Thursday, June 4, 2009

Roloff family members on Twitter

A while ago this blog commented about the Roloffs and their fan interaction or lack of fan interaction and suggested that they might want to do as other celebrities and do something such as twitter.

Well, some members of the Roloff family have just recently answered the call (who knows, is that the value of constructive criticism?). We can confirm that Amy Roloff, Matt Roloff and Peggy Roloff are on twitter. Amy Roloff appears to be getting the most involved in twitter. She doesn't appear to really be responding to other people's "tweets" (twitter language!), but hey don't complain, just using something like twitter is a big step for the Roloffs and nice thing to provide for people who are interested in them.

Amy has posted about the graduation festivities for Jeremy and Zach. Faith Bible had the senior dinner for the graduates yesterday. Amy is heavily involved in organizing her charity Golf Tournament for DAAA. Also, the Roloffs had salmon and pasta for dinner (isn't twitter great! :-)

After this blog suggested that it would be a nice show of appreciation to their fans for the Roloffs to be more accessible on-line like a lot of celebrities these days, some people have written us suggesting nonsense such as fans who wish the Roloffs would be active online are "stalkers", so if you share that opinion, you might not want to check out the Roloffs twitter as Amy Roloff is "stalking" (meaning following) some celebrities that she's interested in; Amy receives celebrity updates about their lives from people such as Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, Larry King, Rachael Ray, John Mayer and John Stewart.

Matt Roloff has a twitter account also, but isn't using it as often as Amy. It appears he had difficulty uploading his picture and is less than impressed with twitter. Amy however, seems to have gotten the hang of it.

As with anything such as Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, etc., beware of the fakes. We aim to be the people's blog for people interested in the Roloffs so we'll give the definitive list of real and fakes and suggest some Roloff related twitters that you might want to keep an eye on if you're into the whole twitter thing.

The real Roloff family members:

Amy Roloff

Matt Roloff

Peggy Roloff

Roloff friend and frequent subject of our blog, Jen Montzingo

Another handy Roloff related twitter is TLC's twitter account -- it's a good way to get a heads up if the Roloffs (or any other TLC related shows you might be interested in) are scheduled to do any talk shows. They'll sometimes post the day of an appearance to let fans know it will be on later that night.


The trick to distinguishing the real Roloff related people from the fakes is to look at who they are linked with. For example, you'll notice that real Roloff friend Jen Montzingo is linked to as is Peggy Roloff. That is obviously the "real" Amy Roloff.

There are fakes so beware. And beware of fakes supporting fakes :-) One of the most popular Roloff fakes on twitter was: - this is a fake, it is NOT Amy Roloff.

There is now a Jeremy, Zach and Molly Roloff fakes who are all linked to the fake Amy Roloff. They are also fakes.

Fake Jeremy Roloff

Fake Zach Roloff

Fake Molly Roloff

You'll notice that all the fakes link each other so that's the best way to figure out that they're fake.

I'm amused by people who run fake celebrity twitters. Fake Roloff accounts on Myspace and Facebook are nothing new. There are several fakes on all of those places. The interesting thing about fake Roloffs (especially Jeremy and Zach) is they're actually doing they real Roloffs a service. Fake Roloffs on the internet are traditionally very polite and gracious. They have the reputation of being much friendlier to fans than the real Roloffs have been in the past on the internet! ;-) Fans that don't know they're being fooled, come away thinking "Wow Jeremy/Zach are so down to earth and appreciative. What nice guys!"

However, people that set up fake Roloffs on Facebook or Myspace are one thing, they set it up and basically that's it as far as creative deception. A fake twitter? It must take a creative mind to pretend to be someone else and give daily updates on what "they" are doing that particular day. Obviously it is deceptive and wrong, but amusing in a way.

When a site like Twitter was first suggested for the Roloffs, some people wrote this Roloff blog expressing their feelings that the Roloff couldn't possibly do that because it would be "spoiling" the show. Let's debunk that myth right now. People who care enough and are interested in the Roloff family and Little People, Big World to the extend that they'll search for them on the internet, to read this Blog, to follow them on twitter -- are the people who would never miss a show, are the ones buying the DVDs, watching the repeats, etc. It's the same as Soap Opera addicts that never miss a day of "their" show, they are buying "Soap Opera Digest" and the likes, reading all the scoops and spoilers...they're not about to stop watching the show because they know what is coming. It's the same concept for the Roloffs. People who are interested enough in the Roloffs to not want to wait 6, 8 and 10 months later to find out that Jeremy and Zach graduated are not the type of people who will skip watching the show. If they hear that Jacob has another accident and breaks another arm (I hope not!), when the episode eventually airs about it, do you think they're not going to watch it because they knew he broke his arm? Of course they're going to watch. They're the type of people who will be counting down the days to the episode and telling all their friends not to miss the show.

So anyway, that is the goods about the Roloffs on twitter. I think it is a very nice touch on Amy's behalf to become more active on the internet and give the fans something that interests them as her own favorite people in the media have done.

ETA: Hm...a day later now receives a message of "Sorry, the account you were headed to has been suspended due to strange activity. Mosey along now, nothing to see here."

Very, very strange.

Perhaps *somebody* or some entity didn't like Amy twittering and doing something in public (gasp) on the internet?

Perhaps Matt's own mother, Peggy Roloff and Jen Montzingo were fooled by a fake "realamyroloff" who last posted about the storm in Oregon and the details of the twins graduation?

All the other fake Roloffs have been suspended as well: the amyroloff which we stated was fake, the Jeremy, Zach and Molly Roloff accounts are all suspended.
Perhaps twitter is sloppy and while they were removing fake Roloffs they also removed the real Amy Roloff by mistake??

Perhaps twitter is confused and thinks Amy Roloff is just strange?

The only twitters that we posted about that remains is MattRoloff, Pegrol and Jen Montzingo.

What mystery, what drama! :-)


Amanda said...

Thanks for that. It's good to see Amy involved in all this modern technology.

It does make them seem more real than these posh people who can't be bothered to associate with the people that made them.

Ashley said...

This cool! 3 cheers for Amy! :)

It's sweet to see how proud she is of the twins for graduating. I bet she'll be crying all through the graduation.

Anonymous said...

realamyroloff is now suspended? Strange. It was definitely the real Amy Roloff.

Anonymous said...

yea all accounts involving the roloffs are suspended except matts

Anonymous said...

Those were their real twitter accounts.It was even linked to their myspaces.And now ALL Roloff accounts are suspended.

Jocelynn said...

Anonymous @2:37, the twitter accounts that were linked to Myspace accounts were all impostors. Those Myspace accounds are all impostors.

All the impostors are gone from twitter, but so is the realamyroloff.

Anonymous said...

actaully i know for a fact that those myspace accoutns are real....

molly, jer, and zachs were real twitter accoutns...


Justin said...

"actaully i know for a fact that those myspace accoutns are real...."

Sorry, but no they aren't. They're fake.

Jeremy's real Myspace was well documented...

Justin said...

It is weird that the real Amy Roloff account has been suspended. 16 hours ago Jen Montzingo left her this comment:
@realamyroloff sorry to miss past 2 weekends exciting! Coming down either next weekend or one after. Love ya

I think Jen is smart enough to know a real from a fake and not tell a fake her travel plans.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The Twitter account that was supposedly the "fake" Amy Roloff was also being followed by the real Jens twittwr,Now i'm confused lol :D Can someone Explain...

David said...

This is the real amy roloff???