Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sizing up the competition for Zach Roloff at the World Dwarf Games in late July

As previously announced, Zach Roloff and the crew for Little People, Big World will be in Belfast, Ireland for the 2009 World Dwarf games which run from July 26th to August 2nd.

As you can see from the article about the Portland Timbers visiting the Roloff farms and Zach's soccer team, The Statesman, the Roloffs are already preparing. There are more sports than just soccer, but everybody who watches Little People, Big World knows there is only really one sport that matters to Zach and the Roloffs.

Who will Zach be competing against? That is both interesting and disappointing.

Apparently there are 15 countries that are going to be competing at the World Dwarf Games including: USA, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Russia, UK, Austrailia, Ireland, Nigeria, Benin, Turkey, Denmark and Ghanna.

Unfortunately, Brazil is not listed as participating. I say disappointing, because in 2008 and team of all dwarf players in Brazil generated some attention.

They call themselves 'The Giants of the North'. They're managed by a professional coach. They regularly compete and defeat teams composed of 13 year old average sized Brazilian kids. Considering how soccer-mad Brazil is, beating 13 year old Brazilian kids sounds like quite an accomplishment for a team comprised of all dwarves. Those games used full size goals.

Wouldn't it have been fun to see how Zach's team stacked up against the mighty Brazilians? It's disappointing if that Brazilian dwarf soccer team does not compete at the World Dwarf Games. It would be like an Olympic Hockey tournament that doesn't include Canada or Russia.

It's unfortunate that some sponsorship money couldn't have been found to send that team from Brazil to the Dwarf games. Perhaps if the Roloffs have any excess sponsorship money that they successfully raised to send Zach and his teammates to the World Dwarf Games, they could look into what it would take to get this team from Brazil to the Belfast for the games. It would probably be quite a thrill for Zach to say he competed against the soccer powerhouse from Brazil.

Here is a nice article about the Brazilian team. They were formed to raise awareness about dwarfism in Brazil.

Brazilian dwarves who are giants of football
By Lucy Cockroft
Published: 9:08AM BST 08 Apr 2008

Brazilians have long held a reputation for being the giants of football, now they can also lay claim to being the first country with a team made up entirely of dwarves.

The players may be lacking in height, but after choosing the team name Gigantes do Norte - the Giants of the North - it appears they have a generous sense of humour.

Managed by professional coach Carlos Lucena, the Giants were put together in an effort to raise the profile of dwarves in Brazilian society and challenge "sizeist" attitudes.

The average size of the team is about 4ft, while the smallest player is just 3ft 3in.

Together the 11 dwarves play in Belem, north-east Brazil, taking on youth teams in 40-minute matches.

The diminutive team use full size goals, but this hasn’t proved to be a setback for their 4ft 7in keeper who managed to keep a clean sheet in their last match, beating the opposition by 4-0.

Their friendly game was against the Barcarena under-13 team, in the Barcarenao Stadium at the mouth of the Amazon River.

As is common in the beautiful game in Brazil, the players take nicknames.
Brazilian striker Ronaldo is known as "The Phenomenon" while star player of the Giants, Cazemiro Ribeiro, is called "Vagner Love".

The smallest players in the English premier league are Tottenham Hotspur’s Aaron Lennon and Chelsea winger Shaun Wright-Phillips. Both are 5ft 5in.

And there are videos of the Brazilian team. These guys are good! It's inspiring to hear the one player speak about how the team has changed his life and increased his confidence.

This is more of an introduction to the team:

This shows the games. Check out #9.


Alex said...

Zach's team would get destroyed. It's BRAZIL!

Peter said...

There is an idea. Give money to people that actually need it to participate instead of "The Statesman" who has at least two players that are living in modern-day mansions.

Jason said...

Zach will lose. The Roloffs always lose at soccer despite the way editing tries to make them look like soccer wizards on the show.

1. Jeremy tried for ODP and got his arrogant ass kicked right off the field.

2. Jake's team were awful. They were last in their division last time I saw.

3. Zach and Jeremy's Faith Bible team year after year are the doormats of their division.

Zach's dwarf team at the DAAA barely even beat a group of guys that were thrown together at the last minute and didn't have enough players.

I have no doubt those Brazil guys would beat Zach's team with (an American) Football score, like 14-0.

Jenny said...

Go Zach. Represent USA. Bring home the Gold!


Kyle Richardson said...

I don't get you guys actually enjoy watching the show or do you come on blogs like this just to trash talk the Roloffs?? "Peter", you have no right to judge or determine where they give their money. You don't know the background story so I would say you should keep your mouth shut and not assume. I'm guessing you're one of those communistic liberals who thinks the rich are bastards and should share their wealth, eh?

Peter said...

I do know the background story. I don't think you do.

What I hate is "rich bastards" asking for money when they don't need it.

The Roloffs are rich.
The Zach Roloff is going to be paid by TLC to play soccer in Ireland. Zach Roloff does not need charity.

I don't care about either of those things. They make good money being on this tv show. Awesome.

What does make the Roloffs sickening is the rest of the story.

The Roloffs begged for sponsors to give Zach $3000 to go to Ireland. I read their letter. It was a 'please give Zach money so him and his friends can compete'.

Kyle, why can't Zach Roloff pay for himself? Why does he need a hand out?

Do you support going to homeless shelters, asking for a meal, telling them you're starving and please would they be so kind to give you food.....when really you're living in luxury? Do you support 'rich bastards' eating at homeless shelters so they don't need to spend their own money? Anything for 'rich bastards' to save a dollar, eh?

That is what the Roloffs did.

If the Roloffs wanted to make the Dwarf games a success, they should have raised sponsors for the games as a whole. The point of my post - there are obviously dwarf athletes who are not living in mansions, who will not be paid to play like Zach will.

But the greedy Roloffs played poor, please give Zach money so he can play when he was capable of paying for himself.

Tom said...

The last video is amazing!!!

Forget Zach, those Brazilians could school Jeremy.

That team shows how sport can be used for good in society.

Rap541 said...

Point - if Marty Klebba is on the team, are we really suggesting he needed a sponsor in order to go as well? Is he even confirmed as a member of the team?

The Manuel twins frankly seem to come from a wealthy family as well. Their hobby of kart racing isn't cheap.... and these three people were not actually on Zach's team, the Grasshogs, and if you read the sponsorship letter, Zach is implying that it's the Grasshogs going, not this new team that seems to be composed so far of mostly "LA Breakers"....

I don't like how the pity card got thrown on this one... oh those dwarf atheletes won't be able to play if they don't get sponsors.... but Zach is actually getting paid to do the show, and if the Manuel twins and Marty Klebba are on the team.... is it really believable that these four people needed sponsorships or else they would have been sad and alone and not able to play the sport they love?

Because thats what's being sold - these people would not be going unless sponsors were found. Does anyone really believe that?

allison said...

their star player #9 is amazing! it might be good thing for the zach and the rest of the competition if brazil is not there.

M said...

If Zach plays regular DAAA soccer he plays today(Sunday, July 5th) if so I wonder how his team did. Let us know if you find out spirit! :)

Kyle Richardson said...

You guys are missing the point. It's not like the sponsors are taking away money from the poor and giving it to the Roloffs instead. It's their choice whether or not they give to the Roloff's for soccer. No one is forcing them to. Besides, how do you know that they haven't given money to the Roloff's AND to other teams?

Rap541 said...

Kyle - the plea was presented that none of these fine atheletes would *be able to go* if sponsors weren't found.

Is Zach, who is paid to appear on LPBW, seriously stating the ONLY way he could travel with his team is on someone else's dime?

Its the sponsors choice but is it an honest presentation of the facts to state that the Roloffs simply could not afford to send Zach unless he had a sponsor?

I'm sorry, maybe my non christian morality is simply rearing it's head. I was taught to not take charity unless I needed it. People who can afford to buy their own groceries aren't stopped from standing in line for the free pantry stuff.... but are they really morally upstanding people for taking handouts they don't need.

Prove to me Zach Roloff - who is going to be *paid* for his time in Ireland - simply couldn't afford to go to Ireland without putting his hand out. Prove it - and I will stop accusing the Roloffs of accepting charity when they can well afford their own treats. Thats before we touch on whether other members of the team had geniune need as well.

Anonymous said...

LOL You guys are rediculous! The Team " The Statesmen" was comprised by both Zack and Marty! Its not the Grasshogs, nor is it the Breakers! It is 10 of the best all around Dwarf Athletes from the USA going to represent in the Belfast World Games!

As far as sponserships, its not whether someone has money or not, it is about sending a TEAM of athletes that will be good sports and take a shot at the WORLDS favorite game, plus basketball and track events! Martin Klebba still holds, and prolly will for a long time, the 100M time at 13.84. Give people credit when it is due!

The Roloffs as a family more then covered Zachs trip and helped other guys who wouldnt normally be able to compete on a world stage get there. Martin Klebba also covered his own way!

Stop the hating! The Brazilians know where the games are, they can get there like all the other atheletes from....India, Egypt, USA, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Russia, UK, Austrailia, Ireland, Nigeria, Benin, Turkey, Denmark and Ghanna. Raise money as they seem to be the ones that do this for a living and get paid for it....Then they should show up the rest of the countries... that is if they have what it takes!

Brandon said...

Anon,,,you said: [[ Its not the Grasshogs, nor is it the Breakers!]]

It's Matt and Zach Roloff that implied that it was the Grasshogs. This is what was in Zach's begging for sponsorship letter.

[[For the past 2 years, our team has won the Gold Medal in soccer at DAAA. Now, in honor of our achievements, myself and 8 elite little person athletes have been invited to
Belfast, Ireland to represent the USA at the 2009 World Dwarf Organization’s 5th World
Games in July of this year.]]

Maybe you should read it...they clearly say they want $3000 for Zach Roloff. Zach and 8 other players. They want 8 sponsorships. They were asking for $3000 for Zach and $3000 for Marty!!!!

Some people in some countries can't afford it. That's not hard to believe it. They can't use a TV show to beg for money for a TV star and Movie star!

Sounds like you're probably on The Statesman and you're hating on the Brazilians because you know they'd whip ya! :)

JD said...

Zachary Roloff.

I lived in UK for six years. You have no idea what you've got yourself into. Football is life. You and your team are just arrogant Americans.

You like history? Learn from it. Might save you embarrassment.

What happened last time a Roloff twin played against stiffer competition? He thought he was good. He didn't practice. Your twin brother went in and got his butt beat black and blue. He was crying to for momma to take him home. His humiliation was open for everyone to see.

it's your turn to be humiliated. Your brother's humiliation was nothing compared to what you're asking for. He was only playing against Americans. You will be playing against gents who live and breathe football. It's culture. You think you know. You think you're good. You think you're ready. You're not. You will lose like never before. Like your twin, you and your team will be leaving in shame like the American trash you are.

Brandon said...

Haha, I agree with JD. If I could, I'd pay for the Brazilian team to go. Everybody in their right mind knows they would clean up.

Not much else is better than seeing someone who thinks they're awesome get schooled. Jer's failed opd tryout was one of my favorite for that reason. I'm guessing the same thing will happen to Zach and Marty's team.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm beating 12 yr old kids....Thats hard! PLus they play with regulation size goals, Im sure Marty and Zack and the boys from the USA would love that as well. The goals are 5'x 8' and it will be indoors! Start making your excuses now!

Im rooting for the Boys from Lady Liberty!

Tom said...

"Hmmm beating 12 yr old kids....Thats hard!"

For LP? Yes it is. Most 12 year olds are faster and have a more powerful kick than a person with dwarfism. Zach had trouble playing one on with Jacob back when he (jacob) was 9 or 10.

These are 12 year old Brazilian kids. I would bet anything that the worst player on that team is better than the best player on Jacob's team of 12 year olds. Soccer is life for kids in Brazil.

Like other people have said, I can't wait for Zach, Marty and crew to get a dose of humility.

Like JD said, it's Zach's turn to be the Roloff twin how goes in over confident against competition and is in for a rude awakening.

I hope TLC doesn't do any editing to salvage Zach's ego and we get to see "The Statesman" get blown out.

Anonymous said...

Why dont we all jus quit the trash talkin and quit soundin like lil babies that everyone is on this thing and see what happens in Ireland and then say what u think needs to be said.

Anonymous said...

Here they come!

Tom said...

What do you mean? Are they in Ireland now?

Peter said...

Zach better put in a good performance since he swindled charity money he didn't need.

Anonymous said...

not sure about the money aspect but just watched the statesmen clean up in the basketball finals against Australia. it was amazing.can i just say well done to ALL competitors.

Anonymous said...

Well the Statesmen went all the way to the Gold Medal game, sweeping in on a 29-2 goals in its first 4 games. They faced the Favored UK team and went to OT with a 1-1 tie, then took the Silver Medal after a 3-2 Pentaly Kick Playoff! Well job to all the teams! Great Sportsmen ship as well!

In Basketball, the Statesmen went on to win the Gold Medal after scoring 21-11 against the favored Australian team. Capping off a 175 - 25 points and 5 games played.

All the teams are looking forward to Nashville next year, as the UK will look to defend the Soccer ( See if the Bazilians want any of this! ) while the Hard charging Statesmen will be gunning and Defending the #1 status in B-Ball!

Tom said...

Isn't Nashville next year just for the DAAA, not the World?

Somebody sounds a little biased!

Great sportsmanship? What's this about Amy going bonkers on the ref? Are you saying there was no complaining about the officiating by The Statesmen?

Anon, everybody knows the Brazilians would have creamed everybody, including the UK team. They're Brazilians playing soccer!

Brazil's star player makes Adam Romano look like a beginner.

Anonymous said...

Well TOM THUMB! Pull your thumb out of your backside and get the Mighty Bazilians to Nashville! As long as the # 1 teams are there, its a World Games Compition!

Brandon said...

I'm American, but I'll say I think it's justice that the Statesmen lost in football.

Who is easier to cheer for? LPs who are everyday people who struggled to compete or The Statesmen....a team full of celebrities...who conned sponsors into paying their way.

Did they stay in the best hotel in Belfast while the rest of the athletes stayed in the local dorms?

Did Marty borrow one of his pal's Johnny Depp's 18 private jets and fly in on that?

To me it's not country vs country, it was working men and women against the spoiled celebrities who have their roots (and funds) in Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

LOLOLOL! The Statesmen are everyday people. They stayed in the University dorms, with no TV, Internet or any other amenities. The UK team stayed at the lavish downtown Belfast Hotel.

The Statesmen went their to bond with all the other atheletes, and if you asked any of them from the other countries that stayed on campus, you find out how together everyone was, unlike the UK team.

Hate the guys all you want, it seems like jealousey to me. I rooted for them teams from the USA, Also cheered every athelete in all sports including bonding with the children from all over the world.

Again, there was sponsers, but Zack Roloff and Martin Klebba actually paid their own ways. Zack was there with the familia, and Marty took him and his fiance for the trip out of his own pocket.

Ask around, and find out who everyone thought was their favorite athelete!

LOLOLOL What Numbnutz!

Tim said...

Anon, if Zach paid his own way (which I doubt) that contradicts the sponsorship letter the Roloffs sent and the follow-up letter sent by Matt that they had achieved their sponsorship goals.

Anonymous said...

That was to help secure help for all the atheletes! It cost close to $ 4,000.00 each to send the Statesmen to N. Ireland. Flights ( Econony, Food- cafateria, Rooms - Dorms no TV or Internet ) Noone was living the high life except for the UK team! Also, every team from the Aussies to India and so forth, WERE SPONSERED!

Tim said...

Anon, you're missing the point.

Sponsorship is great for LP athletes that needed it.

The letter that Zach and Matt Roloff sent said it was for Zach and 8 other LP members of his team. It said they need 9 (NINE) sponsorships. That means they were getting a sponsorship for Zach. And since Marty was one of the 8 other players, it means they were getting a sponsorship for Marty.

2 of the 9 sponsorships the Roloffs said they needed were for Zach Roloff and Martin Klebba. Two people who could both afford to pay for themselves, especially Zach since he's also getting paid by TLC.

Since they both didn't need it, they should have used their celebritism to give the money to people from other countries and increase the competition - maybe the Brazil team everyone talks about.

Anonymous said...

The same Brazil team that gets paid to tour around and play 12 year olds?

How do you know how much Money Zack or Marty make? Hollywood is pretty dead, so not sure Marty is working that much. The Roloffs as a family get paid im sure, but im sure The parents are putting the money for the kids away for the future and schooling!

Also, they ended up taking 10 players.
Get off the Statesmens nutz, perhaps you are Butthurt that you were not asked to be on that dream team!

Tim said...

I'm not jealous. I just don't like it when people that have money take charity money they don't need.

It doesn't matter how much Zach makes. The Roloffs are rich. Look at their house. Look at all of their vehicles. Who are you kidding? They're rich! They can afford a trip to Ireland. They're being paid by TLC as well. I can't believe anyone would argue that the Roloffs need financial help to go to Ireland.

It's funny how the Roloffs and LITTLE PEOPLE big world managed to afford to take Jacob Mueller to the BVI's to keep Jeremy company but they need sponsorship monies for Zach to go to Ireland?

As for Marty, I've seen enough pictures of his house to know he's not living in a shack. He's not hurting for money that he needs a sponsor. I'm sure a plane ticket to Ireland for a week would not put him in the poor house.

Oh alright, they took 10 players. Amy is included in that I'm guessing (she was on the BB team)? Amy Roloff, Zach Roloff and Martin Klebba all needed sponsors to send them to Ireland and aren't financially stable enough to pay their own way? What are you smoking man?

Anonymous said...

What does his house look like. Where can I find pics?