Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Some pictures of Amy and Zach at New York LPA conference

As we speak, the Roloffs are off on their next vacation -- a whirlwind trip around Europe culminating with their visit to Belfast for the World Dwarf Games July 26 - Aug 2nd.

However, here are some pictures of Amy and Zach Roloff at the recent LPA conference in New York.

In the near future, we will have another item where we'll attempt to clear up some information about fake Roloff accounts on social networking sites.

To cut to the chase, the following pictures were taken by attendees of the 2009 LPA conference. They were originally posted or linked to an impostor account of a Roloff family member. The pictures are real of course, it's just they think they were posting it to a real Roloff family member's page and it's not. Since the people obviously don't mind having their pictures appear on the (fake) page of a celebrity and available to all the people who follow the celebrity, we here at the blog thought we would post the pictures for all of our readers - we are aware that many don't have accounts on all the different social networking accounts and appreciate this site for that reason.

If there was a website with the pictures, we would certainly link it and give them credit for the pictures, however since it is a person's profile on a social networking site, out of respect to them, we won't link it. I hope you follow - obviously they don't mind people seeing the pictures since they put them on what is essentially a (fake) celebrity fan page, however people don't necessarily want their profile page link posted everywhere.

So with no further delay...

A few of Amy -

These are nice pictures of Zach. He looks much more comfortable in photos with fans these days, even putting his arms around the people.

Not sure what Zach is doing here; preparing to give the kid an elbow? ;-)

That's better :-) Another nice picture of Zach

Here are some soccer pictures of Zach and of Amy coaching on the sidelines.


Expressed said...

Thanks for posting the pictures.

Good to see Zach learning from Jeremy. He's being friendlier an more sociable with people. It was Jeremy's trademark to put his arms around the shoulders. Zach never used to do that. Good to see Jeremy rubbing off on Zach.

CrawCraw said...

They're good pictures I guess and it proves the Roloffs aren't racists like some morons say, there seemed to be a lot less hoopla around this year's LPA conference because Jeremy wasn't there. Usually there are pictures galore and all the LP talk about what a great time they had.

I hope the reason why Jeremy didn't go wasn't because of what Jen said and the people who were whining about Jeremy and Mueller going to the LP conventions. It's sad if that's the reason because it's only Jeremy's LP friends who miss out and are hurt by the criticism.

Jocleynn said...


Zach's hair looks lighter. I like it. He looks good like that.

Dana said...

" I hope the reason why Jeremy didn't go wasn't because of what Jen said and the people who were whining about Jeremy and Mueller going to the LP conventions."

Craw, I was thinking the same thing. If Jeremy heard or saw what Jen wrote in the blog about him at the LP conference, he might have been hurt and maybe that's why it was only Amy and Zach. I hope Jen felt bad for what she said and has apologized to Jeremy.

Tim said...

Dana, I doubt that is the reason. It's probably cost. It's less if the whole family doesn't go.

Even TLC has a budget. It costs a lot of money to send the whole family and crew on a 3 week European holiday. They've already been to Utah and New York this summer?

TLC needs to save somewhere.

Anonymous said...

wait a minute. what did i miss? what did jen say about jeremy??

Crystal said...

Zach does look good. I agree, his hair looks better not as dark.

Zach looks like he was having a good time in the pictures and not being moody. Good job, Zach. I agree with whoever said it's probably Jeremy's influence after all these years.

Dana said...

"wait a minute. what did i miss? what did jen say about jeremy??"

Anonymous, Jen Montzingo was asked a question about average sized siblings and their friends going to the conferences. Everybody knew she was talking about Jeremy and Mueller.

She tried to be politically correct, but it was clear by her answer that she didn't like it that Jeremy goes. She said average sized people sometimes make the conversation all about them and she just wants to talk to her LP friends. She also said there is no reason for her 18 y/o average sized brother to go.

In my opinion, I didn't think it was a very nice thing for her to say because Jeremy is her friend. She should be less selfish and more sensitive to Jeremy's feelings. He goes to show his support to his LP friends.

She got her wish this year, didn't she?

Rap541 said...

Dana - How does it hurt Jeremy's feelings to acknowledge that he is not the target audience of a *little person* convention?

What little people friends does Jeremy have to support? You've already put words in Jen Montzingo's mouth* - rather inappropriately and hatefully suggesting she is glad he didn't go - so she clearly wasn't looking for support. Who else? Who are Jeremy's little people friends? Name a time where Jeremy has spoken to a little person without Zach present. Name a time where Jeremy said "can we invite X? I met him at the LP con?"

I haven't seen anything to suggest that Jeremy didn't go, other than his not being in some fan pictures, but if he didn't - why is it a crime? I've heard it argued, almost incessantly, that Mueller is needed by Jeremy for these trips because he gets so bored. Seems like if he can't attend without a friend to keep him dying of boredom, then perhaps he's not going to be disappointed at not attending.

And frankly, Jeremy is such a wilting flower, he stayed home because one person said something to him?

Did it ever occur to you that maybe he's growing up and isn't as interested in attending something that isn't really geared for his interests? I'm not saying that merely to disagree with you, Dana. I just find it a little sad that the only answer to the question of "why didn't Jeremy go" is that Jeremy is the sad eyed victim who really desperately wanted to attend, who has dozens of close friendships with LP kids that are never ever referenced on the show, and was horribly hurt over the idea of not attending.

I mean really, he's nineteen, and he's not a dwarf - maybe he's developing the maturity to realize that everyday is "Average Height Day" for him, and the folks at the LP cons only get one week out of the year to have that feeling.

Heck, did it ever occur to you he *wanted* to stay home? Maybe keep Mueller company in summer school?

*I really hope you reread Jen's comments with out the "Jeremy must always have his way because he's the most special boy!" shades on - If you seriously care about little people, you'll see that the LP cons really aren't designed to cater to the average height siblings of little people, but to the actual little people. People actually pay to attend these things... I imagine going to a party of mostly average height people isn't as difficult or as costly.

NN said...

It is really good to see Zach looking a little more at ease with the fans. It is pretty tough to break out of your shell when you are shy. Good for Zach!!

Although Jen should probably not of said what she did publicly, I can sort of see her point. These people get time together once a year, it is a small window to be together with those whom you have so much in common with, so I can see why she might feel strongly about that. Remember early on in the show when Matt and Zach attended a conference alone together in Orlando and Zach said he was glad he never had Jeremy there to hide behind(something to that effect).
Let them have that one time to have it all be about them. I am sure poor Jen has lived to regret the comment she made.

Greg said...

NN, I agree it's good to see Zach looking more comfortable with fans, but I respectfully disagree that Jen has anything to regret.

She was asked a question and answered honestly. She was not rude, mean or hateful. Why is honesty seen as something to regret? I respect anybody who gives an honest answer.

Jen didn't say Jeremy was a horrible person for going to the LPA conferences. She didn't even say that she wished he wouldn't go. She was asked her opinion an average height people going, she listed reasons why she was in favor it and reasons why she wasn't and they were all legitimate reasons. Yes, I agree she had more reason and more convincing arguments on the side of them not going, but she was just sharing her honest feelings as she was asked. She also plainly stated that it was her opinion alone.

She has nothing to regret. I'm bothered that she would face any criticism for answering honestly. Do we really want everyone giving BS answers? There is no point in anybody answering any questions if the person won't express their honest feelings on the subject.

Anonymous said...

Why is it always according to some people that it is only Jeremy's feelings that matter?

It's the LP conference. Jeremy is not a LP. A LP should be able to list the pros and cons of non LP going and what she likes or doesn't like about it without it being said that she was wrong or insensitive to Jeremy James Roloff.

(The only Roloffs there were Amy and Zach. My friend went. Jeremy definitely was not there this year. As it should be).

Dana said...

Rap, what is wrong with you? Why are you always so hateful to Jeremy?

How would you like it if you found out that someone who is your friend said they didn't want you going to something you usually go to and like? It would hurt. It wasn't a nice thing for Jen to say. Jeremy might not have even said anything to her about it and I'm sure will forgive her because he has a big Christian heart that forgives (Dan talked about Jeremy having a huge heart), but it doesn't change that Jen was wrong to suggest that she would prefer it if Jeremy didn't go.

"Who are Jeremy's little people friends? Name a time where Jeremy has spoken to a little person without Zach present"

Do you understand that every conversation the Roloffs have is not on camera and included on the tv show?

Jeremy has lots of LP friends. I remember seeing lots of LP on his Myspace friends when it was public. If you watched the video you know that Jeremy is friends with Bill, Casey, her boyfriend, and several others. Just because Zach is friends with them, doesn't mean they aren't friends with Jeremy too.

I did read Jen's comments. Maybe you should read them again. She tried to be politically correct but it was clear what her feeling was.

NN said...

Greg, I get what you are saying and I agree. What I meant was that jen probably regreted that she said anything publicly because of the unwarrented backlash she received due to it. Having said that I admit I didn't read this article or whatever it was, I have formed an opinion based on what I have read here. No matter how the article presents itself tho, I do stand by the fact that I believe Zach, Jen and all their little people friends need and deserve the time that the conferences provide them to just be on their own.

Greg said...

NN, thanks for clarifying. I agree with your opinion, too. I think that was the point Jen was making and in my opinion she did it in a very classy way. She made her point, but she wasn't trashing anybody.

I hope she doesn't regret saying anything publicly because blogs, opinions, answers are worthless if the person isn't honest.

This was Jen's blog in question, just copy and paste:

Rap541 said...

Dana - is Jeremy the prime audience for a LPA con? I mean, is he the one the LPA exists for? You're throwing a hissy on his behalf over his supposed hurt feelings over your *suggested* scenario that he was emotionally devastated by Jen's comments... Got a shred of proof to back up "Jeremy was hurt by Jen's comments"?

Got any proof at all for your nasty "Jen hurt Jeremy and now I think she's hurtful" 'tude?

For that matter - I notice all of Jeremy's "lp friends" are people who are friends with Zach.... and you're unable to cite a time on screen where Jeremy speaks about his close LP friends he is so desperate to support.

Because that *was* your point, wasn't it? Jeremy attends the LP cons because he loves his LP friends (who he never mentions when home, never asks to invite over etc etc) that he *wants to be there to support them*.

So why does he need Mueller to attend the LP cons? Seems like if Jeremy is all about his LP friends, he'd be excited to just be there for them and not need a special average height friend to keep him from crashing into boredom?

But you seem really offended at the idea that Jen might not want to pay to attend a conference for Little People that has a bunch of average height folks at all the social events. Does Jeremy *need* these social events? I mean, I've been told again and again how charming and personable he is, and of course, how attractive he is. Do *you* understand that unlike Jeremy - who can attend average height social activities without any problems - that little people do go to these conferences partly so they can have an even playing field socially? Does that *matter* to you? Clearly it doesn't - clearly you seem to think the *important* aspect of an LP con is for Jeremy Roloff to have as much fun as possible... but that's actually not the point of these cons.

I notice btw, that you also refuse to acknowledge the possibility that he may not have wanted to attend because yeah, he *is* an adult now and he's not a little person. I love that when I suggest the kid might be acting with a modicum of maturity - ie: realizing that while he has fun, the reality is that his having fun is not why the LPA exists - I'm somehow hating on the kid.

Really, you realize it's also just as likely that he's at home because he would rather spend time with his average height friends over his last summer vacation? But no... lets all have a pity party because Jeremy theoretically had his feelings hurt... there's no proof but lets all sob for the nineteen year old who didn't get what he theoretically wanted.

NN said... I just read the link that Greg gave me to Jens blog. I read it and re-read it and I honestly cannot see how anything she said was at all offensive to anybody. It was seemingly, as she stated just her own honest opinion relating to the question she was asked. This ofcourse is also just my opinion, take it for what it's worth!

Dana said...

Rap, you're either misunderstanding me or twisting my words.

What Jen said WAS hurtful. It is not nice to have a friend say that she wishes you weren't part of something that you have been to in the past.

I don't know how hurt Jeremy was. It would be unlike Jeremy to show it because he has a huge heart and is that type of person. It might or might not have been the reason why Jeremy didn't go this year. I don't know. It WAS hurtful and not a nice thing for Jen to say about Jeremy whether it was the reason for Jeremy not going or not.

I made the point that the LP are friends with both Jeremy and Zach. Your warped criteria is Jeremy needs to be friends with a LP that Zach doesn't like? Jeremy goes because he has made friends with those people. They like Jeremy. For example Bill and Jeremy clearly get along and have fun.

Jen can still have fun at the events with Jeremy there. Her suggesting that having Jeremy there might take something away from it for her was wrong of her to say or feel that way.

Rap541 said...

Dana - point me to a scene on the show where Jeremy speaks to Bill directly. Yes, I do think if you are going to claim that Jeremy *wants to support his LP friends* by attending the LP cons, that it's reasonable to ask *who his friends are*. Seems like it's generally pretty clear who Jer's friends are. He sure talks about Mueller and Dan and Scott when they aren't over at his home. He invites *those friends* on trips. Funny how his many many LP friends who he corresponds with/calls/hangs with/desperately wants to support have NEVER been mentioned once by name by Jeremy.

I'm not twisting your words - you're claiming "She tried to be politically correct, but it was clear by her answer that she didn't like it that Jeremy goes." And that "She got her wish this year, didn't she?"

Guess what - I reread Jen's blog and she never uses Jeremy's name and its pretty darn clear that she was somewhat ambivalent and also easily noted that she had her own bias - that she didn't like competing with average height *women* at LP cons. Yeah, I know, that's clearly somehow a reference to Jeremy to you but really, if you feel so strongly that Jen "got what she wished for" then perhaps you should head to her blog and tell her you feel she should be less selfish and perhaps apologize to Jeremy since her blog that had no names mentioned was SOOO HURTFUL.

After all, Little People Conventions only are important to Jeremy James Roloff. He's the one who matters - this entire organization revolves around a 19 year old man's wish to socialize.

Btw - how about addressing why Mueller goes? You might want to reread some of your prior comments in the thread about Jen's blog where you insisted that Jeremy should always be allowed to bring average height friends because he should never be bored. Seems like if he has all these LP friends, why on Earth would he need a special average height friend to keep him company? He's got all these friends he wants to support, doesn' he?

Could you perhaps - since you are calling Jen's words hurtful - point to where she directly stated "I don't want Jeremy Roloff to go to LP cons"? I mean - since you're lambasting her for wanting lp cons to be about lp folks... maybe you can not *lie* abotu how she said she didn't want Jeremy there?

Since she didn't say that and you're maligning her for it? Talk about word twisting!

And perhaps at some point could you at least acknowledge the possibility that a young man who needs to bring his own friends lest he die of boredom to the lp cons just *might* have chosen to not go without the whole "Jen hurt Jeremy with her comments" scenario you made up?

Anonymous said...

I just admire this family and the fact that they are so close!!! It is so refreshing to see....

Anonymous said...

Gosh...Jeremy gets called rude,selfish and cares only of himself for going to the LP Conferences and if he didnt go he would get called rude,selfish,cares only of himself and isnt supportive.The poor boy can never get a break with you people.I remember in one of the early episodes,Zach said he likes when Jeremy goes because Jeremy is kinda like his confindence and helps him out.So Jeremy goes to help out his brother,because as much as people like to think differently,he does love his brother.I honestly dont think Jeremy goes to "hog all the attention and make it about himself".Its a freakin LP Conference for crying out loud, how the hell can he make THAT about himnself? And yes i do think it was rude of Jen to say that because Average people go to support their LP Family.She cant expect them to not go or to just go hide in a corner while there to please her,because she doesnt like it.And maybe Mueller goes so Jeremy doesnt feel so weird there,you know like Jen and all the LP like having other LP around them when there not at the conferences.Its the same thing.Or maybe since Mueller is zachs friend too he goes to support him and hanges out with Jer.Its really not as bad as everyone sees it.If he gets ridiculed for just going to a LP Conference,then the poor guy will never get a break.

Rap541 said...

First - the person being ridiculed is Jen, which is odd, because despite obvious evidence, people still act and insist she said "I don't want *Jeremy* to attend the LP cons". Which she didn't, and is catching flack for, please note Dana's delightfully ugly comments that have not been retracted. What Jen did say is that she doesn't like competing with average height women at an LP con, and that yes, little people conventions are supposed to be for little people.

I notice that the people crying the most for poor Jeremy on this issue don't seem to support Molly and Jake attending LP cons NO MATTER WHAT. I mean, Anon, to your point, if Zach is desperate for average height support - Molly and Jake are his brother and sister, and clearly do love him. If Jeremy can't go to an LP con without needing a pal for support since he feels too weird.... I don't even know where to start on that, to be honest...

More to the point - I actually don't think its selfish at all if he doesan't want to go to the con. I actually think - if his reasons for not going to the NYC con weren't money orientated, which I suspect they were, if he he is starting to mature and think about others than himself, that its a good sign for his budding maturity. Many have said it - he's a nice looking young man and he's sure to get a lot of attention and if he's starting to mature and realize that he might be making things harder for his twin brother, well good for him.

Of course we don't know why he didn't go. I suspect it was simply too expensive, but I really think its unlikely that he was so hurt by "what Jen said about him" (and remember, in the whole article Jen never actually used his name) that he stayed at home to sulk and show her how mean she was.

And if he can't go to these things without taking an average height pal to play with, it does say a bit about how much he plans to be there to support all of his LP pals that he never mentions at home.

Dana said...

Anon at 9:28am, you said that wonderfully. I agree with all of what you wrote.

If he didn't go to the past LP conferences, people would have said Jeremy was too selfish and didn't care about Zach's special week. When he does go, he's an attention hog. Jeremy can't win. He goes to the conferences and has a great time with his LP friends. He shouldn't be criticized for that.

Jen was wrong. What she said was hurtful even if Jeremy did not hold a grudge or was not upset. Maybe he doesn't even know about the unkind and insensitive things she said about Jeremy and other average height siblings that attend.

Rap, who are you trying to kid?

"people still act and insist she said "I don't want *Jeremy* to attend the LP cons". Which she didn't, and is catching flack for"

The question was about Jeremy. Jen was talking about Jeremy. She was talking about all average height siblings, but it included Jeremy. In her blog, it was obvious who the person was talking about. The person even said Jen might not answer because everyone would know who she was talking about.

It doesn't matter if she didn't use his name. She made it clear how she felt. It was unkind and selfish of Jen in my opinion to feel the way she does.

Rap, can you ever have a conscience and think about how it would feel like to be Jeremy? You go to the LP conferences and make friends with LP. You and them all have a great time. You consider them your friends. Then you hear (I don't know if he did, but he's probably heard) that one of your so-called friends made it clear that would prefer if you weren't there. She was trying to say it in a nice way, but that was still her point.

How come Molly and Jake don't get criticized and called selfish for attending the LP conferences? It's not right that Jeremy is villified for everything.

Rap541 said...

I asked you before, Dana, who are Jeremy's LP friends?

And you keep insisting that Jen said she didn't want Jeremy there. Tell me, Dana, and don't lie - where did she say she didn't want Jeremy to attend? Oh *right* - that never happened actually. You *lied* and continue to lie and bear false witness against Jen.

You *don't even know* why Jeremy didn't go - but you make a hatefilled remark "I guess she got her wish" about someone you don't even know? And you're calling me a hater? Perhaps if Jeremy would ever man up and do an interview for Spirit, we could ask him. I'd really love to know if Jeremy - who doesn't care what any hater thinks - was so upset about hearing that LPs generally like to have the LP cons be for little people from Jen - that he stayed home with hurt feelings. Really. I'd like *some verificaton* that your sad little tale of how upset Jeremy was is true. Since god knows you can't be trusted to tell the truth. I mean really, at last check people can still read the blog entry where you claim Jen is being a bad friend and saying she doesn't want Jeremy to attend.

I get it Dana. You think "If Jeremy wants it, he should have it no matter what." I am here to tell you - that spoiled attitude is exactly why he's not the nicest kid. Its the mark of someone who has no consideration for anyone but himself. Bu then, you were also livid that Molly didn't hold Jeremy up for what Zach did for her, since he *deserved* the praise even though he did nothing.

Molly and Jake don't get criticized because they simply aren't allowed to go as much. Watch the episodes sometimes, they're only allowed to support their dwarf friends if the entire family is going to the con. Unlike Jeremy. Who btw, may very well have decided not to attend for the nice, mature reasons I listed above. You know... Where I suggest he might have been making a mature thoughtful and considerate decision?

Anonymous said...

Thank You Dana :)i appreciate it.
Seriously.You complain about Jeremy being a heartless,cares only for himself,rude Guy..but now he's doing something that shows his consideration and supporting his brother,and you still have something bad to say about him. Isnt this what you wanted? For him to show more concern for others? But now its not good enough because he actually proved you wrong. And he doesnt just go for his friends like people think.Ive seen him on the side lines cheering on zach on alot of the shows. It is rude for Jen to request average height people not to come when they are there to support family and friends,because if Jer ever did that,he'd be ridiculed like crazy!

Rap541 said...

Anon - seriously, are you reading the thread? Or jumping in without thinking? Because I pretty clearly state that if Jeremy chose not to attend the NYC con because he realized that it really should be "Zach's time" that I considered that a mature decision? The problem is that we have no idea why he didn't go- and I am being *slammed* by you, because you've already decided that PoorSadJeremy didn't go because evil Jen (who *never* said "I don't want Jeremy Roloff to attend") said she didn't like competing with average height *women* on the dance floor. Do *you* know Jeremy personally, Anon? You sure act like you do, although I don't really understand why you'r arguing "Jeremy doesnt care" in another thread and buying into the whole "poor Jeremy was hurt by Jen so he didnt attend an LP con" thing here.

It's not rude for any LP to request that people who are only attending "for fun" particulary when they have to bring averageheight pals with them in order to not "be bored" to not attend.

Anonymous said...

No Rap, no matter what you say, im pretty damn sure you would jump down Jeremys throat if he didnt attend the conferences as well.Its just easier for you to say that cause its not the case.And as stated,Jeremys there to be Supportive.Is it really that hard to believe he can be supportive? Instead you rather spend your time hating and giving excuses of why he is not.Just because he does have fun while there,doesnt mean hes a horrible,attention hogger.Not everything the boy does is horrible, like you seem to think.But nothing he does will prove that because you chose not to see it because of past mistakes.If you see that him going to a LP Conference Is another way for him to be a Horrible Person,then your a lost cause.I only hope someone can punish and ridicule you so badly for your mistakes.