Friday, July 17, 2009

Little People, Big World shutout of 2009 Emmy nominations

The 2009 Emmy nominations get a big thumbs down from those of us associated with this blog. Last year, Little People, Big World earned an Emmy nomination for Original Musical dramatic score - Joey Newman - for the Grand Canyon episode.

This year, personally, I thought Joey Newman's music was top notch, especially the episode dealing with Mike Detjen's passing and the piece he called 'Remembering Mike'.

I enjoyed the music more in that episode than the one that earned him the nomination last year, but unfortunately he wasn't nominated when they announced it yesterday.

These were the nominations this year:

Music Composition For A Series (Original Dramatic Score)
* Castle
* Ghost Whisperer
* Legend Of The Seeker
* The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency
* The Simpsons
* 24

For those wondering, the nominated reality programs were:

Reality Program

* Antiques Roadshow
* Dirty Jobs
* Dog Whisperer
* Intervention
* Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List
* MythBusters

I don't watch any of those regularly :-)


Anonymous said...

Must be a backlash against all LPBW and Roloff things because of Jeremy's homophobia and racism...Dog The Bounty Hunter didn't get any noms either...

Rap541 said...

*OR* the nominated shows actually aren't bad?

Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs are great. Intervention is a lil too icky for my tastes but is compelling viewing. Kathy D is also pretty funny. I don't watch the others but my parents and brother love Roadshow....

I mean really... what Emmys did LPBW win before Jeremy's racism and homophobia. Heck... did Dog the Bounty Hunter ever win one?

Anonymous said...

Oh I know, but I thought some people would have a conspiracy theory about Little People and Jeremy being slighted. I wanted to beat them to the punch.

David said...

That sucks about the music. I thought Joey Newman would win this year. The musical score
was more emotional this year.

The Simpsons?

Anonymous said... poster on July 17, 2009...How is Jeremy a homophob or racist? It's people like you why people who happen to have more fame then others that get a bad wrap. Because you talk out of your ass.

Rap541 said...

You really need to check out his myspace (are the articles about his myspace). There's a good one on this website called "Jeremy Roloff Scandal".

It's documented. Jeremy uses the n word in a negative racist way to refer to Mike Detjen. He also likes to call people faggotholes (tho he can't seem to spell it correctly) and uses terms like beaner. Once the National Enquirer broke the story - Matt Roloff did not DENY the article at all and did issue a vague "one of the children used bad language" sort of apology.

Jeremy ain't the victim here. :)

Anonymous said...

The Family seems to be pretty cool in general but WOW!!!!
What Slobs!!! I cant imagine how they can manage around all that clutter.... Especially the boys bedroom conditions...YUK!!