Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Portland Timbers soccer team visit the Roloff Farm

Last weekend the Portland Timbers soccer team were invited to the Roloff farm. Television host, model and blogger, Laura Kristi explains that Amy, as coach of Zach's soccer team (The Statesman) that will compete in the Dwarf games in Belfast, Ireland, thought it would be fun to meet the Timbers (Laura's fiance's team) and see how they train. Laura says the Roloffs were gracious and welcoming. She was greeted to a tour of the farm by Matt Roloff. TLC cameras were there filming of course, so expect to see it on a future episode during Season 5.

Visit Laura's blog for more pictures of their time at the farm and her complete description.


Members of the Portland Timbers, Jeremy and Jacob Roloff and Zach's team 'The Statesman' - viewers of the show might recognize the Manuel twins - Jeff and Eric, Zach's friend Bill and actor Marty Klebba. There's Amy, the picture taking machine! :-)

Amy and the coach of the Timbers

Matt gave Laura Kristi a tour of the farm.



Erica said...

The group picture....

Just like the fan picture outside of the bagel shop, Jeremy looks like he's gaining weight. Maybe it's just the angle, but he actually looks like he has a bit of a gut on him. Jeremy??

Jacob is kneeling, but he's getting really tall.

Zach's friends, Jeff and Eric the twins? They're tall little people. I don't remember them looking that big when they Zach went raced go-karts with them.

I didn't know Marty was on the team going to Ireland. He must be because there is 8 players and Zach.

Corporate Sponsors are paying for a rich tv star AND a hollywood actor to play soccer in Ireland? Eek.

Erica said...

I forgot Matt. I hope he's okay. He doesn't look healthy to me. His face looks thin and frail.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Jeremy is getting fat.

Don't laugh. Think Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys. He was just like Jeremy. Skinny.

Then he started gaining weight, by the time he was approaching 20 he was fat.

M said...

Dan uploaded a video of him singing on youtube.

Anonymous said...

Jacob looks os big