Thursday, July 23, 2009

Zach on the sidelines of the Portland Timbers/Seattle Sounders game

After the Portland Timbers had visited the Roloff Farm to practice with the Roloff kids and Zach's team "The Statesman" for the World Dwarf games, the Roloffs attended a game between the Portland Timbers and the MLS team, Seattle Sounders.

If you're not a soccer fan, to put it in perspective, the attendence for this particular game was over 16,000 people. From a few pictures that have surfaced, the Roloffs, or at least Zach was invited down to the sidelines. He also appears to have received his own jersey.

This is not the first time that the soccer-obsessed Roloffs have met professional soccer players and been given special access to the players. Of course, the Roloffs really did out do everyone by having some members of the Portland Timbers team come to their home, but as for special access at a game; viewers recall how excited Jeremy was back in the second season when Mike Detjen took Jeremy and his friends to a game where David Beckham was playing. Jeremy had the opportunity to go under the stadium in the players tunnels and get autographs -- he even had the chance to ask Freddy Adu a question and was given advice about his soccer tryout.

I personally think it's wonderful for the Roloff kids that they get the chance to meet the players, get jerseys, special sideline and 'backstage' access to the players. It's nice to see people who are big fans of anything get a chance to enjoy themselves. Jeremy's expression of pure joy and excitement in that picture speaks for itself and Zach also looks quite thrilled on the sidelines of the Timbers game (consider that there were over 16,000 paying spectators who I'm sure would have loved to have been given the Roloff treatment).

The only negative I take away from these things is that it make it even more disappointing that the Roloffs themselves, neglect their own fans as much as they do. You can see how much they enjoy these special perks and I don't think any of their fans resent them for it.

However, it would be nice when they're in the role as the ones with the fans if they would devote sometime towards their fans online. After all, without LPBW fans, Zach wouldn't be on the sidelines talking to team personnel, Jeremy wouldn't have met and spoken with Freddy Adu, the Portland Timbers wouldn't have hung out at the Roloff Farm for a day and on and on.

Seeing Jeremy and Zach happy to be that involved with soccer at that level is nice, but at the same time it does put people off (the blog has been receiving emails from disgruntled fans in the wake of recent fake Roloff accounts on Facebook and twitter (again) and the lack (none really!) of actual Roloff fan interaction) to see the Roloffs excited to interact with people they're fans of -- and the entire reason they are given that opportunity is due to fans supporting the show - yet the Roloffs value their own fans so little that they won't devote any amount of time to getting online and doing something with their fans like the majority of other celebrities these days.

By the way, there are more fake twitter accounts of Roloff family members. They are not the real Roloffs. However, the real Roloffs should take a cue from their impostors and learn something about doing something tangible that shows their gratitude towards their fans for everything they're able to do. Certainly the Roloffs aren't the first celebrities to take their fans for granted and neglect them but it really does put people off to see how much disregard the Roloffs have for their fans while thoroughly enjoying all of their many perks; yet when it's time for them to show some appreciation, nope, nothing, Nada... all they have is handful of bad excuses they expect fans to swallow to explain why they treat their fans like they have the plague.


Dana said...

I disagree. Can I disagree? Is that allowed or do I have to agree that the Roloffs are jerks or I won't have my say?

I disagree because you're comparing apples to oranges.

The Roloffs met these soccer players. They were nice.

When fans meet the Roloffs during pumpkin season or at restaurants and stuff the Roloffs are nice, just like the soccer players were to them. Your blog even reported that the Roloffs are usually great to people meeting them at the farm.

These soccer players aren't messaging the Roloffs on Twitter or Facebook or Myspace.

The Roloffs aren't doing that to their fans either. They aren't being hypocrites.

Don't get me wrong, I would love it if the Roloffs did more for their fans, but not doing it doesn't make them jerks.

Jeremy is a people person and loves all people. He's not a jerk. He just doesn't like computers. I can't blame someone for not liking computers if they just don't like it. Everybody knows Jeremy would rather be doing fun things outside than sitting on the computer.

Zach used to talk to fans, but I think he got bored with it and gets frustrated with people asking stupid questions.

It would be great if they did do things for their fans, but they aren't jerks because they don't.

Spiritswander said...


You are welcome to disagree on a subject or an opinion and state why. You can do that all you want.

I don't believe you have ever had any post rejected, however, if you want an example, your post here is perfectly acceptable. You're presenting your opinion and stating why you feel as you do. That's welcome.

However, if you were to say "THIS BLOG SUCKS! You're big fat stupid head!!!".....That is not adding anything to the discussion and it probably won't be published. Along the same lines: "The Roloffs suck! They're just stupid smelly midgets!"....that won't be published either.

Note the difference. Your post is stating an opinion on the subject and you're entitled to your view point.

Regarding the subject, yes, we have reported the Roloffs rather stellar reputation with fans in person (at the farm, they are getting paid which nullifies the goodwill aspect), but yes they have a strong reputation with fans who randomly meet them in person. That's great. Anyone's patience would be tested in that situation and it's wonderful the Roloffs have the reputation for stepping to the plate in those situations. We reported that because we always aim to report the truth - good or bad. That's their reputation, we report it.

However, the point here is that Jeremy and Zach Roloff would not even be meeting all these players they love meeting if it was not for Little People, Big World fans watching the show which allows TLC to keep doing the show.

Personally, I do not believe it is unreasonable to expect the Roloffs to have a fan Facebook or a fan Twitter and interact with their fans like many celebrities today. The Roloffs are not elite athletes in training 14 hours a day. Their fans are interested them because they like or find their personalities intriguing.

The excuses the Roloffs present are weak and quite frankly, I find them insulting the intelligence of viewers.

Ask yourself, if a group of people gave you backstage passes to your favorite sporting or musical event, would you spend 20 minutes a day, an hour a week, heck an hour every 3 weeks interacting with the group that gave you the passes? What if that same group also paid for your college education? What if that same group also sent you on trips to every place you ever wanted to travel? Do you think an hour of your time here or there as a show of gratitude is worth all you're getting out of it?

I believe the answer is a resounding yes. If you took all those perks that they made possible and then you blew off that group of people, do you think it would be fair if they said you were ungrateful?

I think the answer is a resounding yes.

Jane said...

It's good to see Zach looking so happy lately. He looks like he's happy here and in the New York pictures.

Sheri said...

God has blessed the Roloff family. They are deserving of all the good the fortune the Lord is sending their way.

Tim said...

That's an excellent explanation, Spirits.

They are unappreciative people who act like entitled brats. They take advantage of all the good things, but won't give anything back to the fans.

The fans built the Roloffs up to this position. The Roloffs have turned their backs on the fans. They are ungrateful snobs.

Anonymous said...

is it just me or has zach been looking more attractive lately? lol. The dark green looks good on him. He looked in the LPA pix too.

Jeremy's looks have improved with age. I like his hair better now than in that old soccer picture.

Rap541 said...

"Everybody knows Jeremy would rather be doing fun things outside than sitting on the computer"

Well... thats too bad. I mean, frankly, given a choice between working and playing, wouldn't we *all* much prefer playing? I actually don't disagree with you, Dana, in that I personally don't care if any of the Roloffs twitter (I think the concept is silly) and frankly I recall Matt being quite the jerk when he was allowed to post at TLC) but is the justification for two adult men that its more important they get play time?

Really? Because I have been told that being on a reality tv show is Jeremy and Zach's *job*. I don't know that I agree, but if the 19 year old young men (Remember Jeremy and Zach are not children by any definition) are "doing a tv show" as a job and not a selfless sacrifice... then "Jeremy just prefers to play soccer so he should since he's just living his life with no awareness that he has fans" and "Zach just gets too frustrated" start to sound like whiny baby excuses.

Really - the twins aren't soccer players, they're reality show "stars". I know plenty of real actor sorts who occasionally - certainly not every day or even every week - participate in interacting with fans on line. I know reality show stars who do it. I even know sports figures who do it.

The justification against the Roloffs doing it has always been "Matt and Amy are too busy with their real lives and the boys are *boys* and they should be allowed to play and live their lives as innocent children" - and now the boys are not in any way children.

The twins don't work except for the show. They don't appear to be heading to college... and I somehow doubt if they do go to college that they'll be taking a labor intensive course load. There's really no justification for them not do *some* answering of fan email or maybe set up a blog page except they just don't want to.

But it is a job. Would you want your own adult sons to shirk work and justify with "I'd rather be playing so I left work and played." Or "I thought it was frustrating and boring so I didn't do it and did something I liked"?

They're nineteen now. Nineteen and few months. Little children get to say "I'd rather be playing" and "I don't like it".

Now - I do agree, they are under no *obligation* to do anything for fans... but they are adults wilfully choosing to do nothing and can be judged accordingly. Not children. I don't particularly care one way or the other - but if they choose not to, fans who care about such things have every right to judge them accordingly. They're not boys, they're men, they are old enough to choose to be on tv, and they're old enough to understand that they are in the public eye.

Christine said...

Rap, the concept of twitter might be silly, but I think it's more for celebrities and fans to chat with them.

It's great for that. They can post pictures and return comments quick. It's better than Message boards because it's one on one instead of the group element.

Have a question, send it to them. It only takes them a second to reply. They don't need to send emails or go into their inbox. It connects fans to celebrities.

But I'd like a fan Facebook too if they actually used it.

I'm on Spirits side and most fans. I want to see the Roloffs show more of their personality. I'd like to ask them a few things. Matt's forum is totally out of date. Spend your life there. Send a question. Hope the Mod asks it. Have it answered for everyone. Facebook or Twitter is the way to go.

Roxanne said...

Most celebrities I like either twitter or have a fan Myspace or Facebook page they use.

I've written three or four celebrities and they commented me back.

It's fun to get those random things about their mood or what they're doing. Twitter is more than
"I'm brushing my teeth".
"Now I'm walking down the hall"

Most people use them like Myspace or Facebook status things and it's fun. They also use them to answer questions or post pictures like everybody is saying.

The Roloffs ignore their fans because they don't care about their fans. They only care about making money and getting stuff for themselves.

Rap541 said...

Christine - I'm not against the Roloffs having a twitter - I just know it's not something I *need*. It would be nice, I agree, and the important point, with both Facebook and Twitter, is the one you've made. It's easy for them to do, it's quick, and they don't have to respond to anyone so "Too busy, too boring, and I need to play 24/7" are dumb excuses that fans have every right to be annoyed with.

Anonymous said...

A lot of famous people use twitter like email. It's faster and doesn't take them as much time.

I think the Roloffs are just rich snobs. The fans made them famous. Now they're too busy hanging out with the people they get to meet and the things they get to bother with the fans.

Christine said...

Oh thanks, Rap! :)
Yes, that was my point.

Like other people have said when celebs use things like twitter or facebook (I just read that those 2 sites are the fastest growing on the entire the internet) it's basically a way to email but it's all out in front of them and they can reach more people and they also can post pictures or address their fans as a whole if they want.

Because most people have their own Facebooks and it's easy to get a twitter, it's kind of replacing Official websites because it is so easy.

I just think it would be cool to actually have a chance of hearing from them and seeing what they have to say.

This whole attitude they have of we won't talk to you fans but watch our show and watch us do all these great things is really annoying.

William said...

Christine, Matt's board doesn't even count as fan interaction.

They try and hold people hostage by making you post like 500 times before they let you ask a question and then the great Moderator needs to pick your question. Five months later when Matt finally gets around to it, the moderator then posts what Matt told her.

What the hell? Are the Roloffs not human? They can't answer for themselves? They need a buffer?

Talk about being full of yourself.

For me, I have no interest in talking to the Roloffs.

Matt is BS artist. There is nothing about Jeremy or Zach I find interesting. Zach might at least be honest, but Jeremy is just like Matt. I wouldn't mind seeing how Amy handled some things herself but it's not something I must have, but it's something they should do for the fans who want it.

Fans should revolt. When the free stuff and the gravy train slows down then the Roloffs will realize they shouldn't have treated fans like dirt.

Rap541 said...

No problem.

Like I said - I personally am not looking for facebook or Twitter contact, but I am tired of the lame excuses over it.

Jason said...

Yeah, I agree talking to Jeremy personally wouldn't be my idea of a good time (what would you learn, how to be a selfish racist gay bashing jerk?) but I hate it when people act like it's so hard for celebrities.

The horrors. Read comments from people who like them. Wow, the pain! Be polite and give people who make you rich a little something in return. It's not torture for them. It's not asking a lot.

They're self absorbed that's all.

If they got paid to do it, they'd do it.

Natalie said...

I don't know if I believe all the people who say they don't care if the Roloffs had a fan FB or twitter.

If the Roloffs had a Facebook page and put a bunch of pics from their trip to Europe or whatever on it, you wouldn't look at it :) Everybody would!

Everybody reads interviews when they do them. Fan stuff gives fans their chances to ask their own questions and have a chance of getting an answer.

Many singers use twitter. I know many who have Flickr accounts or other photo sites. They'll put up pictures every week. That lets you into their albums to see all their pictures.

I prefer Facebook if they would sometimes answer their messages. You can ask more thoughtful questions in messages than on a Wall where everybody just says "I love the show! You're cute Jeremy!" That's what happens on the fake Facebooks and Myspaces.

NN said...

Okay so I seem to be totally lost on this is it that people see the Roloff's as unkind or ungrateful to their fans? All I have ever heard until now is how gracious and friendly they are when they speak to fans either at the farm or out in public. Why is it that people think they should have an obligation to do facebook or twitter? Yes, certain celebrities are into it but lets face it, they do it for themselves and their own big egos in my opinion. The Roloff's are paid to put their lives out there for us to watch, and we do just that. The show is for our entertainment and I for one expect nothing more. They owe us nothing so why do people come down on them so hard, I don't get it!?!? You are all entitled to feel as you do but please inform me as to what all the critism is about because I personally just don't get it.

Jocelynn said...

NN, because it's a way for the Roloffs to say thank you to their fans for support.

The Roloffs have it pretty good. They have it pretty good because of their fans.

They want people to be interested in them enough to follow their lives, watch them eat and play. Well, people are interested in them.

The show is edited and only shows a little. Their fans sometimes have questions and it is cool to get to talk to people you watch.

I know for a fact that some of the Roloffs friends think it's really cool when somebody (a celebrity) wrote back to them or commented on a fan thing they did about the celebrities work.

That's how people are. It's neat to have someone you watch communicate with you.

With all they get out of the show and considering they don't have jobs, I think they do kind of it to their fans to say thanks to their fans in that way.

Like Spirits said, fan support has basically paid for the Roloffs high school and college educations and all their trips.

It's too much for them to thrill their fans by sometimes talking to them or posting pictures or doing things fans like. They aren't THAT busy. If they think their busy, Jeremy, Zach and Molly should go work in a fast food place or in a retail store like a lot of teens their age.

It's something nice they can do for their fans to balance off the great life fan support enables them to have.

Diane said...

"they owe us nothing"

Bah. Yeah being ungrateful and stuck up IS a choice.

The Roloffs ask people to watch so when people do that and ask them questions the show doesn't answer or tell them what they mean to them a down to earth and grateful person can spare some time to do it.

That doesn't mean every second of every day. It means a little more than nothing.

But I don't know, Jeremy, Zach and their friends did show their true colors by insulting fans in their conversations so it would be fake anyway, but the fact they don't do it does make them stuck up.

Anonymous said...

How many people get to see them at the farm or in public?

Not very many. The internet is the way.

Plus like everybody said, at the farm their getting paid. That's not an example of them being appreciative of their fans.

Greg said...

I find it very phony when people like the Roloffs put bull crap lines out there like "We love you fans! We are so grateful for your support"

But they can't ever answer some questions, comments, emails or what have you.

Props to Kate Gosselin. At least she was honest and admitted she didn't like her fans. That's better than being phony like the Roloffs.

Oh I love the fans but God, would I ever communicate with the fans? Ew.

Christine said...

Jocelynn, that's what I noticed when I saw some of Jeremy and Zach's friends on Myspace. They would all make fun of the LPBW fans for being excited to see or talk to the Roloffs.

But then the friends are writing comments to their favorite celebrities and freaking out because one of their favorites spoke to them.

People like to hear from people they like. Down to earth people are gracious and do it as a thank you for the support. Not some empty word in an interview.

People are paying the Roloffs at the farm. I don't think that counts as the Roloffs being down to earth and gracious. How can you call it being grateful if it takes them handing you money for them to speak to them?

NN said...

But the point that I am making is that they are, in a way, providing us with a service. Kind of a "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" situation. They are providing us, the viewers with entertainment and thats what we get and yes, they get paid for it. So, I don't know why people get their knickers in a knot over the Roloffs when it seems that many here don't really like them anyway. Remember it is our choice to watch or not and if I felt so strongly about this topic, I would not watch. Just say'in !!!

William said...

It's not a scratch your back, you scratch mine. Them scratching the fan's back would be doing something for them free of charge.

They are the ones getting paid for the show.

Zach and Jeremy are meeting those soccer players all for OUR entertainment? What a sacrifice on their part! Give them a medal! ;-)

Part of being in the public eye, aka. on television, a celebrity, is having fans. They have a choice to treat their fans well by doing something for them that their fans like or they can ignore their fans. If they do, the stuck up snob comments are justified.

It is not akin to torture for them to post some pictures for their fans or to answer some questions over some amount of time.

When they say they love their fans but ignore them the entire length of the show, what they really mean by "love the fans" is that they love that the fans made them rich.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised Amy isn't better with fans online.

I'm not surprised about Jeremy. He has always thought of only himself.

Nancy said...

To me, it's a matter of common courtesy, respect and values.

All celebrities, even the Roloffs, whether they're egos allow them to admit it or not, need their fans or they can kiss the big bucks and the perks goodbye.

When someone compliments you, you say thank you. If someone supports you in what you do and asks you a question, you answer. Obviously it is on a larger scale, but the effort needs to be there.

To say it's not in the contract and they don't "owe" fans anything goes against proper values and respect for people who are supporting them.

Ashley said...

"Remember it is our choice to watch or not and if I felt so strongly about this topic, I would not watch. Just say'in !!!"

NN, I like the Roloffs. I like the show. That doesn't mean I agree with everything they do.

I think it makes them seem all high and mighty. Pfft, we're big celebs now, we're not going to talk to you lowly fans.

I wish they had a different approach.

That doesn't mean I don't like the show, I just wish they were more down to earth.

Michael said...

NN, I think the point is Jeremy and Zach clearly love the special treatment and attention they get from celebrities. They should realize how fans feel about them.

The Roloffs are paid by TLC. You're arguing they don't owe fans anything more. Fine.

The soccer players are paid to play soccer.

They didn't need to go to Roloff Farm. They didn't need to teach Zach how they practice. They didn't need to talk to the Roloffs. Freddy Adu sure didn't need to give Jeremy Roloff advice.

They did all that. Zach and Jeremy were obviously stoked about it.

They are on the other side of the coin now. They know what it's like to be treated nicely, but now it's hey they only get paid to do the show so they don't need to do anything extra.

They're lucky others don't have their selfish attitudes.

NN said...

Ashley, I don't agree with everything they do or say either but if it was to the point at which most people here criticize I would have no interest in watching or supporting people that I have absolutely no or little respect for. Case in point...I once loved Jon and Kate plus eight then over time I came to despise everything they were about...I now no longer watch the show, I will not support these people and thats that! You all are talking about the Roloffs being rude and ungrateful to fans but what is it specifically that they did, help me to undersstand your problem with them. I just haven't seen, read or heard much in regards to what you are saying. Oh, and William, by "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours", what I mean is that they are providing us with entertainment, thats their part in it.

Rap541 said...

Michael I think that nicely summed it up.

NN said...

Just to clarify; are we talking about just Jeremy and Zach here or all of them?

Jocelynn said...

I 2nd that Rap. Well said, Michael!!!

NN, I think we're talking about all of them except for Jacob and *maybe* Molly. The others are old enough (really Molly is too) that they don't have the naive little children who might get lured away by a big bad stranger with candy excuse.

I think the focus is on Jeremy and Zach, one because they're the two who are meeting the players and the obvious comparison like Michael made.

Two, I think they do have the most fans that are interested in interacting with them.

I think Williams point is part of the Roloffs back scratching is treating the fans well, that's part of being a celebrity.

As for being rude, the act of "we won't ever talk to you fans" IS kind of rude and that's part of it.

The other part that I'm sure you've heard is that Jeremy, Zach and their friends used to always insult fans on Myspace and FB. They used to call them losers and these people suck and make fun of fans saying they loved Jeremy and the show. There were a few bad incidents that got a lot of attention. Jeremy and his friends mocking a girl from Puerto Rico that made a fan Myspace page about him. Jer's friends told a girl she should kill herself because she was such a loser. Zach said people that come to the farm and ask him for pictures are idiots. When Zach and Jeremy told their friends about their 16th birthday party and said they wanted to tell fans to (expletive deleted) off.

They got caught. It was part of the comment scandal with the slurs.

One friend Dan, has since apologized.

But once you know that's how they felt about fans, I think that is in the back of people's minds when the Roloffs are so hands off with their fans. They know how they really feel about them.

NN said...

Thank you Jocelynn for being clear and explaining your point instead of just blurting out vague insults. I now am much more understanding of peoples issues. I did read the interview with Dan here but I was not aware of the issues happening on facebook and myspace. I have great respect for Dan owning up to what his part was and apologizing for it. Yes..Jeremy and Zach should do the same! I still think that Matt and Amy are good people. The boys made a huge mistake in making these comments and should know better at their age. If they didn't want to interact with fans then they should not of said so in such a way and on such a public forem. Hopefully they learned something from all of this.

Jocelynn said...

NN, thank you too. It's great to discuss something with a person that is opening to listening. You made your points well too and thanks again for hearing the other side.

I agree I hope they have and will continue to mature. I doubt they suddenly respect fans or have new found feelings about them, but I think the whole Myspace scandal has at least taught them not to insult fans where they can see it. That's an improvement! :)

Jocelynn said...

Forgot to add, I agree whole heartedly with your comments about Dan. It took a lot of courage and character for Dan to fess up and apologize. I do forgive Dan for his past rude behavior.

Timothy said...

I'd bet the house that's the real reason why the Roloffs don't have any interaction with fans.

I wouldn't be surprised if it was TLC that got Amy's twitter account shut down a couple of months ago.

Remember, TLC told Matt they didn't want him posting on the TLC site. Like Rap said, Matt ticked a lot of people off with the way he carried himself on the TLC board years and years ago and when he first opened his own board. Laughing at people and high-fiving posters in public who are being nasty in the name of the Roloffs might be tempting, but it's not a smart thing for a celebrity to do.

Then you throw in Jeremy's and Zach's history of insulting fans and saying offensive things.

If I was a TLC executive, hearing that the Roloffs were talking to their fans again would make me nervous.

That's not a very good reflection on the Roloffs. They should be able to talk to their own fans without a real fear that they will be offensive and get themselves in more trouble.

Laura said...

Timothy, I disagree with you about Matt. Amy and Matt are good people and can't be blamed for when their kids mouth off. The kids were old enough to know better. Don't blame Matt and Amy for what the twins and their friends did.

The proof that Matt is a good man was in Jeremy's own comments that got him in trouble. He told a friend that Matt instructed him to be nice to the fans, but Jeremy said he didn't care and went onto insult fans.

That's proof Matt was trying to teach the twins to be respectful.

I disagree that Matt has ever acted badly with fans. In my opinion, Matt's only mistake was publicly singling out fans of his who had a history of being very rude and vulgar to people (not haters, but people who sometimes disagreed with the Roloffs). Matt's mistake was making it known that he liked them. It wasn't Matt being rude himself.

Matt and Amy are good people doing the best they can to raise good kids, but kids don't always listen or do as they are told. Jeremy is proof of that.

NN said...

Jocelynn, there is always a reason why people feel so strongly about any given topic or event and I understand that completely. It just felt like pulling teeth here for awhile trying to get someone to explain why they felt the way they did. In fairness, that was probably due to the fact that people assumed I knew the whole story...I didn't. Thanks for being understanding. Laura, I am totally with you on your opinion. Sometimes our kids do things we are not proud of; that doesn't mean we are not good parents.

Rap541 said...

"Okay so I seem to be totally lost on this is it that people see the Roloff's as unkind or ungrateful to their fans? "

NN, there have been several unpleasant incidents of Jeremy and Zach being rude about fans and rude to fans on Myspace, at least two incidents where friends of the twins sent messages that I would describe at best as unkind. When Matt was active in the TLC forum - I found him to be a bit insulting and snotty although I allow it is hard to judge tone online. He liked to praise people who posted positive comments and actively encouraged them to harass others. He then created his own website after being asked by TLC to not post (the circumstances were not explained but Matt was indeed asked not to post) and still actively encourages his on line followers to harass "haters" aka anyone who has a negative opinion of any aspect of the Roloff lifestyle - I've seen people harassed for expressing concern that the kids don't wear bike helmets. The description of how to pose a question to Matt above is fairly accurate - I don't think there's an "official" criteria of number of posts, but the big fan posters there do make it clear that people who lurk are not as good as people who post. There's an atmosphere of harrassment - an "in crowd" who get tidbits of contact with Matt Roloff. It is true that once a question is posted, that it is vetted for approval by Matt's board moderater first, then when Matt finds time, generally once every four months, he answers the questions to his moderator, who then presents the answers to the board.

Matt's comments about the fans he likes and the ones he doesn't, and how he praises the fans he likes for treating the fans he doesn't like badly, are why I think Matt is unkind and ungracious. I think its very snobby that Matt can't directly post his answers to his own board, there has to be a big wall. Why? He's made some comments in interviews that make me think he really doesn't give a damn about the fans as long as the money keeps coming in. So Matt isn't especially gracious to fans unless he's in public, or they are praising him to his standards on line. And you know, I am not unreasonable. If someone was saying "I hate that midget" then Matt has every right to be annoyed. If they are saying they didn't like some aspect of the show - the messy house, the kids disrespecting - thats where Matt needs to man up and remember that he chose to put his family on display for money, and not every opinion will be 100% positive. Sending his "real fans" out to harass the "haters" and praising them for treating people badly is very unkind and ungrateful in my book, since most of the "Haters who deserve it" are actually fans of the show, who otherwise like the show and the family.

The unpleasant interactions with Matt Roloff are why I have no need to see Matt on facebook or twitter. The kids can grow up, although I think it's unlikely considering Daddy's example.

MattFan101 said...

Laura, well said.

I think Matt Roloff is an awesome human being and doesn't deserve to have his reputation sullied because of stupid things Jeremy has done.

I have a feeling Matt was very angry with Jeremy behind close doors for all the things that came to light, but a public figure can't show dissention publicly and he can't throw his own kid under the bus. Guessing their history, Amy probably defended the boys against Matt.

Matt is a great human being. Jeremy and Zach have been the rude ones. Not Matt. Just remember, it's not fair to blame Matt for things Jeremy or even worse, things Jeremy's friends like Mueller have said.

Anonymous said...

The Roloffs are all wonderful people. They just don't know how to deal with their own fame because they are very humble people. They don't see themselves as special or worthy of attention. The Roloffs hero that they adore is the one and only Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Brandon said...

"I don't think there's an "official" criteria of number of posts"

Rap, there is unless they removed it recently. I saw a new poster there try and ask a question. They posted somewhere else saying they couldn't post. The moderator and the tech guy said they changed the rules so you need to have a high post count before you can ask a question because they want to encourage people to stick around, because really it's only a small group of people.

That's why sometimes the "veteran" posters there will ask a question and say "I'm asking for xxxxx" because the other poster doesn't have a high enough post count.

The explained because people who registered before they changed the rules could ask a question even if they didn't have a high post count and others were rejected. They said it was because the changes only affected people who registered after they made the rule.

I sincerely mean this, if Matt was smart he would scrap his whole board. He's a hero to 4 people there and creates bad feelings with the rest. He should be like other famous people and do FB or twitter. That gets away from the gang mentality his board has.

Anonymous said...

Rap541, that's a good explanation of Matt.

You know what is funny though?

The fans that Jeremy, Zach and their friends insult the most are the "BIG FANS".

I'm confident in saying that Jeremy, Zach and their friends do NOT think the "BIG fans" like on Matt's board are cool.

There is the Riggs (a poster on Matt's boards)exception. Zach accepted him as a Myspace friend when the show was new and they were told to add fans and Zach hasn't kicked him off. He sucks up to Zach and all their friends and a few of them have added him as a friend, but they never talk to him.

They don't realize that BIG fans are not cool among Jer, Zach and their friends. They laugh at the BIG fans and think they're losers.

Zach and Jeremy are different from Matt about liking the "BIG Fans". Maybe it is because of age. 18 year olds don't think 50 year olds that worship 18 year olds and their parents are cool.

They don't like the fans that criticize them either. They pretty much hate all fans. lol.

NN said...

Rap541, thank you for explaining your point to me. I can understand a lot of what you are saying and why it is upsetting to you and others. However, I do think that Matt has his hands tied somewhat by TLC when it comes to the boards. I'm sure he would probably love to go mad and explain some things(well, at least I would hope)that have happened that upset people. As far Matt's own board is concerned...I came from that board so you don't have to tell me about the happenings over there! I have heard comments mentioned here about Matt encouraging certain people to be unkind;that was before my time there so I am unaware of any of that. Matt had not posted while I was there. I have and still do like Matt and Amy very much but that doesn't mean that I am not disappointed in some things that have been said. The Roloff family, like all of us are imperfect and make mistakes...I do agree that certain things should have been addressed.

Rap541 said...

See, I didn't notice that, Brandon, thanks. Thats pretty.... trying not to be insulting but kinda jerky - prove your worth as a fan before you can even ask a question that may or may not even be presented to Matt, if answered at all.

b.l. said...

a lot of jeremy's attitude towards the show's fans can be blamed on his friends. i'm not excusing him, just offering an explanation.

many of jeremy's friends and fellow faith bible kids are jealous of jeremy. you need to understand they've known jer for most of their lives. he's not special. he's another kid. they're jealous that he has fans who treat him like he's special.

jer is loyal to his friends. when his friends trash fans, he follows them. they think fans are lame, jer follows. you'll have to trust me on this. jer being nice to fans would not earn him cool points with his friends.

jeremy doesn't realize it is their jealousy.

zach's reasons goes deeper. when i knew them well, zach did not want to be doing the show. their dad forced it on them. zach has a built in resentment against fans because he thinks they are gawking at him, treating him like a cute freak show. that's why zach said what he did about fans that want to take his picture.

i agree they should be nicer to fans because they do have a lot of stuff. i'm just offering the explanation from what i knew. they could have changed, but that's how it was before i moved to go away to college.

Betty said...

NN, that's a great post. I share your feelings. I don't register for any message boards, but I read them all.

I've never liked the atmosphere at Matt's board. It's very ugly and childish. It reminds me of 'Mean Girls' in high school. I think Matt made mistakes with his board and it didn't turn out like envisioned, but he doesn't want to be disloyal to certain people on his board because they are fans. I think that's why he distanced himself from his board. He realized it was creating bad feelings throughout his entire fan base. I was disappointed that Matt praised certain people who I personally saw behave terribly to people. I also dislike that Matt shares information with certain people and allows them to giggle about how special they are that Matt tells them things. It's very childish and unprofessional.

I very much like Matt and Amy. I think they try and do the right thing, but they do make mistakes.

Anonymous said...

How about a big hand of applause for Molly for avoiding all the drama and insults? :)

She is much smarter and has more class than her brothers :)

Rap541 said...

NN - if you still have access to the matt roloff board, I can point you to a relatively recent exchange (in the last six months) where DS was telling Sawyer that Matt was asking about Sawyer, Sawyer responded with how she was still there and still kicking hater butt, and DS came back with a comment about how Matt approved of Sawyer and liked how she did things.

Is DS lying? I don't know... but if I were Matt, and DS WAS lying....and this exchange has been discussed here at the "spitwadder" board so surely someone Roloff knows about it... it sure seems like Matt hasn't changed his ways.

I mean, you know, he could use his *forum* as a place to post how regardless of how he feels about Spirits's blog, that he finds it offensive for his fans on his forum to engage in name calling. Seems like that would be the caring, decent thing to do, to NOT encourage nasty behavior. But Matt instead does interviews about how he doesn't like other blogs and lets his fav fans have a forum to throw verbal insults at "haters". That's certainly his right... but its hardly the act of a gentle, criticism accepting, *good* man.

NN said...

Betty..."mean girls" pegged it pretty darn good there because there are two in particular who epitomize the whole mean girls mentality. I really liked most of the people who are over there but I couldn't take the rudeness and mean spiritness of certain posters. What bothered me most is that those certain posters could say whatever they wanted to anyone and not a word would be said, but dare anyone outside the inner circle debate anything they disagreed with...look out for the hammer of God!!

Rap541, DS may be the moderator but we all know who really controls the board;)!!

Jocelynn said...

NN, I think a lot of people felt the same way you did. I know I did too when I would read there. It's so repulsive.

I don't understand how Matt doesn't realize that it makes him look bad.

Noell :) said...

I LOVE Jeremy's face in that picture! :)

Riff said...

First time Comment but a very long time reader.
You are great I love your blog and you are so true about this and all your post. I have met Johnny Depp in Hollywood and he was open armed nice great guy I feel these little people just got big headed no pun intended. It's sad because they have fans and without the fans they are just a sloppy family with a four times smaller house.

Samantha said...

NN, hi there, I really like your messages. Like somebody else said, it's awesome to find people who actually are willing to listen to why people feel the way they do.

Your debate has kind of been settled, but I'm late, so I just want to tell you how I feel about it.

I LOVE the Roloffs. I don't agree with everything they do either. I've been disappointed in them sometimes, but I still love them.

It sounds weird and creepy, but I feel like they're relatives living on the other side of the country. lol. I don't have dinner with them every week, but I care about their lives and what happens to them.

They don't know me, but I feel like they're friends. I cried when Mike died and I've never even met him once.

Like the Roloffs have said we only get to see 10% of what goes on. The show takes the film and makes it into a story. There is a lot we don't get to see or know. The show is so far behind. I can't even remember what the last episode was about, but was it even taped in 2009 or was it before Christmas. It's July now. I would love to know how my "extended family members" are doing!

I would love to get little comments and updates from them that happens on celebrity facebooks or twitters. I would love to see some of their pictures. I don't have a lot of specific questions myself, but I love hearing them answer things because their personalites show in how they answer things and little side comments.

You're right that they don't owe it to us and they aren't contractually obligated to do it, but when I ask myself, why can't they, that's when I think there is no reason why they can't and I don't think it's being pushy or unreasonable. When fans care about them like extended family, it is our show of kindness to the Roloffs. I know they WANT people to care about them. They WANT fans. They say it in interviews.

I'm not trying to be unfair to them, I love them. I ask myself why they can't do *something* and there is no good reason.

I think most people aside from the little club of 5 or 6 people agree that Matt's board/site is a waste and not a nice enviornment because there is always the clique trying to make sure Matt knows they are the special ones he should love the most.

I'm talking about them having a Facebook or twitter (more of a FB fan myself)and there is just no good reason why they can't. I don't expect them to use it every day, but gosh, it's been 4 calendar years and nothing. Four years!! LOL.

I wouldn't expect them to do anything I would do myself and I've honestly tried to put myself in their shoes and I can honestly say I think I would put aside a BIT of time every week - maybe an hour - to do what I can to make the people happy who care about me and my family.

You're right they don't need to do it, but honestly it does kind of start to make me thing some negative feelings about them.

I'll still watch them and I still love them, so I guess they're getting the last laugh because they don't need to do things like that for their fans and they know the money will keep rolling in, but I think they could be different about this subject and I think it would honestly be the right thing for them to do.

I hope I explained my feelings clearly. Have a good day and I hope the Roloffs are having a great trip. I think the World Dwarf games are starting. GO ZACH!!

Vicky said...

Samantha - great job! Well said.

I am sure that sometime in the last four years there has been a rainy day where they've been bored and there's been nothing on tv. Those are perfect times to think about their fans!

It's not pleasant to think they just don't care about their fans, but that's what it looks like.

Their random act of kindness can be to the people who support them and pray for them.

NN said...

I hear ya Samantha, I love the Roloff's too!! I dearly enjoy the show; just the way it is shown, the beautiful scenery, trips to places I might like to see someday myself and the best part...plain and simple family interaction. I don't know why I find that so interesting but I just do. That is why I just have no desire for anything more from them but I understand that many people do. Samantha if it is "weird and creepy" to care about these people that we don't even know then we will be weird and creepy together...I cried when Mike died too!!

Jackie said...

I agree NN. When someone asks me why I love this show, I don't have an answer for them. LOL. It doesn't sound like it would be exciting, but I love the normal simple family interaction. I would take an entire of episode of "boring" family interaction, the Roloffs being themselves over a "plot" that's supposed to be dramatic. I like the little things like seeing the morning routine or the restless kids on a trip in a hotel room.

I would like them to be more active online. It would be another way to enjoy their personalities.

Anonymous said...

"Yeah, I agree talking to Jeremy personally wouldn't be my idea of a good time (what would you learn, how to be a selfish racist gay bashing jerk?) but I hate it when people act like it's so hard for celebrities. "

That Was Completly Uncalled For. I Understand That This Is A Place To State An Opinion But Really What Makes You So Different Then Jeremy If Your Sitting Here Behind Your Computer Calling Him Names? And I Thought Posts Putting Others Down Werent Allowed?

"The horrors. Read comments from people who like them. Wow, the pain! Be polite and give people who make you rich a little something in return. It's not torture for them. It's not asking a lot."

Oh Really? Comments Saying How Much They Like Them? LOOK AT ALL THESE POST.Their Hurtful.If You Were To come On A Site And See All The Stuff Said About The Roloffs About You,Youd Be Hurt And Stay Off The Computer Too So you Dont Get Pulled Into A Depression Or Hate Yourself.And No This Isnt Being OverDramatic,Cause It Can Happen,I Know.There Are ALOT Of Nice FanMail Im Sure,But Theres Also Double In Hurtful Mail Too.So Maybe To Avoid Those Comments,The Roloffs Just Wait To See And Interact With Fans At The Farm Or In Public Cause They Know Those Are Real Fans.And Also Its Very Easy To Sound "Rude" Or "Mean" Over The Internet.You Dont Have Any Expression Or Moods Behind The Words.Maybe Thats Why They Seem Nicer At The Farm Then Over The Computer? Because You Can Actually Talk To Them And NOT A Computer Screen.:)

Jason said...

"Oh Really? Comments Saying How Much They Like Them? LOOK AT ALL THESE POST.Their Hurtful."

This is not fan mail. This is a place for people to voice their opinions on the Roloffs and LPBW.

I would not write Jeremy on a Fan Facebook, telling him I think he's selfish, racist, gay bashing jerk and expect him to answer or to be nice to me.

It is fans who like them. I don't like them but that doesn't mean I'm not sympathetic to people who are fans of them who have been insulted and have been treated rudely and cruelly by Jeremy and his friends.

Jeremy is not a baby or a small child. I think it's ridiculous to say his excuse for ignoring the fans is warranted because he might read some criticism in there as well.

As everybody keeps on saying, not a lot of people can actually go to the Oregon (where they are paying the Roloffs) just to meet the Roloffs and a very small percentage of people ever run into them randomly in public.

Not interacting with people on the internet is ignoring their fans.

About Jeremy being depressed? That's funny. I think he's way too arrogant and thinks too much of himself to ever feelings like that or even feelings of embarrassment (a guy who can't even admit he was wrong to use the N word and f_g after publicly telling people that the M word is a slur. I don't think Jeremy is capable of feeling any of those emotions.

Rap541 said...

Oh please. Not to put too big a point on it but Jeremy is what? 19 and 2 months? He's not a baby boy who gets to be petted and cossetted and coddled because he feels his feelings were hurt.

Jeremy James Roloff has said very ugly, nasty things in public while being a "tv star". He hasn't made ONE effort to apologize or explain himself. The ONLY acknlowedgement of Jeremy calling people beaners, F&ggots and N-words, has been Jeremy James Roloff's *father* telling the public to shut up over the nasty mouth of one of his unnamed children.

Maybe if the big boy would put on his big boy panties instead of the diapers his mommy and daddy change for him and be a MAN as his AGE indicates he is and either acknowledge or apologize for his nasty racist remarks, then people wouldn't think he's an immature racist dolt who is too immature admit he might have been wrong when he called Mike Detjen his *n-word* and discussed a soccer game by saying "Not to be a gay bragging faggot but I raped their defences" and who said "That beaner place called mexico".

If Jeremy WANTS forgiveness... perhaps he should ASK for it instead of expecting us all to forgive and forget since he's so pretty?

Because really, the young man isn't that pretty and isn't that special that he gets to smile and get a free pass from me. If he can *be a man and apologize* and by thatI mean *JEREMY JAMES ROLOFF* and not his mommy and daddy, then I'd forgive. Until then he's an immature little boy who isn't deserving of any special treatement since he treats people like crap and won't apologize.

Expressed said...

Rap, YOU should read the interview with JEREMY's friend Dan.

He did apologize. You don't have a right to be so nasty talking about Jeremy like that. He's a good Christian teenager that said the wrong thing in the past.

This topic isn't even about that. Why are you bringing that up?

The other person's point is by having a fan page would mean he would also read the mean and rude messages. Like anything, mean things people say stick longer than the good things. I know I'm that way.

I don't totally agree with the other person, because I think the Roloffs shouldn't cut off the good fans. We shouldn't be punished for the hateful rude people, but I agree sometimes it wouldn't be easy.

It doesn't matter if Jeremy is 19. It doesn't matter how old you are, nasty mean things can hurt people or piss them off.

Anonymous said...


What is your problem? Why do you hate Jeremy so much? Don't even deny it. Your posts are filled with venom.

You don't need to agree with him but you are always so angry and insulting to poor Jeremy.

He's a normal teenager who is fun loving with a good heart who said some bad words with his friends. He was not hating on anybody.

Jeremy doesn't hate on fans. I understand his friends in the past have been very mean to his friends, but that's not poor Jeremy's fault. How would you like to be insulted for something your friend did that was mean or wrong?

Yeah, maybe Jeremy should put *some* time into his fans because he has a good life, but he doesn't deserve to be hated by the likes of you.

What is your deal really?

Your kind of hatred for Jeremy is the type people only have if something personal happened.

Jason, just because Jeremy is a confident person (that's a good thing) doesn't mean he doesn't have feelings.

Anonymous said...

Typo...I meant to say I understand jeremy's friends have been very mean in the past to Jeremy's FANS. But that wasn't Jeremy and nobody should think bad about Jeremy for his friends being mean.

Rap541 said...

Expressed - explain to me how Dan apoligizing for *Dan's comments* and expressly stating that he was NOT SPEAKING FOR ANYONE BUT HIMSELF somehow means that Jeremy wants to be forgiven?

How is that?


Please. I want to know why the Roloffs deserve to be treated better than my family. Why is Jeremy a better person than I for calling Mike Detjen an n-word while my brother who fought for acceptance is just a *F*G* who deserves to go to hell.

I really want to know why my *family* deserves to be consider *sh&t* under the feet of the Roloffs. Explain it.

And remember when you cite Leviticus that if we're going to apply the Old Testement you damn well better acknowledge why the Roloffs are as bad as my brother.

Anonymous said...

OH Gee Rap.Jeremy Never Insulted YOUR Brother.He Said "Gay" but so do alot of people. Are they insulting your brother too? Your taking your frustrastions out on jeremy cause hes an easy target and he wont get on here to insult you back so you have the upper hand.My uncles gay,so should i sit here and hate jeremy roloff and insult his man hood because he said a mean word.Call him names as "payback".He Doesnt know you nor your brother and im sure he didnt mean it to insult YOUR Family.YES I THINK WE ALL ESTABLISHED THE FACT THAT HES 19! but doesnt mean he now has incredible knowledge and maturity.Hes still growing up.yes hes legally an adult but doesnt mean hes suddenly Never gonna act like he used to or change all at once.Hell theres still people in college who act and say worse.Hes Normal.His Life might not be but he is.and being normal means making mistakes and deciding to learn from them or to not.So he hasnt made an open statement about it.but doesnt mean he hasnt learned from it cause he hasnt Informed the world about it or your family.NO THIS ISNT AN EXCUSE FOR HIM EITHER!! You state your side of the story and alls fine and dandy but when others put what they think its a damn excuse for him and shouldnt be said.Well im saying it as a possibilty not an excuse.And i never said that the roloffs shouldnt interact more with fans on the internet,but i simply gave a possibility of why they wouldnt.AND ITS NOT JUST CRITISM!!!theres a big difference between critism and being completely rude and insulting.telling someone a picture they drew could have a little more yellow on a flower is critism.calling someone a biggot,gash bashing spoiled concieted,immature jerk is insulting someone.Jeremy may be a really big jerk or he may be a really sweet guy.none of us who havent met him or know him dont know and cant just assume.No one wants to read or see things that can hurt them and yea if there were people who were insulting me or my family constantly,id have a kick haters ass attitude too.AND SO DO YOU OBVIOUSLY! so how can you be mad at matt for what you yourself are doing?And jeremy doesnt need yours or anyones elses "forgiveness"to prove hes a good man or person,but simply Gods.he needs only his approval,no one elses.So his manhood doesnt need to be shot down because your feelings were hurt,because the same will happen to you.Should you be called less of a man for what you have been saying about the roloffs?Ive seen goodness from the roloffs aswell but for some reason one mistake is being the key to deciding whether or not they truely are good people and its sad.Its not the mistake on what you base a judgement on but the way it is handled.And we have no idea how the family handle it.So we cant assume nothing was done and they just let it go.WE DONT KNOW AND ITS THE FAMILYS HARDSHIP TO HANDLE.I do recall on matts site jeremy saying that he does not hate those who are of a different race or gay,it was just him and his friends talking.yes it was incredibly rude and wrong,but i honestly think it wasnt to intentionally hurt others feelings.And as far as what was said about the fans it was mueller who made the most hurtful comments and the two just went along with it because of loyalty to a friend rather than people they dont know who like them.still wrong,but it never would have been said if it wasnt for mueller.and i can give a ratass what he thinks or says.And a statement was made about it,no not from jeremy, but one was said.Might not have been how you would have liked but it was made.The worlds to easy to judge someone by their mistakes rather than their good doings.Too easy to hate than forgive.:/

Brandon said...

" do recall on matts site jeremy saying that he does not hate those who are of a different race or gay,it was just him and his friends talking.yes it was incredibly rude and wrong,but i honestly think it wasnt to intentionally hurt others feelings"

Anonymous that's not true.
Matt's moderator that works for Matt asked Jeremy what he thinks of the rumors that he's racist. Jeremy said (as reported by the moderator and obviously Matt needed to approve it before it was posted) he's not racist and used the same wording as Matt used in his statement, that his parents have always taught to respect all people of difference blah blah.

That's the only time Jeremy has ever spoke about it.
Who except the head of the KKK is going to answer the question "Are you racist"? by saying "yes I am racist"?

Jeremy did not apologize. he did not say he was wrong. He did not say if he thinks saying "gay bragging fagg*t" is a form of giving gay people respect....or calling calling Mexico the beaner place is respecting Mexicans. He did not say why he said he racist things if he's not racist. He did not say why he made fun of gay people if he thinks gay people should be respected.

The only thing Jeremy has ever said about it was that he's not racist. That is NOT addressing it or owning up to what he said. That's being asked a softball question that isn't the question that needed to be asked by his Daddy's employee.

About your excuse for him ignoring fans, do you refuse to go into a restaurant ever because there is a chance you might get rude service?

That's really what you're saying with this excuse that Jeremy should ignore all fans because there's a chance he's going to see something from people that don't love him.

Expressed said...

Anon, that's a great point about Rap being a hypocrite.

Rap is making it personal because he thinks Jeremy was rude to or about his brother, his family.

Rap is defending his family by insulting Jeremy.

Rap is criticizing Matt by saying he's a jerk for wanting "hater ass" to be kicked, people that insult Matt's family.

There is no difference! Rap is imsulting Jeremy because he thinks he's defending his family. Matt likes it when people that insult his family are insulted back. Why does Matt need to be saint and be nice to people insulting HIS family, but Rap gets to be a jerk to Jeremy because he thinks Jeremy insulted his brother?

When Matt was saying that was before people knew about Jeremy's racist slurs. They were called haters because they were bashing Jeremy calling him things like selfish and saying he didn't care about Jake and he was a bad brother and lazy, etc.

Matt can't be expected to want people insulting his family to be treated nicely. Especially when they are insulting Jeremy because in my opinion, Jeremy is Matt's favorite although he's a great father to all his kids).

Rap, I'm sure Jeremy does think your brother is going to hell for being gay because Jeremy is a Christian. All Christians believe that because it is in the Bible and we believe that the Bible is the word of God.

You hate on Christians and then call Christians hateful because they don't approve of gay activity.

Why don't you hate on Zach or Molly (don't pretend like you do because your posts are always drilling Jer) like you do Jeremy James Roloff? Zach and Molly believe the same things Jeremy does because they're all Christians.

NN said...

Martin Luther King, jr.:
We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love. There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us. When we discover this, we are less prone to hate our enemies.

A million words cannot say this any better IMO!!! I often reflect upon this quote.

Timothy said...

NN, that is a wonderful quote, but if you're referring to Rap and all the peole who still have negative opinions of Jeremy for things he has said or done, I think the key point that Rap was trying to make was that Jeremy has not asked to be forgiven.

To be forgiven, you need to accept responsibility.

If you don't say you did anything wrong and you try to hide from it, how can people forgive you?

Timothy said...

I forgot to add, just look at Daniel Meichtry.

He used slurs. He said mean things about fans.

He apologized and owned up to it. He said he was wrong and was disappointed in himself.

Practically everybody I've heard comment on Dan's interview has forgiven Dan and has had nothing but good things to say about him.

NN said...

Timothy, this was not directed at any one person. Also you have missed the point of this quote which is to forgive for the good of ourselves.

Timothy said...

You can't expect Jeremy to be received that way when he hasn't done any of that.

NN said...

Timothy I couldn't agree more about Daniel. I have incredable respect for him. It would be wonderful if Jeremy did the same. I personally just couldn't carry the weight of such hate placed on me by someone I don't even know. Jeremy not apologizing is his own cross to bear.

Rap541 said...

"NN, that is a wonderful quote, but if you're referring to Rap and all the peole who still have negative opinions of Jeremy for things he has said or done, I think the key point that Rap was trying to make was that Jeremy has not asked to be forgiven.

To be forgiven, you need to accept responsibility.

If you don't say you did anything wrong and you try to hide from it, how can people forgive you?

Thank you Tim.

I point out also, that no one in the Celebrity Apprentice video was directly calling ANYONE in the LPA a midget. So why are they offended and making it personal?

Maybe because its offensive. Maybe they feel they need to defend their families from ignorant attacks. Why are they allowed the right and I am not?

Anon - explain to me how calling people "midgets" indirectly is BAD and calling people n-words and fags well... is just ok as long as its not personally directly at one individiual.

Why do the Roloffs get to be overly sensitive and demand that midget in ALL contexts not be used as offensive but their son is allowed to call people n-words, f*gs, beaners, etc and really everyone should mind their own business and how dare they be offended?

Expressed - you said "Rap, I'm sure Jeremy does think your brother is going to hell for being gay because Jeremy is a Christian. All Christians believe that because it is in the Bible and we believe that the Bible is the word of God.

You hate on Christians and then call Christians hateful because they don't approve of gay activity. "

If you want to play Bible games, then remember that per the Bible, people with physically deformed bodies are not welcome in the temple of God. Thats in Leviticus. In case you didn't know, thats the part of the bible you're using to justify Jeremy calling people f&ggots as good clean Christian fun. I'm never impressed with "Christians" who only cite Leviticus when it suites them and who certainly don't live by the rules of Leviticus. And for the record, the Roloffs do not.

Yes, I will make it personal when I am told its Christian, good and decent, for Jeremy James Roloff to be a bigot. If being Christian means you get a liscense to hate, then I am proud to say I am not.

Everything I have learned about the Roloff brand of Christianity - aka they have a right to hate and treat unbelievers like garbage with no apologies since Christians HAVE THE RIGHT - tells me I've made the right choice.

And for the record, I forgave Dan because Dan apologized *for himself. Dan asked for forgiveness, and I gave it - because thats the right thing to do. When *Jeremy* is man enough to say "I was wrong, I would like to be forgiven" - I would *gladly* accept his apology. But Tim makes the point - if he doesn't *WANT* to be forgiven then he's not sorry.

NN said...

Rap, I explained my point at 12:19 and 12:24 I am speaking for myself.

Rap541 said...

NN - I see no reason to forgive when the person acting badly makes no effort to indicate the behavior will be corrected. I respect your view, but I won't be forgiving anyone who does not ask to be forgiven. If someone doesn't WANT forgiveness for bad actions, then I won't oblige them by making an effort they can't be bothered with.

NN said...

I don't think anyone is quite getting my point here...I surrender!!!

Timothy said...

Rap, you're welcome.

NN, I do hear you, but I the MLK quote was meant for different circumstances, in my opinion.

Yes I understand the meaning of the quote. I know a family whose daughter was killed by a drunk driver. They had reason to hate the person who did it and they did.

They've dedicated their lives to anti-drinking and driving causes and stiffer penalties for people who are found guilty. They've done a lot of good, but it's driven by hatred and their own pain. The hatred they have for the man who did it has consumed them and it's destroyed their own lives. The parents divorced. Their other children are not what I would call happy kids. The quote would apply to them.

I don't think this is on that scale. This is when people say "Poor Jeremy shouldn't be called a racist gay basher" and people should just let it go. Other people such as Rap and myself say no, I'm not going to forgive him because he won't even apologize and doesn't care enough to say he's done wrong.

I think you're off target in drawing a parallel between the "hatred" Rap and I and lots of others have for our opinion and the type of hatred MLK jr was talking about or the example I gave in the family I know. I don't think Rap's life or my life is being hindered by the fact that when we see a discussion about Jeremy's language we don't cut him any slack.

Anonymous said...

I Disagree With The Christian Comment. You Are Stereotyping.Those Are Your Beliefs,Thats Fine,But Not All Christians Feel That Way.I Believe Christians Should Love And Accept All,And Leave The Judging And Placing Of Souls To God, Like He Wants Us To Do.I AM A CHRISTIAN.MY GAY UNCLE IS IN FACT A CHRISTIAN.MY GAY FRIEND IS IN FACT A CHRISTIAN.NONE OF US BELIEVE THEIR GOING STRAIGHT TO HELL.You Know Why? Because Of Our Savior Jesus Christ. He Died On The Cross For ALL Of Our Sins.For yours,For mine,For theirs,For your neighbor,For the stranger you pass on the street,For your friend,For the young mother who gets an abortion,For the husband/wife who cheats,For liars,For those who steal,For those who betray,For your family,For my family,FOR EVERYONE.He didnt isolate.So we shouldnt isolate.He didnt die for selected sins to be forgiven,FOR THEN HE WOULD HAVE DIED FOR NOTHING. He didnt say "Except for those Homosexuals." He gave his blood for ALL OF GODS CHILDREN TO BE FORGIVEN.
Forgiveness doesnt necessarilly benefit the one needing forgiveness.It helps heal a soul.Look how much your wanting Jeremy to apologize and ask for your forgiveness? So much that your allowing yourself to do what your wanting him to apologize for. So are you gonna harbor anger in your heart towards Jeremy and allow it to hurt/bug you,or are you gonna be the bigger person and find the strength in your heart to forgive openly and givingly? Though forgiveness is thought better of when asked for,sometimes it helps all if its given without because we know its better and healthier to do so.I Pray Jeremy realizes that his behavior hurt others and that his christian beliefs help him find it in him to apologize to those affended,but thats all i can do is pray. I will not bash and harass Jeremy to apologize because then when he does i will have to apologize to him,For i would have been just like him.I dont want to hurt anyone,even those who have hurt others.Treat Others how YOU YOURSELF would like to be treated, even if that person has not.
Rap,I Understand How You Could Have Gotten Affended.But You Know Your Brother Is Still A Good Person,Gay Or Not.So Why Hate On Jeremy So Much? Theres Lots Of People Who Unfortunatly Will Never Accept Those Who Are Different And Are Homosexual,But To Hate All Of Them Would Be A Waste Of Time.Jeremy Could Very Well Be A Good Person,Who Just Has A Little More To Learn About Others Differences.I Truely Dont Think The Roloffs Shun Out Those Who Are Different Like Everyone Says.People Who Know How That Feels Are Usually More Welcoming To All.I Truely Believe They Accept Everyone,But Jeremy Was At A Time When He Wanted To Be "Cool" With His Friends And Didnt Want Them To Think He Was "Changing" Because Of Fans.He Was Still Getting Used To It All. Honestly,Would You Stand Up For Complete Strangers Who Like You Because Your On TV,Over A Friend You've Known All Your Life.He Was Misguided.Hopefully He Now Realizes His Mistake And Learned,Like His Close Friend Says He Has.

Rap541 said...

Timothy, I have to agree again. NN, I understand your point but I can only ask you to trust me when I say it doesn't consume me. I can honestly tell you that if Jeremy apoligizes, I would *happily* forgive him. But until he's willing to admit he was wrong, I see no reason to rush to his side and buck him up with "it's ok". Maybe I am a horrible person for expecting someone to be contrite - but if Jeremy truly believes he has the *right* to name call others - why should I be all " Poor Jeremy, I frgive you for the wrong you don't even thing is a wrong, let me pat you on the back and praise you for NOT APOLOGIZING OR ADMITTING WRONG DOING and please call people n-word f&g beaner etc whenever you feel like and no matter how many times you do it, and don't think its wrong, I will forgive you and never once criticize you".

Why is it ok for Jeremy to be abusive and everyone who is offended has to apologize to this man whose only accomplishment is surviving a priveledged childhood? Why is everyone BUT Jeremy required to act decently? Why am I *wrong* to expect an apoligy first before I willingly give forgiveness? Was I a jerk to Dan after he apoligized? Did I make ANY demands other than asking for an apology?

NN said...

Good are taking all of this way too serious. I wasn't trying to convey any of this nonsence on such an intense scale. Take it in the context to which it was intended which was about forgiveness in all of its forms. The quote was just something I reflect on...end of story!! I wish I never put it here to begin with. This quote can mean whatever it makes a person feel. I would be the last to draw a paraelle between a Jeremy Roloff apology and a family losing someone due to drunk driving.

I think I made clear earlier what I meant and it is you who are putting up the parallel, not me. It makes no difference to me what you or Rap say as you are entitled to your opinions but please don't tell me what I am trying to imply. I will speak for myself. I mean no hard feelings with this responce and I hope we can continue to debate on different topics on this board. I just really feel that this whole thing got overblown.

NN said...

I must be typing in a different language today because clearly nobody gets it.

Rap, neither I nor that quote in no way suggested that you were consumed with this issue, I don't know you and I wouldn't assume such a thing.


Is there anybody here who gets what I am saying?

I mean no harm to anyone...

Timothy said...

NN, I apologize to you if you thought I was putting words in your mouth or was trying to speak for you. I can honestly say I wasn't and there was no hostility intended from me towards you.

I like the quote you posted. My reply was intepreting what I thought was the meaning of the quote since you wrote that I missed the point of the quote.

Yes, on some level I did think your posting the quote was implying that by not forgiving Jeremy we are damaging ourselves.

I honestly say that I have no hard feelings towards you at all.

Anonymous said...


....what does all of this have to do with Zach on the sidelines at a Portland Timbers game ;o) or even the Roloffs and their fans? I see that comparison like the blog post said, but not the racial & gay slur stuff.

NN said...

Thank you Timothy and I guess I misunderstood your intent as well.

I would just like to say to everyone...please read peoples posts carefully to cut down on the frustrations. If anyone noticed I clearly said in the beginning that the quote was something I reflect on and it was directed at no one person.

I truly value and enjoy everyones opinion! How boring it would be if we all agreed on everything.

NN said...

Anonymous @6:16, like all forems, the train tends to fly right off the tracks now and then!LOL

Rap541 said...

NN - I accept your comments at face value - but looking at the comments of others, can you perhaps understand why I feel like I am *required* to beg Jeremy James Roloff's pardon for daring to question his hatespeech while Jeremy and his family has free rein to judge members of my family as they please as Christians and if I dare be offended, I need to bend over and be slapped in in the butt for daring to *question* how CHRISTIANS have decided to treat me? I mean really - why am I wrong - apparently I am VERY WRONG INDEED to have a problem with Jeremy calling people f&gs and n-words and should be apoligizing for questioning his judgement - but the Roloffs have the right to be offended at the use of the word "midget" in ANY CONTEXT AS MIDGET IS HATEFUL REGARDLESS OF HOW THE BIBLE CLEARLY STATES THAT PEOPLE WITH DEFORMITIES ARE NOT CHRISTIANS.

NN - Why does my brother deserve no protection? Why doesn't Jeremy have to abide by the same contrictions you're asking me to give Jeremy? Why aren't members of my family worthy to be treated in the way you are suggesting the Roloffs be treated?

Am I asking so much of an adult male by asking for an apology before I willingly give forgiveness? Am I *wrong* and *hateful* and *bad* to ask that someone APOLOGIZE before I say "I forgive you"?

Because I feel like the only correct answer is "Jeremy forgive me for judging you - until you in your 19 years of wisdom figure out how to treat people, f8g and nword are ok. you, Jeremy James Roloff, don't think its wrong so here's my apology to you - because as a CHRISTIAN MAN YOU HAVE THW RIGHT TO CALL ANYONE YOU PLEASE THE NWORD AND AS NOT JEREMY JAMES ROLOFF, I HAVE TO SMILE AND LOVE IT AND PRAISE YOU".

Is that it? Is that the acceptable answer? Jeremy should be *praised* and I shouldn't defend MY FAMILY? Perhaps I should allow Jeremy and his Christian pals to beat my brother to death? After all, Jeremy is a Christian, my brother is just a f&g, and I am WRONG to be offended when Jeremy the CHRISTIAN judges my family in any way?

Rap541 said...

Anon who was shouty with caps - I know my brother is a good person. I am tired of being told that he has to accept hatespeech with no apologies because if the person using the hatespeech is Christian, then the Christian has the *right* to be hateful.

I'm sorry, but no. Jeremy Roloff has earned NO RIGHT to treat people badly and I am honestly amazed at the number of people who who shrug and say "well, he's christian so SHUT UP AND TAKE IT AND SMILE BECAUSE HE'S CHRISTIAN AND THEREFORE HAS THE RIGHT".

Because thats the point right? JESUS GAVE JEREMY THE RIGHT TO HATE?

Thats what Christianity is all about - deciding who is better and treating the less badly as they are less? Jeremy is a white straight Christian male... therefore he has the right per GOD to treat anyone different as badly as he feels?

Why am I WRONG to defend members of my family but the Roloffs right to defend members of their family? My brother NEVER called anyone a midget - why does he have to be called a F&GGot? Why is that CHRISTIAN AND DECENT AND JUST GREAT?

Anonymous said...


Dang Its Like You Just Dont listen! First Of All
NO ONE Called YOUR Brother A "F*ggot". So get That Out Of Your Head.

And I Said I Treat Everyone With Respect And Accept ALL Because Im A Christian.I NEVER SAID CHRISTIANS WERE BETTER!OR TREAT EVERYONE WHOS "LESS" THEN THEM "LESS".Obviously You Didnt Read The Whole POST!


I Said That You Shouldnt Be Mad At MATT Because He Has A "KICK HATERS A$$" Attitude Cause You OBVIOUSLY DO TOO,Not That You Shouldnt Have It. Its Just That You Are Giving Reasons On Why You Dislike The Roloffs But Then Your The Exact Same Way.


Rap541 said...

Anon - in all seriousness - HAS JEREMY APOLIGIZED?

Has he said he was wrong? Has Matt made his son apologize?

Or have we been told to mind our own business - BUT terms that offend the Roloffs - not terms that offend MY family - are wrong.

You *say* Christians aren't better - but my brother doesn't deserve to be treated as well as a Christian does he?

Explain to me why I have to be the better person, but Jeremy doesn't? If you seriously expect me to beg Jeremy's pardon for being angry and forgive him and smile while he smirks and calls people f&Gs - why AREN'T you asking HIM to change his behavior? Jeremy doesn't have to apologize, we all have to forgive him again and again and meanwhile have you read this forum? Have you read the responses in this thread pointedly stating my brother will be going to hell because he's gay? Have you read the comments again and again that come from people stating they ARE CHRISTIANS that are full of hate?

How many times do I have to get slapped in the face with hate from people claiming to be Christians? Because, Anon with the shouty caps - I know your arguement - those people aren't *really* Christians and Christians aren't perfect so I better shut up and take it. And take it. And when people claiming to be Christians act badly, I better not say anything because you don't want to be offended and I damn well better shut up.


Oh right - I have to forgive it without an apology since Christians can fail and of course its wrong to *expect* Christians to act like Christians.

I didn't want to be rude - but I am tired of hearing that Jeremy shouldn't apologize, Jeremy is a Good Christian, and he was just being a Good Christian. I respect that you don't seem to think he was acting well... but I am not hating on the kid by saying I won't forgive him until he admits he's done something wrong.

If you think he's done something wrong, in all seriousness, how can you call yourself a good person by suggesting he not be accountable for his behavior? I'm accountable for mine - you'll note that I'm not denying I've been unkind. I don't see why I have to be kind when I have no realistic expectation of recieving kindness from a Roloff. After all, I'm not a Christian and I have a f&ggot brother - we're supposed to be begging the Roloffs pardon for daring to not be like the Roloffs.

Peter said...

Come on. They aren't traveling for our pleasure, it's for their own pleasure.

Fans would watch if they never left the farm, much less if they didn't go on vacations every 3 weeks.

The Roloffs are going on once in a lifetime vacations every couple of months and they do owe it all to the fans for watching.

The least they can do is sacrifice a few minutes of their time sometimes to "put up" with those horribly annoying people called fans that make those vacations possible.

The fact they don't shows how self-asorbed they are. If people watching my show meant I get to go wherever I want in the world every month I would do whatever my fans wanted as payback.

NN said...

NN - Why does my brother deserve no protection? Why doesn't Jeremy have to abide by the same contrictions you're asking me to give Jeremy? Why aren't members of my family worthy to be treated in the way you are suggesting the Roloffs be treated?

What? When did I ever ask or suggest any of this to you? I hope you have me confused with someone else because if not you might want to show me where this came from.

Please don't put words in my mouth!

This whole thread has crossed the line into the ridiculous!!

Rap541 said...

NN -I forgive me if I am misinterpreting you - but your MLK quote - which is very nice - is pretty much bend over and take it. If Matt gets to have a nasty little hit squad of girls to bitch out anyone whose opinion he doesn't like - then I don't have to sit silent when his son calls people f*ggots just for the sake of peace.

I don't see ANYONE suggesting that perhaps Jeremy Roloff should shut his mouth for the sake of peace.... just the people who have a problem with his statements that he has made NO APOLOGY FOR. Those people need to be like Dr. King and turn the other cheek...

If I seem frustrated, its because it really does seem like the only side who ever gets told to turn the other cheek and take it to keep the peace is the side that is offended by Jeremy's language.

ps - I call Matt Roloff a hypocrit because he says he openly welcomes criticism, and then encourages his online followers to attack the people who take him at his word. When I do that, I'll take anyone here calling me a hypocrit a lot more seriously.

Anonymous said...

No Im Not Denying That That Has Been Implied On This Thread. I Read The Comment That Said All Christians Believe Gays Are Going To Hell And If You Read My Post And Correctly,You Would Have Read I DISAGREED With That Completely And Why.
Christians Are In NO Way Better Than Others.And If Someone Believes That Its Not Because Their Christian But Because Of Their Personality.Because One Or Some Christians Think Their Better Doesnt Mean We All Do.And Im Upset That You Said I Was Like That Because Of Other Post And People When I Clearly Said I Was Against It.You Just Assumed.
Now Because Jeremy Said What He Did And Is A Christian Doesnt Mean Thats Why He Said/Did It.He MIGHT Think Hes Better Than Everyone,But Dont Assume ALL Christians Are Like That.Look At Amy,Shes A Christian And Would Never Say Those Things.Dont Say ALL Christians Are Like That.Just Like You Dont Like People Saying Your Brother Is Going Straight To Hell(Which I Dont Believe),I Dont Like Hearing How I Or Other Christians Think We're Better Than Everyone Because Of MY PERSONAL Beliefs And Other People.
Really,I Dont Know Jeremy,Neither Do You.So Im Not Gonna Let His Immature Behavior Hurt My Family Or Myself.Im Not Gonna Constantly Harass The Roloffs Or Put Down Jeremy Because I Want My Way.I Dont Know Them So His Hurtful Words Wont Affect Me Nor My Family Or Matter,I Know Their Incorrect.I Do Agree Jeremys Apology Would Make Me Like Them Better, But Im Not Gonna Let It Get Me To A Point Where I Feel I Need It To Defend My Family And Please Me.

NN said...

I have a question...
Has anyone ever felt like bashing their own head against a brick wall?
I have never ever before been a party to a forem discussion whereby I feel like I am caught up in some kind of joke in which someone is deliberately trying to drive me over the deep end. I keep explaining myself over and over and over...
Rap my friend, I have tried with you but I can do no more. Since you obviously donot believe me when I say this quote had nothing to do with you and you keep rehashing it, I will spend not a single minute more having any more discussion on this topic.
I hope we can somehow understand one another on another thread at some point. I think this is just too much of a hot button topic for you to see things clearly.

Brokenwing said...

NN, I feel your pain!

I've had the exact same thing happen to me on a message boards going on now for almost 3 years!!!

Ever since people first saw Jeremy use a gay slur on Myspace, I said that Jeremy was wrong and I wished he would stop using it, but I don't think it's fair to call him hateful or a racist gay basher, because although he was wrong to use those words, he was just beign a stupid teen boy trying to sound cool like a lot of other teenagers.

From just saying that, I had people like Rap tell me that I hate gay people and I'm a racist and how I think it's fine to call gay people and black people slurs as long as they aren't in the room. That's not what I said!

I repeat myself. They come back with the same thing.

I've smashed my head into that brick wall way too many times, NN!!!!

Anonymous said...

NN And Browkening,
I Agree.Its Like They Only See Their Side And If You Dont Agree,Your Just Like Jeremy And A Must Be A Bad Person.Its Not That I Agree With What Jeremy Did,I Just Dont Think Its Right to NameCall And Harass Someone Who Was Being Immature At The Time And A Typical Teenage Boy.Do To Him What He Did To "Get Even" Or "Make It Fair".FOR ANYONE READING: I Do Not Think Jeremy Was Correct/Right In Behaving That Way But I Dont Think Calling Him Hurtful Names Is Going To Solve The Problem Or Get Him To Apologize.Hes Not Going To Make Any Comment To People Who Do Nothing But Bash Him.Why Would He Apologize To People For Calling Others Hurtful Names When Those People Are Calling Him Hurtful Names,Because "He Did It And Its Only Fair" And They "Think He Deserves It".Get How It Makes No Sense.AND BY ME SAYING THIS,Im Not Implieing That I Think Jeremy Did Nothing Wrong Or "Doesnt Have To Apologize Because Hes A Christian",I Just Think As Mature People Theirs A Better Way Of Going About It To Get His Apology.

Rap541 said...

In fairness, brokenwing, you have been happy to state that calling someone the n-word isn't offensive as long as no african descent people are around, calling someone a f&g isn't offensive as long as no homosexuals are in earshot. I am sure you didn't mean to leave that out when you dance around NN and pretend you're being reasonable.

Remember those comments, Brokenwing? I do. I remember hearing how its not hateful as long as no one who might be offended hears it.

NN - I'm willing to man up and apoligze. I have been harsh, because for years now, I have heard nothing but hate and criticism on this topic and I am willing to admit it colors my opinion when I am told to turn the the other cheek. I have done so many times, and people like brokenwing slap my face every time. Every time. Thats not you, and I apologize for being suspicious.

Anon of the shouty caps - I will my extend my apoligy to you - but I point out that Amy Roloff supports Focus on the Family - despite in no way living by their ideals. i think you understand my offense at Christians spouting off on who is going to hell and I hope you understand that after hearing again and again and again that my brother who I love and who is a caring person who is far more accomplished than a high school kid is somehow a demon who will go to hell while the high school kid who can't even try to make an effort is an AWESOME PRAISEWORTHY GREAT CHRISTIAN just might affect my opinion of Christians in general. Because honestly? Tired of hearing how Christians have the right to hate so I better shut my mouth and hate my brother if I don't want to be a crappy unbeliever. If being Christian means I have to treat my brother the way posters who claim to be Christian act here, I'd rather go to hell.

Rap541 said...

Anon of the shouty caps - in all seriousness - if you think Jeremy was wrong and we're all wrong to be offended - how will you get him to see reason?

Because acting like he did nothing wrong and kinda is a victim, god bless him for hating queers he's so sweet and decent to call n-words by their true Hamitic name, god bless the old testement where white = Real Christian - doesn't really seem to make anything happen. I don't think Jeremy agrees with your views and after a while, I'd like to know how crappy he has to act in order for it not to "Good Christian making mistake after mistake after mistake" and "Not so great kid acting badly"

When is he going be responsible for acting badly?

Brokenwing said...

Rap, thank you for providing an example of exactly what we are all talking about! You leave people banging their heads against the wall, wondering what you're reading and leaves us thinking you must be doing this as a joke.

No, you're lying about what I said. I love how you tell people what they think after they explain how they feel.

"you have been happy to state that calling someone the n-word isn't offensive as long as no african descent people are around, calling someone a f&g isn't offensive as long as no homosexuals are in earshot."

No, that is not true and not what I believe. You are liar who is probably howling behind your computer screen when people like me, NN and Anon try to reason with you.

This is what I've always said and believed. Can I speak for myself instead of you telling me what I think??

Saying "I don't want to live near any N words" is racist and hateful. It does not matter if there is any African-Americans around when that is said. It is still racist and hateful.

Jeremy talking to Mueller and saying "Hey whats up N word" is not hateful. It is still wrong for him to use the word because of the history of the word hurts people, but it does not make him a hateful racist.

It's the same with with the the word "F*****"

Yelling at a gay person You bleepin F*g!"is hateful and gay bashing.

Jeremy saying to Mueller, two straight best friends joking with each other and saying "Talk to you later, "F*ggothole" is wrong, but it is not hateful gay bashing like the first example.

That's what I believe.

Now you will come back and tell me that no, that's not what I believe and you will tell me what I believe and you will continue to play your game of lying about what people post.

I think Jeremy should have apologized and said he was wrong. I think there are reasons why he didn't, but I think it would have been the best thing, however not making a statement about it doesn't make him a horrible person that is deserving of being hated.

NN said...

Anonymous and Brokenwing...yes, It seems we all agree that Jeremy SHOULD apologize for the things he said. I would like for that to happen myself but as you said Brokenwing, there may be reasons why that didn't happen tho I can't imagine why not since an apology could have put an end to all of this. and I may not agree on a lot but you have apologized and I will certainly accept that...thanks...lets move on.

Rap541 said...

Who exactly has said he's a horrible person deserving of hatred?

And who has said he should be an adult and apologize?

Brokenwing, I made screenshots of your posts on imdb where you want on in detail that its ok for people to use racial hatespeech as long as they aren't directly saying it. I also have screen shots of how you explain again and again that Jeremy has always meant "hey guys" when he uses racist hatespeech, no matter what the context.

Get it through your head. While most people are appalled by the "see you later fagg&thole" remarks - its the "pretty sweet, just like a n-word" remark, the "not to be a gay bragging fagg&t" remark, the "that beaner place called mexico" comment - aka the comments with racist terms clearly being used in a racist context that have people thinking Jeremy has a problem with diversity.

You remember those comments right? The ones you refuse to acknowledge?

Believe me, Brokenwing - I have nothing but smiles when you post because I have always found trolls amusing. :)

Brokenwing said...

Rap I never said that. I stated my opinion (hundreds of times) and I already stated it here.

You can continues to lie, twist and troll. I won't play your game anymore.

Rap541 said...

I notice, as usual, that you refuse to acknowledge the clearly racist comments of Jeremy Roloff. Not "Wassup N-word" or "Later f*ggithole", but the comments where there's really no doubt he's using them in the racially offensive way. Let me repeat them for you - the "pretty sweet, just like a n-word" remark, the "not to be a gay bragging fagg&t" remark, the "that beaner place called mexico" comment.

Not a kid just saying "hey there", was he? Funny how you never ever directly say Jeremy was wrong to say *these* phrases... funny how you're always quick to point to other kids who say "wassup n-word". Guess what, referring to a family friend doing you a favor as being "just like an n-word" is racist. Nothing nice was being said there. Most of us understand that this wasn't in the same league as two boys snickering and calling each other "queer".

I also notice when asked who said he's a horrible person deserving hatred, that you sit silent because you know you put words in my mouth and didn't expect to be called on your twisting and trolling. Do I need to describe the many many times you've been called on that behavior?

Rap541 said...

NN - you're completely correct. An apology from Jeremy for his comments, an admission he was wrong, would end this. No one vilified Dan for apologizing - in fact I think Dan got a lot of positive strokes.

Anonymous said...

I Find It Stupid That When People Brought Up Jeremy When Talking About Dan,They Were Told To Stop,That They Were Two Different People And Jeremy Shouldnt Get Credit For Dans Apology And Such.Thats Fine.Thats How It Should Be.But It Has To Be The Same Way For Both.When Talking About Jeremy,Dont Bring Up Dan And Say "Jeremy Should Do This Because Dan Did" Because As Stated Before They Are Two Different People Who Shouldnt Be Compared.If Your Gonna Use The Fact That Daniel Made A Statement About It So Jeremy Should And That Be That,Then The Fact That Daniel Said They Were All Immature At The Time,They Were Not Meaning To Hurt Anyones Feelings And Have Learned Their Lesson,Should Be Enough For You To Know Jeremy Knows Hes Wrong And Let That Be That.
Please Tell Me When I said This "Anon of the shouty caps - in all seriousness - if you think Jeremy was wrong and we're all wrong to be offended - how will you get him to see reason?"
I NEVER Said Its Wrong That It Offended You,I Said Im Not Gonna Let It Offend ME.You Really Need To Stop Twisting Peoples Words Around.
And Again Even Though I Said It More Times Then Needed That Not All Christians Are Like That,You Still Make Some Comment On How They Are. OBVIOUSLY YOU HAVE SOMETHING AGAINST CHRISTIANS And You Certainly Dont Have Any Problem Purposelly HURTING Them.So Why Should You Get An Apology From Someone Hurting You And Your Family,Like Your This Great God,While you Sit Here And Hurt And Say Rude Things To Others And Theirs.AND I DONT WANT TO HEAR HOW "JEREMYS A CHRISTIAN BOY WHO SAID IT,SO ALL CHRISTIANS ARE LIKE THAT"!Or Even That Theres More Than A Few Whos Said It To You,Because Not All Are Like That.Its Stereotyping,The Same Thing You Got Mad At Others For Doing To Your Brother.
So Since Your Saying Christians Hurt Your Brother,It Gives You The Right To Say Those Things And Assume About Them,Maybe Thats Why Jeremy Said The Things He Did,A Mexican,Homosexual Or African-American Hurt His Family,So He Said It.SEE HOW RIDICULOUS THAT SOUNDS?! Your Being Very One Sided Right Now. You Think You Can Not Like ALL Christians Or Put Them Down Because They(And By That I Mean Some) Hurt Your Family And It Be Ok But Jeremy Needs To Apologize Because He Hurt Your Familys Feelings.Dont Think So.

Jocelynn said...

Anon, can I kindly ask you to not capitalize every letter of a word? It's very hard on the eyes and makes your posts very hard to read.

Anonymous said...

Sorry HaHa habit. But sure i'll try :)

Rap541 said...

Anon - for real, the caps thing is a little hard to read.

Also seriously - If you allow that others ARE offended, although you yourself are not letting yourself be offended - do you think the people offended should be silent? Should Jeremy be told he's offending? I'm honestly not following you.

As for harping on Jeremy being Christian - I am sorry it offends you that I am offended by your Christian brothers and sisters who say Jeremy Roloff is being a good Christian for his lovely hating of the gays. I am told again and again what wonderful Christians the Roloffs are, how God is rewarding them for being awesome Christians, how they deserve x y and z because they are Christians. I am told Jeremy is a fine Christian boy and THATS why he should apologize because he's just having a goof on the homosexuals who he as a Christian is perfectly right to mock and hate.

Believe it or not, anon, the major reason I don't call myself Christian any more is because of people like the Roloffs, and to a point like you. The Roloffs, in the form of Jeremy, do something decidely anti-Christian. Some people calling themselves Christians run to declare its ok because their faith is more important than treating people equally. When people point out how nasty and exclusionary that is, other Christians like yourself come running to insist that those really aren't Christian beliefs, that Christians can make mistakes and of course, the people offended had really best just forgive and forget. There's never any real stand taken - no one is willing to say "no, that person isn't acting Christian and shouldn't be considered a fine example for others". Of course thats not all Christians... but honestly I have met and known and been blessed to have known some wonderful Christians... Jeremy's behavior - behavior that is held up as exemplary - really doesn't cut.

As for words and who should apologize - gotta be honest, the reason the Roloffs get called hypocrits is that "midget" is wrong and should be apologized for, regardless of whether it is directly said to an LP, but Jeremy using n-word,f&G, and beaner (and and a few others) in a clearly racial context in a public setting is not worth an apology?

Why is that?

Anonymous said...

Im not saying you shouldnt be saying you shouldnt go about getting an apology the way you are because then really your just the same.AND I SAY THIS BECAUSE I WANT TO TREAT OTHERS EQUALLY. Yes i know jeremy didnt but doesnt mean we are allowed to bash him now,we should show him how to treat others with respect and equality.Not doing exactly what he did to him cause then all he sees is what hypricates we are.And there you go again insulting me!Saying "and to a point,like you" EXCUSE ME?!?!What is that? you dont know me so dont you dare link me in to people who are like that.You my friend are judging me.So how can you be pissed at others who judge your brother when your doing it to.I was talking to another person about my christian beliefs,then you show up and think you can constantly insult me for it,throw it in my face and tell me how i am because "others act that way" when i wasnt even talking to you about it to begin with and i was on your side about the subject in the first place!GEEZ!

You keep saying how im defending Jeremy when time and time again im saying i know he was wrong.I just think its wrong to trash all of them to show them a lesson.You talk about equality Rap,but then trash christians and the roloffs for not being to your standards or likings.Yes Jeremy did a terible thing,doesnt mean we now have the right to torture him the rest off his life.Because im a christian,i believe in forgiveness.No im not saying you should forgive him or believe that to,but thats what i am saying. I forgive Jeremy Because he is a child of God and made a mistake and its not my place to hold it agaisnt him,for i wouldnt want anyone doing that to me with my mistakes.EQUALITY.But i do agree he was wrong.No he hasnt asked for forgiveness but if i allow his comments to get to me and demand an apology i will drive my sanity over the edge,so to help myself i forgave,but im not saying he was right.Just like i forgive you for the hurtful things you assumed about me.Equality to me, isnt about hurting someone because you think they deserved it or they did it,but realizing how you would want to be treated and then treating ALL others that way.

I am in no way better than anyone,i have made my share of mistakes.Never,Rap,would i think im better than anyone.I dont think im better than someone because of their race,choice to love,gender and so on.To me everyone is just an equal person,child of God who has my complete appriciation and liking until they show they dont want it.I never treat others unfairly or different.And i am a christian,so for you to say i dont because i am christian,really upsets me.

Jocellyn,hope its easier to read :) sorry if its not.

Rap541 said...

In fairness, going about getting an apology your way isn't likely to work either. Are you aware that a fan emailed Matt Roloff directly in 2005 about the content of Jeremy's myspace and pointed out that it was loaded with some seriously offensive language. Matt sent an email back about how frustrated Jeremy was and the comments remained up... until the National Enquirer scandal. Matt was given opportunity to handle things privately - ample opportunity. You know, I don't expect the Roloffs to toss the kid out of the family or publically whip Jeremy bloody for this. I simply expect it to be treated as seriously as Jake using the f-word was - but while it was ok to stigmatize their much younger son on national tv, they won't even use Jeremy's name in their "mind your business" statement.

You're assuming, because you're Christian, that your way is the right way. It implies that anyone who doesn't agree with you to forgive Jeremy without apology isn't acting decently, or Christian. I'm not letting it go because Jeremy hurt people with his words, and doesn't apparently think he did anything wrong. If he was man enough to use racist language on line, then he should be fine with apologizing.... if he thinks he was wrong. I would happily accept an apology. Happily. But if he doesn't want to be forgiven, then there's no indication that he'll stop being hurtful with his language. So why should I forgive someone who isn't sorry and who gives no indication that he won't commit the same act again? Frankly, for all that I hear how big hearted and sensitive Jeremy is, I really wouldn't think such a nice kid would fail to understand why ugly words hurt.

I trash Christians? Trust me when I say to you, that started when Christians trashed my mother for how she did a crappy job raising her son. Christians told my mom she had to either disown her son, send him to a reeducation seminar run by Christians, or leave the church. Do as we say, or you're out. There was no forgiveness. And when it was pointed out how unchristian this behavior is, my mother was told the same thing you're telling me - you should forgive even though they won't admit they are wrong, or change their behavior. The people acting badly? Aren't being told by their fellow Christians to stomp acting badly, but everyone who is treated badly has to forgive or else they, the victims, just aren't good people. That's who you're being lumped in with. I'm sorry if it offends you, but the problem is that the Christian community refuses to police itself or take a stand against radical members, and praying for change is nice, but it doesn't always stop the bad actions.

Jocelynn said...

Anon, yes, it is much easier to read! Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Rap your a loss cause.You continuosly insult me and im sick of it.Your a judger and you hurt others feelings,without even knowing them,but yet you deserve an apology? abosolutely not.
Your no different than Jeremy and im sick and tired of being insulted by you.You want your way at no cost,even if its hurting others,and that will get you no where my friend.I am done arguing with you about this because you only want to hear your side and if you read it and its not it doesnt stick to your head or even put a dent in it.You only want to hear that your right.Im done because you dont listen,and if someone does make a point that shows some good reason,you insult the person.You sit here and trash christians for "being bad people" when you dont even see how you are being.Im done.

Rap541 said...

Anon - if your feelings are hurt, then please remember - this is how people feel when they want an apology and don't get one. I could just throw it in your face that you should be forgiving me despite my refusal to admit wrong doing and doesn't that make it all better? But I won't - because it doesn't work. I hope you see that. It would be kinda silly of me to expect you to forgive me unless I geniunely apoligize.

Is it trashing Christians to point out examples of Christians acting badly? Is it trashing Christians to point out that when they get caught acting badly, their fellow Christians are very quick to demand that the wronged forgive and forget since Christians aren't perfect? Apparently so.

I'm geniunely sorry you're offended to hear that some people don't like it when Christians act badly and justify it, but having watched Christians trash my mother for raising a gay son, and justify it - I'm sorry but I am not going to agree the best option when faced with this sort of behavior is to let it go and forgive and not care that the person hurting me won't apologize because they think they're right. If that makes me hateful, well, I learned it from Jeremy Roloff - Why do I have to apologize when Jeremy should be forgiven without any acknowledgement on his part that he was wrong?

Chris said...

I saw the Roloffs at the Timbers game tonight against Miami. Timbers won again. Another sold out crowd.

Soccer Fan said...

The Roloffs or Zach are a good example of what fame does to people.

Zach used to be cool. In the first season I used to talk to him about soccer stuff.

Jer used to be the one with the stuck up attitude. Zach even used to apologize for Jeremy's selfishness.

Now Zach is as bad as the rest of them. Like other people have said, they've been treated like royalty and it's gone to their heads and changed them for the worst.

Meeting players, seeing sweet stadiums, Zach is almost the Portland Timbers mascot now. This is when the Roloffs should be more grateful to loser fans like me for giving a flying fig about them, but this is when Zach and the rest of the Roloffs don't give a hoot about the fans. If it wasn't for the fans none of that would be happening to them but they're too stuck up to realize it.

They act like they're the fricken royal family, born into royalty. They don't need to treat other people like they want to be treated.

Anonymous said...

I agree with all that Soccer fan. The Roloffs are the classic ex. of what happens to normal people who get fame and glitz and glamor and money. Anybody that can't see it is in denial.

Mark said...

The Roloffs have missed the concept of treat others how you want to be treated.

They need to get off the tv screen and get off the public speaking circuit, enroll in kindergarten and learn the golden rule all over again....Treat others how you want to be treated.

Marilyn A. said...

I can only speak for myself. The relief of not having any financial burdens would be wonderful. Trips everywhere would be a joy.

Having said that, I would not trade that for raising my children with a stable, normal upbringing where the same things are expected of them that are expected of any other kid. I believe it's impossible to have children and proceed to treat them like special tv stars and expect them to be humble caring people.

Good for the material gains, bad for the soul.