Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pictures of Zach and Jeremy Roloff at their graduation party

There are pictures of the party the Roloffs held for the graduating class, lots and lots of pictures! 379 images to be exact.

They hired Shannon Moody Photography, a company based out of Hillsboro, Oregon to do the pictures of the graduation party at the Roloff farm on the weekend. The photography company placed the pictures on a photo sharing site, presumably for parents, kids and family members to look at and decided what they want to purchase. However, the gallery is public. I guess if you're into buying pictures of other people's graduation parties, you could buy some too, I suppose! I'm sure somebody will happily take your money :-)

They took several group shots of the graduating class, had a BBQ, the boys played soccer, the girls played volleyball, they had video game system set up including Guitar Hero, Halo 3, and of course FIFA soccer for you video game enthusiasts.

The picture I'll comment on for amusement sake is on page 12, image 222.

Oh Daniel! After he made such great strides in maturity during our interview where he was nothing but first class which occurred a week before this party :-) We discussed with Daniel the infamous birthday bullying incident where he was seen spitting on Zach after other kids had pinned Zach down. Just over six years later, here is Daniel once again dispensing bodily fluids on a Roloff twin. However, this time he was equal opportunity about it; as this time Daniel has Jeremy pinned on the ground and appears to be...blowing his nose on Jeremy's face. Hm, maybe we should just jot this one down as a bad camera shot capturing live action and Daniel is really only scratching his nose...yeah we'll go with that because it's a lot less gross! :-)

I'm kidding of course, it looks like a good time was had by all. Here are a couple of less gross, but still fun shots.

Staying with the theme of possibly being gross, any guesses on what that is on the grass in front of Jeremy's lap? It looks a little too thick to be whatever is in the cup that he's drinking.

Graduation celebration jump, Jacob Mueller is floating!

And what would a Roloff party be without some soccer pictures? Oh no, is Jeremy whipping soccer balls at Jake again? At least Jacob doesn't have a broken bone healing this time :-)

The guys playing soccer one last time, Jeremy with the ball. Jeremy's Faith Bible High School soccer career is officially over. For those that didn't know, Jeremy Roloff was selected as a first-team all star for their division each of his 4 years of high school soccer. Of course, sadly, Mike Detjen was not with us this past year to see Jeremy close off his perfect string of All Star selections, but when he was living Mike was very proud that Jeremy had made the first team in both his freshman and sophomore seasons.

File this next picture and comment in the category of weird, but hey, we aim to serve all that come to our site. One of the interesting things about running a Roloff site is seeing and hearing what people from all around the world are searching for and inquiring about Roloff related. I had heard of "foot fetish" before, but never really thought about it until I got involved with this Roloff blog and began to receive keyword inquiries. I wouldn't categorize this as common, but perhaps a consistent cult-like following and that is for "Pictures of Jeremy Roloff barefoot/bare feet". Hey, I'm not here to judge what interests other people! So far all those around the world that are desperate for pictures of Jeremy Roloff's dirty, grass-stained barefoot, here you go! :-) One person's dirty barefoot is another's delight, apparently.

(I would suggest to Matt, ever the opportunist, that if he believes there is a market for Roloff dirt, then based on the steady stream of inquiries we receive, there might be a market for pictures of Jeremy barefoot. Perhaps sell autographed pictures? Hey, I said this was strange!)

Speaking of Matt, he was there too.

Amy, always the picture taker even with professionals around, capturing her own memories:


Anonymous said...

Who cares about Jeremy barefoot.
Who cares if Jeremy is a jerk.
Who cares if Jeremy is a racist bigot.
Who cares if Jeremy is immature.

One thing that cannot be denied is Jeremy Roloff has an amazing ass! Proof...




Say what you want about Jeremy Roloff, but he has an amazing butt.

Greg said...

Haha, Go Dan! I can't think of any who deserves that to happen to them more than the obnoxious Jeremy Roloff!

Good pics. Looks like a fun party.

kate said...

great pictures. wish i had a grad party like that! :)

Em said...

Sounds like it was a great party. I like Jeremy. He's so energetic in those photos. He would be great fun to be around.

PS: I agree with Anon about Jeremy's cute butt, it is the truth. Pictures don't lie! lol.

Nick said...

I know these are all very rich kids whose parents can afford the moon, but it's too excentric for my liking.

It's only a high school grad. It's not like it's a wedding.

I'm sure it was fun, but I don't know if I'm board with this "live big" thing. I liked the Roloffs better when they were like normal people and worried about paying the bills this month and next.

Natalie said...

I'm jealous I wasn't in the Roloffs graduating class. Lucky kids. The Roloffs definitely have the property to have a wonderful party. They have something for everybody.

Amy probably put a lot of planning into it. I think she's a great mom who will do whatever it takes to make memories for kids.

Zach looked like he had a great time too. As the day moved along you can really see Jeremy get tired in his face.

I wonder why Jeremy didn't wear shoes to play soccer?

I hate to sound shallow, but yes, that 142 picture, wow!

Crawcraw said...

It's great Matt and Amy did that for Jeremy and Zach. They are great kids and deserve to have a special day. Graduating HS is as significant as a wedding.

Those pictures show how popular Jeremy is with his friends and classmates. The action follows him.

The only thing I didn't like is Jake Roloff. Why is he always zoning in on Jeremy's and Zach's special time? It's not Jake's graduation. Why is he right in the middle, sitting with everybody? You don't see Molly trying be front and center and steal their moment. He does the same thing with the school soccer games. He needs to learn to let Jeremy and Zach have their time. He shouldn't invade it.

Congratulations to Jeremy, Zach and their friends. High school is history!

Anonymous said...

Mueller looks nice in those pictures. I'm surprised none of those pictures has Jeremy and Mueller doing their thing or act that they usually do.

Jeremy is getting some facial hair. You can see it in the large pictures.

Josie said...

I love the Roloffs. Congrats Jer and Zach. And Amy and Matt too. You did your job too! :)

Tim said...

I'm so glad for Zach that high school is over. My wish for Zach is he can form an identity on his own away from Jeremy.

michelle said...

Great pictures. I look forward to seeing the graduation episode.

M said...

That Dani girl sure gets around. In the pics around the fire one of Jer and Zachs friend is very cozy and has his arm around her in some pics. Seeing used to be Bryan Roth girlfriend, the went out a couple of times with Zach and now seems to have moved onto another Roloff friend? Wow. ehh. Yeah its a small high school but still... same group of friends??

Oh and that album is filled with Jers dirty bare feet. I personaly find it alittle gross but whatever makes you happy! lol

Spiritswander said...


Yes, you're correct about Dani. That is Zach's friend Brendon with Dani. Tsk tsk. You know what they say about friends ex's. Zach and Dani were more of an "item" due to editing on the show than they were in reality, but still that's uneasy ground. On the other hand, Jeremy said DBU guys can cheat on each other's wives and all will be ok, so what's a high school ex girlfriend among friends? ;-)

Just to clarify, neither myself or anyone associated with this blog has a fascination with Jeremy's barefeet. It's simply based on statistics of what leads people to the Roloff blog. As stated in the blog, previously, I never fathomed that anybody in the world had an interest in Jeremy Roloff barefoot, but believe me, there is a cult-like following for it. Hey, if the blog can serve our visitors and make someone's day by posting a link to a picture, we will do it! :-)

Thanks for reading and posting your thoughts.

Julie said...

"Oh and that album is filled with Jers dirty bare feet. I personaly find it alittle gross but whatever makes you happy! lol"

M, I agree with you! While I was browsing those pics I had an urge to get the hose and wash his feet. They're filthy!

Ashley said...

Totally honest...Jeremy's most attractive feature is his butt. I feel embarrassed to say it, but it's true. It's perfect.

Oh oh oh. Did anyone else notice the hidden picture? I don't know what number it is, but it's near the beginning. There is a poster with old photos. Click on it and look at it in the original size or XL x 3.

Jeremy looks about 14, he's with a friend and what the H? They have clothing around their chests to look like bras? His friends is pink. Jeremy's is red and heart-shaped. LOL!

Pete said...

I think there's something a little different about Jeremy, something "off" about him. I don't think he's gay, but just the way he is. It's hard to describe. It's like he's in his own world sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I used to wonder about the whole "gay" thing, because him and his friends act very feminine. And this may sound stereotypical and its not meant to in any way, but I find that a lot of Christian boys who attend private high schools like that act the same way. That other tlc show, with the dugagrs and all those kids, I saw about ten minutes of one episode and the older ones acted very feminine as well. I dunno, just my thoughts haha. I definetly don't think jer is gay though.

Anonymous said...

Grr, I guess I missed my chance to see these photos; they now require a password to view them. Does anyone know anywhere else I can see them?

pikespeak said...

I guess they found out we were viewing them and commenting! LOL

Kiley said...

I cant see the pics.. could you maybe save the pics and post? Maybe the website took them down..!

Cathy said...

Kiley, the newest blog article

mentions that these party pictures were taken down.

The newest pictures of the graduation ceremony are still working, so hurry!!!!

But the party pictures are gone.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where I can see pics when they're taken down?

Christine said...

You can't. It's too late.

The photography company that took the pictures for the families put the pictures on a public photo site. A lot of functions like that do that because it's an easy way for all the parents, relatives and friends to order their copies of the pictures they like best.

When somebody (probably the Roloffs) realized fans were looking at the pictures they took them off the public site because, I think, the Roloffs hate their fans unless they're getting paid and think the world will come to a stop if fans see pictures of them they like.

justin said...
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justin said...
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justin said...
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Sheri said...

Justin, you are sick. Your photo albums are sick. You are a gay. It is not right for you to have pictures of Jeremy Roloff on your filthy page. Jeremy does not approve. Jeremy does not approve of you.

He is a Christian and is steadfast in his detest of the homosexual lifestyle. It is not right for people like you to put Jeremy's image on your filth.

Roxanne said...

Justin, without getting too graphic please, can you tell me what is the fascination with Jeremy's feet? How can Jeremy's barefeet in any way at all be hot???? I've seen pictures of Jeremy barefoot and his feet looked like anybody going barefoot on grass, they were dirty and gross! I don't get the foot obsession with Jeremy.

justin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
justin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brandon said...

Justin, I sadly have to agree with Sheri (I feel sick for saying that!).

I disagree with everything else Sheri says, but I am positive she is right about Jeremy not liking the fact that he has gay "fans".

I know it's popular to say Jeremy is gay or whatever, but I honestly have to say after being around the LPBW message boards and blogs for several years and hearing all the things from various people, Jeremy is a 100% religious Christian who does believe homosexuality is wrong. The Roloffs, yes even Jeremy, are way more right wing than people think from watching the show.

Obviously tho, whether Jeremy likes it or not you can post his picture on your site if you want. When you sign a contract to put yourself on tv like Jeremy and the Roloffs do, you don't get to pick who likes you.

I have to admit though, I'm not gay myself although I support gay rights and all that, but I'm disappointed that any gay people support Jeremy or the show or offer any kind words to or about Jeremy. It's like handing money to the enemy. The Roloffs probably donate generosly to Focus On The Family. Call him hot if you must, but the guy is a jerk and a total hypocrite, imo.

He knew what he was saying, his friends were saying it right until he they got caught and they knew the Enquirer was onto it and he's never apologized or expressed any remorse.

justin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sheri said...


Number 1. Knock off the capital letter text. I am getting a headache. Stop it.

Number 2. It is true that there are gays in Hollywood. The Roloffs can't do anything about that. There are producers in far away studios who are gay. The Roloffs do not deal with them. The crew that the Roloffs trust with their children are not gay. You are crazy if you think the Roloffs would ever allow a gay man, camera or not, into a room with a sleeping Jeremy, like members of that crew have been.

The state of gays and leftists in Hollywood and the entertainment industry is not something the Roloffs have control over. They support Fox News.

I had a nice long coversation with one of Amy's friend, a strong conservative Christian woman about how the leftists and gays have ruined the once proud state of Michigan, Amy's home state.

The Roloffs are not gay friendly and you are not welcome to use Jeremy's picture for unGodly deeds.

Sheri said...

Number 3. You are wrong. Jeremy and Zachary went with Amy to a Food Bank. Molly and Jacob have also been with Amy on fundraisers for the ARCF. They went to homeless shelters and food banks. The Roloffs are Christians who give back to their community. However, they do so, in ways that support Christ.

justin said...

Sheri If You Actually Beleive All That, You Have Your Head Up Your Butt. I Doubt You Know Anyone Involved With The Show. You're Just A Hateful Little Troll. I Also Doubt Gays Ruined Michigan... I Rather Think It's The Fact That Everyone And Their Dog Owns An AK-47. I'll Pray For You Tonight. Not Promising Anything! Talking To You Is Like Talking To Sarah Palin (except she's much brighter. (YIKES)... P.S. Sorry I Gave You A Headache. Reading Can Do That To People Who Aren't Used To It.

Rap541 said...

Actually I am utterly positive there are gay people in the crew of LPBW and that the Roloffs have no problem with that since they are raking in bucks.

Expressed said...

Rap, I think Sheri is right. I think there are gay people in the technical side. I know the producers that are in charge and most of the camera crew all have families (wife and children).

justin said...

Dear Sheri. As i start every day in prayer and end the night the same way, i kept my promise. Although my focus was on the miners in West Virgina and The President of Poland and his family, i remembered you. I find it plausible that you know the Roloffs or know someone that does, so your probably an insider. I am not. So you may well be right that the Roloffs hire no blacks, gays, jews on their crew; it's their right as they sign the contracts. I hope they know and are grateful to have such a fervent fan as yourself. I do hope that you can get rid of that little hate in your heart as it won't benefit you. But I SINCERELY, I HONESTLY wish you nothing but happiness. health and joy. Also success in all your endeavors. God Bless Sheri...... OH! P.S. Regarding Jeremys photos that you spoke of, i received some angry e-mails about them. As my albums are of very professional Singers, Songwriters and talented Actors, people were very upset that i included them. As he is none of the above, people didn't think they belonged at all and well, just didn't want to see them. So good news Sheri, Your Wish Is My Command... They have been deleted. Again, best wishes.

justin said...

On this Memorial Day, since the Roloffs have made SO MUCH MONEY from America, this would seem to be the perfect day for the dad to sit down with Jeremy and talk about joining the Military. Maybe start giving something back to the country thats been so good to the family.