Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A nice feel-good story about a young fan of Little People, Big World

This is not really Roloff related, except that the boy is a fan of Little People, Big World, but it's a very touching story and shows that Little People, Big World does have value just by existing when you hear about what it means to this boy to see others with dwarfism on television. It also includes a story of an amazing act of kindness. As we mentioned a few days ago, the LPA conferences can be very expensive and there are obviously some people and families with dwarfism would love to go, but simply can't afford it.

For anyone with a heart, if you didn't already before, after reading the mother's blog you'll understand the hurt the word "midget" can cause and how it's usually used in a degrading manner.

I'm not sure if I've ever seen a more effective description of how heart-breaking it can be to have a child with dwarfism or any other difference where they're the subject of ridicule and teasing.

It's a very touching story so we thought we would pass it along to our readers, and it never hurts to bring a story like this to the attention of some influential people -- the 2010 LPA conference is a whole year from now, perhaps the Roloffs might see the story and be moved to send the young man an email or post a You Tube comment with a few words of encouragement.

"Gevan is my oldest and smallest child. He has a form of dwarfism. I want to point out that he, and most other little people, prefer to be called a "little person" and that the term "midget" is degrading. Please don't ever use that word. We "think" Gevan has a form of dwarfism called Cartilage-Hair-Hypoplasia but we aren't very sure of that. We can't find a doctor who is confident enough to make a diagnosis because his symptoms don't exactly match the most well known types.

Gevan has often felt out of place in a world that was not created for him and by that I mean the world society has created, not the world God created. God likes variety! But this world has certain standards and cater to the most desired average. Fast food counters, water fountains, arcade games, and theme parks are pretty much out of the question for a person of short stature. He simply can't reach without sitting on my knee and having me boost him up. He also still sits in a car seat, which for a twelve year old, is totally uncool.

All of these things are on his mind everyday yet, it is only every once in a while that I hear him say, "Mom. I wish I was bigger."

On those days I cry with him. Then I tell him how God designed him, his height, and everything else while he was still inside the comforts of my womb. He knows he is safe and very much loved and accepted with us but when he is around strangers his countenance changes. He feels the stares. He sees the fingers pointing. He hears when they call him a "midget." The world can be cruel when it sees someone unlike the photos of perfection they compare everyone to.

But he is my baby.

For years he has asked to go to the LPA conference so he could meet lots of other little people like himself. Then, ever since the show started we have sat together on the sofa watching TLCs Little People, Big World. I often catch him gleaming out of the corner of my eye. He just starts glowing. Now with the new show, The Little Couple, that is one more half hour each week where he feels like he belongs. I can't thank TLC, the Roloffs, and the Kleins enough for sharing their world with us but more importantly for bringing us into our son's world. Of course, seeing these shows only caused him to want to attend the LPA conference even more. Without a lot of money to freely spend we turned to God.

.....and for two and a half years we have prayed that God would provide a way for him to go.

Then I opened that email. She said,

"We’ve been praying a lot and we both really feel like the Lord wants us to give money over to you on behalf of Gevan. I’m not sure if you are interested in it or even if he has an interest, but we feel like the Lord may want it to go toward an LPA conference."

I almost hit the floor. I don't know that I ever felt more significant to God than at that very moment. I had never told anyone online of Gevan's desire to go to the conference and so for God to think so much of my son that He would speak to someone else and have them provide this for my baby, well, it just left me in awe and I was speechless. The kids thought I had lost it because I was just crying sitting there looking at the monitor. Then Gevan read it. He squealed and pointed, "MOM! Is that for me?!!"

He spun around a few times and did his manly, "yeah!" because you know his friends were watching and all but then he just stood there somberly and I saw tears well up in his eyes. He looked at me and smiled and said, "Ma. I really get to go now, huh?"

I could finally tell him yes.

The check came in the mail two days ago along with a beautiful note for my little man. I just wanted this generous and loving family to know what they have done for Gevan and thank them for listening so intently to God. I pray that God blesses your socks off for this. Gevan will be attending the 2010 LPA conference along with his entire family and you better believe we will be blogging about it. We are going to make a vacation and celebration of it. He has something to say to you:


Rap541 said...

This was great! Thank you for sharing it.

Don said...

It is a beautiful story. I wouldn't be suprised if they do hear from the Roloffs. They have two things going for them besides it being a beautiful story. He is a child with dwarfism and they are Christians.

If the Roloffs are going to do something nice for a fan, the odds increase if the fan is Christian.

I agree it's a wonderful story and well written by the mother. I'm not a Christian, therefore I don't agree with the God part of it.

God didn't answer their prayers. Gevan will be going to the convention because of a kind and generous person.

I am a healthy person. I was checking into a hotel that did not have elevator access to the second floor. I had reserved and confirmed a ground floor room. The seniors in line before me only had a 2nd floor room but could not do the stairs. Upon hearing that, I said they could have my ground floor room and I would go upstairs. They were very grateful.

God did not answer their prayers and give them a ground floor room. I did because I made the thoughtful decision. I could say "God" moved me to do it, but He didn't...I made my own decision, just as I could have made the decision to say nothing and send the old folks up the stairs.

That's what happened in this story. Some thoughtful stranger did something very kind.

Nevertheless, it is still a beautiful story and I'm happy the kid gets to go.

julie said...

what an amazing story. thanks. there is still good in the world!

Debbie said...

Such a precious story. I hope I wasn't the only one that teared up reading the mom's blog? It's refreshing to see a good news story about the positive side of humanity. Best wishes to Gevan and his family and to the family who donated the money.

Anonymous said...

That brightened my day