Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jeremy Roloff Senior Pictures

What a nice treat we have for you. More beautiful photographs from Daniel Payne Photography featuring the Roloff Family. There are few things that fans of Little People, Big World enjoy more than pictures of the family and these are arguably some of the best.

Two popular searches among fans ever since the episodes aired, have been Molly Roloff's 8th grade graduation and Jeremy and Zach Roloff's senior pictures. We are delighted to be able to show you all of the above.

We've decided there are so many photographs that we will split them into 3 separate entries: Molly's graduation photographs, Zach's senior pictures and Jeremy's senior pictures. You'll want to be sure to look at the entry directly above or below this one to see all the photographs.

If you're inOregon and you like these photos and are looking for a professional photographer for your own family's future senior, graduation, or wedding pictures, you can visit the Daniel Payne Photography website for more information.

Daniel Payne also has a Facebook page. As you can see from our comments section, he is very fan friendly and welcomes facebook friends.

We are informed that these are the exact pictures chosen by Amy, Jeremy and Zach Roloff.

There is always a demand for pictures of Jeremy Roloff and of the senior photographs, the picture that was the most sought after was the picture of Jeremy sitting on the floor. If you recall, on the show, this is when Rocky Roloff decided to get into the photo too. This one, does not include Rocky the dog ;-)


katie said...

wow, those are amazing!

Can anybody say model? Jeremy is so photogenic.

The pic of him in the western town, the 6th picture down is the best.

Jocelynn said...

Lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing them!

Jeremy is one of those people who looks like he thoroughly enjoys having his picture taken.

They're all great pictures of Jer, but I think he looks better in general in the pictures when he has his mouth open smiling. The two pictures in the baby blue shirt is a good example. If I was choosing between those two, it would be no contest. Showing teeth.

Alexsis said...

This is for the photographer if he sees this:

Have you ever done work for TLC and not just the Roloffs?

I hope not, because otherwise I might offend you and I mean it as a compliment.

These senior photos of Jeremy and Zach are in my opinion, a hundred times better than the some of the promo shoots done by TLC. They should really hire you or the Roloffs should request you for the next promo shoot.

A lot of people say Jeremy is just a good looking guy and pictures of him will always be good, but I don't think that's true.

Compare your senior photos of Jeremy to the TLC promo pictures of Jeremy on their website for Jeremy's bio.

I don't mean to trash whoever took those TLC promo pictures, but I know I'm not the only one who thinks those aren't very good pictures of him. A couple of their pictures are not terrible, but some aren't very flattering.

Then look at the senior pictures you took. There is a big difference.

Roxanne said...

All of the pictures are really nice. I think the best one is Jeremy with the soccer ball.

Alexisis, I agree with you about the TLC Jeremy pix. Their main picture with the hat and the picture from the ground with him and Rocky are the worst pictures I've ever seen of Jeremy. It doesn't even look like him.

These are nice pictures of him. I see why Amy and Jeremy wanted these pictures.

Tim said...

The photograph in the western town in which he's wearing the brown shirt is the best photo.

Anonymous said...

He is beautiful.
End of story. :)

Samantha said...

These should pictures should be in People Magazine 50 Most Beautiful People in the World soon :)


Vicky said...

Jeremy is very attractive. Having a good photographer helps, too.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy is really photogenic and these are awesome pics of him. Plus it does help that hes toatally gorgeous :)

Lynnette said...

Those are really nice pictures. The photographer did a great job. Jeremy doesn't always look as good as he does in these photos.

Dana said...

I can't help but notice that the people who put Jeremy down when fans suggest that Jeremy COULD model, are silent about these pictures, which are professional and a glimpse of what could be. Everyone can see they are great photos and he looks beautiful.

Rap541 said...

Oh Dana, it's not very Christian to intentionally pick fights. But since you want to go there.

That Jeremy doesn't have what it takes to be a model doesn't mean he's not a nice looking kid. He is. And senior photos are expressly taken so that parents have pictures of their kids looking their best. Frankly, *Zach* looks pretty awesome in his photos. Sitting for one's senior photos is NOT the same as modelling. In the first, someone has hired the photographer to take pictures of the subject that look good. In the second, the photographer is using the model to get a good shot of the *product being sold* and doesn't have to coddle the model thru the process. If the model doesn't get it quickly, they are replaced. In a senior photo situation, the photographer can hardly replace the kid who isn't taking good pictures right away.

But nice looking doesn't translate to modeling. (as many many people learn). Jeremy isn't tall enough and he's not "cut" enough and frankly he doesn't seem to have the body type to accomplish the second. Thats not a crime, but it's a problem. He's not going to get taller. His skin isn't the greatest. It's not horrible, but he'd need retouching (these senior pics are clearly retouched for both boys) Being on a reality show works against him. Models are clothes hangers, no one wants the audience to be distracted by the model. Jeremy is also a bit too all american looking. Notice btw, that none of these disqualifers mean he's just too ugly.

And frankly, it's a competative field. Jeremy would *have* to leave home, and be responsible for himself, and he's sadly unprepared.

That's before we get into how a higher percentage of men who model are gay and Jeremy would need to learn to deal with it because "I'm Christian, you're a f*ggothole!" is not ok in the modeling community. :)

Haley said...

Rap you are right in everything there.

You can tell that the photographer that took these pictures are really good, but Jeremy is not THAT good looking.

The backgrounds are what makes those pictures look nice. The beautiful hardwood floors, the fireplace. The photographer knew what he was doing.

Rap541 said...

Haley, thanks. Kidding about the issues of um... how homosexual the male modelling world is aside...

Jeremy *is* a nice looking kid but he's not model material. There's no shame in that. I certainly am not - too short, I have full breasts, and porceline white skin is NOT in fashion these days....

The photographer did a nice job with BOTH Zach and Jeremy.

Expressed said...


You can be as dillussional as you want, but who are you trying to kid? Politically correctness aside, there is no comparison between Jeremy's pictures and Zach's.

Why do you think all the comments are about Jeremy's senior pics and not Zach's?

I'm not trying to be mean, but you're just not being real.

Anonymous said...

Rap and Haley are morons. Muscle is not in for models , white skin is very in gezelle idiots.

Amanda said...

Anon is right. Rap what do you know about modelling?

Jeremy's build is very in. Have you seen him recently without a shirt on? He has a very nice build and a tone six pack. That look is in, not Arnold S. from his bodybuilding days.

Besides, he could always model jeans or Calvin Klein. He has an amazing ass. That's the only thing lacking from the senior pictures.

I hate Rap541 said...

Rap541, you are SO jealous of Jeremy.

I think you're some gay guy who is all hot for Jeremy and bitter because you don't have a chance with him and he doesn't approve. You take it out by ripping on him.

The picture of Jeremy sitting on the floor is hotter than any guy I've seen on tv in the last week, in any commercial or any Ad.

Rap541 said...

Expressed - Try reading what I wrote, and not what you think I said.

I didn't say Zach was better looking than Jeremy, just that his pictures made him look awesome. Those are very good shots of Zach. Now, please reference, since you're snitting about what I said, where you think I made a comparison between Zach and Jeremy and said Zach was better looking? This isn't a pc conversation at all. I don't think Zach will ever be a model because he's a dwarf - but that doesn't mean his senior photos weren't as nicely done (and as retouched) as Jeremy's.

It also doesn't mean Jeremy has the looks to be a model. He doesn't. He also lacks the drive, as shown by how he's living at home, going to community college when supposedly he has all this talent. Seems like if he really wanted it, his parents wouldn't hold him back... I mean they are permissive and he is an adult and able to decide his own life.

Rap541 said...

Amanda I sense I know more than you.

But really, since you know so much.... :)

Who made Jeremy offers? Offers he turned down? Anyone? Anyone?

He's too short and too All American... and like it or not, he's a reality show star. How many tv stars have gone from tv to modelling? Who didn't pose in Playboy? :)

"I hate Rap541 - you're so clever :)

No, not a guy and not jealous of a kid who peaked in high school. Wasn't Jeremy supposed to be a professional soccer player because of his amazing talent on the field? And a pilot? And a ship captain? And look.... he's in community college woo!

I bet he and Zach still hang around Faith Bible High where they can be cool to the high schoolers :)

katie said...

rap why do you think the pictures are retouched?

i don't think they are. i've seen other pics of jeremy not done by this photographer and his skin looks the same. he looks the same on the show most of the time.

jeremy is just beautiful. deal with it :)

Amanda said...

Rap, all I mean is I doubt you are in the modelling business. Jeremy's look and body type is very in.

I don't know Jeremy, his parents, agents or anything like that.

How am I supposed to know if Jeremy received any offers? Only the companies extending the offer and the Roloffs would know that. You don't either.

It wouldn't surprise me if it has happened. Perhaps he did, but TLC has a stipulation about it. Perhaps he did and Matt and Amy or even Jeremy decided to decline it.

On your other point, you don't know that Jeremy has peaked in high school. That seems like a mean thing to say about a kid who is just starting college and has his whole life ahead of him...

Rap541 said...

Partly because retouching is pretty common and partly because both twins had some acne issues. In the episode where they were taking the photos, the twins skin didn't look as clear as it does in these photos.

Its not a problem at all in senior photos (somewhat expected actually) but senior photos are not modelling jobs.

I never said Jeremy was not a nice looking kid. He's just not model material. FYI - I don't think he's ever going to be a professional soccer player either.

Rap541 said...

Amanda - so you concede you're not in the modeling industry and you have no idea if Jeremy has had any offers made to him, correct?

So in fact - all the model talk so far is a bunch of online fans talking about how they think he's cute. So Jeremy's career as a model is? Nonexistant? Yeah, I think thats the word.

As far as whats in... Sorry... not really. There's always a place for the androgynous type - and Jeremy would do better there than attempting to get a defined sixpack, but he's too bland and too all american boy. He's also a little squinty.

So Jeremy isn't going to community college? He didn't have poor grades in high school? He *was* scouted for college level soccer? Or by a pro team? He has plans beyond goofing on camera?

He's not hanging around Faith Bible?

Spiritswander said...

To everyone,

This is a place for opinions and discussion. Everyone is entitled to express themselves on the topics.

However, please cease the name-calling. You can respond to the points a person makes without getting personal or resorting to childish name calling.

If you insist on name-calling, your entire post which may contain some valid points about the topic, will be rejected.

This site does not allow the option for comments to be edited, it is a choice of either approving or rejecting the comments.

Discussion is encouraged, however, please stick to the points about the topic rather than childish name-calling or insults.

Thank you.

Amanda said...

Jeremy is 19 and just starting college. It's crazy to say anybody in that position has "peaked". I think he has a bright future ahead of him.

I think he's living at home and going to a college close by so he can make some money from the show. That will contribute to a bright future for Jeremy.

Because I don't know that Jeremy has sparked interest from modelling agencies and companies, means he hasn't? I don't know that he has and you don't know that he hasn't.

I've seen a picture of Jeremy shirtless and he has a very nice six pack. His body type is in. I don't know how to say it more clearly than that.

Rap541 said...

Amanda - in fairness, so you do concede that it's nothing but raw speculation that he's even considered modeling?

There's been no public admissions by any modeling agencies anxious to work with Jeremy. I disagree with you on what's in - but there's a lot of variation in the modeling world. Now, can you concede that there aren't any models out there who are already famous from being on reality shows? And who haven't been in Playboy?

Is it really SOOOO hard to believe that he's not model matierial? He's had plenty of opportunity handed to him.... and he's living at home and going to community college. That's not exactly setting the world on fire.

Vicky said...

Didn't Amber whats her face from the second Survivor pose for Playboy?

I seem to remember Colby the Cowboy from that edition of Survivor doing some modelling or tv commercials.

The dimwitted bouncer Hardy from Big Brother 2 or Big Brother 3 was in some beer commercials.

Rap, I don't think people are meaning that Jeremy will be a runway model. I think they're thinking more like tv commercials.

I don't think he would have a long term future either, but he's as good looking as some guys in commercials.

Those are excellent pictures.

Rap541 said...

Vicky - thats sorta my point. People who are famous generally aren't models unless they are doing Playboy. I don't even know if I'd count posing in Playboy as real modelling. Colby did model briefly but frankly - he was more um... handsome? Than Jeremy - and it was mostly due to how popular Survivor was... not because Colby was espcially talented.

Again, what I think people are forgetting is that models and actors in tv commercials (which is not modeling but I see where you are going) is about selling the product. Jeremy isn't say, famous enough to be on a box of Wheaties.... but he's too famous, and therefore too distracting, to be generic young guy eating cereal.

Jeremy and Zach's senior photos are very good, I agree.

Ela said...

I've seen Jeremy in person. He didn't look as nice as he does in these pictures. I think the photographer must be really good.

Alfred said...

I just visited the Roloff Farm this past weekend. Saw and talked to Jeremy for a minute. As of October 10th, he is 6ft tall.

So he is definitely not too short to be a male model.

Anonymous said...

I surprise no one talking about what Jeremy is wearing. It look sloppy.WHY

Craw said...

Alfred, thanks. Did you ask Jeremy or could you tell by your own height or people you were with?

Janelle said...

Those are good...but do you have the SR pics of Jeremy's friend Scott?

Roxanne said...

I agree Janelle haha :)

Anonymous said...

im katie and i think jeremey and zach roloff are both really cute. so why isnt there pictures of zach? just because hes a dwarf dosent mean hes any different i personally think zach is cuter. im not saying you have to agree with me but i im just saying how i feel.

katie brusa said...


Dana said...

Zach's senior pictures are here. Look to the right under Most Popular Items.

Personally, unless you're a little person, I don't know how someone could say Zach is cuter or more attractive than Jeremy, but opinions differ obviously. I think some people try too hard to be PC.

Craw said...

"i personally think zach is cuter."

Thanks for the laugh. LOL!

lucas said...

ok Dana, nice....... you've basically insulted the premise of the entire show... zach is a lp, and noone will find him cute unless they are also lp... What exactly is your point? I thought this show was about accepting people for who they are, not what they look like.. a lot of times being 'PC', really means just being polite, doing and acting in a way not to hurt others, etc. please post a picture of yourself so we can judge you and try not too hard to be PC... go for it. waiting............

Dana said...

I should have guessed. I wasn't PC and you're jumping over me.

I was not insulting Zach. I said something that is true for the majority of people. Most people would say Jeremy is a more attractive person than Zach. That is not a controversial statement. Amy knows most people are going to find Jeremy more attractive than Zach. There is a reason why she said Jeremy knew he was very popular with the girls.

Most LPs are the ones who attracted to other LPs. I allowed for differing tastes in physical appearances, but it is very unusual for an average size girl to say Zach is more attractive than Jeremy.

Rap541 said...

Actually Dana, the problem is not that you're being too un-PC, its that you're griping that the only reason Katie Brusa would want photos of Zach is because she's too pc, that no average height person would ever find a little person more attractive than Jeremy.

What if she does find Zach more attractive? Why on earth does it bother you to the point that you have to defend Jeremy's hotness?

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! i think Jeremy is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!!

sandra_bcn said...

cute :) but I miss his curly hair so bad

Anonymous said...

Nice pix. When you hire the best and spend a small fortune, this is the only kind of results one should expect.
I wonder who's idea it was, Jers or the photographers, for taking the fourth pic down.......Blue Jeans and BARE FEET.......OMG!! YEAH!!!
We need a lot more like that.
Peace out dude.

Expressed said...

"I wonder who's idea it was, Jers or the photographers, for taking the fourth pic down.......Blue Jeans and BARE FEET.......OMG!! YEAH!!!"

Anon, I understand the liking Jeremy in jeans part, but I don't get the barefeet! Lol

I remember that picture on the show. Rocky kept walking around him.

Tay said...

The last picture of Jeremy senior pictures is the same outfit that he had on christmas Day 2008 when he took a picture with grandpa Ron Roloff that made such a scandle for how he was dress and posing for the picture that I personally saw nothing wrong with at all.

Anonymous said...

He looks... okay, I guess. I think it's funny how people get into uproars over all of the wrong things. Maybe I shouldn't say that... Anyway, I think Jeremy was always a cute kid; especially when he had the curly hair. But now that he's grown out of his childhood cuteness, I see that he's just an average looking guy now. I dont know. Maybe it's because I'm a guy, but I just don't see the big fuss.(Wanna hear a funny story?) I used to be jealous of his hair when the show first came on, so I grew mine out. Now that his hair is gone, and mine is at the length I wanted it to be, its hard for me to see that there's something special with that boy. Personally, I think Jacob is currently the most gorgeous, beautiful, angellic little boy in the family and on TV. He's cuter than alot of those kids I see in the Ralph Lauren ads at the mall.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with anonymous. Jacob is still got plenty time!

Juliana said...

He's so beautiful.
And he's such a nice guy.
hes almost perfect.
hot, blonde, athletic, sweet, christian.
i have a crush on him lol

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, does look very handsome in the photos. My question is , How long did it take them to clean up that messy house, so that it looked good in tne pictures?

Anonymous said...

I would like to know how good of friends Jeremy and his best friend Mueller are because they seem like a lil more than friends..

Chris said...

Wendy, look at the last picture. That was less than two years ago.

Jeremy looks like a totally different person today. I think he has been taking something.

A Male Model said...

To all of you that are debating if Jeremy will pursue a modeling/acting career.

I have been a male model for many venues. Trust me, if Jeremy wants to go into modeling or acting, Amy will make sure he gets an education, to fall back on in case the market for him, starts failing.

To Close, in 90% of my Ad Pics, there has been an air brush used, to cover my bags under my eyes after a night out, or for just making the photo sharper.

Now, there it is from a Male Model who works steady and I am 42 years old.

Anonymous said...

Anyway Jeremy is just gorgeus. deal with it :)
sandra_bcn- me too!

Savannah Hippie♥ said...

He's so FREAKING sexy, It shouldn't be legal!!! My life goal is to be a photographer! and it would be sweet to share my pitures with Jeremy's! He's a great photographer and we share the same personal instest and I think we'd rock together! Just Saying:)

Anonymous said...

Oh i loooove him. I think he should conclude an agreement with the playboy <3 ;))

Jeanoholic said...

Whether you love or hate him, looks like we're going to see more of Jeremy as it is official that the little people reality show will return on TLC in Oct. Say ye!