Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Roloff Camp Victor mural message

In the episode that documented the Roloff family volunteering for Habitat for Humanity helping people affected by Hurricane Katrina, they stayed at Camp Victor.

Viewers saw a very brief shot of the Roloff family leaving a mural message at the camp.

Here is the exact mural or message the Roloff family left. Click to enlarge.

This is also an interesting story of another volunteer (before the episode aired on television) staying at the Camp talking about discovering the Roloffs mural. They also were working on the same house that was featured on the show.

Little People, Small World

Camp Victor is a converted warehouse which houses thousands of volunteers annually. It is also a community of believers who share their faith openly and quite often creatively with their colorful artwork, observations and musings, autographs and handprints, and favorite bible passages painted on every and any flat surface in the camp.

Last night, while sitting in the dining hall I saw the name Roloff painted in bright orange and red paint near the bottom of the wall right next to the dining hall doors. I looked closer to see what was written there and saw five handprints and signatures, Amy, Jeremy, Zach, Molly and Jacob. The Roloff Family of TLC's cable reality program Little People, Big World had volunteered at Camp Victor! The Roloff's are a family from Oregon. The parents, Matt and Amy are little people. They have four children - Zach and Jeremy, their 18 year old twins (Zach is a little person, Jeremy is not), 16 year old Molly and 10 year old Jacob. Everyone except the Dad, Matt Roloff, spent time this summer visiting disaster recovery sites along the Gulf Coast from Mississippi to New Orleans, Louisiana. Film crews followed them from site to site, documenting for the millions who watch their weekly program, the vastness of the devastation and the urgency of the continuing need for help.

Today, Charlie, Walt and I worked at Mr. Billy's home in Vancleave, MS. Mr. Billy is a 74 year old gentleman who lives alone. His wife of 47 years died in July 2005, one month before Hurricane Katrina hit. Billy, still mourning the death of his wife, just didn't feel like leaving his home, despite the warnings to evacuate. He stayed in his home along with all of his wife's belongings, pictures of his wife, children and grandchildren, and held onto dear life as all nature raged around him. In the midst of the hurricane his home was blown off of its foundation and water poured through the roof. FEMA awarded Billy $546 to rebuild his home. He had no insurance and did not receive any state grants. For three years he has lived in his terribly damaged home, trying alone to fix what he could. Just this summer Billy began to receive the help he so desperately needed from Camp Victor Ministries.

Volunteers came, week by week and began the long overdue repairs. Amy, Jeremy, Zach, Molly, and Jacob Roloff spent a day at Billy's home along with five camera crews. Billy's story, along with the stories of others along the Gulf Coast will be broadcast on TLC this spring. The efforts of all the volunteers, the stories of folks like Mr. Billy, will reach a nationwide audience - people who need to know that all is not well here! Watch for Mr. Billy's story on March 23rd and follow the Roloff's witness to what so many of us already know. The Gulf Coast needs our help and they need it now. We are approaching the 4th Anniversary of Katrina and the misery must end. All of us, congregations, individuals, faith based groups, government agencies. television personalities, the media - all of us, must recommit to this region and all those who wait for us to answer the call. I watch Little People, Big World whenever I can and was just amazed that we are working at the same house the Roloff's worked on this summer. All of us volunteers try hard to share our experiences here with our families and friends back home. We give temple talks, write journals, show DVDs, videos and slide shows. We might reach 50 to 100 people through our efforts.

The Roloff's will be able to reach so many more people than any of us could ever imagine. They will help re-focus attention and shine the media spotlight on folks like Mr. Billy. Millions will be brought into the reality of Mr. Billy and others like him. Little people, small world - all of us working together!

You can read this and more about other volunteer experience at this site:

For more about Camp Victor and to see more details about what the camp is like where the Roloffs stayed, you can visit their site here:

Camp Victor Ministries is a faith-based organization whose mission is to provide safe, sanitary and secure housing to Jackson County residents affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Camp Victor was built by volunteers, for volunteers.


Sheri said...

God bless the Roloffs and the other Christians who do God's work by helping those less fortunate.

The Roloffs are great people.

You can see Jeremy's creativity in that design. He thinks outside the box :)

Brandon said...

Jeremy's creativity? The hand or the arrow? Creativity is one word for the hand.

I don't get it. My hand would be like the other Roloffs :) Jeremy' that the microscope version and those are supposed to be the germs?? :)

Brokenwing said...

Thanks for posting this.

I hope anyone that doubts the Roloffs faith reads this. Their message puts that to rest.

Jeremy is creative. They drew that design on the side of the van and even in the roof of Zach's van! I thought it was either Jeremy or Mueller that drew that. It must be Jeremy since Mueller wasn't there for camp Victor.

Overawed By How Incredibly Talented Jeremy Is. said...

Gosh why hasn't Jeremy been accepted as a professional artist! I mean, Dear God that child is a prodigy! A prodigy! Why isn't he the talk of the art world? I mean, I found Jesus Christ by looking at the amazing talented artwork of Jeremy Roloff! He's the best artist ever! There's no one on this earth who will ever match the artistic talent we are seeing on this drawing! I mean.. Jeremy drew it! And it's incredible. The boy's talent just shines through and it really shouyld be in the Louvre!

I don't understand why the various art muesuems of the world aren't in the middle of a bidding war to purchase this original piece that isn't just a slightly better than average drawing by a teenager! I mean, Jeremy drew it and therefore its the most best piece of art ever! Because Jeremy is the best boy ever! He's fantastic and everything he touches is blessed.

I'm curious - is it true that standing in the prescence of this clearly immensely talented piece of art heals cancer? Because it's Jeremy Roloff's art! And Jeremy's special, increible completely never seen before in a mere child talent heals right? Because I can't believe that Jeremy's creativy isn't the work of the ages!

Anonymous said...

^^ :)
John Waters has already made a movie with this theme.