Sunday, July 5, 2009

LPA and Amy Roloff seeks to ban the "M" word from television

In addition to the regular events and purpose of the LPA conference, this year, there is another agenda. The LPA is still extremely upset about the Celebrity Apprentice offensive episode that aired earlier this year.

After their complaints were dismissed by NBC and Donald Trump, the LPA proceeded to file a complaint with FCC regarding the word "midget".

The LPA and Amy Roloff are in New York speaking to media about their desire to ban the "M-word" from television.

This year, the group is calling on the FCC to ban a word from TV they say is derogatory and offensive. It comes after it was used repeatedly on NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice" in a scenario they say was meant to humiliate people of short stature.

"The 'M' word -- midget. It's created as highly offensive to us," said LPA Conference Co-chair Clinton Brown III.

"A word is easily to be dismissed. It's a lot more of the meaning and the impression it gives about little people, that we're always down here instead of reaching up here," said LPA conference participant and star of TLC's "Little People, Big World" Amy Roloff.

While Roloff says she doesn't expect the word to ever go away completely, the LPA says increased advocacy has allowed them to make great strides toward that goal."

Ok, we must be real and honest here.

The Roloffs are full of mixed messages regarding this issue. How can anybody who are aware of the Roloffs not gasp at some of these statements?

Seven months ago Matt Roloff said "I don't care if someone calls me a midget". He went on to say that it's intent that matters and the word midget is only offensive to him if it's being used in a demeaning manner - such as referring to people of short-stature as objects to be owned (Comedian Jimmy Kimmel did an offensive routine stating everyone should own a 'midget'").

Matt's statement was a glaring change from what the Roloffs had taught for years -- which was to eliminate the word "midget" completely. Their goal was to make it like the N word. To followers of the Roloffs, it was rather transparent that the reason for their stance changing was because of Jeremy's racial and homophobic slurs. The Roloffs were seen as hypocrites. They teach don't say "midget" but Jeremy had said many offensive slurs and the Roloffs wanted people to just ignore it.

Anyhow - according to Matt's Dec 2008 statement, it would be ok for you reading and this blog to say "Midgets have gathered in New York this week. The DAAA games were held Sunday. They include midget soccer, volleyball and basketball. Midgets are also participating in track and field events."

The context or intent is not to demean. So the above paragraph is ok and not offensive? I have a feeling the LPA would disagree. How would the reporter doing that story have been received by the LPA if she had introduced her story with the words in the above paragraph?

Even Amy in her speeches recently has stated that she strongly dislikes 'PC-ness'. And Amy kind of, sorta said that it's sad that Jeremy needs to watch his foul mouth now because people are too sensitive and might get offended again when they see Jeremy say the N word and versions of the gay slur. Amy also said she's disappointed that people called her a hypocrite over her reaction or lack of a reaction to her own son's slurs towards other groups.

Yet here Amy Roloff is July 2009, partnering with the LPA to say the word "midget" should be banned from television completely.

I'm tired of this blog and anybody in general who spoke out against Jeremy's use of slurs and said he was wrong being vilified by the Roloffs and a small segment of Matt Roloff fans. I saw the responses to the articles stating Jeremy was wrong. Some said those who thought an apology from Jeremy should have been forthcoming were trying to limit free speech.

Yet here is Amy Roloff, part of a group saying the word midget should be banned from television completely. Is that being too politically correct? Are the Roloffs and the LPA being too sensitive? Is Amy Roloff and the LPA trying to limit free speech? Where is the consistency?

It has become obvious that the Roloffs and a certain segment of Matt Roloff fans and his official website are hypocrites. I'm not attempting to be insulting, I think it's a pure fact. They have double standards. They want people with dwarfism to be respected at all times, but they don't think they should show the same level of respect to other groups. Jeremy Roloff uses words such as N*****, Fa****, and beaner and their primary reaction was to get angry with those who were offended and said he was wrong and disappointed that Jeremy did not apologize.

Every time this issues raises its ugly head, we receive a couple of emails saying 'why are you blogging about that again?' Well, it's because when something is so glaringly hypocritical, it must be mentioned. I can't read an article such as the one linked, see that Amy is trying to ban the word "midget" from television and not remember that this blog and many fans of the show were told that they were trying to limit free speech and were just vicious haters on poor Jeremy Roloff because we felt he was wrong calling people N words and F*****holes. It's at the heart of their message, that's why it keeps on coming back.

None of this would have been an issue if the Roloffs had simply reacted as Daniel Meichtry did -- accept full responsibility, acknowledge that he was wrong and sorry and learn from it to educate people to be better. Instead the Roloffs play the game of you're the bad guys and girls if you thought Jeremy was wrong and didn't smile and turn your head at his offensive language.

For the record, so no one is confused, I actually completely agree with the LPA about the 'M word'. I think it would be great if the word "midget" was not used again. I don't see value in it. I think one of the greatest accomplishments of the Roloffs and Little People, Big World (until last year when they altered their stance) was teaching society that "midget" was a bad word and it should not be used.

One thing that cannot be said about this blog is that we are not consistent. The M word shouldn't be used, the N word shouldn't be used, the F-gay slur shouldn't be used....even if it comes from a Roloff. Unlike the Roloffs who go back and forth about whether the "M word" can be used and when their kid is using racist and homophobic language they think people should just shut up about it and cut him a break and if they don't, they're just mean haters...but by the way, don't ever say 'midget' on's so hypocritical.

Here is another article about the LPA's attempted ban on the word "M-word".,0,5838605.story


M said...

Hypocrites Roloffs only care about seeing their names in the media and raitings for their show.

Greg said...

The Roloffs just hope people don't know or don't notice their hypocrisy.

I think Amy must honestly feel uncomfortable when she speaks at something like this because she knows that some people do know the facts about her family.

I think the LPA is hypocritical as well. They don't care about the N word or f*g being said online. They hold Amy's hand. They plaster Jeremy's picture on their website. Then they try and ban the "m" word because it's offensive and demeaning to them. Rightt. "F*ggit-hole" isn't demeaning to gay people. The LPA should be more careful about who they hail as heroes if they're going to go on an angry mission to ban a word from TV.

Anonymous said...

I don't feel that the Roloffs are hypocrites. Jer's just a kid that didn't mean to offend anybody and was just joshin around.

The Apprentice people like Joan Rivers were offensive.

Riya said...

The Roloffs should have given their reaction to Jeremy's racism more thought. Their show and their public speaking will keep them in the arena of needing to speaking out against slurs and that in turn makes them hypocrites.

Rap541 said...

I'm bothered by this on several levels.

At the Roloff level, I wish Matt and Amy would pick a story and stay with it... for their sakes if nothing else. Midget is wrong, midget is ok, midget is wrong. Pick one. Its ok to change your mind, but if you flipflop at the drop of a hat? You're a flipflopper and people are going to wonder just what your views are, since you change them.

Then we have the actual problem of the Roloff clan getting indignent when its *their difference* that has an offensive word attached to it. I wonder why Donald Trump can't just look into the eyes of the twits who made that offensive commercial and know they won't do it again, so no apology is necessary?I mean, he's dealing with it privately, why is *anyone* expecting anything here?

Then we get into the larger issue of "midget should be banned?" I don't know. I understand the history of why it's offensive, and I don't use it myself because frankly, people think it's rude.

But.... how is "dwarf" not suggesting that someone is less? How is "little person" not implying that someone is less? Less of a person, you know. Because there are people... and then there are little people who aren't as big. I don't understand how someone is proud to be a dwarf but offended at being called a midget.

But then, I really don't understand how the Jack in the Box commercials featuring dwarfs on ponies with a helium enhanced soundtrack about tiny cowboys is somehow NOT offensive to little people.

Rap541 said...

Anon, I really am certain that the *intent* of the Apprentice commercial was not "Lets see how offensive we can be to little people".

Ten year olds know better than to refer to their beloved father figures as being "pretty sweet just like a n-word". Joshing around, never meaning no harm, so what? Jeremy at 10 is old enough to know better. Therefore he was *certainly* old enough to know his joshing around was offensive when he was 15. Really, he was fifteen, and he was so sweet and pure and innocent, he had NO IDEA n-word was a bad word? Really? Because for a pure, sweet, completely ignorant of what the word means kid, he sure used it in the offensive way when he called Mike his n-word. Likewise, for a kid who has NO IDEA what f*ggithole means, he sure is quick to take pictures of himself smooching on his male friends to show his disgust.

Can we please get off the "Poor Jeremy was just a little boy who, bless his sweet mouth, thought f*ggithole and n-word meant ice cream and cake and never meant ANYTHING BUT LOVE for the people he called beaners,n-words, f*ggots, etc"? Because really, that young man isn't bright in the slightest, but if he's *that dumb* then I seriously question how a kid who can't be responsible for the words he says because he just doesn't know what he says, is somehow not mentally challenged.

Brandon said...

Rap, I agree with most of your post. I agree about the Roloffs flipflopping and their hypocrisy with the whole Jeremy thing.

I think it was the mother/wife in the Foos family that said the reason why "midget" was offensive is because it meant that something is smaller or less than and to call a person midget means you're saying the person is lesser than a "normal" person. I agree that's a bad explanation because you can say the same thing about "little".

But I do see their point about "midget". 99% of the time I've heard someone say midget they are either laughing or making jokes about them like they aren't a real person. Most of the time, if I hear someone say "midget" I know they're going to be an idiot if they talk about the people. If they say "LP" I know they're going to be respectful.

I know ignorant people are just ignorant people and banning the word midget isn't going to make those people any less ignorant, but I get why they'd rather the word not be used.

It's like f*ggot, if you hear someone say it, you can guess that they aren't going to have any concern or respect for a gay person. People who say it will try to say different, but I don't know anybody who takes things like the gay teenager suicide rate seriously who would go around saying f*ggot like Jeremy and his friends.

The less those words are used the better in my opinion.

The word midget doesn't have the same level of hate with it, but it is usually used to mock and ridicule. I totally understand why LP's are sick of the word.

Spirits made a good point in the article about redoing the intro to the DAAA games, but using "Midget" instead. A lot of people reading that would be giggling reading "Midgets gathered in New York". Little People of America doesn't have the same 'laughing at them' feel to it.

Justin said...

"I wonder why Donald Trump can't just look into the eyes of the twits who made that offensive commercial and know they won't do it again, so no apology is necessary?I mean, he's dealing with it privately, why is *anyone* expecting anything here?"

That's a great point. It's being handled privately so the LPA will not be getting an apology. That is an acceptable answer??? And lots of people say midget, why are the LPA picking on Donald Trump and his show? Lots of other people say "midget".

All the excuses the Roloffs use to defend Jeremy comes back to haunt them and the LPA.

Matt needs his website Mod to tell the LPA the words don't hurt unless you let them and they're ridiculous to expect an apology.

Oh no wait, the Roloffs expect different rules for themselves.