed on the show and in the books, as sweet innocent Christian boys -- it's hard to ignore and dismiss. As Matt says, viewers only see a small segment of the real them. When you know things such as that (the language, the insults coming directly from Jeremy and his friends uncensored) it's disappointing and makes certain aspects of the show and the image the Roloffs portray less believable.

Those are the two biggest issues I personally am disappointed with about the Roloffs. This does not equate to hating the Roloffs. Nor does expressing skeptism over certain things - such as Jeremy's quote in the book discussed above or Matt's down-playing of how the family has benefited financially from the television show. This is not in any way, shape or form -- "hate".

If you can't be disappointed in the family on the show with the platform "we represent all issues of difference", when the son says such ugly words, what seriously can you disagree with them about? Let that go, but you can disagree with them that they don't drink skimmed milk??

Furthermore this is not a "hate" blog. The only people I would expect to have that opinion of this site is the 4 or 5 rabid fans of Matt Roloff on his official website. I think calling this site a "hate blog" is ridiculous, narrow-minded, childish and completely inaccurate. There is absolutely no hatred on our site. It is ludicrous to suggest such. Even in the public comments from readers - we strive to allow freedom of expression, but we don't tolerate any vicious personal attacks on any person Roloff or not - you will never see anybody be ridiculed or mocked for their appearance, etc. There is no hatred involved in anything on this site. It is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard -- but consider the source -- Matt's 4 or 5 rabid fans on his offical message board.

There are many things I personally admire about Matt and Amy Roloff. Jeremy's language and behavior with his friends and their treatment of people online is not one of the things I admire. The Roloffs handling of the issue is another thing that I do not admire.

There are many things that I like and respect about the Roloffs and they actually out-number the bad. The site prides itself on being balanced and honest. The site has praised Matt for his work in Iraq. We've relayed positive personal reviews of Amy and the kids helping out with Habitat for Humanity. We've discussed how the Mike Detjen memorial show was tastefully well done and emotional. Personally, I agree with a lot of the values the Roloffs present about life and the way they live their lives as was stated during the recap article following the episode regarding Mike Detjen's passing. All you need to do is browse the site archives. It's our goal to make the blog enjoyable and interesting to people with all different and varying opinions about the Roloffs. All attitudes and infomation is presented with that in mind.

Regarding the issue of their son's language, which is indeed consistently the single-most inquired about topic - we do disagree with the Roloffs.

I'll also inform you that we've had several pleasant exchanges with TLC staff - even perhaps a few compliments. It's nice to see that some understand that even if you don't like a decision or something that a family does which pertains to their very message, that you don't have a hatred for them. I find it insulting and shocking that any rational person would consider this blog to be a "hate" blog.

If Matt Roloff honestly believes that if you don't like what Jeremy said and you think it's hypocritical given their whole platform, you are automatically a hater that is hatefully attacking the family -- that is very disappointing and unfortunate.


Rap541 said...

Thats a really good, thoughtful, and respectful post.

Personally, I don't consider this a hate site, and frankly Spirit, you're a LOT nicer about some of the comments and about allowing free discussion than I would be - and that is part of why this is a good blog.

I'd love to see Matt and or any member of the family answer questions that aren't spoonfed to them by their moderator and then passed along to the masses.

Brandon said...

If Matt told anybody objective that this is a hate site he would look like an ego-maniac.

I think it's clear that there are some people including the Roloffs that expect them to be treated as Jesus - praise and never doubt. Logical people don't treat celebrities, who are just regular people, like Gods who are never wrong.

I think Matt saying he is up for open discussion is his ego talking. He's not, but he's smart enough to know it makes him look egotistical to expect to only be praised so he pretends like he's willing to talk.

I want to see Jeremy talk for himself but it won't happen. He's treated as though he is a little boy.

Janice said...

I don't always agree with all the opinions here, but I'm shocked that anybody would consider this to be a blog that hates the Roloffs. LOL.

It's honest that's all.

Sandra said...


I love the Roloffs and I love this site. I've seen a lot of nice things here that I wouldn't have known about.

I wondered about what the Roloffs thought of this place.

I'd love to see you do an interview with the Roloffs. Like you said, they haven't ever done something like that outside of Matt's board, and I know a lot of people don't like it there.

Anonymous said...

I did see Jeremy say he didn't want Matt speaking for him and he would answer questions for himself.

But he doesn't use the internet very much. It's possible he doesn't know about this site.

Or it's possible that they have a contract stipulation with TLC that won't let anybody but Matt and Amy do an interview.

It would be nice, but don't blame Jeremy.

Brokenwing said...

I think the Roloffs are great, but I agree it's wrong to say this is a hate blog. I don't agree about Jeremy and the National Enquirer, but other than that most of what I see here is very neutral and positive.

I agree some people on Matt's board are immature, but it's unfair to blame Matt for that. He's a busy man. He doesn't have time to approve of what people posting on his board says.

I think an interview would be very interesting. It would be great for Jeremy to get the chance to clear up the nasty rumors and unfair things people say about him, but like someone else said, I don't know if he is allowed.

Rap541 said...

I think thats a question for Matt. Is there a contract stipulation that requires your adult children to only speak to TLC ok'd media?

a martin said...

I wrote Amy-- used my full name, provided my ISP assigned email address, and gave my phone number. I got NO response....


I was not being anonymous...

So what is this? Another one of Matt's lies?

Natasha said...

If people watch and admired the Roloffs because they truly care about their message that nobody should be ridiculed or mocked or have hate words said about them because they are "different" than those people should be disappointed when they discover that a kid that they thought was better than that has been using hateful words and mocking behavior - even if that kid is a Roloff. If they excuse it - then they didn't really understand the professed message of the show - they are simply starstruck by celebrities on television. That's not supposed to be the message of the show.
WELL SAID! I like the Roloffs. I watch every Monday. I didn't like what Jeremy said. Whose Nazi regime mentality determined this makes me someone that has hatred for the Roloffs?

Greg said...

All of this because Jeremy used the words N and F** and was met with a negative reaction?

For the life of me, I don't know why Jeremy didn't just say he didn't mean to hurt anybody and say he was wrong. If he had done that I think this whole scandal would have been dropped.

Why are the Roloffs so damn stubborn about saying Jeremy was wrong? Why is that so hard to do?

I conclude that Jeremy doesn't think he was wrong and Matt views apologies as a form of weakness?

Jocelynn said...

I wouldn't have guessed that that this blog would be called anti-Roloff in a million years.

This is my favorite Roloff site on the internet. I tune into the show every week and watch the reruns. I've bought the DVDs. I didn't know I was required to share the Roloffs opinion about all in the world.

An interview would be lovely. I'm very curious how Jeremy would handle himself. There is a mystique surrounding him.

Kate said...

I think it would be great for Jeremy and Matt to do an open interview and take all different types of questions.

If I was Jeremy, I'd would annoy me to have everyone talking for me.

One possibility is that his honest opinions ARE controversial and Matt has decided its best for Jeremy not to speak.

Kerr said...

I think the real reason why Jeremy doesn't talk is because his image is such a fantasy.

Nobody ENJOYS lying or pretending to be something they aren't. If Jeremy did an interview with your blog, he probably feels like he would need to act and lie - pretend to be the Christian boy that loves fans and has never tasted alcohol.

It's easier for him to not say anything anymore. That way he doesn't need to lie.

Anonymous said...

I would definitely read that interview! Do it Roloffs :)

Zach would be the most interesting to take all questions people have. He's the most honest Roloff, imo.

Janet said...

Matt can't be talking about this blog. Are you sure he means this blog?

I've never thought this blog was bad to the Roloffs.

Matt has a severe problem with reaction to his family IF he thinks this blog is bad.

Rap541 said...

Considering this is the only significant Roloff blog, and several people have made a point of commenting on this blog and on message boards that this is Matt showing his critics that he's open and they aren't, yes I think Matt is referencing this blog.

In fairness, my perception of Matt Roloff is colored by his praise of his ex mod "Mrs Sawyer" who has behaved in a nastyy fashion in order to earn a "good job" from Matt Roloff defending his family against all criticism. If Matt praises someone for harassment and rudeness, then Matt is not behaving like a good man. And you know what? He did. He praised someone for acting rude and mean because it was "in defense of the Roloffs". If he'll grin and praise the ill treatment of others in his name, then he's not much of a man anyway.

If you have access to, check this thread out.

I know a lot of people like to ignore the possibility that Matt encourages the hateful responses, but why exactly is Matt checking to see if Sawyer is "still kicking hater butt"?

Here's some direct quotes:

Mrs Sawyer: "still here, still a fan and still kicking hater butt!"

Disruptive Spirit: "Hehehehe! I told him ya were. He said he LOVES how you are so spot on with being able to figure out a person and their aliases. LOL He's definitely reading and watching the forums when he can."

So unless Matt's moderator is a liar, Matt is well aware of how his "real fans" act, and loves it, and doesn't seem bothered in the slightest by it.

I also respectfully point out that Matt and do not require anyone to post with their real names... I wonder if Matt is willing to make his real fans live by his edict that people shouldn't hide behind aliases.

But then, I suspect people wouldn't be so proud to "kick hater butt" if Matt made them reveal their true identities. :)

Brandon said...


As Rap said Matt is talking about this blog. People on Matt's board used to link articles that were on here. The links were deleted. quotes from Spirit's blog and they talk about it, but they don't say the name, hence "spit wad".

Matt owns his site and knows what is going on. He talks to one moderator often and the other is Becky (from the show, wanted to fire Peg), Matt's personal assistant.

The link that I saw that was deleted was something like Spirits story about Jeremy making the All Star soccer team. This was months ago. There is no reason to delete that unless you don't want people knowing about the site. I think the directive to delete it was coming from Matt, who else would delete a topic about Jeremy making the All Star team except that the news was on this site?

I think that was because of Spirits position about Jeremy and the National Enquirer article. Matt didn't want people to hear what Spirits said about it. I think he told his assistants to delete all links to it.

Like Spirits and Rap said, this is the only well known Roloff blog. Everybody talks about it. Spirits made the offer to Jeremy for an interview. People have talked about how Jeremy ducked it.

When Matt opened his board, he used to sometimes talk about "message board posters". Now he is saying "blogger".

Brandon said...


I can kind of understand Matt's desire to like people who are nasty to people that criticize his family, but I lost all respect for Matt when he made certain people like Sawyer his Moderator and buddied up to her.

I've seen Sawyer on message boards harrass somebody because she thought they were gay. I've seen Sawyer make sexual comments about masturbation to an Evangical Christian woman on a message board.

Matt embraced Sawyer. No true Christian man would befriend someone who acted like that. I don't know any true Christians who would applaud that even if the person was "hating" on behalf of themselves.

I can't wait for Matt's tell all book after the show is finished when he quotes Sawyer. What's the title of the book going to be?

"We pretended to be a Christian family -- Haha suckers go suck it!" A book full of quotes from Sawyer making sexual comments about people?

Nobody Matt is planning on quoting in his book uses their real names. Matt doesn't care that people use aliases when they're treating Matt like a God.

Rap541 said...

Brandon - I was aware of those incidents with Sawyer.

I understand Matt's irritation with some critics, I really do - I just don't think he realizes that people aren't going to believe him blindly about what's been happening on the boards and in blogs.

Honestly if he praises how Sawyer treats others online... then in fairness, he shouldn't complain when his family is treated in kind. If it's good enough for us, to be attacked and namecalled, then why is his family hands off?

I mean, I know Sawyer made gross masturbation comments to a fan who was Molly's age over an innocent remark - I wouldn't deem that poster a "hater" at all. If thats praiseworthy per Matt then can I make the same remark to Molly? And get praise?

As I said - the fact that Matt Roloff made Sawyer a moderator on his board told me he wasn't much of a man. That he continues to hand out praise for this kind of behavior tells me even more about his character and about how little he thinks in general.

Anonymous said...

Matt embracing Sawyer speaks volumes about his overall quality. The woman is vile

Roxanne said...

I wouldn't pay a lot of attention to Matt's forum. It's 4 people who think if they defend the Roloffs hard enough Matt will give them his phone number and be their friend like he did with Disruptive Spirit.

Roxanne said...

From a strictly shallow point of view, can you add Scott to the interview list! :)

Anonymous said...

Who is Scott?

Roxanne said...

Scott is Jeremy's very hot friend with the angelic eyes and muscular body :)

He was working at the parking gate on the show last Monday. He spoke on camera about not having a key to open the gate.

Jocelynn said...

Roxanne, here is a question I hope Spirits can ask Scott.

Why does he call Matt Roloff, "Matt" (we can't find the key) instead of Mr. Roloff.

Every kid I've known addresses their friend's father, as Mr. (last name). I think it's especially strange since Scott has known Matt and Amy since they were little kids. If an eighteen year old met their friend's parents for the first time they might call them by their first name, but not someone who has known the parents since he was six.

It struck me as strange.

Stephanie said...

[[Jeremy is consistently the most searched about Roloff (which is basically a combination of two main subjects - the racist gay bashing inquiries and "Jeremy is cute" related searches). ]]

That confirms what I thought. This is not a criticism of the Roloffs, but the show wouldn't be on the air if it wasn't for Jeremy's attractiveness.

If the Roloffs were an ugly looking family would they have an audience? I answer no.

The show might have noble goals, but the audience does not.

OhTheIrony said...

I was looking and noticed this. As someone who checkes out, I recognize the names that are apparently fair game for boardies to harass.

I wonder - can we ask Matt if he approves of his little fan club being nasty to "spies"?

Apparently lurking on the board is reason to be a hater. I love the logic. If someone posts a negative opinion, they're a hater. If someone goes to the board to check it out, but doesn't post - since posting anything but praise will result in an attack - they STILL get harassed. Is Matt ok with that? Does he love it? Does he want it to happen more? I notice his mod didn't put a stop to it until three pages of comments, made solely by long term heavy posting regulars were made. Funny that. Sure seems like Disruptive Spirit only steps in on nasty behavior AFTER all her pals get their licks and "teehees" in.

I assume that's on matt's orders too. Because fans who don't love him and ONLY praise him apparently are haters.

Thats not me talking, thats Matt Roloff showing his true colors.

Brokenwing said...

Ohtheirony, I don't think Matt is that involved in message board wars as you think. Do you think Matt Roloff spends all his time worrying about giggles between message board posters?

Yeah, I think Matt sometimes checks the boards to see what is happening, but I don't think he's on top of every little post about people on message boards as you seem to think he is.

Yeah Matt seems to like Sawyer, he said it's because she has pointed out how the show is edited. I'm not a fan of her style of insulting and name calling instead of intelligent discussion, but as someone that does like the Roloffs, it does get frustrating when certain people criticize the Roloffs non stop no matter what. It is just hate hate hate hate day after day!

I disagree with the regulars at the Matt Roloff board because I think they go too far in bringing out their claws for anything critical. People should be able to disagree with something they see without being attacked or lumped as a hater.

But you're also wrong if you think there aren't real "haters" and no, they don't deserve to be treated with respect.

There are people who say anything to bash the Roloffs. There are people who used to accuse Mike Detjen of being a drunk, just out of thin air just to insult him. After he died, they then said the Roloffs didn't care about him and said the Roloffs were disrespectful to Mike. These posters were the ones calling Mike a drunk when he was living!

There are people that say Matt and Amy don't care if Jacob Roloff lives or dies. That's ridiculous and horrible thing to say.

There are people that say Jeremy and his friends hate gay people so much that they would actually physically attack and injure someone because they were gay. Then the same people snicker and make gay jokes about Jeremy and Mueller. They're doing anything to ridicule them.

You expect Matt and people that like the Roloffs to smile and welcome that???????????? While I think name calling is immature, I'm not going to care much for someone's feelings after they've said such awful things about the Roloffs.

But the only part I disagree with Matt's regulars about is they take that attitude to everybody if they disagree with anything and even when they do it respectfully. They still get the hater treatment, like they do to this blog. That's where I disagree with them.

Getting back to the topic, I don't think Matt would have answered (I don't think they are were all fan questions, I think Matt uses those to address things he wants to address) with what he did if he wasn't willing to answer questions from Spirits blog.

Matt must realize that fans and a lot of people that like the show read here too and this blog is a way to reach their fans too.

I still think there are probably subjects that TLC have instructed the Roloffs not to talk about.

If Matt is going to write a "tell all" book after the show is over, there must be things they're not allowed to say right now.

Ohtheirony said...

I expect Matt to treat others as he would like to be treated and as he would like his family to be treated.

I don't expect the Roloffs to welcome all of the nasty comments. On the other hand, I don't know hardly any celebrities who gather up their rabid fans and cheerfully praise them for attacking "hater opinions". Most celebrities just ignore it because it comes with the territory.... and because it leads to bad press situations like this.

If Matt condones the nasty behavior - and he's in a position to say "You know guys, while I dislike what they are saying, I also dislike my real fans making vile sexual and often times obscene remarks in my defense" - and doesn't - then Matt is part of the problem.

IF Disruptive Spirit isn't a liar, then she's keeping Matt well informed about how Sawyer is kicking hater butt, so claiming Matt is ignorant of what he is openly praising just doesn't work.

And really - considering how obvious it is that *Someone* connected to the Roloffs is keeping Matt informed about what's being said *here* - it has to have been brought to Matt's attention as well that his forum board isn't well thought of.

Red Baron said...

Broken wing said...But you're also wrong if you think there aren't real "haters" and no, they don't deserve to be treated with respect.You're correct - there are "real haters" and they do not deserve respect. The problem lies in defining "real haters". People who make up lies about the Roloffs and go out of their way to find fault probably deserve the term. People who watch the show and find valid points of discussion/contention? I wouldn't call them haters. Simply disagreeing with Matt or calling him on hypocrisy does not a "real hater" make, but under Matt's definition it seems to.
There are people who say anything to bash the Roloffs.I've yet to see any person like that here.
There are people who used to accuse Mike Detjen of being a drunk, just out of thin air just to insult him. That's the first I've heard of it. I don't know if he was or wasn't. Really? I don't care if he was, even if (and that's a big "if") he was. In my opinion, Mike didn't open himself up for that level of criticism. He worked for the Roloffs and was pulled into this televised world by default. Mike didn't stand up and claim that alcohol was bad or his faith was beyond reproach or that being a Christian gave him the moral highground. This compared to others we've seen on the show...

After he died, they then said the Roloffs didn't care about him and said the Roloffs were disrespectful to Mike. Again, this must have been the exception and it doesn't reflect badly on Mike. If anything, it reflects on the Roloffs. Quite honestly, I'm tired of seeing reality show stars (and producers) exploit the death of family members for ratings or emotion. What would've been wrong with dedicating an episode to Mike without showing his funeral or Matt's self-serving grief speeches? Why did we have to see the Roloff kids in the deepest stages of grief? Isn't it enough that we'd see Jacob grieve a year down the road during the recent trebuchet episode? Mike was a real person with a real family and real friends - of that I have no doubt. Because of the show, however, Mike will be remembered as the Roloff's helper...not father to his own children or friend to those who didn't have a television show.
These posters were the ones calling Mike a drunk when he was living!Can you show me where this happened? If this really happened and these posters had no first hand knowledge of the situation, then you're correct in stating that it was inappropriate. However, you shouldn't color all with one brush. Many of us, myself included, only hear about these accusations from people like yourself.

There are people that say Matt and Amy don't care if Jacob Roloff lives or dies. That's ridiculous and horrible thing to say. Again, I've not seen this at all. I've seen people argue that re-building the dangerous, rickety weapon that almost kills said son shows a disregard for safety. I've read where people object to Matt's obsession with this trebuchet on the basis that it almost killed his son and "best buddy". I've read where people are incredulous at Matt's lack of sensitivity towards Jake's emotions about the trebuchet. I've even seen people criticize the lack of safety that has, without doubt, led to preventable injuries on the farm. I've never seen anyone say "Matt and Amy want Jacob dead." That WOULD be a ridiculous and horrible thing to say if it had been said.

What I see is someone taking the above mentioned, actual comments and twisting the concern and incredulousness into hate. That is equally ridiculous and horrible. When you put youself in the public eye and ask people to care about your family and respect it, it helps not to demean and ridicule them for caring.

There are people that say Jeremy and his friends hate gay people so much that they would actually physically attack and injure someone because they were gay.Again, show me where you've seen this said. Perhaps I'm too new to the message board/Roloff Blog-o-sphere to have seen it? I just haven't seen the above.

Then the same people snicker and make gay jokes about Jeremy and Mueller. They're doing anything to ridicule them.Once again, no! Not everyone goes fact, very few go there. I certainly haven't seen it here. I've seen it on TWOP: posted by the same individual a few times.

The problem I see is you trying to justify behavior by pointing out the responses to the behavior. "Well, Jeremy may have called Mike a "N-word" and used the word "fa****" on multiple occasions, but... other people called Mike a drunk and called Jeremy a f****!" One doesn't excuse the other! Both people are wrong. THAT is what most of us are saying. You can't justify an initial behavior by the subsequent responses. If I call you a self-righteous twit (which I wouldn't, this is just an example), then that's my bad. I'm responsible for it and I can't say, "Oh yeah. But, after I said that you called me a cheeky b****, so it's totally okay that I said that!"

See the problem?

Anonymous said...

This blog is the biggest joke!

Rap541 said...

RedBaron - Brokenwing is alluding to the TLC boards and the forum at

There's plenty of bad behavior on both sides - right now a poster there is firmly stating that Jeremy should be slapping Jake across the face whenever Jeremy feels Jake should be quiet. There's also a couple of hard core anti-Roloff fans who constantly imply and state that Matt is an alcoholic (I'd go as far as problem drinker but alky? not with what we see on the show)

There's also some rational talk, some rational complaints, and a lot of Jeremy defense at the expense of the other kids.

There's one Jeremy fan, for example, who constantly derides Kirsten as a sneaky whore who desperately wants Jeremy to impregnate her so she can ride the gravy train and he praises Jeremy for dumping her.

There's nasty behavior on both sides - what might be the disconnect is that Matt Roloff is *endorsing* the nasty behavior of the fans who agree with him. Its ok by Matt for a Christian woman to be derided publically because she disapproved of some of his and Amy's discipline choices. He endorsed Sawyer calling that woman names. He endorsed Sawyer harassing a fan that was gay. I checked that link above. The fans on the mattroloff board are putting of the name of a male fan and displaying a little girl in a tutu and snickering. Are we really supposed to believe they're not making a homosexual reference? Are we really supposed to believe that Matt simply doesn't know his fans are using his board for harassment? Come on.

At what point is Matt responsible for anything? He pays for that message forum. He praises the nasty tactics. He chooses the moderaters... and he's as innocent as a sweet lil babe "I had no idea when I was praised them for kicking hater butt that they were mocking homosexual fans. I had no idea what I was praising! Its not my fault I intentionally created this board so I could control it and intentionally chose the moderators to protect my family's interests! I'm a business man and I HAD NO IDEA what my employees were up to! I never do!"

Obviously - if he is aware enough to know what goes on *here*, he has time to check out his own board.

Rosemary said...

I like this blog most of the time, but Matt is a great man. If he is a little touchy about criticism can you blame him?

Amy is constantly at his throat. All 3 of the boys disrespect him, even Jeremy walks away for him. Molly is the only one in the family that gives Matt the proper respect he deserves. Matt has accomplished so much and gets little credit. Everything the family has is because Matt was the brains behind it. Matt made LPs cool. It was Matt that did it. There are other LPs that do good work, but not in the way Matt can. Matt can reach people through entertainment like the LPA couldn't.

Matt is a man who deserves to be treated with respect. He doesn't get it from his family or some of the audience.

Matt's irritation with Jeremy's scandal is warranted. Matt didn't do that. I wouldn't be surprised if Matt wanted Jeremy to issue an apologize, but Amy argued with him. That was Jeremy's poor judgement as a teenager. Don't focus on that when there is so many positive sides of what Matt has done with the show and his life.

If Matt is free to do an interview, I think he would. He is a man of his word.

Matt, if you are reading, know that there are many of us out in TV land and internet land that love you and appreciate all that you've done. We are lucky as viewers and your family is lucky to have you.

Carol said...

I love the Roloffs as well. I'm surprised if they don't like this blog. It's my favorite Roloff site. I stop in at least once a day to make sure I'm not missing the latest Roloff news.

I think an interview would be a wonderful idea. It never hurts to have the chance to get know the members of the family better by doing more interviews with different questions.

Go for it Matt and Jer! :)

David said...

I don't know if Matt thinks this blog is THAT bad. He just doesn't like being criticized about the Jeremy online stuff.

Matt likes to be in charge. That's just the way Matt is made. I think that's why Matt introduced his forum. He wanted to make the decisions about what could be said and who could post instead of TLC or IMDB or TWOP.

It might annoy him that he doesn't have a say in the content here or what people say, but Matt is smart enough to know that this blog does keep the Roloffs in the minds of the fans and that's good for the show and the Roloff events.

I expect to hear that Matt agreed to an interview here. I would be pleasantly surprised if Jeremy did, but I'm not counting on that.

Mitchell said...

I wouldn't blame Matt for the opinions of his fans. Matt knows all different opinions help sustain the show.

An interview sounds interesting. One of the things I like about Matt is how he isn't stuffy and out of touch with real people.

They open the farm up once a year for a month. Amy has done interviews with mother-topic blogs. Matt invited a fan who got a tattoo of him to the farm.

red baron said...

One thing that keeps popping up over-and-over is Jeremy's language. While that's one major thing that bothers me about the duplicity the Roloffs present, it's certainly not the only thing that I see. The racist, homophobic language is just part of the bigger problem. That led me to wonder if, perhaps, a post was in order where we could lay out the other hypocrisies we see and, if Matt DOES agree to an interview, maybe he could address them for us?

1. The "poor farmer" gig. - In the beginnings of the show, we were presented this picture of a family struggling to hold onto what they had. We were told, in those shows, that Amy and Matt were on the brink of losing the farm. We saw Amy working two jobs. We were told that Matt had never really made a huge amount of money. I believe Amy's story, in the episode where she talks about her family worrying about her constantly, was that Matt did well for a short while but then things fell apart. To back this up, there was the pilot where Matt's parents give Matt the financial security lecture. Further, we're made aware of the fact that Amy's had to call her parents for money. Contrast that to now. Now Matt is claiming that they were never that hard up. He claims that LPBW has NOT made them "rich", that they were "rich" before because of his business dealings and software investments. He points to the farm itself as evidence for their financial stability - "How would I have bought and maintained this farm if we were in trouble before TLC?" seems to be the argument. My question is: Which is it? This leads to my second question...

2 Did they choose to do the show to get out of that jam or to educate the world about little people? Or, both? Either would be valid, but I'm curious what the reason was. Leading to question #3.

3. How do these reality families figure it's okay to take their child's privacy in exchange for their own "security"? I'd feel different if there was some family who was truly destitute and this money would put food on the table or, literally, save the family farm. What bothers me, I guess, is that a "paycheck" for each kid to blow while Matt and Amy remodel the farm and obtain every toy they've ever wanted seems like a very selfish price for a child's ability to screw up in private or grow in private. To Matt and Amy, I would ask, is this worth it?

4. Following that: You used to say that you'd stop the show when and if ANY family member wanted to stop. Then it was, "we'll stop if it becomes a negative influence on the kids or us.". Now it's "We'd have a family meeting if someone wanted to stop." If you hate Jeremy getting raked over the coals, then why continue the show? If watching your children have constant scrutiny and criticism strikes you as damaging or inappropriate, then why continue to put them in that position? I guess my question is: given that you can't control others, when does your responsibility as a parent kick-in? When do you say, "Enough is enough. We have enough money and the criticisms are too much."? Who's responsible for protecting the children: the parents who sign them up for the show or the viewers?

5. Farm safety - is there any agency that oversees safety on the farm? I could be wrong, but for a predominantly hobby farm, there seem to be far too many serious injuries involving children. I'm using the criteria of "any injury that needs emergency treatment or surgery" as my qualifying criteria. If it needs stitches, an orthopedist, or a surgeon, then it's serious. Who is keeping things safe? When does the farm cease to be a farm and start being a carnival or amusement park?

6. The term Christian gets thrown around a lot to describe the Roloffs - what makes them such great Christians?

Rap541 said...

"I wouldn't blame Matt for the opinions of his fans. Matt knows all different opinions help sustain the show."

I would agree if Matt Roloff was an innocent bystander who wasn't in any way encouraging or egging on one group of fans over the other. Matt praised Sawyer for her verbal assaults on fans who criticize him. he loves to see sawyer kick hater ass.

I blame *Matt* for the "Lets go get the haters" mentality because he actively encourages it with praise. If its his kids getting called out? Thats WRONG - but if Sawyer harasses a teen poster with masturbation comments, well... its not a Roloff kid, just a *HATER* and Matt loves tio see hater ass kicked! If you kick enough hater ass, Matt will ask about you, so it behooves you to kick hater ass.

So yes, Matt's laughter at how people who disagree with him deserve an ass kicking in his name is a big part of the problem in this fandom.

Anonymous said...

Redbaron - I agree with every question you posed. Matt Roloff can fool some of the people some of the time, but he can't fool all of the people all of the time. He sure doesn't fool me. The original premise of this show is as lost as Jimmy Hoffa's corpse. Your assessment, Red, is spot-on. I couldn't have said it any better.

wmll said...

At the forum Jeremy did answer some questions in the ask mat section. It’s calld Jeremy Answers Your Questions Part 1 (12/09/08)

11. How do YOU feel about the racist rumors that were going around about you?

Jeremy's Response:

It’s not true. My parents have always taught us about people that are different. I accept and respect all people. I have friends who are Black, Mexican, Asian and Gay. I talk to them regularly. We're buds.

I don’t know if he’s telling the truth or not but I think it’s at lest worth a mention.

Brandon said...

That was the only question Jeremy was asked and it was a softball.

Most people don't want to know if JEREMY thinks Jeremy is a racist!

Really come on, who would answer that with "Yep! I'm racist!

Brandon said...

"My parents have always taught us about people that are different. I accept and respect all people."

Just one more thing to add, I've seen how Jeremy writes and I've listened to him talk on the show for what, 4 years? The phrasing of the words doesn't sound like how Jeremy speaks.

DJ said...

Yeah wm11 people want a little more detail and explanation than whether Jeremy is going to call himself racist.

And how about if he respects all people who are different, why Jeremy do you mock gay people? Why do you call Mexico where the beaners live? Why did you say Mike's your N word after doing what you told him to do?

Does Jeremy think its okay to talk like that or does he think he was wrong?

"Are you racist?"..."No I'm not" is a cop out question.

As everyone else said, if the Roloffs want any credibility do the interview with somebody that isn't under the direction of Matt.

wmll said...

I’m agreeing with you both, I just thought it was a little strange that I couldn’t se anyone mention it, and that it would be interesting to hear what people thought about it.

Donald said...

Matt's a smart man, but he goofed with his forum. He has his website to promote his ventures and products. His "board" is not helping his reputation.

ownedbyhorses said...

I was mildly curious and watched the show for awhile. Then every episode became another vacation trip ho-hum and worse it was quite apparent that the children had no guidelines, rules or were disciplined.

If my kids came home with poor grades, esp. from a Christian private school (generally an indication of poor academic quality to begin with) I would be livid. They would get their car keys immediately removed and any allowance.
Molly not working during one of the pumpkin days would have resulted in a harsh talking to about work and earning the food to put on the table.

Amy and Matt soft sell their parenting roles and pretty much I am not surprised by Jeremy and what he supposedly said. Seems in keeping with his attitude to me.

Red Baron said...

Ownedbyhorses, I see where you're getting at with the behavior approach and the lack of consequences, but I really don't think having the children work on the farm is their responsibility. It should be their privelege as family members...but feeding the family isn't their job. That's why shows like this are so questionable, ethically.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I am jumping into this conversation very far behind. Watching episodes of the show lately have led me to google the Roloffs and find this website as well as the Matt Roloff fan site. I had no idea that this stuff was all going on behind the scenes untill yesterday! I had not heard about Jeremy's biggoted remarks either before reading this site.

After reading a lot of posts on both sites, I agree with most of this blog. The part I don't is how the fans on the other site call those who don't agree with the Roloffs, haters. I find that they only disagree with those who are critical of Matt (Jeremy sometimes, but mainly Matt). I can see who the "5 or 6 rabid fans" are. They all love to criticize Amy and give excusses and passes for Matt's behavior. The worst one even has a picture of Matt giving her a shout out written on a piece of paper, on her posts. It's pretty disgusting that he not only encourages these people to personally attack detracters, but also encourages them to disparage his wife!!

Those are great questions, Red Barron, but he will never answer them until he is forced to. You know, when the s**t finally hits the fan and he has to do a little damage control. Only then will he sit down with a real interviewer and answer the hard questions.

My opinion of this man was really beginning to fade, but now that I have read about him on the internet and especially seen what is happening on his own site, I know that my intstincts are right. I don't think I will be watching too much more. When he finally alienates everyone except his blind followers, we'll see how much money he makes.