Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Roloff friend Daniel Meichtry on You Tube and on the move

Jeremy and Zach Roloffs friend since kindergarten, Daniel Meichtry has recorded a couple of songs on You Tube. If you're reading this and familiar with our blog, you know Daniel. In case you missed it:


Dan's recorded a couple of songs and put them on You Tube and Myspace:

Stressed Out

Daniel also informed his Myspace friends that he recently moved out of his parents house, hence the background in his new video. Congratulations are in order for Daniel as June was a big month for Dan. He turned 18, graduated high school and moved out all in one month.

If you want to receive updates like that and more about Dan's music, he invites you to add him to your Myspace friends at:



M said...

Glad you checked out the link. :)
Good for him! Maybe he'll be an inspiration of the Roloffs.... leave the farm! haha

Anonymous said...

Congrats Dan! I like the second one, the talking to the camera, the smile before you start is too cute.

allison said...

yay twilight! i like your voice on this one dan.

Anonymous said...

I love his voice!
Hes amazinggggg!
And i love twilight :)

Lauren said...

I agree. That's the perfect song/style for his voice. I like the way he sang it. Very nice! :)

ashley said...

i'm liking dan's new background layout picture on his page! Is that his house?