Friday, June 26, 2009

Jeremy and Zach Roloff graduation pictures...part two

More graduation photos from Jeremy and Zach Roloffs graduation ceremony are available on a photo site. You might want to be quick to browse because you probably have notice there is a trend that once Roloff related items are published on this blog, they have a habit of disappearing....Roloff soup videos, twitter accounts, graduation party pictures.

Previously, pictures of the Faith Bible High School graduation party held at the Roloff farm were available on a photography site. Shortly after, they were password protected and then removed.

Currently, Daniel Payne photography has pictures of the actual graduation ceremony. You might recognize the photographer in some of the photos from the episode when Jeremy and Zach had their senior pictures taken at the farm which was featured in an episode during Season 4.

We won't post the actual pictures to be displayed in this blog because they are available for sale, but we will provide the direct links to all the photos that might be of interest to followers of Little People, Big World and the Roloff family.

Congratulations to Daniel Meichtry, as his picture and pose stole the show and was the cover picture on the site for the Faith Bible photos! As Dan told us, he was both excited and sad as graduation was approaching.

The direct album link for the Faith Bible graduation is here:

As with the other photography site that hosted the graduation party pictures, they are available for if you're into buying other people's graduation photos...have at it! :-)

The group shot of the graduating class:

The photos featuring Jeremy and Zach Roloff:



Jeremy and Zach Roloff together with the photographer Daniel Payne:

Amy Roloff, looking great.

For fans of the friends seen on the show over the past four years and we do regularly get inquiries for each of the friends of the Roloff twins.

Daniel Meichtry

Scott Lesage

Bryan Roth


Jake: (he might be more well known to fans as 'the guy who stole the vodka with Jeremy and almost burnt down the barn' in the infamous comments...he has appeared on the show since the first season although not as recognizable as some of the other friends)

Dani, introduced on the show as "Zach's girlfriend" although they were never really dating.

The entire album of the Faith Bible graduation ceremony as taken by Daniel Payne Photography is available here:


Jocelynn said...

Nice pictures!

Jacob Mueller didn't graduate?

Jeremy has a different collar, I don't think I've seen that before. He's the only one in the group. Jeremy has an eccentric flare to him. He's always wearing something to stand out from the crowd.

Black is Amy's color, she looks fabulous. I think she was all cried out from the graduation. Tears of pride and joy. Graduation is an emotional time for a mother.

Scottfan said...

thank you for the scott pictures! he's better looking than jeremy, i don't know why jeremy gets all the attention about his looks.

Donald said...

Be thankful, Roloffs!

I attended my grandson's graduation last night. There were 237 graduates. It was a beautiful night, but long and hot. They're fortunate their class was much smaller.

Anonymous said...

Where is Matt? He must have been there for his son's graduation. It's strange he's often missing in photos like this.

Debbie said...

Jacob Mueller didn't pass, but his parents allowed him to go to the Virgin Islands in March? Poor grades in senior year don't come as surprise, parents and teachers are made aware that the student is in danger of failing. His parents still let him go on vacation with Jeremy? I wonder about that boy's parents.

Jeremy looks good in those pictures.

If Dan reads this, that is a wonderful pose. Very funny.

Rap541 said...

Let it not be said that I can't be fair.

We don't know why Mueller wasn't in the pictures. It seems unkind to speculate that he didn't pass when there's any number of things that can cause someone to miss graduation that aren't about failure.

Jason said...

IF, Mueller didn't graduate, I don't have any sympathy for him. Maybe he should have spent less time insulting fans and more time on his school work.

And ohhhhh, the irony! Jeremy insults working people, he called gas station attendants "dumb high school drop outs".....and then his BFF doesn't even pass high school? Ha.

Nancy said...

Great pictures. The boys do look happy and Amy is a proud Mama.

Anonymous said...

It is strange that Mueller isn't in any of the pictures.

Anonymous said...

There could be a very valid reason why Mueller is not in the pics. It is not fair to speculate that he failed just b/c he was not pictured. For all we know his grandma could of died.. just giving an example. I am sure we will find out next season if he did in fact fail. Until then give the kid a break! Jeez...

Jason said...

"I am sure we will find out next season if he did in fact fail"

Unlikely. I can't imagine they'll throw in a line like "Oh by the way, Jacob Mueller did not graduate."

Daniel Payne said...

Hi, I'm the photographer mentioned in the blog. Glad to see that so many people enjoyed the photos. The graduation ceremony for Faith Bible is always a blast to cover. The Roloff family is a blessing to work with and photograph.

Pamela Jenkins said...

Daniel Payne, thank you for the wonderful website, your pictures are a delight. I agree with your comment about Dan's (Meichtry) pose - what a blessing it is for you to be able to capture so many wonderful moments in others lives.

Daniel Payne said...

Telling life stories with photography is so rich and rewarding. I can still remember my 99 year old grandma looking at her family album and telling me what it was like growing up on a farm in Minnesota.

Cathy said...

Mr Payne,

I'm not a professional like you are (I'm just a mother that loves taking pictures!) but I have tremendous respect for your graduation photos. I looked through all these photos and they're terrific.

They can be difficult because you only have a few seconds to ensure that you get a good picture and then the moment is gone.

My son's graduation was last week, a large school. The mother's or father's would be up there for each student...the student would pose...then the camera wouldn't be ready, the crowd would roll their eyes, the kid would be frustrated waiting for them to get was funny but frustrating after sitting for almost 3 hours. We could have used a professional such as yourself :)

Even myself, I was fortunate to get some good ones of my son after the ceremony, but there were a couple with my son and his friends that didn't turn out. Those are frustrating.

You did a great job with these photographs.

Daniel Payne said...

Thank you for the kind words on the graduation photos.

Having the right equipment and experience really makes a huge difference in getting these candid images of the students as they cross the podium to accept their diploma.

Here's how I achieve this:

1) Before the ceremony I measure light levels on the podium with my light meter, then set my camera to manual mode. Usually it's about ISO 800, f4.0, 1/60th second.

2) Set a custom white balance on my camera using a Kodak grey card.

3) Use a telephoto lens with image stabilization mounted on a monopod.

4) Position myself at about a 45 degree angle to where the student accepts their diploma, that way they don't have to turn towards the audience.

5) Use continuous shooting at 5 frames per second to get the best candid.

Happy shooting.

Anonymous said...

Jacob Mueller was on almost every episode of LPBW last season. If the twins were featured Mueller was apart of it. In fact he is vacationing with Matt and the boys on an upcoming epi this fall. I am sure it would not be so unusual for that to come up...

Cathy said...

Daniel Payne, thank you kindly for the wonderful insight.

Anonymous said...

Where is Jeremy's ex..Kirsten>>

Greg said...

Nice pictures.

Anonymous, Kirsten graduated in 2008.

Anonymous said...

A what kind of academic specialisation did they study at?

Anonymous said...

kirsten is older than jeremy??

Em said...

Anon, they are the same age. Jeremy is actually older by a couple of months because his birthday is in May and Kirsten's is July I believe.

Kirsten did graduate high school a year ahead of Jeremy.

Jeremy and Zach started school a year late so the kids in the grade ahead of them were the same age and they are older than most of their classmates.

Anonymous said...

I hope Jeremy will go to college and have the same academic success that Zach has. I don't know how old the show repeats are, but it was good to see Zach with a young lady from his school. I really enjoy the show.

Anonymous said...

thanks em, i don't know it;)

Anonymous said...

and this they say that jacob has not graduated, it's right?

Anonymous said...

what about jacob mueller, it's true he doesn't graduate??:O

Em said...

You're welcome Anon :) By the way if you pick a name using name/url it makes it easier to tell if you're the one also asking about Jacob Mueller or if it is another Anon :)

Anon, that is true. In the graduation episode they included Jeremy saying Jacob Mueller couldn't graduate with him because of bad grades.

la said...

hello I'm the anonymous
I see Roloff recently because in my country have issued very few chapters so I do not know it. but I heard that Jeremy and Jacob Mueller went on holiday and I thought that since there had not graduated must have been
* forgive me if you do not understand what I say but I know very little English and I am using the translator :S

pd:thanks for all the information!