Sunday, June 14, 2009

Video of Amy Roloff performing the tip-off at a basketball game

Here are two brief clips of Amy Roloff as a special guest at a Harlem Ambassadors basketball game. The Harlem Ambassadors are similar to the more famous "Globetrotters" who play "entertainment" basketball.

The mission of the Harlem Ambassadors is to deliver a quality basketball show to our audiences throughout the United States and internationally. The show is designed to be fun for customers of all ages, with youngsters being awed for the first time and older folks enjoying the tried-and-true gags like a rerun of a favorite comedy movie. The Ambassadors' operation is professional in all aspects. In addition to having a wholesome entertainment product, we are also good citizens, promoting the values of staying in school, staying off drugs and fostering racial harmony.

In the first clip, the audio joins in mid-way through the conversation; it sounds like they were talking about one of the tricks Jeremy did on the show when he caught the soccer ball behind his knee and sent it back over his head. They say "...with his feet... we should "have him out there with the soccer ball." One of the players said they should try it with a basketball. Amy said he has the leg, she tried it once and it went flying off to the side.

Amy and the tip-off:

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how tall is jeremy now? he has to be at least 6 feet.