Monday, June 22, 2009

New Roloff Family Newsletter June 22, 2009

Matt Roloff and his assistants just sent a "Summer newsletter".

There is an email list you can sign up for on to receieve the "Newsletters". They used to be more frequent, now they are more seasonal.

The change in the tone of the newsletters over the years is hard to ignore. They used to be more personal, more of an update on what the Roloffs have been up to since the show is many months behind. The newsletters used to have much more of a friendly feel, the type of letter that people would send their actual friends. Now the newsletters are much more business oriented, usually asking for support for various causes and Roloff business ventures, and this particular newsletter seems to have an extra emphasis on promoting Matt's website and trying to get people to visit his message board.

I'm also surprised that there is no mention of Amy's charity foundation or her Golf tournament in September that she is working hard to organize. She recently launched a new website about the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation with information about her Golf Tournament to benefit the DAAA.

Here is a quick recap of the the highlights of the newsletter today:

*Zach is going to Ireland. In the previous newsletter, Matt and Zach were asking for sponsors to send Zach and his friends to Ireland to play soccer. They say they've received sponsors and will be going this summer. It will be filmed and will eventually be seen on the show. Some people raised their eyebrows over the fact that the Roloffs were asking (and obviously received) for sponsorship for Zach (there are 8 other players and Zach, they were asking for 9 sponsorships), when the Roloffs are obviously very wealthy and will be getting paid by TLC since they will be filming the event.

*There will be a 2009 Roloff pumpkin season....was there any question about that? ;-) They instruct fans to go to to see hours of operation.

* The Iraqi family - The two children, Ali and Bara continue to heal, but require further extensive surgery. Matt says there are efforts to bring them to the United States. Funds will be needed during this process and they ask people to donate to CODA (Coalation for Dwarf Advocacy).

*Message board - They ask people to visit their message board and say there is a brand new Question and Answer with the family...but it isn't really brand new. It was back in April. Matt also gave thanks to his message board adminstrator/moderator "Disruptive Spirit". I can't help but comment on the irony of Matt thanking "Disruptive Spirit" considering that the Q & A he is referring to includes a rant from Matt about how posters and bloggers on the internet use screen names instead of their real names and their personal information. Second, we're not really big Disruptive Spirit fans on this blog. The moral might be you too could get a 'shout out' from Matt Roloff in the future if you defend the use of racial slurs (when said by a Roloff) and make statements such as 'words don't hurt' and object to teenagers (or at least Jeremy Roloff) being corrected and criticized for using racial and homophobic slurs by arguing that it's ok because some comedians belonging to said group have used the slur. I just wonder if Matt would be willing to repeat that message to the LPA or the next time they are guests on the Oprah Winfrey show?

*The Roloffs on twitter (or not on twitter)! As we stated, they say there were fake twitter accounts impersonating Molly, Zach and Jeremy. It says Matt and Amy do have real accounts, but as a result of the impersonations they will not use twitter to communicate. So that puts the Roloffs fan interaction back at the bottom of the barrel compared to their celebrity counterparts. Personally, I think their logic is weak. Due to the fake accounts, they will not use that venue at all? Why not just promote the real accounts and work with twitter to squash fake accounts? Also, Twitter now has a "verified" aspect to their site where they verify various celebrity accounts to confirm that they're authentic. Personally, I think they're running with an excuse because fan interaction has never been high on the Roloffs priority list and it sounds better to say 'We can't do it because of fake accounts', rather than 'we just don't want to deal with our fans if we are not getting paid to interact.'

*The Roloffs online store: You can visit their 'online store' to buy DVD collections of Little People, Big World, signed by the Roloff family and the other items they have available for sale.

That was the recap. This is the emailed newsletter:

Hello from the Roloff Family!!

We hope this letter finds you healthy, happy, & getting ready for SUMMER!

This is by far the busiest time of year at the Farm....wait till you see what we're up to now! This year we're sharing even more intimate details of what is going on in our lives... Be sure to tune in later this summer for more exciting episodes in"Season 5" of Little People Big World!

**It's OFFICIAL... Get Ready to RUMBLE!!Zach and his elite dwarf soccer team the STATESMEN will be making the incredible journey to Belfast, Ireland this July to represent America as they compete in the 5th Annual World Dwarf Games! Zach has received an incredible response from all of you! Our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the many wonderful sponsors (Impact Advertising Specialties, Duggan & Duggan Contractors, Inc., Viking Pools, Fiskars, Mars Veterinary, New Holland, Fitzpatrick Painting, LifeLock, Paul Mitchell, and Ikea) who came forward with their generous support to help make this dream come true!! And a very special THANK YOU for the many thousands of heartfelt emails we received offering your support and prayers! Stay tuned for all the action in upcoming episodes!

**Pumpkin Season, 2009Before we know it fall will be upon us... Many of you have inquired and we have now posted our hours of operation for the Pumpkin Patch on our website We invite all of you to come and visit us here in Hillsboro, Oregon this coming season to experience our many new attractions, additions and even the completion of some long neglected famous Roloff Farm projects. Hope to see you in October!

**Iraq Family UpdateDuring my previous trips to Iraq....I was blessed meeting and getting to know the Salman Family and being there for the surgeries on Ali and Baraa.... Both children continue to heal but still require extensive follow up medical treatment. It is my personal mission to continue to assist these children in any way I can. With the required paperwork process pending....I continue to plow forward in trying to make arrangements to bring them to the U.S. CoDA (Coalation for Dwarf Advocacy) continues to work closely with them however, as you can imagine, there will be many financial needs to support them during this time.. Thank you for the many kind donations CoDA has received on behalf of the Salman family. If you would like to help , please visit

**Website Message BoardHave you read the brand new Roloff Family Q & A's? Be sure to check them out at: appreciation to our on line forum moderator, Disruptive Spirit for all her hard work & dedication over the years) J Matt

**The Roloff's on Twitter
It has recently come to our attention that several unknown users on the popular social networking site Twitter have been impersonating members of the Roloff family, specifically our children Jeremy, Zachery, and Molly. We recognize that Twitter and other forums of social networking are great resources for people online to stay connected and update each other. However, as a result these recent impersonations we have decided as a family not to use Twitter. Matt and Amy Roloff both have Twitter accounts but at this present time will no longer be using them as a form of online communication.

**On Line Store, Limited Edition DVD's ON SALE NOW!We are proud to be offering sales of our DVD collection. It is a limited edition collection signed by each family member & is sure to become a collectors item! You can check out all the items available at our on line store at:

Many blessings to you and yours! Warmest Regards,Matt, Amy, Jeremy, Zach, Molly & Jacob


Lisa said...

The Roloffs "make family" decisions about using twitter??

Come on, Jer! Come on, Zach!

Your 19 years old!

Alexandria said...

I agree about the letters. I remember reading one of Matt's letters about two years ago. When I finsihed, I said out loud "What a great letter!"

It's all sell sell, make the $$$$$$.

Watching the Roloffs has become a study in how money and fame changes people.

If I was the Roloffs, I would feel guilty taking those donation to pay for Zach when it could have went to any number of people in need.

Greg said...

Yeah. I would like the Roloffs to explain why they could not afford to pay for Zach's trip to Ireland?

They live in a mansion. Matt brags about how successful they are. But they plead charity case and take money that could be going elsewhere to get a free trip.

Note to Portland soup kitchens: Keep your eyes out for the Roloff family trying to scoop a free meal. They obviously don't mind receiving charity when they're filthy rich.

Rap541 said...

Yeah, not gonna lie - I'm really put off by Zach and his team being held up as charity cases. Particulary in a newsletter where Matt is asking for more donations for CODA to help the Iraqi kids. Zach isn't a poor kid - he gets paid by the show to go on these trips. The Roloffs really should know better than to play "charity case" over their own son. I mean really, why exactly is Zach getting a free trip he and or his parents could easily pay for? Because he's got a handicap and is playing the pity card. Sorry, but any average height kid in an obviously wealthy family who wanted to go overseas would be hard pressed to get a freebie. But Zach is an LP and deserves charity based on that? What exactly are they teaching him?

Seems like the 3000 or so that Zach gets in charity might be better spent helping those Iraqi kids who unlike Zach aren't getting paid by Daddy and TLC to play soccer.... but thats just me.

TFD said...

Congratulations to those sponsors.

You're giving money to rich people.

The Roloffs have become revolting.

M said...

Ok so i'm getting out of this.
Give me MONEY! I don't want to talk to YOU!!

Anonymous said...

So they made tonz of money from the TV Show and they cant pay for his son trip to a competition, with people with the same deseases, and they did the show so people realise that they are diferent but they can do the same things - just if people pay to them to do things -

Laura said...

I don't feel there is anything wrong with a newsletter promoting their business. That is the purpose of newsletters for businesses and corporations. The Roloff family and R6 Productions are a business. They are promoting their business to those who are interested.

They don't need to send personal letters with intimate details of their lives. The Roloffs want privacy.

Sponsors do more than just pay for the cost of travel and lodging. Just because the Roloffs could afford to pay for Zach doesn't mean every player on the team could afford the same.

The Roloffs make a profit, but they are using their status to help others. Matt's efforts on behalf of the children in Iraq and Amy's charity golf tournament.

God has blessed the Roloffs and they deserve the good life.

Rap541 said...

"Just because the Roloffs could afford to pay for Zach doesn't mean every player on the team could afford the same. "

I don't disagree about the *other* kids. But Zach will be paid by TLC to film this. There's ten kids on the team and all ten kids including Zach have sponsors. Why exactly does a young man with wealthy parents, who is actually being paid by TLC (esentially sponsored by TLC) need a corporate sponsor to go?

There's nothing wrong with accepting charity when there is *need*. Can anyone honestly say that they believe that without a corporate sponsor, Zach Roloff would be too destitute to attend? Really? Mom and Dad couldn't sell one of the antique restored cars to pay? Or hey, Zach couldn't use some of his wages as a reality show actor to pay for the trip? I mean really, where is Zach Roloff's need here?

I will say that the newsletter is a lot more um... formal than it used to be. It also has been spell checked a little better.

And it's nice to see that Matt still makes decisions for his nineteen year old sons. Zach and Jeremy are such *men* letting Daddy decide whether they twitter or not. I mean wow... when will the adults with high school diplomas ever be grown up enough to speak without Daddy's express permission?

Brokenwing said...

Rap, I think you and others are wrong in calling it "charity".

They offered a business opportunitiy to businesses. They didn't go door to door asking the average person for $20 to pay for Zach's trip. It's not the same as donating to CODA.

How much does it cost a business to advertise on television, a show that has millions of viewer? The amount those companies paid is probably a relatively cheap way to get advertising. If I owned a small business or even a larger business, I would think it would be a good deal.

That's what it is. A business opportunity. It's not charity. The companies are not donating money for cancer research. They are paying in exchange for advertising.

Rap541 said...

This is from the sponsorship letter.

"We need your help!

9 sponsorships are needed (at a cost of $3500.00 each) to help fund our USA team (called The Statesman) to Belfast, Ireland. Your sponsorship(s) will help us cover the cost of travel, lodging, and the registration fees required for us to be able to participate
in this exciting world wide event."

Do you seriously believe Zach needed to be sponsored? Why does the team need sponsorships at all? If this is merely an added on "business" opportunity to a trip that is already going to happen... why the pleas? Why this clear comment - "I want you to be able to see and experience first hand what your generous contribution can do!"

Contributions are not "business investments" and this is not a business opportunity. Angling for freebies is not cool when you're not dirt poor.

I'm sorry Brokenwing, people who beg for free stuff when they can clearly afford what they are begging for are out of line. You want to call it clever, you go ahead, but I call it greedy and I won't praise Matt Roloff for playing the "sponsor the poor dwarf kids who *won't* get to go unless some sponsor steps up" game when I know damn well that his kid on that team is getting paid to appear in that upcoming episode. Sorry, no. Rich people playing poor for freebies is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Just another family that will get ruined by fame and money. Just like Jon and Kate...just a little different ending (probably).

Stay with the Original Roloff's and make God first you in your life like you used to.

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