Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Amy Roloff posted a message on the Little People, Big World page on Facebook

Yesterday, Amy Roloff posted a message on the Little People, Big World page located on Facebook.

If you have a facebook account and search Little People, Big World, it is the group with the profile picture featuring the Roloff family standing at the bottom of the stairs in their home. It was taken around the same time as when they filmed the (early) Christmas episode 2008 .

For those wondering, Amy's page is private. She will not add fans and does not have the reputation of responding to fan messages sent via Facebook. Amy only adds friends, fellow celebrities, people "in the business", sponsors and business associates, organizers of the events having her speak and such.

The Little People, Big World page itself is somewhat bland. It has 23, 700 fans. Most post on the wall (Facebook lingo) stating how much they love the show. There is the TLC promo picture and that's about all.

However, yesterday Amy posted on the wall. This was her message:

Amy J Roloff --

definately feels awkward to post on a show that I'm in. However, I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you who watch LPBW. We are not perfect, make mistakes, have successes and failures, a little different, do some crazy things, get after each other but also have a great time with each other, just little people parents doing the best we can and love our kids and helping them to try and be the best they can be. What will I do when they eventually move on in their own life. Love them just as much and be there for them. I have not met you but have met some really awesome people on my travels and speaking engagements. It has been a pleasure to see who is watching me. I really do love my crew that is with us. They are great and help us do what we do - message about LP and life. Life is an adventure, ups and downs, sadness and joys, but awesome. Best to everyone and have a great summer. We will be back for a 5th season so I hear. Amy, yes it's me, Amy Roloff

Changing to a different topic that won't make sense to most people, there has been another anomaly occurring in the last 24 to 72 hours with inquiries and keyword activity. It's not quite at the feverish pitch as it was surrounding the false Wikipedia rumor regarding a Jeremy arrest, but it's common enough that obviously something is spurring it on. In the last few days, people have been searching for terms such as "Roloff twins ATV accident", "Jeremy Zach Roloff ATV crash", "Roloff father's day ATV accident", "Jeremy Roloff's death", and "Zach Roloff died". You're welcome to contact the blog and explain where this is originating.

Amy posted her message on the Facebook page last night, obviously she does not sound like she is mourning the death of Jeremy and Zach, so I hope this puts some people's minds at ease who are under the impression that Zach and Jeremy Roloff died in an ATV accident while in Utah on the weekend.

Edit: The mystery is solved, although still very tragic. Thank you to the reader who posted in the comments who knew the true story. There were twin brothers named Zach and Alex Rohloff in New York who were killed in an ATV accident. The difference in the spelling explain why google searches for "Roloff ATV accident" were providing no answers and directing people to this blog and our article about the Roloffs vacation in the British Virgin Islands in which it was mentioned that Matt, Jacob, Jeremy Roloff and Jacob Mueller had rode ATVs while in the British Virgin Islands.

Obviously people were hearing the name pronounced "Rol-off" and "Zach" and "twins" and thought it was the Little People, Big World Roloff twins. It was not. However, very sad and tragic and we offer our deepest condolences to the Rohloff family and friends.


Anonymous said...

I know what it is!
I live in New York around albany and in a town called Johnsonville, there is a famiy with the last name roloff.
They had twin sons named Zach and Alex, they got into an ATV accident and passed away.
It is NOT the same roloff twins...dont worry.

Anonymous said...

Oh and here is an article about it...
Their last name is spelled Rohloff, not roloff.
Thats why you cant find anythhing about it.

Spiritswander said...

Thank you very much for clearing that up. Yes, that makes perfect sense. There were some inquiries for Zach and Alex Roloff. All the inquiries we received were spelled "Roloff" of course. On occassion, casual viewers get the names wrong about one of the kids, but we were wondering where the name Alex was coming from, although most of the searches were for "Zach and Jeremy Roloff ATV accident." I suppose people simply heard "Zach Roloff twin Roloff ATV accident and assumed it was the Roloffs from Little People, Big World.

Thank you for clearing that up. Tragic story.

Anonymous said...

No problem.
Yeahh it was really sad, and a girl was involved in the accident as well and is in critical contidion.
Poor kids.

Anonymous said...

I began searching for an accident associated with Zach due to the recent previews of the upcoming new season. In a brief clip, it shows Zach in a hospital bed with his head wrapped in gauze and some blood around his ear. Does anyone know what happened?

Anonymous said...

He had an ear operation

Anonymous said...

Dearest Amy, Yes, we are the people you don't know personally, yet you share your life and your family's personal stories with us in our living room, openly and with GREAT GRACE.

I and ( WE) appreciate all you do for us.
Your lack of privacy enriches all our lives and makes us better and happier people.

I appreciate the sacrifices you are able to make to enjoy sharing your stories and helping others far more than you may ever realize, all over the world.

We enjoy the realities and errors in your life. That is part of the beauty of the show that makes us relate to your family so well. We have errors and great challenges ,too, some just like yours. I realize that it must be tiring and exhausting beyond our understanding to sacrifice your family's persoanl life in order to run an excellent educational, humorous and heart warming,successful TV show. This is your life. This is our pleasure and enrichment.

I expect you all also experience pride and pleasure in the show.

To all the Roloffs, whom I have met in one of your meetings, you are a fine family and I appreciate each and every one of you and the effort you give to creat such a fine show. We love you, Roloffs, there is no need for any apology for anything. We wish you health and happiness, always.

Kathy Hall in Loveland, CO said...

I so hope you WILL be back for another season. The Roloff story isn't over by a long shot!!! Like all people's lives, it's just changing AGAIN! I wanted you to know that I just adore you both and your kids. The battles, the successes, the ideas, the fun times - ALL of it! Makes me know that it's ok for my family to have a quasi-traditional life, too!!! I just love you all and thanks so much for sharing so much!! And Matt, it WILL get better when your son comes back for his first visit, I promise. It's always hard when a major, major lifestyle change takes place, but it opens the door for new opportunities and experiences! My very, very best to you all!!!!!