Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Roloff friend Daniel Meichtry on You Tube and on the move

Jeremy and Zach Roloffs friend since kindergarten, Daniel Meichtry has recorded a couple of songs on You Tube. If you're reading this and familiar with our blog, you know Daniel. In case you missed it:


Dan's recorded a couple of songs and put them on You Tube and Myspace:

Stressed Out

Daniel also informed his Myspace friends that he recently moved out of his parents house, hence the background in his new video. Congratulations are in order for Daniel as June was a big month for Dan. He turned 18, graduated high school and moved out all in one month.

If you want to receive updates like that and more about Dan's music, he invites you to add him to your Myspace friends at:


Portland Timbers soccer team visit the Roloff Farm

Last weekend the Portland Timbers soccer team were invited to the Roloff farm. Television host, model and blogger, Laura Kristi explains that Amy, as coach of Zach's soccer team (The Statesman) that will compete in the Dwarf games in Belfast, Ireland, thought it would be fun to meet the Timbers (Laura's fiance's team) and see how they train. Laura says the Roloffs were gracious and welcoming. She was greeted to a tour of the farm by Matt Roloff. TLC cameras were there filming of course, so expect to see it on a future episode during Season 5.

Visit Laura's blog for more pictures of their time at the farm and her complete description.


Members of the Portland Timbers, Jeremy and Jacob Roloff and Zach's team 'The Statesman' - viewers of the show might recognize the Manuel twins - Jeff and Eric, Zach's friend Bill and actor Marty Klebba. There's Amy, the picture taking machine! :-)

Amy and the coach of the Timbers

Matt gave Laura Kristi a tour of the farm.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jeremy Roloff Senior Pictures

What a nice treat we have for you. More beautiful photographs from Daniel Payne Photography featuring the Roloff Family. There are few things that fans of Little People, Big World enjoy more than pictures of the family and these are arguably some of the best.



Two popular searches among fans ever since the episodes aired, have been Molly Roloff's 8th grade graduation and Jeremy and Zach Roloff's senior pictures. We are delighted to be able to show you all of the above.

We've decided there are so many photographs that we will split them into 3 separate entries: Molly's graduation photographs, Zach's senior pictures and Jeremy's senior pictures. You'll want to be sure to look at the entry directly above or below this one to see all the photographs.

If you're inOregon and you like these photos and are looking for a professional photographer for your own family's future senior, graduation, or wedding pictures, you can visit the Daniel Payne Photography website for more information.


Daniel Payne also has a Facebook page. As you can see from our comments section, he is very fan friendly and welcomes facebook friends.


We are informed that these are the exact pictures chosen by Amy, Jeremy and Zach Roloff.

There is always a demand for pictures of Jeremy Roloff and of the senior photographs, the picture that was the most sought after was the picture of Jeremy sitting on the floor. If you recall, on the show, this is when Rocky Roloff decided to get into the photo too. This one, does not include Rocky the dog ;-)

Zach Roloff Senior Pictures

What a nice treat we have for you. More beautiful photographs from Daniel Payne Photography featuring the Roloff Family. There are few things that fans of Little People, Big World enjoy more than pictures of the family and these are arguably some of the best.


Two popular searches among fans ever since the episodes aired, have been Molly Roloff's 8th grade graduation and Jeremy and Zach Roloff's senior pictures. We are delighted to be able to show you all of the above.

We've decided there are so many photographs that we will split them into 3 separate entries: Molly's graduation photographs, Zach's senior pictures and Jeremy's senior pictures. You'll want to be sure to look at the entry directly above or below this one to see all the photographs.

If you're inOregon and you like these photos and are looking for a professional photographer for your own family's future senior, graduation, or wedding pictures, you can visit the Daniel Payne Photography website for more information.



Daniel Payne also has a Facebook page. As you can see from our comments section, he is very fan friendly and welcomes facebook friends.


We are informed that these are the exact pictures chosen by Amy, Jeremy and Zach Roloff.

Personally, of the Zach photos, I don't think I've seen a better picture of Zach than the first one here of Zach outside wearing the green shirt by the tree.

Molly Roloff 8th Grade Graduation Photographs

What a nice treat we have for you. More beautiful photographs from Daniel Payne Photography featuring the Roloff Family.


Two popular searches among fans ever since the episodes aired, have been Molly Roloff's 8th grade graduation and Jeremy and Zach Roloff's senior pictures. We are delighted to be able to show you all of the above.

We've decided there are so many photographs that we will split them into 3 separate entries: Molly's graduation photographs, Zach's senior pictures and Jeremy's senior pictures. You'll want to be sure to look at the entry directly above or below this one to see all the photographs.

If you're inOregon and you like these photos and are looking for a professional photographer for your own family's future senior, graduation, or wedding pictures, you can visit the Daniel Payne Photography website for more information.


Daniel Payne also has a Facebook page. As you can see from our comments section, he is very fan friendly and welcomes facebook friends.


These are Molly 8th grade graduation photos:

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Helicopter flight over the Roloff farm

There is a video currently on You Tube of a helicopter flying over the Roloff Farm, if you're interested in seeing the farm from above. The soccer field and all of the attractions can be seen near the 5 minute mark of the video.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Jeremy and Zach Roloff graduation pictures...part two

More graduation photos from Jeremy and Zach Roloffs graduation ceremony are available on a photo site. You might want to be quick to browse because you probably have notice there is a trend that once Roloff related items are published on this blog, they have a habit of disappearing....Roloff soup videos, twitter accounts, graduation party pictures.

Previously, pictures of the Faith Bible High School graduation party held at the Roloff farm were available on a photography site. Shortly after, they were password protected and then removed.

Currently, Daniel Payne photography has pictures of the actual graduation ceremony. You might recognize the photographer in some of the photos from the episode when Jeremy and Zach had their senior pictures taken at the farm which was featured in an episode during Season 4.

We won't post the actual pictures to be displayed in this blog because they are available for sale, but we will provide the direct links to all the photos that might be of interest to followers of Little People, Big World and the Roloff family.

Congratulations to Daniel Meichtry, as his picture and pose stole the show and was the cover picture on the site for the Faith Bible photos! As Dan told us, he was both excited and sad as graduation was approaching.


The direct album link for the Faith Bible graduation is here:


As with the other photography site that hosted the graduation party pictures, they are available for sale...so if you're into buying other people's graduation photos...have at it! :-)

The group shot of the graduating class:


The photos featuring Jeremy and Zach Roloff:







Jeremy and Zach Roloff together with the photographer Daniel Payne:


Amy Roloff, looking great.


For fans of the friends seen on the show over the past four years and we do regularly get inquiries for each of the friends of the Roloff twins.

Daniel Meichtry



Scott Lesage



Bryan Roth





Jake: (he might be more well known to fans as 'the guy who stole the vodka with Jeremy and almost burnt down the barn' in the infamous comments...he has appeared on the show since the first season although not as recognizable as some of the other friends)



Dani, introduced on the show as "Zach's girlfriend" although they were never really dating.



The entire album of the Faith Bible graduation ceremony as taken by Daniel Payne Photography is available here:


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Amy Roloff posted a message on the Little People, Big World page on Facebook

Yesterday, Amy Roloff posted a message on the Little People, Big World page located on Facebook.


If you have a facebook account and search Little People, Big World, it is the group with the profile picture featuring the Roloff family standing at the bottom of the stairs in their home. It was taken around the same time as when they filmed the (early) Christmas episode 2008 .

For those wondering, Amy's page is private. She will not add fans and does not have the reputation of responding to fan messages sent via Facebook. Amy only adds friends, fellow celebrities, people "in the business", sponsors and business associates, organizers of the events having her speak and such.

The Little People, Big World page itself is somewhat bland. It has 23, 700 fans. Most post on the wall (Facebook lingo) stating how much they love the show. There is the TLC promo picture and that's about all.

However, yesterday Amy posted on the wall. This was her message:

Amy J Roloff --

definately feels awkward to post on a show that I'm in. However, I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you who watch LPBW. We are not perfect, make mistakes, have successes and failures, a little different, do some crazy things, get after each other but also have a great time with each other, just little people parents doing the best we can and love our kids and helping them to try and be the best they can be. What will I do when they eventually move on in their own life. Love them just as much and be there for them. I have not met you but have met some really awesome people on my travels and speaking engagements. It has been a pleasure to see who is watching me. I really do love my crew that is with us. They are great and help us do what we do - message about LP and life. Life is an adventure, ups and downs, sadness and joys, but awesome. Best to everyone and have a great summer. We will be back for a 5th season so I hear. Amy, yes it's me, Amy Roloff

Changing to a different topic that won't make sense to most people, there has been another anomaly occurring in the last 24 to 72 hours with inquiries and keyword activity. It's not quite at the feverish pitch as it was surrounding the false Wikipedia rumor regarding a Jeremy arrest, but it's common enough that obviously something is spurring it on. In the last few days, people have been searching for terms such as "Roloff twins ATV accident", "Jeremy Zach Roloff ATV crash", "Roloff father's day ATV accident", "Jeremy Roloff's death", and "Zach Roloff died". You're welcome to contact the blog and explain where this is originating.

Amy posted her message on the Facebook page last night, obviously she does not sound like she is mourning the death of Jeremy and Zach, so I hope this puts some people's minds at ease who are under the impression that Zach and Jeremy Roloff died in an ATV accident while in Utah on the weekend.

Edit: The mystery is solved, although still very tragic. Thank you to the reader who posted in the comments who knew the true story. There were twin brothers named Zach and Alex Rohloff in New York who were killed in an ATV accident. The difference in the spelling explain why google searches for "Roloff ATV accident" were providing no answers and directing people to this blog and our article about the Roloffs vacation in the British Virgin Islands in which it was mentioned that Matt, Jacob, Jeremy Roloff and Jacob Mueller had rode ATVs while in the British Virgin Islands.


Obviously people were hearing the name pronounced "Rol-off" and "Zach" and "twins" and thought it was the Little People, Big World Roloff twins. It was not. However, very sad and tragic and we offer our deepest condolences to the Rohloff family and friends.

Monday, June 22, 2009

New Roloff Family Newsletter June 22, 2009

Matt Roloff and his assistants just sent a "Summer newsletter".

There is an email list you can sign up for on http://mattroloff.com/ to receieve the "Newsletters". They used to be more frequent, now they are more seasonal.

The change in the tone of the newsletters over the years is hard to ignore. They used to be more personal, more of an update on what the Roloffs have been up to since the show is many months behind. The newsletters used to have much more of a friendly feel, the type of letter that people would send their actual friends. Now the newsletters are much more business oriented, usually asking for support for various causes and Roloff business ventures, and this particular newsletter seems to have an extra emphasis on promoting Matt's website and trying to get people to visit his message board.

I'm also surprised that there is no mention of Amy's charity foundation or her Golf tournament in September that she is working hard to organize. She recently launched a new website about the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation with information about her Golf Tournament to benefit the DAAA.

Here is a quick recap of the the highlights of the newsletter today:

*Zach is going to Ireland. In the previous newsletter, Matt and Zach were asking for sponsors to send Zach and his friends to Ireland to play soccer. They say they've received sponsors and will be going this summer. It will be filmed and will eventually be seen on the show. Some people raised their eyebrows over the fact that the Roloffs were asking (and obviously received) for sponsorship for Zach (there are 8 other players and Zach, they were asking for 9 sponsorships), when the Roloffs are obviously very wealthy and will be getting paid by TLC since they will be filming the event.

*There will be a 2009 Roloff pumpkin season....was there any question about that? ;-) They instruct fans to go to mattroloff.com to see hours of operation.

* The Iraqi family - The two children, Ali and Bara continue to heal, but require further extensive surgery. Matt says there are efforts to bring them to the United States. Funds will be needed during this process and they ask people to donate to CODA (Coalation for Dwarf Advocacy).

*Message board - They ask people to visit their message board and say there is a brand new Question and Answer with the family...but it isn't really brand new. It was back in April. Matt also gave thanks to his message board adminstrator/moderator "Disruptive Spirit". I can't help but comment on the irony of Matt thanking "Disruptive Spirit" considering that the Q & A he is referring to includes a rant from Matt about how posters and bloggers on the internet use screen names instead of their real names and their personal information. Second, we're not really big Disruptive Spirit fans on this blog. The moral might be you too could get a 'shout out' from Matt Roloff in the future if you defend the use of racial slurs (when said by a Roloff) and make statements such as 'words don't hurt' and object to teenagers (or at least Jeremy Roloff) being corrected and criticized for using racial and homophobic slurs by arguing that it's ok because some comedians belonging to said group have used the slur. I just wonder if Matt would be willing to repeat that message to the LPA or the next time they are guests on the Oprah Winfrey show?

*The Roloffs on twitter (or not on twitter)! As we stated, they say there were fake twitter accounts impersonating Molly, Zach and Jeremy. It says Matt and Amy do have real accounts, but as a result of the impersonations they will not use twitter to communicate. So that puts the Roloffs fan interaction back at the bottom of the barrel compared to their celebrity counterparts. Personally, I think their logic is weak. Due to the fake accounts, they will not use that venue at all? Why not just promote the real accounts and work with twitter to squash fake accounts? Also, Twitter now has a "verified" aspect to their site where they verify various celebrity accounts to confirm that they're authentic. Personally, I think they're running with an excuse because fan interaction has never been high on the Roloffs priority list and it sounds better to say 'We can't do it because of fake accounts', rather than 'we just don't want to deal with our fans if we are not getting paid to interact.'

*The Roloffs online store: You can visit their 'online store' to buy DVD collections of Little People, Big World, signed by the Roloff family and the other items they have available for sale.

That was the recap. This is the emailed newsletter:

Hello from the Roloff Family!!

We hope this letter finds you healthy, happy, & getting ready for SUMMER!

This is by far the busiest time of year at the Farm....wait till you see what we're up to now! This year we're sharing even more intimate details of what is going on in our lives... Be sure to tune in later this summer for more exciting episodes in"Season 5" of Little People Big World!

**It's OFFICIAL... Get Ready to RUMBLE!!Zach and his elite dwarf soccer team the STATESMEN will be making the incredible journey to Belfast, Ireland this July to represent America as they compete in the 5th Annual World Dwarf Games! Zach has received an incredible response from all of you! Our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the many wonderful sponsors (Impact Advertising Specialties, Duggan & Duggan Contractors, Inc., Viking Pools, Fiskars, Mars Veterinary, New Holland, Fitzpatrick Painting, LifeLock, Paul Mitchell, and Ikea) who came forward with their generous support to help make this dream come true!! And a very special THANK YOU for the many thousands of heartfelt emails we received offering your support and prayers! Stay tuned for all the action in upcoming episodes!

**Pumpkin Season, 2009Before we know it fall will be upon us... Many of you have inquired and we have now posted our hours of operation for the Pumpkin Patch on our website www.mattroloff.com. We invite all of you to come and visit us here in Hillsboro, Oregon this coming season to experience our many new attractions, additions and even the completion of some long neglected famous Roloff Farm projects. Hope to see you in October!

**Iraq Family UpdateDuring my previous trips to Iraq....I was blessed meeting and getting to know the Salman Family and being there for the surgeries on Ali and Baraa.... Both children continue to heal but still require extensive follow up medical treatment. It is my personal mission to continue to assist these children in any way I can. With the required paperwork process pending....I continue to plow forward in trying to make arrangements to bring them to the U.S. CoDA (Coalation for Dwarf Advocacy) continues to work closely with them however, as you can imagine, there will be many financial needs to support them during this time.. Thank you for the many kind donations CoDA has received on behalf of the Salman family. If you would like to help , please visit www.lp-coda.org.

**Website Message BoardHave you read the brand new Roloff Family Q & A's? Be sure to check them out at: http://mattroloff.com/talk/showthread.php?t=3955(Much appreciation to our on line forum moderator, Disruptive Spirit for all her hard work & dedication over the years) J Matt

**The Roloff's on Twitter
It has recently come to our attention that several unknown users on the popular social networking site Twitter have been impersonating members of the Roloff family, specifically our children Jeremy, Zachery, and Molly. We recognize that Twitter and other forums of social networking are great resources for people online to stay connected and update each other. However, as a result these recent impersonations we have decided as a family not to use Twitter. Matt and Amy Roloff both have Twitter accounts but at this present time will no longer be using them as a form of online communication.

**On Line Store, Limited Edition DVD's ON SALE NOW!We are proud to be offering sales of our DVD collection. It is a limited edition collection signed by each family member & is sure to become a collectors item! You can check out all the items available at our on line store at: http://www.shoproloff.com

Many blessings to you and yours! Warmest Regards,Matt, Amy, Jeremy, Zach, Molly & Jacob

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Amy Roloff Charity Foundation website and Golf Tournament information

Amy now has her own charitable organization: "The Amy Roloff Charity Foundation". She has a new website to go with it.

As you might have been aware, Amy Roloff has her charity golf tournament coming up in September to benefit the DAAA. According to the website, the "current focus of the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation for 2009 is the Amy Roloff & Michael Harper Charity Golf Benefit, set to take place September 14, 2009 at Pumpkin Ridge Ghost Ridge Golf Club." The Golf Tournament includes a "Tea off dinner" at Roloff Farms.

Under the "Foundation" tab on the website is a new biography piece about Amy.

You can visit the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation website and find more information about Amy's golf tournament here:


Monday, June 15, 2009

Little People, Big World returns this fall...and music from the show: Joey Newman website

A lot of casual viewers are asking "What happened to the Roloffs? Did Little People, Big World get cancelled? Will there be a new season? When?

If you regularly follow this blog, you already know the answer to those questions, but for the people who don't follow as closely...Yes there will be a 5th season and as usual, it will return this fall.

There hasn't been an exact date announced yet, but for (further) confirmation, it is on Joey Newman's website. Joey Newman is responsible for the music on the show. We've previously posted the link to Joey Newman's music Myspace site which includes some of the musical pieces for the show, including the music that played during the emotional episode about Mike Detjen's passing.


However, he now has his official website up and running. On the main page of his site it includes this:

"Little People, Big World returns for Season 5"

TLC's Docu-reality hit "Little People, Big World" will return for a 5th season this coming fall.

More drama and adventure ensues as the twins, Jeremy and Zach, graduate high school and prepare for the summer.

To catch up on the Roloffs life, you can now get seasons 1 to 3, on a DVD package set from the TLC store online. Individual episodes are also available on iTunes for download. What's next for the family? Tune in later this year to find out!"


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Video of Amy Roloff performing the tip-off at a basketball game

Here are two brief clips of Amy Roloff as a special guest at a Harlem Ambassadors basketball game. The Harlem Ambassadors are similar to the more famous "Globetrotters" who play "entertainment" basketball.


The mission of the Harlem Ambassadors is to deliver a quality basketball show to our audiences throughout the United States and internationally. The show is designed to be fun for customers of all ages, with youngsters being awed for the first time and older folks enjoying the tried-and-true gags like a rerun of a favorite comedy movie. The Ambassadors' operation is professional in all aspects. In addition to having a wholesome entertainment product, we are also good citizens, promoting the values of staying in school, staying off drugs and fostering racial harmony.

In the first clip, the audio joins in mid-way through the conversation; it sounds like they were talking about one of the tricks Jeremy did on the show when he caught the soccer ball behind his knee and sent it back over his head. They say "...with his feet... we should "have him out there with the soccer ball." One of the players said they should try it with a basketball. Amy said he has the leg, she tried it once and it went flying off to the side.


Amy and the tip-off:


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Roloff Camp Victor mural message

In the episode that documented the Roloff family volunteering for Habitat for Humanity helping people affected by Hurricane Katrina, they stayed at Camp Victor.

Viewers saw a very brief shot of the Roloff family leaving a mural message at the camp.

Here is the exact mural or message the Roloff family left. Click to enlarge.

This is also an interesting story of another volunteer (before the episode aired on television) staying at the Camp talking about discovering the Roloffs mural. They also were working on the same house that was featured on the show.

Little People, Small World

Camp Victor is a converted warehouse which houses thousands of volunteers annually. It is also a community of believers who share their faith openly and quite often creatively with their colorful artwork, observations and musings, autographs and handprints, and favorite bible passages painted on every and any flat surface in the camp.

Last night, while sitting in the dining hall I saw the name Roloff painted in bright orange and red paint near the bottom of the wall right next to the dining hall doors. I looked closer to see what was written there and saw five handprints and signatures, Amy, Jeremy, Zach, Molly and Jacob. The Roloff Family of TLC's cable reality program Little People, Big World had volunteered at Camp Victor! The Roloff's are a family from Oregon. The parents, Matt and Amy are little people. They have four children - Zach and Jeremy, their 18 year old twins (Zach is a little person, Jeremy is not), 16 year old Molly and 10 year old Jacob. Everyone except the Dad, Matt Roloff, spent time this summer visiting disaster recovery sites along the Gulf Coast from Mississippi to New Orleans, Louisiana. Film crews followed them from site to site, documenting for the millions who watch their weekly program, the vastness of the devastation and the urgency of the continuing need for help.

Today, Charlie, Walt and I worked at Mr. Billy's home in Vancleave, MS. Mr. Billy is a 74 year old gentleman who lives alone. His wife of 47 years died in July 2005, one month before Hurricane Katrina hit. Billy, still mourning the death of his wife, just didn't feel like leaving his home, despite the warnings to evacuate. He stayed in his home along with all of his wife's belongings, pictures of his wife, children and grandchildren, and held onto dear life as all nature raged around him. In the midst of the hurricane his home was blown off of its foundation and water poured through the roof. FEMA awarded Billy $546 to rebuild his home. He had no insurance and did not receive any state grants. For three years he has lived in his terribly damaged home, trying alone to fix what he could. Just this summer Billy began to receive the help he so desperately needed from Camp Victor Ministries.

Volunteers came, week by week and began the long overdue repairs. Amy, Jeremy, Zach, Molly, and Jacob Roloff spent a day at Billy's home along with five camera crews. Billy's story, along with the stories of others along the Gulf Coast will be broadcast on TLC this spring. The efforts of all the volunteers, the stories of folks like Mr. Billy, will reach a nationwide audience - people who need to know that all is not well here! Watch for Mr. Billy's story on March 23rd and follow the Roloff's witness to what so many of us already know. The Gulf Coast needs our help and they need it now. We are approaching the 4th Anniversary of Katrina and the misery must end. All of us, congregations, individuals, faith based groups, government agencies. television personalities, the media - all of us, must recommit to this region and all those who wait for us to answer the call. I watch Little People, Big World whenever I can and was just amazed that we are working at the same house the Roloff's worked on this summer. All of us volunteers try hard to share our experiences here with our families and friends back home. We give temple talks, write journals, show DVDs, videos and slide shows. We might reach 50 to 100 people through our efforts.

The Roloff's will be able to reach so many more people than any of us could ever imagine. They will help re-focus attention and shine the media spotlight on folks like Mr. Billy. Millions will be brought into the reality of Mr. Billy and others like him. Little people, small world - all of us working together!

You can read this and more about other volunteer experience at this site:


For more about Camp Victor and to see more details about what the camp is like where the Roloffs stayed, you can visit their site here:

Camp Victor Ministries is a faith-based organization whose mission is to provide safe, sanitary and secure housing to Jackson County residents affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Camp Victor was built by volunteers, for volunteers.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bonus scene: Roloffs receive a lesson in how to drive the American Queen Riverboat

If you want a little fix of Little People, Big World until season 5 returns in the fall, there is a bonus scene available from the Roloffs summer trip in 2008. Not much eventful happens (which in this case is a good thing, I suppose, eventful steering a boat like the American Queen would probably be bad news! :-) ), but the Roloffs receive a lesson in how to steer the American Queen river boat.


Friday, June 5, 2009

June 5, 2008 and June 5, 2009

Just a quick note, two very different occasions happened on June 5th, 2009 (today) and June 5th, 2008.

Jeremy and Zach Roloff officially graduated today. The families have been having parties for the last week, the school had the senior dinner earlier this week, Faith Bible Christian school has a "senior chapel" for graduates, but Friday June 5th, 2009 was their official graduation.

On a sad note and a strange occurrence that it would fall on the same date, exactly one year ago was the sudden and tragic passing of the Roloff's (and all that knew him) dear friend, Mike Detjen. If you haven't read our interview with Daniel Meichtry, it is linked to the right-hand side of this page; Daniel discusses what Mike represented to him and how he coped with Mike's death one year ago today.

So congratulations to Jeremy, Zach, Daniel and the rest of the graduates and condolences to them and the family of Mike Detjen as the one year anniversary of losing someone close to you is never easy.

ETA: I believe some members of Mike Detjen's family occasionally stop in here to check our article and new comments in our "Share Your Thoughts and Memories of Mike Detjen" item located here.


It's never too late to let Mike Detjen's family know that you're thinking of them or to share your kind thoughts about Mike with the people closest to him. Feel free to leave a comment here:


Or follow the link provided to the Wordpress account that Mike's son, Tim Detjen set up. Either way, I think the appropriate people will read your kind thoughts, prayers and memories of Mike Detjen.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Roloff family members on Twitter

A while ago this blog commented about the Roloffs and their fan interaction or lack of fan interaction and suggested that they might want to do as other celebrities and do something such as twitter.

Well, some members of the Roloff family have just recently answered the call (who knows, is that the value of constructive criticism?). We can confirm that Amy Roloff, Matt Roloff and Peggy Roloff are on twitter. Amy Roloff appears to be getting the most involved in twitter. She doesn't appear to really be responding to other people's "tweets" (twitter language!), but hey don't complain, just using something like twitter is a big step for the Roloffs and nice thing to provide for people who are interested in them.

Amy has posted about the graduation festivities for Jeremy and Zach. Faith Bible had the senior dinner for the graduates yesterday. Amy is heavily involved in organizing her charity Golf Tournament for DAAA. Also, the Roloffs had salmon and pasta for dinner (isn't twitter great! :-)

After this blog suggested that it would be a nice show of appreciation to their fans for the Roloffs to be more accessible on-line like a lot of celebrities these days, some people have written us suggesting nonsense such as fans who wish the Roloffs would be active online are "stalkers", so if you share that opinion, you might not want to check out the Roloffs twitter as Amy Roloff is "stalking" (meaning following) some celebrities that she's interested in; Amy receives celebrity updates about their lives from people such as Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, Larry King, Rachael Ray, John Mayer and John Stewart.

Matt Roloff has a twitter account also, but isn't using it as often as Amy. It appears he had difficulty uploading his picture and is less than impressed with twitter. Amy however, seems to have gotten the hang of it.

As with anything such as Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, etc., beware of the fakes. We aim to be the people's blog for people interested in the Roloffs so we'll give the definitive list of real and fakes and suggest some Roloff related twitters that you might want to keep an eye on if you're into the whole twitter thing.

The real Roloff family members:

Amy Roloff

Matt Roloff

Peggy Roloff

Roloff friend and frequent subject of our blog, Jen Montzingo

Another handy Roloff related twitter is TLC's twitter account -- it's a good way to get a heads up if the Roloffs (or any other TLC related shows you might be interested in) are scheduled to do any talk shows. They'll sometimes post the day of an appearance to let fans know it will be on later that night.


The trick to distinguishing the real Roloff related people from the fakes is to look at who they are linked with. For example, you'll notice that real Roloff friend Jen Montzingo is linked to http://twitter.com/realamyroloff as is Peggy Roloff. That is obviously the "real" Amy Roloff.

There are fakes so beware. And beware of fakes supporting fakes :-) One of the most popular Roloff fakes on twitter was:

http://twitter.com/amyroloff - this is a fake, it is NOT Amy Roloff.

There is now a Jeremy, Zach and Molly Roloff fakes who are all linked to the fake Amy Roloff. They are also fakes.

Fake Jeremy Roloff

Fake Zach Roloff

Fake Molly Roloff

You'll notice that all the fakes link each other so that's the best way to figure out that they're fake.

I'm amused by people who run fake celebrity twitters. Fake Roloff accounts on Myspace and Facebook are nothing new. There are several fakes on all of those places. The interesting thing about fake Roloffs (especially Jeremy and Zach) is they're actually doing they real Roloffs a service. Fake Roloffs on the internet are traditionally very polite and gracious. They have the reputation of being much friendlier to fans than the real Roloffs have been in the past on the internet! ;-) Fans that don't know they're being fooled, come away thinking "Wow Jeremy/Zach are so down to earth and appreciative. What nice guys!"

However, people that set up fake Roloffs on Facebook or Myspace are one thing, they set it up and basically that's it as far as creative deception. A fake twitter? It must take a creative mind to pretend to be someone else and give daily updates on what "they" are doing that particular day. Obviously it is deceptive and wrong, but amusing in a way.

When a site like Twitter was first suggested for the Roloffs, some people wrote this Roloff blog expressing their feelings that the Roloff couldn't possibly do that because it would be "spoiling" the show. Let's debunk that myth right now. People who care enough and are interested in the Roloff family and Little People, Big World to the extend that they'll search for them on the internet, to read this Blog, to follow them on twitter -- are the people who would never miss a show, are the ones buying the DVDs, watching the repeats, etc. It's the same as Soap Opera addicts that never miss a day of "their" show, they are buying "Soap Opera Digest" and the likes, reading all the scoops and spoilers...they're not about to stop watching the show because they know what is coming. It's the same concept for the Roloffs. People who are interested enough in the Roloffs to not want to wait 6, 8 and 10 months later to find out that Jeremy and Zach graduated are not the type of people who will skip watching the show. If they hear that Jacob has another accident and breaks another arm (I hope not!), when the episode eventually airs about it, do you think they're not going to watch it because they knew he broke his arm? Of course they're going to watch. They're the type of people who will be counting down the days to the episode and telling all their friends not to miss the show.

So anyway, that is the goods about the Roloffs on twitter. I think it is a very nice touch on Amy's behalf to become more active on the internet and give the fans something that interests them as her own favorite people in the media have done.

ETA: Hm...a day later http://twitter.com/realamyroloff now receives a message of "Sorry, the account you were headed to has been suspended due to strange activity. Mosey along now, nothing to see here."

Very, very strange.

Perhaps *somebody* or some entity didn't like Amy twittering and doing something in public (gasp) on the internet?

Perhaps Matt's own mother, Peggy Roloff and Jen Montzingo were fooled by a fake "realamyroloff" who last posted about the storm in Oregon and the details of the twins graduation?

All the other fake Roloffs have been suspended as well: the amyroloff which we stated was fake, the Jeremy, Zach and Molly Roloff accounts are all suspended.
Perhaps twitter is sloppy and while they were removing fake Roloffs they also removed the real Amy Roloff by mistake??

Perhaps twitter is confused and thinks Amy Roloff is just strange?

The only twitters that we posted about that remains is MattRoloff, Pegrol and Jen Montzingo.

What mystery, what drama! :-)

Pictures of Zach and Jeremy Roloff at their graduation party

There are pictures of the party the Roloffs held for the graduating class, lots and lots of pictures! 379 images to be exact.

They hired Shannon Moody Photography, a company based out of Hillsboro, Oregon to do the pictures of the graduation party at the Roloff farm on the weekend. The photography company placed the pictures on a photo sharing site, presumably for parents, kids and family members to look at and decided what they want to purchase. However, the gallery is public. I guess if you're into buying pictures of other people's graduation parties, you could buy some too, I suppose! I'm sure somebody will happily take your money :-)


They took several group shots of the graduating class, had a BBQ, the boys played soccer, the girls played volleyball, they had video game system set up including Guitar Hero, Halo 3, and of course FIFA soccer for you video game enthusiasts.

The picture I'll comment on for amusement sake is on page 12, image 222.

Oh Daniel! After he made such great strides in maturity during our interview where he was nothing but first class which occurred a week before this party :-) We discussed with Daniel the infamous birthday bullying incident where he was seen spitting on Zach after other kids had pinned Zach down. Just over six years later, here is Daniel once again dispensing bodily fluids on a Roloff twin. However, this time he was equal opportunity about it; as this time Daniel has Jeremy pinned on the ground and appears to be...blowing his nose on Jeremy's face. Hm, maybe we should just jot this one down as a bad camera shot capturing live action and Daniel is really only scratching his nose...yeah we'll go with that because it's a lot less gross! :-)


I'm kidding of course, it looks like a good time was had by all. Here are a couple of less gross, but still fun shots.



Staying with the theme of possibly being gross, any guesses on what that is on the grass in front of Jeremy's lap? It looks a little too thick to be whatever is in the cup that he's drinking.


Graduation celebration jump, Jacob Mueller is floating!


And what would a Roloff party be without some soccer pictures? Oh no, is Jeremy whipping soccer balls at Jake again? At least Jacob doesn't have a broken bone healing this time :-)


The guys playing soccer one last time, Jeremy with the ball. Jeremy's Faith Bible High School soccer career is officially over. For those that didn't know, Jeremy Roloff was selected as a first-team all star for their division each of his 4 years of high school soccer. Of course, sadly, Mike Detjen was not with us this past year to see Jeremy close off his perfect string of All Star selections, but when he was living Mike was very proud that Jeremy had made the first team in both his freshman and sophomore seasons.


File this next picture and comment in the category of weird, but hey, we aim to serve all that come to our site. One of the interesting things about running a Roloff site is seeing and hearing what people from all around the world are searching for and inquiring about Roloff related. I had heard of "foot fetish" before, but never really thought about it until I got involved with this Roloff blog and began to receive keyword inquiries. I wouldn't categorize this as common, but perhaps a consistent cult-like following and that is for "Pictures of Jeremy Roloff barefoot/bare feet". Hey, I'm not here to judge what interests other people! So far all those around the world that are desperate for pictures of Jeremy Roloff's dirty, grass-stained barefoot, here you go! :-) One person's dirty barefoot is another's delight, apparently.


(I would suggest to Matt, ever the opportunist, that if he believes there is a market for Roloff dirt, then based on the steady stream of inquiries we receive, there might be a market for pictures of Jeremy barefoot. Perhaps sell autographed pictures? Hey, I said this was strange!)

Speaking of Matt, he was there too.


Amy, always the picture taker even with professionals around, capturing her own memories:


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Zach and Jeremy Roloff are high school graduates!

Congratulations are in order to Zach and Jeremy Roloff as they officially graduate from high school this week!

The festivities have already be under way. The Roloffs new motto with the help of the show Little People, Big World is "Live Big", so you know with something as special as a high school graduation the Roloffs go all out to make it the biggest and best graduation celebration.

Roloff farms was host to a big grad party this past weekend for the 2009 graduating class from Faith Bible High School. We hear that guests came from far and wide be apart of the special occasion. The camera crew was there filming it all, it will be eventually be shown, unfortunately the show is so far behind in "real time" that it will be a while before viewers see it.

One of the big questions everybody is asking: What are Zach and Jeremy going to do now that they've graduated? Are they going to college?

Well, Peggy (Matt's mother of course) Roloff briefly mentions them in her blog. Peg's grand-daughter (Matt's sister Ruth's daughter) Rachel, graduated from the University of California San Diego and she has been accepted for an internship with a publishing company. Peg goes on to state:

"We are also proud of our eldest grandsons, Jer and Zach, who are leaving high school and going on to something wonderful in life. Rachel has been accepted with an internship with a publishing company so she is excited. Don’t know what the boys will be doing yet."


Of course, the Roloffs never actually mention that this very lucrative television show that they never mention on the television show could qualify as "doing something".