Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Zach Roloff wins Gold at the DAAA games

One of the LPA convention attendees informed our site that Zach's team won Gold in soccer again at the DAAA games in New York. Admittedly, the person attending is not a soccer fan and didn't have a lot of details, but said Zach was on the Gold medal winning soccer team, although she didn't think it was the Grasshogs team. Sorry the details are sketchy, but we thank all contributors to the Blog who pass this information along for the enjoyment and curiousity of followers of the Roloff family and Little People, Big World.

Did you know that last year Zach actually played basketball on the East Coast Express? Viewers are under the impression that Zach's team is the Grasshogs and that's his team, period, but that's not the case. Also, the Manuel twins don't always play on the same team either.

2nd place Basketball 2008

Team: East Coast Express:

Johnston, Nathaniel

Roloff, Zach

Farrell, Doug

Benton, Troy

Brogden, William (Bill)

Delaney, Michael

Kirts, Andy

Manuel, Eric

Waful, Jeffrey

Unrelated to the soccer results, here is an Amy Roloff sighting/meeting in New York from excited attendees at the conference.

"Although technically, we didn’t “meet” Amy Roloff, it was more like I pounced on her on the sidewalk outside the hotel and wouldn’t let her leave until I could get a picture with her.
It sounded something like this:
“AMY! AMY! OH MY GOD, AMY! Hi! This is Seamus! It’s his birthday! He’s four! Can we PLEASE have a picture???”
I’m also pretty sure I was jumping up and down a little as I was shouting this. Yep…I’m an idiot. But she was sweet as could be, and stopped and chatted with us and took pictures with the kids. Awesome!"
Also figures of over 3000 LP at the conference in New York have been reported; the most in history, so obviously the concerns we had about money keeping people away were not problem.


M said...

I heard that LA Breakers won the gold... straight from Marty Klebba. So Zach must have played with LA this year. Guess no grasshogs this year.

M said...

ps. I think most LP's save all year for a conference. Most likely some use it as their only vacation. NYC is such a tourist attraction and I’m sure many LP's who never or have been here wanted to check it out. Always something new going on! Good for them. I hope they’re having a great time!

Dana said...

By the look at the team in the picture with the Portland soccer team, it looks like most of Zach's team for Ireland are people who were on the LA Breakers the first time they were shown on LPBW.

I don't think the teams for DAAA are very structured. It's more for fun and who wants to be on my time, kind of thing. If a group of players didn't have enough players, maybe they ask their friends who aren't on a team of their own. Maybe that's how Zach got on the LA Breakers.

Dallmann's said...

Congrats - Guess all that Food you were buying in Costco did it's job. LOL