Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jeremy and Zach Roloff visited Corban college in January

Jeremy and Zach Roloff (along with Amy and Jacob Roloff and the camera crew) visited Corban college back in January and it will be featured in a future episode.

If you read the comments on this site, you might already have known about the Corban college/Roloff connection as one of our readers posted that he/she had seen the Roloffs visiting Corban.

Corban College mentions the Roloffs visit in their Spring Newsletter. The Roloffs ate in the dining room, sat in on a class, attended chapel and spoke with athletic coaches.

Corban is a private Christian college located in Salem, Oregon

EDIT : Update August 2009,
It sounds like Jeremy and Zach won't be going to Corban, but Portland Community College instead. You can read further details in this item here:


Ashley said...

Holy smokes! Did you see the cost of Corban college?

$30,700 per student?

The Roloffs should start kissing the feet of fans for making them rich.

Instead they ignore fans totally! I should really stop watching this show. lol.

Nancy said...

Another private Christian school (college)?

I like the Roloffs, but when are they going to broaden their horizons? Get out and see the world and mix with people who aren't exactly like you.

I don't think it's good for kids to live in a coven and never experience anything other than people who believe and look exactly like them.

Get out and live in the real world guys.

Jason said...

Nancy, you're exactly right, but I think that's what the Amy wants.

The Roloffs don't want diversity in their lives. I think it's very clear the Roloffs only want to be around Christians (Ron Roloffs blog made that clear).

It shouldn't have come as a surprise that Jeremy said the things he did, that's what happens when kids live in a sheltered world around only Christians like themselves.

Ashley - Agreed. I think snob is the word you're looking for. I wonder how the Roloffs justify closing themselves off from "regular people" while they keep on collecting all this "stuff" and spending money. I'd have to think once in a while a breeze of guilt would come over them.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is the only school that will take these dunces. Their marks stink, so money has to talk, and from what I've heard about these so-called Christian colleges, money talks big time.

Anonymous said...

"I like the Roloffs, but when are they going to broaden their horizons? Get out and see the world and mix with people who aren't exactly like you."

Seperatists don't care to intermingle.

Lori said...

What is wrong with Christian colleges? THAT is a very ignorant attitude to have. I'm Christian and my kids will be attending Christian colleges.

Corban has an excellent reputation.

Rebecca said...

wow, never heard so much negativity over someone visiting a Christian College. Guaranteed if they go there they will get a great education. The Roloff's have traveled all over the world, they are in no way sheltered.
Sounds like alot of people out their are jealous of the Roloff's - though would never admit it.

Timothy said...

Rebecca, simply traveling to a lot of places doesn't make one diverse.

I don't disagree when people say the Roloffs are sheltered. The mere fact Jeremy didn't know there was anything wrong with talking the way he does points to that.

I think it's fair to say the Roloff kids are sheltered because they're only ever in the company of Christians like themselves. Placing an order with someone of a different race or having someone check you in at a hotel who has differences from you, isn't my definition of not being sheltered.

I think the negativity about them staying in the private Christian education system is because they're going to have to learn to deal with other people in the real world.

Debbie said...

I don't think they're going to college. They've signed on to do another season of LPBW. I don't think TLC would have signed them for another season if Jeremy and Zach were not going to be available for filming, away at college.

Business contracts don't work like that. There needs to be a committment. 3 months into it, Matt can't suddenly tell TLC 'oh by the way, 2 of the stars of the show aren't going to be around anymore'.

Jan said...

If they went to Corban, could they live at home?

Does anyone know how far Corban is from the farm?

Rap541 said...

"What is wrong with Christian colleges? THAT is a very ignorant attitude to have. I'm Christian and my kids will be attending Christian colleges.

Corban has an excellent reputation."

Corban does seem like a good school. I think what people are alluding to is the sheltering aspect of private Christian education, and yes, the exclusive nature and lack of diversity.

Personally, I think my concern is that I think that a college like this isn't what either twin really wants. This feels like what *Amy* wants, a slightly bigger cocoon thats a bit more free and also a bit more strict than Faith Bible. I'm willing to bet a number of their current classmates will be going there as well... And the boys could likely easily drive home whenever they want.

Unfortunately what stigmatizes Christian colleges is some of what I just described. Some parents don't want their kids "getting ideas", they don't want their kids living in an environment they can't control, so yes, a lot of parents push Christian private schooling and college as a control technique and as a way to keep their kids from being exposed to anything they don't feel their adult children should know about.

Which frankly doesn't work - the very fact that Corban College has a policy about unexpected pregnancies in unwed mothers tells me that people in Christian colleges fornicate just like everyone else. If a young man Zach or Jeremy's age wants sex, drugs, or books written by Darwin, they're going to get them.

Now this is just me, but I was glad to attend a university that allowed me, the adult who was choosing to go there, to live how I wanted. And my parents - who were a bit smothering - had trust in me that I wasn't going to, as soon as they drove away, strip down nekkid in my dorm, have lots of sex and start funneling beer the second I wasn't under their rules. Kids are going to find their own way.

I think the question is "Do Zach and Jeremy want to attend a college that requires three times a week chapel attendence?" Because really, neither young man seems like the sort who really want a Christian education because they are profoundly dedicated to living in a Christlike manner. This emphasis on *Christian college* feels like Amy and it could easily backfire. If its not what either wants, Matt and Amy could be wasting a lot of money.

Anonymous said...

If Christianity is what they believe then whats wrong with going to that school.Its not wrong to surround yourself with people who believe what you do. Do Athiest go and surround themselves with peopl who believe in God? no they most likely hang around others who believe what they believe. The roloffs travel the world. I think they meet plenty of diversity, an like alot of us.Its not right to make bad comments on them just because they looked at a christian school.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that it appears to some that any time one doesn't embrace ideas they don't agree with it makes them "sheltered", "naive", and/or lacking "diversity". I am sorry to burst the bubble but I have lived in very diverse locales as a military child and later a military wife and the fact that I do not e,brace gay marriage or some other things I see in the world doesn't make me any of those things. Did it ever occur to you that just because we don't embrace these things doesn't mean we are not well aware of them or even quite knowledgable at times. For the record, I attended a private Christian university with substantial tuition costs and received an excellent education.

Anonymous said...

Was just surfing this blog to see if there was any current info on where the twins may be attending college this fall...I saw a post a while back who asked if anyone knew how far away Corban College is from the Roloff's home. I am an Oregonian who lives about 10 mins east of Corban. The Roloff farm is about 50 miles or 60 mins north of Corban College which sits in the foothills east of our state capitol, Salem. It is a pretty straight shot down on I-5, but in reality, not a very viable commute for college freshman. I would assume they and their parents would want the full college experience for the boys, including dorm stay. Corban has a wonderful reputation in the area as a VERY small christian college with an equally great education, altho quite costly. My niece spent her Junior and Senior years there about 5 years ago and just raves about it. She would not have attended had she not gotten a full scholarship, was just too costly.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that if the Roloff boys are attending, Corban will be picking up the tuition bill due to the publicity. Per the picture at the top of this post, looks like the TLC crew has already shot there for a future episode.

Anonymous said...

Why even speculate if Corban is picking up the bill? Why wouldn't the Roloff's pay (with the money they make from their show, maybe)?
The fact is, Corban is a wonderful Christian school - I graduated from there. It gives a remarkable education, and yes, it is costly. Is it the most expensive school in the U.S.? No! Why slam it for that?
Christian school or not, and Christian or not, Zach and Jeremy are still people with free will, and will make their own choices (and mistakes) no matter where they go. Christians are not at all perfect, and darn well shouldn't claim to be. There was a unwed gal who became pregnant when I was there. Was she a Christian at a Christian school? Yep, sure was.
Corban is not sheltered - I had more than ample opportunity to "deal with other people in the real world" (a quote by Timothy on May 19th). Guess what? I AM part of the "real world".

Timothy said...


People speculate that Corban is picking up the bill because that's the history of the Roloffs. Institutions, companies, ect, comp their services in exchange for the publicity of the show.

I don't think that speculation is an insult to Corban, it's being aware of how things work for the Roloffs.

I am sorry if you feel insulted, but I stand by my position. I don't know your circumstances growing up, but I know enough about the Roloff twins to form an opinion.

They went to a private Christian school their entire elementary and high school years. They were not exposed to "the real world", people who have different ideals, people who look different than them and people who have different religious beliefs. This is confirmed by the statstics that have been on Faith Bible's website about the breakdown of their students. It is not diverse. As a result the Roloff twins have always been surrounded by white, wealthy fellow Christians.

As an example, I recall hearing once that one of Jeremy's friends offered an explanation for Jeremy's gay slurs, it was that there were no gay people around them so they don't see that saying gay slurs hurts anybody feelings. I think that's a perfect example of being sheltered.

Now there's a chance that the Roloffs are going to jump from one wealthy private Christian school (Faith Bible) to another (Corban College).

If they completed 4 years at college, they will be 23 years old and will have only (with a few exceptions, there were a few asian students at FBHS) been exposed to people who believe think and and look and act like they do. In my opinion, that IS being sheltered.

I stand by what I said on May 19th. Going to a restaurant and having a waitress of a different race serve you is not being exposed to the real world.

Anonymous said...

Does it occur to anyone other than me that people who are dogmatically against Christians are just as bigoted as the Christians they disparage? Christians AND non-Christians often live in worlds that are insular. I don't think many kids are raised with massively diverse backgrounds. My parents look like me, my extended family looks like me, and our neighbors looked like me. Didn't most people grow up in that atmosphere? I don't think this type of environment kept me from understanding diversity.

And to slam a Christian school as something that's not open is unfair and shows a lack of diversity itself. I didn't go to Christian high school or college. But to assume they're insular and bad because religion is taught along with academics not only shows a lack of 'diversity' on the part of the writer, it smacks of religious bigotry.

As for gay slurs coming out of a high school student's mouth - hello! Gay slurs are often used by high school kids and parents deal with it everywhere. It's not right and, hopefully, parents admonish their kids, but it's not something you only hear at Christian high schools.

If you don't like religion and don't like Christians, fine. But to place your limited views onto something you've decided is 'bad' makes you appear, well, not able to handle diversity. Because Christians are part of our very diverse culture.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 9:12 am,

VERY WELL SAID!! I loved it!! you proved very good points :D nicely done!

NN said...

My parents look like me, my extended family looks like me, and our neighbors looked like me. Didn't most people grow up in that atmosphere? I don't think this type of environment kept me from understanding diversity.

I certainly grew up in that very same atmosphere. I agree with you whole heartedly. There were only two black people in my entire highschool, other then that it was pretty much like you said; that everyone looked like me. I personally am very understanding and appreciative of diversity...your post was well thought out and expressed!!

Timothy said...

[[As for gay slurs coming out of a high school student's mouth - hello!]]

I can't help but notice how many Christians have the "Oh well" attitude towards the gay slurs. It seems very easy for Christians who believe gay people are an "abomination" to shrug off the gay slurs by good Christian teens like Jeremy. Most Christians I see when having an intelligent discussion about it publically say 'oh well, it's not right, but oh well, get over it and don't criticize that Christian teen because that's just the way it is.' But in the Roloff example, they totally understand why they want "midget" to get the boot of the english language. It's hurtful to all those little people and their family that loves them.

Yeah, I think Christian bigotry does account for why they dismiss it like they do, while completely understanding different examples of the same thing ("midget" can't be used").

I stand by my opinion. Christians like the Roloffs are sheltered. It said it in the National Enquirer article and it's true. I've read it on other sites about the whole Jeremy gay slur topic. This great Christian teenager doesn't understand why calling people "f*ggots" has any impact on anybody and the reason for that is because he's not around them.

Yeah, that was a perfect example that shows how Christians are sheltered. Here's a kid in Jeremy who has grown up in the Christian church and has all Christian friends, always attended Christians schools, the topic here is them attending Christian college. His whole life he's only around Christians.

If he wasn't surrounded by only Christians, he might have a better understanding of the world. He might have even went to school with someone who was gay or worked with someone who was gay and might have actually befriended them and seen that they're not monsters and listened to their stories.

I'm not gay, but that's how I learned about things like that. I had people in my life who told me their stories and their experiences with hatred and insensitivity and that's how you learn.

A person like Jeremy who surrounds himself (or more accurately, his parents have surrounded him) with only Christians is more likely to be a clod to anybody not like him. Why has Jeremy only offended people who aren't Christians with the way he talks?

Here's a question and to show that I don't hate Christians. The Roloffs friend Jen Montzingo. She's Christian. She has a different opinion on the slurs that Jeremy uses. If you read her blog, she's done theater and made friends gay people and people of different races.

What do you know, she shows understanding towards people who are different than she is.

She didn't get that experience by walking through her whole life holding hands with only Christians like Jeremy and Zach Roloff have.

That's what I see most people "slamming" them for. The Roloffs have shown their ignorance to people in the world that aren't Christian. Jeremy and Zach have always been placed in Christian only environments. That's where the 'Oh no, not another Christian institution' frame of mind comes from.

Anonymous said...

I have always wondered how any minority can feel comfortable in judgeing anyone. Being a lesbian and the mother of 4 who am I to judge ANYONE.

Everyone has their beliefs and preferences as to how things should be. I definatley put my kids in check when they even think to judge someone, even for the simplest things as "That lady has funny hair, mom"

I guess my point would be that regardless of ones opinions it all comes down to keeping them to yourself. I don't want my kids running around saying "Mommy look at the midget" and I don't wnat their kids running around saying "Hey your a f*ggot cause your mom is"

Anonymous said...

Tim - I was raised a non-christian surrounded by both christians and non-christians alike, and to be honest, more of my non-christian peers were more vocal and had more slurs to share with the rest of the world about minority groups, especially gay people.
You really have no right to categorize Christians in the way you have. I'm a big believer of co-existence and I'm sick of people like you targeting one specific group of people just because you don't like their beliefs. You targeted the Roloffs just because they carry the label of "Christians" and basically said that all the mistakes and everything they've done is because they're christians.
Tell me, do you show this same attitude towards other groups? For instance, if you see a man that abuses his wife, oppresses her, and shelters her from the rest of the world, do you assume this man is a Muslim? If you see a gay man, do you assume he has AIDS?
Be really careful about who you stereotype, because right now you're being a total hypocrite and attacking Christians as a whole just because you probably don't like a small group of people that just happen to call themselves Christians. Some of the best people I've ever known are Christians. I've known some great people that are Muslim and others that are Gay.
You're just letting your hatred for a couple "bad apples" that you've met get to you and you're lashing's ugly. Don't just assume that ALL Christians are the same. Yes, they generally believe in the same thing, but each and every one of them processes their belief and adapts to it differently. None are exactly the same.
Grow up.


Anonymous said...

OK! Soooooo back to the topic... i read some where on the net that Zach Roloff is attending York University?... anyone know about this? and if so.. where is York U located?

Greg said...

Um, you might want to read this site.

Anonymous said...

so many people are talking about then visiting a christian college. I'm not religious at all, and I don't find it bad that they're visiting tha school. I also saw they toured some NON christian schools, like Central Michigan University. I don't think anyone can judge Amy and matt the way they riase their Children, do any of you know them personally??? if you do, then you may judge =)

at least they're going to college! what more do you people want????

let them be the parents, ok? thanks!

Anonymous said...

what's so great about broadening your horizons? Young people should be well grounded before going out and experiencing new ideas and behaviors. kids want to try everything and tend to flit from one passion to another. you can't know where you are unless you know where you've been and both are necessary to know where you are going.

Timothy said...

They're 19 years old. What age would you suggest is okay to venture out into the big world? 25? 30?

I think you would have to be insecure in your beliefs to disregard them just because you're actually interacting and befriending people who have differences from you or don't necessarily believe exactly what you do.

That's the whole thing about not living in the Christian cocoon. You might actually see and befriend people that you would never have met before if you stayed in the Christian cocoon which is what Jeremy and Zach have been in up until now and even that is debatable considering the high number of their friends joining them at PCC.

Anonymous said...

I hate to tell you all that are arguiing about their Christain College, but most of the private colleges in the US are chrstian, and yet most of them recieve kids from all religions and backgrounds, so they are getting a diverse experience.

Also, most parents would hope that their kids go to a private college, whether or not it is christian. One of my kids already attends a private college and im planning on the other three going to one also. And ashley, just to let you know, $30,000 for a private college is a great deal, I live in MA and my son's college costs about $50,000 a year and thats a little more than average. So start saving then!