Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thank you Mike Detjen from Roloff friend Jen Montzingo

There is never a bad time to be reminded of the importance of telling people in your life 'Thank you' and that you appreciate them, so since some people probably have not seen it, we thought we would pass along a posting from Jen Montzingo's blog 3 days after Mike Detjen passed away in 2008. Fans of Little Big, World still inquire about Mike Detjen at a steady pace even after more than a year after his passing. Here is Jen's blog two days after Mike's death:

Thank you Mike
Published June 7, 2008

For all the things I never thanked you for: Mike Detjen.

Thank you for taking us all to Ivar’s in Seattle.
Thank you for fixing my car that one time.
Thank you for taking us all to the movies.
Thank you for letting us come to your house to watch movies.
Thank you for always knowing every piece of trivia.
Thank you for never getting tired of explaining soccer to me.
Thank you for being an example of giving and commitment.
Thank you for always being welcoming and kind.
Thank you for being a hero and a faithful friend to some of my best friends.

It is personally pathetic that I never thanked you for all that while you were here.

I hope soccer in heaven exceeds every dream. You’re still supposed to be here, schooling us in your vast knowledge of trivia and wit. You’ve left a huge whole in their hearts and I can’t imagine not seeing you when I come to Portland.


NN said...

I don't think Jen is the only one who wished she had taken the time to say thank-you to Mike while he was here. Matt had said in the show dealing with Mike's death that he had regretted not taking the time to tell Mike how much he appreciated him. Unfortunately we can't go back so hopefully we learn to appreciate the important people in our lives and tell them so because you just never know when you will no longer get that chance.

Greg said...

And I agree NN.

I don't think Matt was the only Roloff with regrets either about that.

I'm not a Jeremy fan by any stretch, but it was touching when he said the thing he wanted people to know was that they should appreciate people in your lives who do things for you because you never know when they'll be gone.

It was a rare moment when Jeremy showed maturity and sincerity at the same time.

Sheri said...

That was sad, but God has a plan and Mike is in heaven now.

I like how Jen acknowledged the pain Jeremy must have been feeling and that Mike was a hero to him ("Thank you for being a hero to many of my good friends" (Jeremy). Through Christ, Jeremy and the Roloffs got through the pain and celebrate the time they had with Mike.

Steph said...

I cry 4 mike,it was so sad and i said to myself,he would never knew a black lady had cry 4 him,now i feel silly because he might feel the way the Roloffs feel.God put love in my heart&soul.May Mike has his wings,he work 4 it from what i see.

Anonymous said...

How did Mike die,as i missed the episode.I was shocked when i heard. It is very sad i felt like i knew him as i am a fan of the show.
Luv Julie
from Australia

Jocelynn said...

Julie, Mike had a heart attack during a soccer board meeting. He was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery to repair a torn aorta.

He died during surgery :(

Julie, I think that's how all fans of the show felt. That's how I felt too.