Monday, July 20, 2009

Jeremy and Zach Roloff also visited Portland State University in their quest for college/university plans

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you already know that back in January the Roloffs visited Corban, College - a private Christian college located in Salem, Oregon.

However, that was not the only stop on the Roloffs trek for a college or university for Jeremy and Zach. They also toured Portland State University. PSU blogged about the Roloffs visit back in January

Thank you Roloff's! Plan your campus visit!

We would like to thank the Roloff Family for visiting the PSU campus on January 23 and seeing if this is the place to continue Zachary and Jeremy's education! We were thrilled to welcome you to the campus and to have you film your show here!

For those comparing Portland State University and Corban College, they are quite different. One of the first questions Roloff fans ask about possible colleges is how far is it from the farm and does it mean Jeremy and Zach will be leaving home; and will they be on the show less.

Corban College (Salem, Oregon) is approximately a little of an hour away from Roloff Farm.
Portland State University is approximately 30 minutes away from the farm.

Corban College had an enrollment of just over 1000 students.
The enrollment for Portland State University was 25,000 students

The other big difference between them however is that Corban is a private Christian College and PSU is not. In fact, as part of their mission statement, PSU highlights that they value diversity and supports different beliefs and points of view. Corban, while having an excellent reputation from those familiar with it, has also been called an extension of Faith Bible High School by some in that it is heavily based in the Christian faith.

One would think that Corban might have more an appeal for the Roloffs given how important it appeared to be to Amy to ensure that her kids get a Christian education and Jeremy's own checkered past regarding diversity once you get beyond people with dwarfism.

If you're in a "Which college or university will Zach and Jeremy be attending" pool, some have not ruled out Portland Community College. Depending on which campus it is, it can be as little as a 15-minute drive away from Roloff farm and some of Jeremy and Zach's life long friends (The "DBU") will be taking classes at PCC. That sentiment is mainly coming from people who simply don't think Jeremy and Zach are ready to separate from their friends yet.

Some fans have been hoping that Jeremy and Zach will go to separate colleges, feeling it would be good for them to go their separate ways and form their own identities, although thus far, their visiting the different colleges and universities make it appear as though it will be a package deal.


Rap541 said...

In fairness, I think it's reasonable if you're getting two kids ready for college, to take both kids on the campus tours even if one is more interested in a different school than the other. I mean, you're going anyway so why not take both kids?

I think community college is on the table less because two nineteen year old men will have seperation anxiety and more because the two men in question don't seem well prepared for college or very motivated to attend. If "being around their friends" is really a big issue... it says a great deal about their maturity or lack there of.

Chris said...

I don't think there is anything wrong with a community college and people should stop knocking it.

If it offers classes they're interested in and they want to stay at home, why not?

If they're doing it just to stay with their buds, then that's a bit of a problem, but if it's for the other reasons, there is nothing wrong with it.

Corban is expensive. It's over $20,000 a year! If Jer and Zach aren't sure yet they know exactly what they want to do, why spend that kind of money? Even if the Roloffs are rich, it's a waste to spend that kind of money if they aren't sure.

It is reasonable for them to scout out colleges together, but I have a feeling they will go as a pair.

I'll be stunned if they don't and I'll be stunned if where ever Jeremy goes if there isn't at least one or two of his best friends at the same school.

Anonymous said...

It will be a christian college and it will be small. Count on it.

They aren't prepared to deal with non christians.

They would be in for a culture shock at PSU with that many people.

Greg said...

I think going to college will just be for show (pun intended!).

There was no chance of them moving out of state. LPBW is the cash cow. They need to be around.

Since they pretend like the show doesn't exist, it wouldn't look good to say Jer and Zach aren't going to school and don't have a job. They're just going to sit on their butts and play on the farm all day.

I think that's really what they're going to do and collect another big check from TLC, but they can't say that. Take a class at a college even if they don't want to and that will make it look acceptable to the audience.

Cindy said...

I agree that it is likely that Jeremy won't be too far from his friends.

The second Matt said Wharton was in PA, I saw the expression of pure horror come over his face and I knew way back then that Jeremy wants to stay close to his friends.

I'm also under the impression that Jeremy and Zach are gearing up to go to the same place.

Alicia said...

The best thing that could happen to those boys would be for them to forget about the show, move out of state, go to separate colleges without the host of friends. They would experience more of the world and develop worlds beyond what they are now. Sooner or later you need to interact with people you haven't known since kindergarten and who not believe all the same things you do.

Anonymous said...

If Jeremy goes to college it will be a MISTAKE.

He should MODEL.

If Jeremy reads this, model do commercials, act, while you're young. Now. You can always do college later. You won't be able to do it the other way around. Use your looks while you have them.

Jason said...

"I think community college is on the table less because two nineteen year old men will have seperation anxiety and more because"

Rap, you don't think Jeremy suffers from seperation anxiety with Mueller? Have you been watching the last 3 seasons? :)

I can see them doing college as a group thing.

Dana said...

Why worry about where they will go to college or what they will do or who they go with?

It's their lives.

God will guide them.

Rap541 said...

"Rap, you don't think Jeremy suffers from seperation anxiety with Mueller? Have you been watching the last 3 seasons? :)"

I'm just trying to be fair and not draw attention to the creepy attachment issues. :)

Seriously, I think the biggest issue is going to be less than steller grades and a lack of interest. Considering how little effort either boy has put into school... places like Corbin or PSU seem like an awful lot of money if the young men (because lets remember we're talking about two men who are high school graduates and old enough to legally buy cigerettes in my state at least) aren't really interested in attending. Community college easily allows "the story" that Jeremy and Zach are pursuing higher education and lets the two young men have a plausible reason to not find jobs away from Daddy and Mommy's eyes.

I think the "go modeling" faction needs to consider that Jeremy wants to be around his friends. A modeling career is not going to come to him at the farm. Jeremy would need to leave his best friends from kindergarten and actually not live at home if he seriously wanted to pursue a career in modeling. I don't think he has the self discipline at nineteen to seek out that sort of work. It's a demanding field.

NN said...

Jeremy and Zach will do fine...eventually. There may be a few bumps in the road along the way and lots of adjustments to make but they will be okay. I think Amy and Matt have done a good job raising their family. Everybody likes to pick on every little thing that is not perfect but to bad for them and their little glass houses...nobody is perfect, we all make lots of mistakes while we grow up and that is fine because we learn so much along the way. I wish Jeremy and Zach nothing but the best.

Jason said...

"Considering how little effort either boy has put into school... places like Corbin or PSU seem like an awful lot of money if the young men (because lets remember we're talking about two men who are high school graduates and old enough to legally buy cigerettes in my state at least) aren't really interested in attending."

In fairness, high school is different than college and I think it's typical for kids not be interested in high school like Jeremy and Zach, especially when they have all of those fun things to do at their fingertips.

I don't think cost is a factor.

Will the College or University comp the tuition for the publicity? That's what it sounds like to me. Reading between the lines of the Portland State blog, they seem awfully excited to have the Roloffs visit with the TV crew.

Yeah, it would be an expensive comp but considering there are scholarships, they might think the publicity they will get if they film the show there will be worth it.

I just don't believe cost is ever a factor for the Roloffs. I didn't believe that they almost ran out of money halfway through the remodel either. They do whatever they can to hide the fact that their rich and they get freebie after freebie because they know some of their fans still like them because they think their 'one of us' struggling with paying the bills.

I think the only real factor for Jeremy and Zach is they don't want to see their little gang end and that comes before anything else. Even Amy said she didn't think they were prepared for it.

I'll be very shocked if Jeremy and Mueller aren't hanging out everyday next year.

JC said...

What is wrong with them not going to college next year? There is nothing that prevents them from starting college two years from now. Maybe by that time they will have a better idea of what they want to do in the future.

That's what I would want them to do if they were my kids.

They are no different from actors. They get paid very well for being television stars. More money than they'll ever make anywhere else. They should stay at home and be television stars for as long as they can.

Don't look down on them either.

The public doesn't look down at 18 year old actors who film their next movie or continue their weekly television series role instead of college. Jeremy and Zach are no different.

People, wake up and smell the coffee. They aren't "regular teens". The Roloffs job, including Jeremy and Zach, is to star on a television series. That's how they make their money.

I say milk the tv show for all they can, make all the money they can and then do whatever they want in a couple of years.

Rap541 said...

Truly, I don't think money is a huge issue either, in that the twins have been on a lucrative tv show for four years. I also agree that the remodel money running out was a story presented, not actual reality.

But in fairness to these colleges - what does handing out free tuition to a reality show participant really do to help the college? I mean, seriously, they're selling education, not pools. Yes, it puts the name of the school "out there" but not necessarily guarenteed to provide advertising in a positive way. Frankly I think Zach, much more than Jeremy, has the opportunity to score some "freebies" in the sense that he nicely fills a college's diversity card. I would be very surprised if a college was willing to comp admittedly poor students (not saying that as a slam, it's simply a reality that there's a reason we're even debating whether the twins will go to college and it's because they aren't stellar students) for tv advertising. It sends the message to parents that this school isn't so concerned about academics.

I think Matt and Amy have helped create the situation where their two adult sons are not wanting to leave the nest because they can't bear to face the world outside without the buddies they've known since childhood so I don't have a huge amount of sympathy. I really hope that being around one's pals is not considered a valid reason to not go to college full time or not do anything other than work for Daddy on the family farm. I mean... What do the twins plan to do?

Rap541 said...

JC, the only thing I will point out is that you're making a false comparison between an eighteen year old actor, and an eighteen year old on a reality show.

An actor - at 18, is required to shoot scenes until the director is satisfied the scene is correct. Its an actual job that requires actual effort and talent.

Being on a reality show in contrast merely involves breathing and a willingness to be on camera. You're implying that Jeremy and Zach (and the rest of the Roloffs) are somehow "better" than say, the cast of Big Brother, but what you're describing - two college age guys goofing around while on camera - is actually less labour intense than being in the Big Brother house since the twins aren't even required to *try* to think and scheme.

They aren't performers - or rather, if you're going to say they are acting, then they are not very good actors, and there's no point in even suggesting anything on LPBW is real. If they are actors, then the whole family as presented is a lie, and we're not talking about real people who have feelings! We're talking about two actors who get their money by acting like dumb kids... Enough with Jeremy's great personality - he's acting and you have NO IDEA what the actor is really like in person.

Do you respect the folks on Big Brother as professional performers? Do Jeremy and Zach have SAG cards since they *aren't* on a reality show? They are tv stars, acting on a show?

See the difference?

JC said...

LPBW is not Big Brother. There is a difference between the Roloffs and Big Brother contestants. Big Brother players are on for 3 months in a "game".

LPBW is a long running television series where the Roloffs, among them, Jeremy and Zach, are the stars.

It doesn't matter if they're out and out actors reading a script. That is totally beside the point. Their job is to star in a weekly television series. They have done it for basically since 2003.

They are entertainers making good money on a weekly television series. They should milk it for all they can. When it's over, it's over and they go on with their lives. Right now their job is to star in a weekly TV show that entertains people.

Rap541 said...

"It doesn't matter if they're out and out actors reading a script. That is totally beside the point. "

Actually, it's not beside the point. You're calling it a job, an entertaining job. What do they have to *do* to get their paycheck? Live at home. Allow themselves to be filmed. Occasionally do a haybale confession. Goof around and create drama for the cameras. Heck, have the twins curse a little bit more, and we're basically watching an unstructured version of Jack*ss... but don't equate it with somehow being *better* than all the other reality shows out there.

And don't get me wrong - if the twins want to ride the goof off train for money, why not? I just take offense that you're saying we all need to be respecting two young men for their *talent* when a) the tall one would not have a reality show at all if he wasn't part of a family with physical handicaps and b) all they are required to do to get their paychecks is not work and goof off and then let Daddy and Mommy whine for them how it hurts that people see them as not very bright goof offs. Oh, and while I personally am not looking for "more contact" with the twins, perhaps if they are professional entertainers and stars, they could do more than *nothing* to respond to their fans? Maybe act *professional* and not call their fans names online?

I mean, if they want respect, and they don't have to do anything other than goof off and let mommy clean up after them, can they at least show some respect? If they are "stars", maybe its no longer an excuse that they are completely unchanged, naive boys who don't really understand their fame?

JC said...

Either I didn't make my point clear or you misunderstood me.

I'm not claiming that Jeremy and Zach are talented (other than being entertaining enough that people will tune in week after week to watch them).

Nor am I saying that they've handled their fame graciously. Obviously they have not.

What I am saying is their job is to star on a weekly television show. A job that is very lucrative. They're entertainers, celebrities. Having a job in the entertainment industry does not mean it's always going to be a display of talent or benefits society, but it is their job. A professional comic can make a living out of making fart noises. Talented? No. Impressive? No. But if it brings the people in and they're making more money doing than they would by pursuing a normal career, they would be smart to continue doing it.

Jeremy and Zach star in successful weekly TV show. They are like actors or entertainers.

You wouldn't ask any other 18 or 19 year old that stars in a weekly TV show about what they're going to do in the Fall.

Rap541 said...

But they aren't acting or *intentionally* entertaining. Entertaining implies the entertainer actually *doing something* to entertain.

You don't seem to like the Big Brother comparison, but how is watching people sit around and talk (something that occurs pretty frequently on Big Brother and LPBW) or arguing over chores (again happens all the time on both) different to where Zach and Jeremy are somehow pursuing a career - while the people on Big Brother are just goofing around.

As I said, I'm not offended at the idea that the money is better than going to college - but can we at least agree then that we're not watching a real family live, and that if the plan is for Jeremy and Zach to ride the reality show gravy train until the show's cancelation, that any talk presented about the twins planning to attend college is essentially an unscripted *storyline* and not reality in anyway?

Likewise if we're acknowledging the twins work ON the show, can we have it acknowledged that Zach didn't need to be sponsored for the World Dwarf Games because going to the games is a *storyline* and Zach is paid to attend these things? And can we stop with treating this show like the kids are untouchable for criticism because they are just living their real lives, and how dare anyone judge these selfless people putting it all out there, daring to live their lives as though the cameras weren't there?

Because if they are tv stars, choosing to stay on their lucrative tv show and therefore live at home, and goof off for money rather than move on with their adult lives, then can we stop acting like the Roloffs aren't doing it for the money, and that the family's lifestyle hasn't been dramatically changed? Oh and that we're not seeing a family thats unaffected by fame?

After all, *I* have nothing invested in the twins going to college - it's their *mother* on the reality show, who has constantly pushed that goal, that education is important in the Roloff family - and since the partyline has been "they're the same as they always were" then there's your answer as to why people are wondering whether these two reality show kids are going to college.

I mention their attitudes towards fans because we've reached the point where it becomes a bit tiresome to hear how nothing should be expected because Jeremy just wants to have fun, and Zach is shy. Guess what? They're adults, being paid to goof off for the cameras and be "tv stars". They aren't children and if they are mature enough to make the choice to be tv stars, then they need to owning some of the responsibilities since they aren't children. They're men, choosing the lifestyle. They're not doing the public a saintly favor and they're actively choosing to take the money and the fame. So I hope, if we're going to say that goofing around for money is a legit career choice, that the twins start manning up and begin doing the things that bore them and that aren't fun. Because they can walk away now if they find being famous too awful.

JC said...

If a Big Brother contestant was on the show for almost 6 years of their life and made good money then yes it is the same thing as the Roloffs and I would scoff at anybody asking what that person should do next year.

It doesn't matter if it's a scripted television show or if it's a reality show. They stars of a television show making more money than they will in the 'real world'.

If Ryan Seacrest was 18 years old and telling bad jokes and introducing contestants would you ask what he should do next year? You would know he's continuing the television show he's making bank on.

If Vanna White was 18 years back in the Wheel of Fortune glory days would you ask what she would do next year or would you assume she would be back turning those letters like nobody else can, because she was part of a successful TV show?

I don't disagree with the rest of your message. They don't treat their fans right, they fulfil the role of stuck up snobs that have forgot who is actually feeding them or they just don't care.

That's a smack against their character and the type of people they are.

It doesn't change that their job is to star on the show.

Rap541 said...

I just don't like you equating it with being a professional actor, like sitting on the couch goofing off is equal to someone who actually has to act.

The contestants on Big Brother are paid to spend two months goofing off and chitchatting and some *have* done multiple seasons of the show. Under your definition of tv star and entertainer, the folks on Big Brother qualify.

I can easily ask this question - once LPBW is done, what will Jeremy and Zach do next *as entertainers*? Anything? Or, like the folks on Big Brother, will they pretty much stop being TV stars when the show is canceled? Thats what happens to most reality show stars... because they aren't entertainers. Of course part of our disagreement is that I don't view reality show participants *as* entertainers, and I concede that's me - but here are some different examples.

Are the Duggars "entertainers"? The couple on "The Little Couple?" The Gosselin kids? All three of these shows are in the same style as LPBW - documentary style reality shows.... if we're deeming the participants "entertainers" - doesn't that make the entire concept suspect? And if we accept that without the tv cameras, Jeremy and Zach would most likely be more seriously considering college - then how are we seeing a real family unaffected by the cameras?

I mean really, how many middle class families working on a farm etc have two young adults whose job is "star on the show about how they are just an average family"?

After all, the Roloffs don't acknowledge that the show exists - can we stop calling it a reality show at this point since we're pretty much acknowledging that the documentary concept has been lost since the family has dramatically changed it's behavior for the cameras?

'Lic said...

They visited the University of Portland (a private Catholic school) in the spring.