Monday, June 15, 2009

Little People, Big World returns this fall...and music from the show: Joey Newman website

A lot of casual viewers are asking "What happened to the Roloffs? Did Little People, Big World get cancelled? Will there be a new season? When?

If you regularly follow this blog, you already know the answer to those questions, but for the people who don't follow as closely...Yes there will be a 5th season and as usual, it will return this fall.

There hasn't been an exact date announced yet, but for (further) confirmation, it is on Joey Newman's website. Joey Newman is responsible for the music on the show. We've previously posted the link to Joey Newman's music Myspace site which includes some of the musical pieces for the show, including the music that played during the emotional episode about Mike Detjen's passing.

However, he now has his official website up and running. On the main page of his site it includes this:

"Little People, Big World returns for Season 5"

TLC's Docu-reality hit "Little People, Big World" will return for a 5th season this coming fall.

More drama and adventure ensues as the twins, Jeremy and Zach, graduate high school and prepare for the summer.

To catch up on the Roloffs life, you can now get seasons 1 to 3, on a DVD package set from the TLC store online. Individual episodes are also available on iTunes for download. What's next for the family? Tune in later this year to find out!"


Anonymous said...

Cant wait!! :)

Roger said...

Too bad. The show lost its way a long time ago. Now it is all about how rich they can get and how many trips they can take.

The "we're just like any other family" selling point has become a joke.

I'm only interested in the show as a study of what the pursuit of fame and money can do to a family.

The Roloff kids have turned into spoiled primadonnas that have no concept of the real world.

I think it's too late for Jeremy and Zach, but I was hoping if the show ended there might be time to salvage Molly and Jacob.

I think Jeremy's racist gay bashing and his arrogance with fans is a side effect of being pampered on the show. When that happens, kids don't think they need to treat people with respect. It all comes down to respect.

Anonymous said...

I'd agree with most of Roger's post. It has become a train wreck.

To take Jeremy's side briefly, at least he admits that he has no idea what he wants to do. And he does show some real manual competence. If he can escape his role as Daddy's Boy, maybe there's hope.

Then there's Zach. Zach wants to be "a teacher, and stuff . . . "

He has exactly zero idea what effort it takes to reach that end, and even less capacity to do it. If he is actually admitted to a responsible college, i.e. not an extension of Faith Bible, the workload will flatten him like a runaway beer truck. And he will complain that it's not fair. And Amy will scuttle in to make it all right.

Poor Molly and Jacob.

Ahhhh! I shouldn't get started. What once was a pleasant thing to follow has become an exercise in excuse-making, religious smarm, transparent do-gooding, dysfunction and quarreling, quarreling, quarreling.

The show deserves a quick death

Nicole said...

In my opinion, it's not unusual or bad for a person to not have their career path planned out by high school graduation. I didn't have all the answers by that age. I know a lot of people who get into a particular field and then discover they don't like it after 4 years of college and then are either unhappy or take something else that they do like.

I think Jeremy's mechanical genius is played up on the show. I've seen Jeremy twice be unable to change a flat tire, once on the show and once on a video his friend posted of them getting stuck on the highway. His friend admitted they didn't know how to put the spare on. But if you listen to Jeremy or Matt, he's brilliant with cars and can do anything.

Also Jeremy driving a pieice of equipment on the farm is a lot different than being a professional and doing it as a job. A good friend of mine is into construction, he needed to a take course that was very difficult, lots of math involved.

I disagree with Anonymoous. I think Zach has a better chance if he has less distractions. If Jeremy ever gets a real job, I won't be surprised if calls it quits when he discovers that it's not fun. God bless Jeremy, but a lot of his interests are on the childish side - he wants to drive big machines and smash stuff. He wants to fly planes. He wants to be a captain on a boat. A lot more is involved than that initial childhood fantasy of thinking it would be cool to do that for a living.

If Zach had less distractions and cared about what he was doing, I think he could bear down.

I think Jer has a greater expectation than Zach that everything in life is going to be fun.

Tim said...

The show turned when they changed the format.

It stopped about a regular family and cameras follow them. They wanted more privacy. The show adopted a 30-minute sitcom format.

Think about almost every episode. There is a plot. The Roloffs have a big function planned. Matt's decided to do some big project. Will it get done time? There is a conflict. Amy and Matt argue about it. In the end, it gets done just in time, and it ends on a happy note and quick speech about how good everybody is.

Think about it. The scenario changes, but almost every episode follows that basic formula.

That's not real life and that's what the show has lost.

Anonymous said...

Too bad some of your miss the point of the show. These people are like a beacon of light shining through for those families who watch the show, espouching the joys & beauty of family life and how it could and should be lived.

For those who complain, "if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!" You can always turn to the awe inspiring reality shows that debase home & families if thats what you relate to.

For the Roloffs, LOVE YA'

Anonymous said...

I think Tim has it right.. it's become a format. It's too bad, the show was fresh for a time.

Anonymous said...

it seems as though, with the exception of anonymous on July 7, there is nothing more to these posts than pety jealousy....don't watch the show if you don't like it.....

Anonymous said...

I like the show but wish Amy would make the kids clean up there messes

Anonymous said...

Yes, have to agree with Anonymous.......I am apalled at how they are allowed to have their bedrooms be such junk yards! THey don't even have sheets on their beds, and sleep actually on just the mattresses! I know that Amy is busy, but those kids are all actually old enough to know how to put sheets on their beds, and make them!!!!

Anonymous said...

yes trying to suceed and make money is evil to socialist such as hitler. This is a capitalist country , move if you don't like it.

Anonymous said...

Most 18 year olds have no idea what they want to do. As for Jeremy exploring all of his interest in his head...good for him.
I notice that some of you complain that Jeremy and Zach have lost their way or are in trouble when it comes to the real world. At least they are not out drinking 3 times a week like most kids that age. I know I was.

Greg said...

What makes you so sure they aren't out drinking?

Oh right, because they don't put that in the show. That makes perrrrfect sense.

I think it's quite obvious that they are indeed like most kids that age.

Rap541 said...

Yeah, I notice that if we don't see the twins drinking on the show - then they NEVER drink. But if we ask why we never see the twins studying the bible and discussing how they love Jesus Christ - why of COURSE that DOES happen and its just not on camera. :)

Double standards are fun.

Mimi said...

I'm going to watch LPBW when (or if) it ever gets on the air again, but I have real reservations about the boys. Jeremy and Zack are--what, 18? Why do they act so childish and seem so lazy, especially academically? Jacob often seems angry and resentful. I'm afraid reality T.V. corrupts those it features; look at the Gosslins. The Roloffs seem no longer a family like others, but rich people who are anxious to grab as much material stuff as they can and to raise their children as lords of the universe.

rheign said...

It's so easy to sit back and point out all the crap in someone else's yard, never acknowledging the crap in our own.

Anonymous said...

How can anybody watch this show? It's so fake. I've got a bridge to sell you if you really think Jeremy and Zach don't "do the bad teen stuff" and aren't nasty rich kids.

They are so fake it hurts. I can't believe people believe the way they are on tv is real.

Rap541 said...

Pay me what the Roloffs earn and I would happily show you all my crap :)

It's that simple. The Roloffs *are choosing* to display their lives for money. People are going to judge. Thats part of why the Roloffs get paid for this.

If they don't want people pointing at their crap, they can stop doing the show, it's that simple. Clearly, the money is worth putting up with people judging their housekeeping and child rearing.

Anonymous said...

The show is getting more about rich people thats for sure.
When it started it was fun, because they were a typical dysfunctional family.Like most of us..
Now they are rich..
How can it stay the same anyway..?
They are paid big money..And they are enjoying it..
We have been taken on a lot of trips..Ok..But I liked the messy house, the crazy antics the kids were up to most the time..If they turn into rich sophisticated globe trotters..It won't be as much fun.
But I will be back to watch..Until it gets too un like us..then I will quit.

Anonymous said...

i like the roloff's dysfunctional family...i do agree that the vacations got old quick and at times it seemed that that was all amy wanted to do.

as far as the twins go, i raised three boys and all i can tell u is jeremy and zack are normal for 18. i had to occasionally "clean" rooms... the sleeping with no sheets was normal for my youngest and in general there were clothes all over the place. this is a teenage thing. the grades are a whole different thing. if i was amy and matt i would be very concerned as colleges look at your junior year especially on transcripts. junior college is always an option for zack to start out and possibly jeremy could become an apprentice if he has an apptitude.alot of kids are clueless at 18 .

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Zach and Jeremy have no idea how to plan a course and follow thru with it. Remember,they still rely on Amy to wake them each morning. Jeremy will make it but there is some real dysfunction with Zach. He is socially indept and immature for his age. He relies on Amy to make everything right for him. Jacob is spoiled and has big anger issues. Molly really has a head on her shoulders. As far as Matt and Amy divorcing; no way. It's just a gimmick to keep us tuned in.

tommmy said...

all the kids get what they want and it seems that matt dose nothiing to help and yea