Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Zach and Jeremy Roloff are high school graduates!

Congratulations are in order to Zach and Jeremy Roloff as they officially graduate from high school this week!

The festivities have already be under way. The Roloffs new motto with the help of the show Little People, Big World is "Live Big", so you know with something as special as a high school graduation the Roloffs go all out to make it the biggest and best graduation celebration.

Roloff farms was host to a big grad party this past weekend for the 2009 graduating class from Faith Bible High School. We hear that guests came from far and wide be apart of the special occasion. The camera crew was there filming it all, it will be eventually be shown, unfortunately the show is so far behind in "real time" that it will be a while before viewers see it.

One of the big questions everybody is asking: What are Zach and Jeremy going to do now that they've graduated? Are they going to college?

Well, Peggy (Matt's mother of course) Roloff briefly mentions them in her blog. Peg's grand-daughter (Matt's sister Ruth's daughter) Rachel, graduated from the University of California San Diego and she has been accepted for an internship with a publishing company. Peg goes on to state:

"We are also proud of our eldest grandsons, Jer and Zach, who are leaving high school and going on to something wonderful in life. Rachel has been accepted with an internship with a publishing company so she is excited. Don’t know what the boys will be doing yet."

Of course, the Roloffs never actually mention that this very lucrative television show that they never mention on the television show could qualify as "doing something".

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justin said...

It's Obvious What Jeremy Will Be Doing. He's, Umm, Well, Not Exactly A Rocket Scientist. But He's Smart Enough To Know Money Is King. He's Street Smart Enough To Milk The Cow Dry. He Loves Clothes, Jewellery, Cars, Partys, He's Got Probably 10 Pairs Of Expensive Kicks And He Can Do Anything Without Repercussions. So He's Just Going To Ride The Wave And Trash Everyone Like Usual... BTW, I Just Read In "The White Supremacy Weekly" That The Shows A Huge Hit With Them And They're Hoping It Goes Into Syndication. Hey Jer, MORE $ FOR YOU TO PISS AWAY BRO!