Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Peggy Roloff hopes there won't be a Season 6 of Little People, Big World

There is a new article about Peggy Roloff where she makes an interesting comment regarding her feelings about the future of Little People, Big World. Peggy says she hopes there won't be a 6th season because Matt and Amy and their kids are usually busy with the show (ie. traveling, doing fun things).

"Ron and Peggy live only a few miles from Matt’s family, which gives them the opportunity to visit the family often, and they are regularly featured on the show.

“The feedback on the show has been so positive,” Peggy Roloff said. “Matt and his wife Amy were only going to do the one pilot and then decided to do a full season after all the positive feedback. Then it turned into the second season, and now they have finished the fourth and they are twice as long as the first. The fifth season should start anytime.”

Although filming a reality show has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience, it also created a strain on the family, Peggy said.

“I hope they don’t do a sixth season,” Peggy said. “I mean, we don’t have access to our family as much as we used to. They are always having to do something, but it has been a good influence and touched a lot of people.”

Season 6 however is a long time from now. They are currently filming Season 5 and have been for quite a while. Season 5 will begin airing in the Fall. Part A of Season 5 traditionally airs from October to December. Part B airs usually from April to June. You're looking at seeing new episodes of LPBW until next June even if there is no Season 6, however don't rush to any conclusions about that.

You can read the full article about Peggy and her friends here:

As we mentioned previously, Ron and Peg Roloff have been on an extended road trip. Peg blogs quite frequently about their trip. You can read it here:


Tim said...

I like Peg, but I wish she and the Roloffs would stop acting like the Roloffs are doing the show out of the kindness of their hearts.

They're doing the show for money. If they weren't getting rich off it and it wasn't helping fuel their speaking careers, they wouldn't be doing it.

I understand Peg wanting more time with Matt's family, but they probably don't agree. They're the ones getting free vacations all around the world.

I wish they would all stop acting like they're doing the show as some type of charity act.

steph said...

Matt parent are up in age just like my parent and they do want to spend more time with their family.