Saturday, July 18, 2009

LP mom would love to have Amy Roloff's kitchen

This article isn't really about Little People, Big World, except for a couple of references to the show and that the woman would dearly love to have a kitchen custom made for her size as the Roloffs have done.

However, I felt this article about a person with dwarfism was worth passing along. It touches on the darker side of dwarfism, when the woman talks about how her daughter has really struggled. Of course, LPBW aims to be positive and inspirational, thus they tend to put a happy face on everything; so it's interesting to read a different perspective from non-Roloffs/wealthy celebrities.

'She says she has to ask for help four or five times a day in reaching things around the house and noted that all the dishes in the kitchen are down low so she can reach them.

"Other than that, we really just have some stools to stand on," she said, noting that she did the same thing when she worked as a waitress and cashier in a restaurant.

"When I worked the register, they gave me some stools to stand on and I was fine."

"I would love to have my kitchen remodeled like the woman in that show ["Little People, Big World"] does," Gravely said. "Heck, I wouldn't mind if they came and did a show out here! I like to cook, but it's not much fun standing in front of the stove trying to cook bacon when grease is splattering in your face!"

Gravely is happy and optimistic about her life, but she does admit that having dwarfism can be difficult -- and not just with reaching things around the house.

"There is always prejudice and hardships, no matter who you are. Little people feel unwanted, especially as teenagers. I mean, your mom and dad obviously want you and love you, but you feel like nobody else does.

"My son is 23 now and looking for his soul mate. It's hard enough for any little person, but I think it's harder for a guy who's little than for a girl.

"Being a dwarf really hurt my daughter," she added. "She was a follower, and it was harder for her to be a follower because of the way she was made. It really got to her."

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Tim said...

That is an interesting subject about teen/young LP guys and the Roloff spin.

Do the Roloffs and LPBW and the show get too caught up in trying to show that Zach can be just as happy as Jeremy that they don't show the reality of what the living with dwarfism experience is really like?

It is possible that it is realistic and Zach does have a different outlook on life than other dwarves.

I think the Roloffs fame has destroyed the aspect of teaching about dwarfism. Like this article points out, the opportunties available to the Roloffs and the way they're treated is not the same for most little people.

Rap541 said...

Its interesting that I was just reading about Julia Childs and that her husband had a special kitchen built for her that was tall enough.... makes me glad I am "average height".