Monday, July 27, 2009

Video of fans meeting Amy Roloff in New York at the 2009 LPA conference

This is a nice video that shows what it's like for Amy Roloff to deal with fans and meeting people in public. Amy handles this stuff like a pro.

Can anyone decipher the conversation Amy is having? The last part is "I have 5 kids, I have kids" that referring to Matt as the 5th kid or Jacob Mueller? ;-)

On that note, the blog has been informed that although it might come as a shock to fans, Jacob Mueller did not accompany Jeremy on the Roloffs current whirlwind tour through Europe (they are now in Belfast, Ireland for the World Dwarf Games). Just in case you're not aware, Jacob Mueller replaced Zach on what would have otherwise been considered the Roloffs father and son trip (Matt, Jeremy, Jake and...Mueller) to the British Virgin Islands during March break and in the summer of 2008 he vacationed with the Roloffs for most of their two month vacation so now whenever the Roloffs or at least Jeremy travels, there is an expectation that Mueller will be with the Roloffs. But! He is not, maybe he will be back on board for the next vacation! ;-)


Michelle said...

I can't hear it either, there is too much background noise.

The only other part I heard was "he said it's more like..."

Will Jeremy survive without Mueller?? [wink] He must have some other friend with him. Could Jeremy survive with just family for this long?

ScottFan said...

Amy handled that really well.

"Will Jeremy survive without Mueller?? [wink] He must have some other friend with him?"

Scott I hope! LPBW needs more Scott!

Anonymous said...

Amy is so cool!

I can't hear what she said either about five kids :(

NN said...

That was so sweet. The little girl was so excited to have spotted Amy. From what I have seen and heard, Amy is always so gracious and obliging with the fans...Amy is my favorite out of all of them.