Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Roloff family at the Christian camp Winema

The school that the Roloff kids attend has a trip twice a year - once in the fall and once in the spring, where they send the kids on an overnight trip to a Christian retreat called Winema located in Cloverdale, Oregon, the south Tillamook county area.

They recently had their Spring retreat. Molly is now in high school with Jeremy and Zach, so it was the three Roloffs in high school - and we're told, never one to miss out on fun with her kids - Amy was attending as a chaperon.

You can find out more information about Winema on their site:

Here is a list of rules so you can see how the Roloffs were roughing it for a day. No cell phones! Although all members of the "DBU" (if you're out of the loop - DBU - 'Dune Boys United' is the name Jeremy, Zach and their friends gave their gang of friends that you always see on the show because they've been friends for so long) are usually together in Winema so who needs cell phones for a day?

How do I get mail to my camper?

Mail can be sent to:
Camper’s Name
Camp Session
c/o Wi-Ne-Ma Christian Camp

Cloverdale, OR 97112
Faxes may be sent c/o the Camp
Email (limit one per camper per day) Type the camper’s name in the subject line. Be aware that campers do not have access to a computer to reply.
Please contact the Director about what is appropriate to send to children in Camp

What should I bring to Camp?
Sleeping bag, pillow, blanket
Towels, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, personal hygiene items
Warm and waterproof jacket
Shoes (many activities involve movement over rough surfaces and safety precautions preclude wearing open shoes or sandals exclusively.
Adequate changes of clothing, swimsuit. Laundry facilities are not available to campers.
Bible, pencil, notebook.
Prescription medication (which must be left with the First Aid Person). All medications including over the counter medicines must be in original container.
Money for Missionary Offering and Camp Store. Each Camp has a missionary project and each afternoon the Camp Store offers afternoon refreshments as well as Camp clothing and other souvenirs. Though not necessary for an enjoyable week, most Campers bring an average of $20-$25 dollars for the missionary offering and Camp Store.

What should I NOT bring to Camp?
Personal electronic devices (such as radios, CD, tape, or DVD players, TV’s, handheld games, cell phones.
Drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, weapons.
Fireworks, matches, skateboards, bicycles, roller blades, scooters.

This video gives you a better look at the beautiful camp Winema. The song in the video is very catchy!

There are no Roloffs in that video, but here are a couple of pictures from past Winemas.

Jeremy, Jacob Mueller and the guys with their hands reaching out to symbolically welcome Christ into their lives?

Oh's Zach! :-)

Oh, this is what is happening.


Jason said...

I remember hearing about Winema and the Roloffs.

I don't think Jer, Zach and "the buds" are filled with God's love when they leave.

The mocking gay pic with Jeremy being held by his friend Dan pretending to kiss each other that they captioned "trying to be gay emo f-gs" was supposedly taken at Winema.

I also remember Winema from the NE comment stuff. Jeremy and Zach told their friend they were going to have their 16th party on the beach and they were going to tell the fans to F off. Zach said the weekend of their actual birthday was the same weekend Winema finished and they would be too tired.

So the Roloff boys leave Winema ready to tell their fans to F*&^ off! The love of Jesus sinks into their hearts doesn't it?

Jocelynn said...

Thanks for posting this, it looks like a beautiful place.

Alice34 said...

Amy went too?

I don't know if that's a good thing. It's great Amy loves spending time with her kids and wants to be with them. Parents like that are better than parents that are too busy for their kids.

However, I worry about Amy when the twins eventually leave and then when Molly leaves.

She is almost desperate to keep them at home, from the bigger house, to the home soccer fields and basketball courts so they don't need to leave the farm for anything, always wanting to have 55 friends at the farm, always being involved in what they do, even going to camp with them?

If they needed parent volunteers, I understand and I'm not criticizing her, but I do worry about Amy when the twins leave. She is desperate to be with them through everything.

Peter said...

Ever seen the movie Jesus Camp?

Anonymous said...

Does the experience make them better people? It doesn't seem like it.