Saturday, June 27, 2009

Helicopter flight over the Roloff farm

There is a video currently on You Tube of a helicopter flying over the Roloff Farm, if you're interested in seeing the farm from above. The soccer field and all of the attractions can be seen near the 5 minute mark of the video.


M said...

It looks like Matts doing alot of stuff on the farm. There seems to be a huge hole in the dirt sort of by the tower of terror... which looks like it might have finally gotten a railing! haha

The Roloffs will have this down in a matter of days.

M said...

Also shouldn't that be ilegal? Also thats the an awesome thing hes flying... not that smart to show your face lol

M said...
If I looked up and saw something like this flying around my property I would be like wth?? haha
Jeremys going to want one.

Kayla said...

haha, that kind of looks like Jeremy in the last picture, M.

Greg said...

M, it's not illegal, but at first I thought it was the papparazzi! It would definitely be annoying.

I think it's a neighbor, though. They show the take off and the landing and their not very far away.

M said...

Everyone knows Jeremy wants to fly hes going to go out and buy this and it would be featured on a episode lol
Papparazzi ha! I'd feel so uncomfortable if I saw one flying over my house. It would be a quick flight I don't have much property lol
Yeah I think its a neighbor but I'm sure the Roloffs are not going to be pleased.

Roxanne said...

M, I'm surprised Jeremy hasn't flown yet. Maybe he has and they just haven't shown it yet. I know he doesn't have his pilot license, but he drove a RV without his license, when has that stopped a Roloff before? lol.

Didn't Matt fly or co-pilot a helicopter in the first season. I remember him landing on the farm. Maybe this is the same guy.

I agree with you. I wouldn't want people flying over my property.