Monday, August 31, 2009

Amy Roloff is semi-twittering/blogging

Amy Roloff is somewhat 'twittering' or blogging.

It's located in the "News" tab of her Charity Foundation website.

Amy (and some of them were by her friends helping her with her charity foundation) had some entries previously that were related to her upcoming charity golf tournament, but today she seems to be making a few comments about other things, more along the lines of Twitter or Facebook status updates (which basically is what twitter is though some celebrities choose to communicate directly with their fans).

Amy says she's planning a sweet 16 birthday party for Molly.

She says the weeds in her garden are out of control with all the travel she's been doing and the twins are off to school soon.

I think blogging on her charity foundation website is a smart way to keep coming to her charity foundation website. Trust me, the personal things are what interests people about the Roloffs. The only drawback I see with Amy blogging or using her Charity Foundation website like that is that it kind of renders her official website somewhat useless. Her blog on her official website only has two entries in one year. Perhaps after her golf tournament, she'll shift her blogging entries to her official website?

Amy's charity foundation twitter account which she does not run, posts "tweets" when she has a new entry which leads to this page which is the same as the news tab on her charity foundation website.

On the subject of twitter, I think it's interesting that the TLC twitter account confirmed that Jon Gosselin is using twitter. Whenever twitter users have asked TLC if the Roloffs use twitter, TLC has always said none of the Roloffs have accounts - even though Amy Roloff's account "realamyroloff" was legitimate until it disappeared.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Article about Amy's speaking event in Michigan last week

There was an article about Amy's speaking event in Michigan for 'Michigan Works'. She makes some great points about people with insecurities.

By Kurt Hauglie, DMG Writer

HOUGHTON - As a little person, Amy Roloff has faced challenges throughout her life, many of which she successfully met, and now she uses the experiences of those challenges to inspire other people, which was her intention Monday.

Roloff, who was the guest speaker at the Michigan Works! 2009 summer awards dinner at the Best Western Franklin Square Inn in Houghton, said although growing up as a dwarf was at times difficult, there was a moment when she decided those difficulties shouldn't hold her back.

"I thought, 'What kind of impact am I going to have?'" she said. "There's a world out there. There's something I can do."

Attending CMU, Roloff said she became aware her roommates weren't connecting with her because she wouldn't open up and talk about herself, which was an affect of her insecurities about her stature.

Because of that experience, Roloff said she decided not to let other people's prejudice define her.

"I can't get hung up on what people think unless I'm willing to educate," she said.

Roloff said she used to think if she didn't get a job she applied for or accepted for some other position, it was because of her size. Although that probably was true in some cases, she came to realize in other cases she just wasn't sufficiently qualified for the position.

Roloff said also during college, she attended her first Little People of America conference and realized within the little people community there was a great range of sizes, abilities and races of people sharing similar experiences.

"I began to be comfortable as I was," she said.

Marriage and parenthood strengthened that self-assurance, Roloff said.

Roloff said although she still faces challenges because of her stature, her successes have made her feel more secure than she did growing up.

"My greatest challenge and success was my disability," she said. "My disability is not what defines me. It's a part of me."

Speaking directly to the award winners, Roloff said she was impressed by their accomplishments in the Michigan Works! program.

"Obviously, you're here because of outstanding character," she said. "You have been given an opportunity, but it was you who did what you did."

Read the complete article at the link below:

Friend of Jeremy and Zach Roloff has died

A friend of Jeremy and Zach Roloff who was seen on the show once, died earlier this week. He was 20 years old. If you recall the episode in the 2nd season when they had an apple war - little people vs average sized people, Adam Garland was Jeremy's partner for the apple war.

Our deepest condolences to the Garland family.

From the Hillsboro Argus:


Adam Garland, 20, service on Saturday
Friday, August 28, 2009

The Hillsboro Argus

Adam J. Garland, 20, Hillsboro, died Aug. 23, 2009, in his sleep.

A funeral service will be 10 a.m. Aug. 29, at Grace & Truth Bible Church, 770 NE Rogahn St., Hillsboro. A viewing will be held that day from 9-9:45 a.m.

Adam Garland was born July 17, 1989, in Fort Lewis, Wash.

He attended Glencoe High School and graduated from Century High School, both in Hillsboro. He also attended Oregon Youth ChallNGe Program. He most recently worked for JLM Landscape Co.

He loved cars, snowboarding and spent every July 4th of his life at the beach.

His family remembers his kindness and witty sense of humor. There were many times he helped others in need.

Survivors include his parents, Donald and Molly Garland; his brothers, Peter, Joshua and Benjamin Garland; and his sisters, Hannah and Heidi Garland.
Remembrances: a memorial fund c/o Springer & Son, PO Box 5308, Beaverton, OR 97006.

Services: Springer & Son, Beaverton.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

You can help support a creative fundraiser for Make-A-Wish Foundation

Dropping a 600 pound pumpkin from a helicopter into a swimming pool full of hundreds of floating rubber ducks to measure which duck is launched the furthest sounds like an idea that Matt Roloff might have come up with, doesn't it?

However, it's a creative idea to raise money for the fantastic Make-A-Wish Foundation from another Oregon farm located south of the Roloff farm in Gervais, Oregon - Bauman farms.

This event was brought to our blog's attention by a reader comment in response to the item about the new information the Roloffs released about their own 2009 Pumpkin season.

Our blog has no affiliation with Bauman Farms, but it's a creative idea and it's always good to raise awareness for the excellent Make-A-Wish Foundation. If you want to show your support, you can buy your own duck online for $10, $15, $20.

This is quite the creative idea to raise money:

If you have stopped by the (Bauman) farm recently you may have seen several displays of plastic ducks and wondered what they were all about.

Well as many of you know we are having the Giant Pumpkin Weigh Off at the farm this year on October 3rd and 4th.

One of the main attractions at the event will be when we drop a 600lb pumpkin from a helicopter 300 feet up in the air. The helicopter will be aiming at a 20 foot pool and inside this pool will be hundreds of floating ducks. Each one of these ducks will represent a donation made by our customers towards the Make a Wish foundation. We have yellow ducks available for $10, green ducks for $15, and blue ducks for $20.

When the pumpkin explodes in the pool the ducks will go flying and the duck that makes it the furthest will not only win the buyer of that duck a gift basket from Bauman’s Farm and Garden every month for the next year but will also represent the amount of money Bauman’s Farm and Garden will donate to the Make a Wish Foundation. If a yellow duck makes it the furthest we will donate $1000, a green duck $1500, and a blue duck $2000. This donation will be in addition to the net proceeds raised from the sale of the ducks.

We are hoping that this will give all of you the incentive to buy the blue duck for $20 because it raises more money from the sale of the ducks and there is more of a chance for us to donate $2000 when the ducks go flying. Our goal is to raise at least $5000 because if we raise this much we will be able to grant the wish of one local child who has a life threatening medical condition.

By purchasing a duck today you will help us reach this goal to grant a wish made on a falling pumpkin by a local child in need. Click here to buy a duck online:

So even if you aren't local, you can help support the cause with the purchase of a duck for $10, $15 or $20. Although the winning 'owner' receives a gift basket from Bauman Farms every month for the next year, it's of course more about the spirit of the cause than the prize (which I'm just guessing could probably be donated to a worthy person or organization locally if the winner is not located in Oregon). I wish Bauman Farms all the best with this event and for getting involved in such a worthy cause.

Since this is a Make-A-Wish Foundation item and we try to tie everything in with the Roloffs, the Roloff family were involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation about a year ago. They were the "wish" of a 13 year old boy from Michigan who has a debilitating form of muscular dystrophy.

Here are some pictures from that day at the Roloffs.

Peggy Roloff made a new cooking video

For the Peggy Roloff and cooking fans: Peggy (Matt's mother of course) made a new cooking video now that her and Ron have returned from their trip.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Important land use fight where the Roloff family lives

A few people contacted the blog -- fans and residents, asking if we would post an item about this issue. We do try to pass along all things Roloff and Little People, Big World and this might eventually impact the Roloffs.

There is a very important battle going on as we speak over land use where the Roloffs live, the county of Helvetia, just outside Hillsboro, Oregon.

To summarize quickly, the fight is over how the land is designated. City officials want the land to be designated as Urban reserves. Many residents want the land to be designated as Rural reserves. City officials say it is vital for the economy and industry around Hillsboro -- they want to be able to use the land to build a high tech core - which could be used for condominiums, etc. Many residents want the land to remain primarily as farmland - keep the urbanization out and preserve the countryside.

"Jim Johnson, land-use coordinator for the Oregon Department of Agriculture, called that prospect "alarming."

But Hillsboro planning director Pat Ribellia said the land is key to an industry -- high-tech -- that drives the state's economy. "If you're not allowing that to nurture, you kill it."

Washington County has mapped 109,000 outlying acres as rural reserves and left remaining areas undesignated.

Farms, orchards and stables cover the land in question north of Hillsboro. Bicyclists come for peaceful rides through the countryside and for burgers at Helvetia Tavern. Others visit Roloff Farms, home to the Roloff family of TV's "Little People, Big World."

Concerned residents have formed a website, Save Helvetia. They're asking for support. They're goal is 1000 'Friends of Helvetia'. They have a deadline of August 31st, because the decision could come in September.

You can see the map of the area in question here:

Unrelated to the dispute, but on the map you can see the Pumpkin Ridge Golf Course where Amy Roloff's Charity Golf Tournament will be held and just along Highway 26, Portland Community College has a Rockcreek campus, so you can see how close it will be for Jeremy and Zach from the farm if they're attending a class on that particular campus.

From the Save Helvetia website:

Save Helvetia is a coalition of farmers, business owners, concerned citizens, neighbors, and residents of the greater Helvetia area who are working to protect the Helvetia commuinity and its neighboring agricultural lands.

The rural areas north of Highway 26 provide access to country life for many people who live in nearby urban areas. Centuries-old migration paths and habitat sites for deer, elk, cougars, coyotes, bobcats, pileated woodpeckers, beavers, Western bluebirds, eagles, kestrels, and a variety of other wildlife run through the area, which also contains many large stands of historic White Oak trees.

Metro and its three surrounding counties are currently involved in a new process called Urban and Rural Reserves
. They are considering designating much of the farmland north of Highway 26 as urban reserves. This means that our agricultural community will fade away as farmland is converted to housing developments. On the other hand, if this area is designated as RURAL reserves, then the farms and amenities of the Helvetia area would be protected for the next 50 years.

Do you enjoy bicycling through our community? Do you eat the plentiful fresh fruits and vegetables we enjoy in metro Portland and the seasonal items and local wines that grace the menus of Portland’s award-winning restaurants? Do you pick pumpkins or strawberries, cut your own Christmas tree, run, hike, or just relax in Helvetia?

If so, we urge you to support our mission by submitting your comments to the Reserves decision-makers.

The Helvetia area is home to such notable features as the Helvetia church and cemetery, the Rice Northewest Museum of Rocks and Minerals, Hevetia Vineyards and Winery and the Helvetia Tavern. Many people know of the Helvetia area because of the television series featuring the Roloffs and their farm. Helvetia also hosts many annual events, such as the Helvetia Half Marathon, the lavender festival, and the Swiss Festival."

Honestly, I'm unsure what the Roloffs support regarding this issue, although Roloff Farm is referenced by the Save Helvetia website. Matt Roloff has a history of not being shy about using their fame to get attention and support for matters they care about and they haven't spoken about this recently. In earlier seasons of the show, Matt spoke about how Agri-tainment as he calls the Roloff Farm helps keep the business and housing development out. However, one would think that if the land is designated as Urban Reserves, Matt would have more freedom to build whatever he wants on his farm without some of the farmland restrictions that has been heated issues in the past (the whole 'is it a real farm or is it an amusement park?' debate).

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Amy Roloff sighting by a golf reporter and secrets of the not-so-real filming of the reality show

Amy Roloff was at an LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) event, it is being held at the same course Amy's charity golf tournament will be held.

Not much more news about it than that, but there was a report from an article in the Oregonian newspaper that sheds some light on the secrets of how Little People, Big World is filmed. That is, there are re-takes, reactions you see aren't always the real situation. And apparently, according to this particular reporter, some inaccuracies or lies, told in front of the camera.

It's interesting to hear the scene of Little People, Big World filming being described by an outside source - a golf reporter for a newspaper, Mike Tokito:

"Also, the show "Little People, Big World" did some filming as star Amy Roloff took a tour of the facilities in preparation for a charity golf tournament she is organizing. At one point, Roloff and a small army of production people walked through the media center.

After looking around, Roloff and an LPGA official walked out, then after cameras set up, walked back in as if they were entering the room for the first time. The official explained how reporters from different national publications were represented, including the New York Times and Sports Illustrated, neither of which has a reporter here."

I think that's the kind of thing, staging certain scenes as the initial reaction, the camera crew and the Roloffs staking out an area, setting up and then shooting their scene, is the kind of thing that if you think about, you realize is the reality of what happens all the time (a scene that seems to fit that description was Jacob riding on the shopping cart in the grocery store, the cameras *just happened* to be perfectly positioned to catch him whizzing on by) , but if you're a casual innocent viewer accepting what you see is the real thing as it happens, you don't pay much thought to things like that.

I'm not sure if TLC will be too happy with the Oregonian. I suspect one of the reason why TLC asked Matt Roloff to stop posting on the official TLC website was because when questioned by fans how some scenes appeared to lack a genuine feel (a scene in the second season where Jeremy walked into their bedroom and presented a signed soccer ball to Zach who acted like he was seeing it for the first time) and Matt confessed that the cameras weren't there when Jeremy gave Zach the ball so they asked the twins to "act" like Jeremy was presenting him with the ball and proceeded to stage the scene as described above.

Personally, I don't think this kind of stuff takes away from the entertainment value of the show, but people shouldn't be fooled that it is actually reality, especially if they're prepping what they'll talk about and where they'll walk, etc. It does blur the line between how real the show actually is and between a normal scripted show with actors following a basic script and plan.

The full article can be read on Oregonlive in the link below.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Amy Roloff website changes and updates

Amy Roloff updated her official website. Kind of.

There is a new tab on her website titled "Giving Back" with information about her Golf Tournament coming up in September.

"Not only will there be a golf tournement at one of the nicest courses in the US, but an amazing dinner, and auction will also take place over the two days. If that wasn’t enough you can’t miss the special celebrity appearances by Time Bandit from Discovery Channel™s The Deadliest Catch, AC Green,Mark Radford (NBA), Antonio Harvey (NBA / Commentator), & Bobby Gross (NBA / Blazers 77 Championship Team), and many more¦
Buy your tickets
HERE, space is limited so don’t delay."

Visit the link below for more information about her event.

Other changes to her website:

Amy has a few new speaking engagements lined up. She was back in Michigan this week at a "Michigan Works" event in Houghton, MI on August 24th.

Her next scheduled date is in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada on October 1st. I believe this is the first time Amy's speaking in Canada. On the show Amy and Molly visited Vancouver for a Birthday getaway. Amy also has another speaking event in Michigan -- Jackson, MI, a Disability Connections Confernce on October 8th. Amy will be at the University of Alabama on October 23rd for a speech about 'having a disability and succeeding in the workforce' for Human Resource Management seminar.

Other changes, it appears they re-titled the heading of the Amy's blog segment from "Blog" to "Catch Up With Amy" (perhaps she didn't want to use 'Keeping up with Amy'? ;-) Although the she still only has two entries, the last one being January 2009.

None of the family member profiles or pictures have changed.

However, there is a notable change in Amy's links section. She has removed the rather divisive and controversial 'Focus On The Family' link that she originally promoted since her website's creation last September. Focus On The Family is arguably most notorious for their anti-gay stances and efforts politically. I made my personal feelings known about Amy's association with Focus on the Family known the first time around and we posted a letter a woman wrote Amy regarding that issue. Amy of course is welcome to carry whatever political and religious beliefs and affiliations she wishes, but her link to Focus On The Family did seem somewhat odd given that Amy is a diversity speaker who has been invited at events that cater to anti-discrimination causes and have included gay and lesbian speakers. I considered Amy's Focus On The Family promotion similar to a scenario if one of her fellow speakers at an event, promoted a group who advocated that people with dwarfism aren't fit to be parents of average sized children. It would make the whole event somewhat awkward and would contradict the purpose of the event. Of course, Amy's removal of the link could be nothing more than limiting the number of links and she needed to add her own Charity Foundation. However, for whatever, reason, Amy has removed that link now.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2009 Roloff Farm Pumpkin season info: New Attractions and New Charge$

Can you believe October is soon approaching? Where has the year gone? Anyhow, October for the Roloffs of course means Pumpkin Season.

The Roloffs have released information and changes they have implemented for the upcoming Pumpkin season:

I will dissect some of those changes and details now.

There are some new attractions, but there are also new charges and costs. Where do you stand on this? Good business or greedy and price gouging?

The first big difference is there is this:

Parking $2.00 per car
Admission to Pumpkin Patch FREE!

Displaying it that way does smack of a smart business mind, doesn't it? This is a new charge. They haven't charged for parking in the past.

What is somewhat humorous here is the catch -- the only way to enter the farm is by car. So you have to pay $2 to park - a new charge for the Roloffs to make money off the customers, but they bold the part about the FREE admission. ;-)

Is it greed or good business? The Roloffs get thousands and thousands of visitors. $2.00 a car is going to mean a lot of extra $ for the Roloffs, so on that standpoint you have to say it's good business because $2.00 per car is probably not going to deter people who were set on going anyway. However, still, whenever something was free in that past and somebody slaps on a new charge...that's kind of...hmm.

The other big change: A private 30 minute farm tour with a member of the immediate Roloff family on Thursdays (remember in October the kids are in school on Thursdays). That sounds pretty cool, doesn't it?

But wait, for a family of 4, the Roloffs will charge you $300 for that 30 minute tour of the farm (the western town, Molly's castle, etc.) with a Roloff. They're charging $250 a tour for up to 3 people and $50 for each additional person.

In the last episode of pumpkin season, viewers saw Matt sub in as a tour guide - it would be neat to have a Roloff as a tour guide, but little did viewers know that was apparently the pre-cursor to the Roloffs setting the price at $250 for up to 3 people, for the privilege of having the tour in the presence of a Roloff.

I have to be honest about this one, I think that's outrageous! Personally, I honestly do enjoy a lot of things about watching the actual episodes, but it's times like this that I have to call the Roloffs on some of their public statements. The Roloffs have always said they don't do the show for the personal gain, they don't do it to be a celebrity or for the special treatment they receive, they don't do it for all the vacations or all the money (and let's admit it, nearly all the revenue generated during pumpkin season is all because they have the television show fame). The Roloffs maintain that they don't do the show to be famous or to be celebrities (or to meet celebrities which is expected to become increasingly common in season 5), they're just regular people doing the show in the name of dwarfism awareness (which I absolutely would agree that the show does accomplish that goal).

However, if they're not doing the show for money or to be a celebrity, in my opinion, they certainly have adopted a high opinion of themselves as regular people to charge a family of 4, $300 bucks to drive around the farm with them for a 30 minutes. More than ever, it appears they're pulling out all the stops they can to make every dollar they can off of their celebrity status directly from their fans.

Of course, the counter argument for this is the old business adage, if people will pay it, charge it. If people will buy your dirt, tacky or not, you're not wrong to sell it to them. If people will pay you $250 to sit in your presence for 30 minutes, scorch them all you want. If a sports ballpark charges $12.50 for a hot dog and a soft drink, they can because some of their customers will pay it....but it's still outrageous.

There are some new attractions to the farm which are There is a new children's hay maze. The Zootica that was introduced last year is still free. The pumpkin fun house is still free. And they aren't charging for "photo opportunities". I have to say if they're charging $250 for a tour with a Roloff, I am surprised that they haven't started charging for photos, perhaps that will come 2010?

The last important warning if you're considering making the trip is the same message that was posted last year:

"The family is actively filming new episodes of 'Little People, Big World'. As such, they may not always be available to meet the public. Although there is no guarantee, they are around often so keep your camera ready and be on the look-out!"

Of course, sometimes they just aren't around because the kids are just in the house because they'd rather not be out there and sometimes they have activities planned (sporting events). But it is important for people to know that if you're going to spend the money and the time to devote to the Roloff Pumpkin Patch, be aware that there's no guarantee you will necessarily see any of the Roloffs.

I just wonder as viewers in the 5th season are going to increasingly see (presumably- unless they edit it out or come up with a sneaky way of masking it) the Roloffs receive special treatment, like special access to other celebrities, tourist attractions and sporting events (for the soccer fans, the Roloffs special access to the Portland Timbers is nothing compared to what you're going to see with the Roloffs and some legendary "football" clubs in Europe).

And now that they're charging the public hundreds of dollars to sit with them and ride with them for a tour, will there come a point where fans start to feel that they can't relate to the Roloffs anymore? Somewhere along the way, the other TLC family show, Jon and Kate Plus 8 generated a backlash because their viewers felt they could no longer relate to them - that it was all about vacations and felt they had changed as people.

All I'm saying is if the main appeal of Little People, Big World still is that fans feel the Roloffs are just so real and they can relate to them, I wonder if there is going to come a point where the viewer can't relate to them because the special treatment they now receive is just so different than that of a regular person and it will become harder to identify with them when they're to the point where they can and will charge you $250 basically to be in their company for a few minutes and most fans are aware that the Roloffs reputation online is they are the type of celebrities that won't communicate with 'normal people' themselves . Even the few public messages the Roloffs do release usually are done through their 'people' rather than just doing it themselves like real 'regular' people :) I think it just all goes against one of the reason why viewers were attracted to the Roloffs in the first place.

I'm somewhat fascinated to see how they're going to portray the show in the new season. This blog hears from people everyday who tell us what they like about the Roloffs and Little People, Big World and from people who tell us what they don't like about the Roloffs and the show. The number one positive thing people list is the Roloffs 'realness'. That they seem just like down to earth regular people living lives just like their own (the viewer). It's just an interesting scope of people who enjoy the show and why - some enjoy it as the vacations become more luxurious and frequent - because they like living vicariously through the Roloffs because they aren't ever going experience those things themselves so they like it. But then there's other fans who cite the very opposite reason - that they feel the Roloffs are just like themselves and are just regular people struggling to pay the bills and get the kids off to school, etc. It's just interesting to hear what the appeal of the show is for different people.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Zach and Jeremy Roloff college plans...the buzz is in

The most asked about question in recent months about Little People, Big World and the Roloffs is will Jeremy and Zach Roloff go to college and if so, where?

Several different people with different associations to the Roloffs or the show have informed the blog what they believe is happening. We've received enough of the same story that we can finally pass along some possible answers to all the inquiries fans have about the college question. But first, let's build the anticipation ;-)

We maintain this blog for you the fans and people interested in LPBW and the Roloffs. So we will pass along some of the buzz. First, with anything such as a person's future plans, things can change, there are several different paths a person can choose and they can mull over different options and a person can always change their mind. Just because one scenario does not come to be the one that is chosen, doesn't necessarily mean it was false. So we will go back several months and share with you some of the rumblings that have been going on.

As you know if you follow this blog, Amy has flip-flopped a few times when publicly speaking about if Jeremy and Zach would be attending college. Late in 2008 she said she hoped they would go to college, but she wasn't sure if that was going to happen. However, at other times she said they would definitely be going to college. Her bio's for the twins on her official website says "college it will be". When speaking in Kentucky last summer both Jeremy and Zach told a crowd they wanted to go to college. On the show, viewers heard Zach whispering to Molly that Jeremy said he wasn't going.

So on with the rumblings: Going back several months, there were rumors and stories coming out, strong feelings among some people in the know that Jeremy Roloff was going to 'Go Hollywood'. That Jeremy was seriously considering moving to California this year to pursue a modelling career. Publicly, in a controlled "interview" with his dad's employee (because Jeremy doesn't speak publicly truly on his own), Jeremy said he was open to modelling as a career and would be happy with whatever God steers his way. School pals of Jeremy informed the blog that he had talked about the modelling, but they weren't sure if he was serious or if that was really going to happen, they didn't think anyone, even Jeremy knew what he was going to do post-graduation - as of a couple of months before graduation.

With Zach, the blog has heard some conflicting theories. Several months ago, someone in the know, said they believed Zach was not going to college this year and would be home at the farm all year to do the show -- although it probably wouldn't be presented like that, because LPBW doesn't acknowledge the show on the show and having the 19 year old kids not do anything after high school except the reality show doesn't fit with the whole concept they're trying to present the show as - a real family just living their lives.

Others said Zach was always definitely going to college. Perhaps the most surprising story floated around was that Zach would attend a college in Utah. It's hard to envision Zach moving out of state for college. Yet it does make the Roloffs trip after graduation in June to Utah intriguing.

There has been the Roloffs tours of different colleges in 2009 with the TLC crew. They've toured Corban College. They've been to Portland State University. We've heard a few rumors about the University of Portland and Western Oregon University.

But now the blog has heard from so many different people in various positions with the same story that we'll pass it along. Of course, you'll have to wait and see if this turns out to be accurate, but this is the speculated (I would say, very informed speculation ;-) answer to the big question, where is Jeremy and Zach going to college?

Drumroll please?.........

Several people have told the blog they believe the answer is Portland Community College.

This will come as good news to fans of the show who worried that the show would change drastically if Jeremy and Zach went to college away from home and would limit their time on the show.

From the 'word on the street' (*wink wink* ), essentially, nothing is changing in that regard. Portland Community College has a campus that is actually closer to Roloff Farms than Faith Bible High School was. PCC is only only about 10 minutes away (maybe even less for the Roloffs, given their penchant for speed when driving ;-)). PCC has three different campuses. One campus is about 25 minutes away, another as mentioned, about 10 minutes from Roloff Farm.

It also is looking like the DBU (the name they gave the core group of Jeremy and Zach's friends that are often seen on the show) are simply moving their headquarters from Faith Bible High to PCC. Only one of the Roloff close friends that fans know from the show will be going to a four-year University. The majority of their good friends will apparently be joining Jeremy and Zach at PCC, including other Faith Bible classmates who fans aren't as familiar with as well as some other life long friends of the twins who attended elementary school with them, but different high schools.

So it basically sounds like it will be one big reunion of Jeremy and Zach's friends, just in a different a college setting, Portland Community College instead of high school.

For the show's future, this of course is the ideal situation. Given the flexibility of some of the course schedules of some Community College and given how close it is from Roloff Farm, any worries about how the show would be affected with college won't materialize.

Don't be surprised however if this is presented as possibly being temporary and there is a business reason for that. First it should be mentioned that several credits at PCC are transferable to other colleges and universities, so there is some substance to that. However, as mentioned, this is ideal situation for the show. Their college plans 'just happen' to fit perfectly with continuing the show.

Matt is a business man and knows it is never smart to lay all your cards out on the table. That's why every season since the 2nd season, Matt Roloff has publicly stated that the family is thinking they might call it quits and they might choose to end it at any minute, yet 3 consecutive times they re-sign for more seasons. They always want to leave the threat floating out there that things could change and they won't do the show. Not only for contract negotiation reasons, but they don't want to be caught with their pants down. I doubt Matt Roloff would ever allow it to look as though the family is banking on the show and then have it end and have a perception that it wasn't them that ended it. By the way, we will have another item on this later, but in terms of popularity, signs are pointing that the show is in very good standing. I think Little People, Big World and interest in the Roloffs continues to get even more popular, however I suppose the fall ratings will prove that prediction right or wrong.

However, personally, I don't think some fans fully understand the magnitude of how the show benefits the Roloffs every day of their lives. Sure fans see the huge remodel and the vacations, but it's every aspect of their lives down to the little things. People who have worked on the farm have reported that you can't quite imagine what the farm is really like, there are Polaris Rangers all over the place. They drive to one area of the farm and there is another already sitting there. The barns are full of all the equipment and toys that would be the stereotypical man's dream. People report that all those materials are all provided and paid for by the show, Matt only needs to pay for the labor.

The kids of course don't have typical jobs. Their 'jobs', 3 teenagers, is what you see of them on the show. Hanging with friends, playing soccer, getting VIP tours and treatment and travelling to great places. The kids have times where they sit around bored like other teenagers, playing video games and the like. When they want to do something, they do whatever they want - cost and availability is no object. If they want to go to a Portland Timbers or Seattle Sounders soccers game, they go free of cost to them and they receive VIP treatment. Events such as 'Dew Tours' a BMX, biking, boarding event that is popular with teenagers right now, if they want to go to that they can go free of cost. If the Roloffs want to take a quick trip somewhere (not only the big elaborate trips that make for episodes) with a friend, they're able to do it. It's not even with the material things like that, the crew is not just the 'crew', they're some of the Roloffs best friends. If the show were to end, all of that would change. The Roloffs entire life that they love would, in time, change drastically if the show were to end.

I don't say any of this as a criticism because as stated previously, LPBW is a successful show and the Roloffs deserve the rewards. My only criticism in this regard is because I do believe once you fully comprehend how they benefit from the fan support every day of their lives, that is very off-putting and shows a lack of character to shun the fans all of the time as the Roloffs do - I honestly can't imagine having my daily life full of perks every day and every whim I have made real because fans support the show and have the level of disregard for the fan base that the Roloffs show with their lack of action. No one in the Roloffs position ever admits that they get big heads once they receive the fame, power and money from their celebrity and forget why it all came about, but hey, it happens.

However, once you realize how almost every aspect of the Roloffs lives revolves around the power of the benefits they have from the show, the more you realize how unrealistic it would be for the Roloffs to make any life decisions that would jeopardize the future of the show. Thus, Jeremy and Zach going to college at the local community college 10 minutes from the farm which enables the show to continue as before is not a surprising turn of events. It *just happens* to be the best thing for the future of the show, but don't expect it to be presented that way.

So the show will continue as did before. Jeremy and Zach can still live at home, just around the corner from the college. They'll still be surrounded by most of their buds, except one familiar to fans (don't worry Jacob Mueller supporters, it's not Mueller, nothing expected to change there, he will still be ever-present by Jeremy's side). And Jeremy and Zach will be continuing their PCC.

The Roloffs Fall newsletter should be coming out any day, so it will be interesting to see how everything is presented.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Amy Roloff video for her Charity Foundation Golf Tournament

Amy Roloff recorded the following spot promoting her upcoming charity golf tournament to raise money for the DAAA and other charities in the Portland area with ex NBA player Michael Harper.

Monday, August 3, 2009

A few more pictures of the Roloff family; Matt, Amy, Jeremy and Zach at the World Dwarf Games in Belfast, Ireland

There are a few more to pass along as the pictures continue to Roll-off (ha ha) on in.

This batch includes the elusive Matt Roloff himself! Yes, there was a Matt Roloff sighting. Also, Jeremy sporting a supportive Statesmen tattoo, and few in-game shots; you can practically feel the intensity of the event.

If you haven't explored other items on the blog, you might be interested in more of the Roloffs at the World Dwarf Games.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

More Pictures of the Roloff family at the World Dwarf Games in Belfast

A whole bunch of pictures of the Roloff family from the World Dwarf Games in Belfast are pouring in. If you have any more you would like to share, feel free to contact us vie email

If you're just browing the site today, don't miss the item right below this detailing the results for the Roloffs and their team.

Most of them are from the basketball and soccer games. There are a lot Zach and Amy of course, but some of Jacob, Molly and Jeremy.

Another Roloff vacation and another lack of Matt sightings...hmmm.

Roloff family at the World Dwarf Games Belfast 2009 - Sweet Victory and Agonizing Defeat

It was a wide range of emotions for the Roloffs at the World Dwarf Games this weekend as the finals in Basketball and Soccer (football) were held.

As you can see by the picture....congratulations to The Statesmen for winning Gold in Basketball! They defeated the Australian team in the Gold Medal game.

Viewers of Little People, Big World might recognize most of the participants on The Statesmen - which I must say are sporting sharp looking uniforms. Of course you'll recognize Zach and Amy Roloff, Marty Klebba, Jeff and Eric Manuel, Bill and Adam from Zach's Grasshog team seen on past DAAA episodes of Little People, Big World.

That brings us to the much anticipated soccer results. As everyone knows, the Roloffs are soccer obsessed so that is all the matters and there was quite a bit of fan inquiries building up to The World Dwarf games, which I think is pretty impressive.

The Gold medal match came down to The Statesmen VS a team from the UK. The epic match is being called by some associated with the World Dwarf Games as perhaps the greatest dwarf football/soccer ever played. It went to penalty kicks....and the Statesmen suffered a heart-breaking defeat. Unfortunately Zach was unsuccessful in his attempt during the penalty kicks. Although from all reports the match was stellar, it was not without controversy as apparently Amy lived up to her 'angry soccer mom' reputation that was featured in an episode of Little People, Big World. According to reports we're hearing, Amy was angry with the officiating and let the refereee have it and everyone knew she was upset.

The basketball final was actually after the soccer final, so the Statesmen did end on a winning note.

I hope you enjoyed knowing the results because this is information that apparently TLC and the Roloffs do not want you to know. And I must talk about this because we've received emails about this subject and I'm in complete agreement.

Much has been said in the past about how the Roloffs appear to have an anti-Fan attitude. Unlike other celebrities, the Roloffs give their fans nothing extra (at least that is free of charge). Most of these discussions center around the lack of fan interaction the Roloffs have with their fans around the world online (which is essentially none). However it goes beyond that. Readers of our blog have noticed that videos and pictures of the Roloffs that have been hosted on public sites have a tendency to vanish as soon as they're posted on this blog.

As Matt's assistant Becky (best known as being in charge of pumpkin season and treating Matt's mother, Peggy Roloff poorly) said recently, exciting things are happening in the lives of the Roloffs but she likes being employed and if she told you she might find herself unemployed. I believe that actually has a lot of truth to it and it's one of the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. That is precisely why in my opinion, any official site associated with the Roloffs or the show, is, to be blunt - useless for fans. This is the information age - people want to know things know - yet if they had their way the fans wouldn't know anything about even public events until 6 to 12 months later when they finally choose to televise it.

You see, you're not even supposed to know the Roloffs were in Europe for the better part of July. If they had it their way, fans wouldn't even know that the Roloff twins graduated. Perhaps that clears up why pictures of the graduation party held at Roloff Farms with the crew filming were quickly removed.

I think it is completely ludicrous. Presumably the thinking is if fans know that Jeremy and Zach graduated - they won't watch the graduation episode when it airs 7 months later. If people know the Roloffs are in Europe, they won't watch vacation episodes when it finally airs. Does it make any sense? Nope. I think it reeks of control issues.

It is absolutely ridiculous honestly. Any person that cares enough about the Roloffs to come to sites like this one or to surf the web to find out what is happening with the Roloffs are the loyal fans who never miss an episode. To use a comparison, do the people who buy magazines like "Soap Opera Digest" to find out the upcoming story lines of their favorite soap operas, not watch the episodes? They're the ones who set the DVR or VCR's twice just so they're sure they don't miss it!

Ask yourself, are you going to skip the graduation episode because you know they graduated? Of course not. If, completely hypothetical, the Roloffs were to use sites like twitter as most celebrities, and were to mention that Jake jumped off a roof and broke his ankle last weekend (just an example; he's fine!), nine months from now when you see the preview for the episode about Jake breaking his ankle, are you going have the attitude 'Oh, I knew about that so I'm going to skip watching a detailed episode about it.' Of course you're going to watch. If anything it will just make you more anxious to see more about it. The whole thing is just a ridiculous notion.

The brings me to The World Dwarf games which is the worst example of it. Generally, it's a positive thing for people to care about events like a chance for dwarf athletes to compete athletically. An event like this helps bring awareness and attention to people with dwarfism. Yet in this case, the TLC/Roloff camp appear to be fighting against that. Seriously, they want to put a clamp on the information and results. Athletes and those connected with the show and bystanders are under instructions not to tell the results. It's a Nazi-like attitude. We don't want anyone to know anything about this public event until 6 - 10 months later when we present it the way we want. It's absurd. In this case, it's counter-productive to the whole dwarfism cause of raising social awareness. You have other competing countries like Australia, trying to do a noble job of getting attention for The Games and for their athletes and genuinely appreciate any interest shown by the public. It's always demoralizing when any athlete puts time, effort and their heart into something and no one cares because it's not the big professional league. In this case, there are people who care, and it appears that the LPBW/Roloff camp would rather that nobody knows about it (if you're a dreaded fan).

The LPBW/Roloff camp who attempt to squash all information from being reported until they choose to televise it perhaps as far away as a 10 months later. Will people even care 10 months later? I'm sure that some of the competitors who are not famous would appreciate any interest and support from people who took an interest in their competition. Yet here we have the famous television family and the network who are working against the cause of awareness for The World Dwarf Games and against giving the competitors their moment in the sun until they eventually televise it many months later. I think they should be using their fame right now (and for the past week) to bring the games to the attention of anyone and everyone who cares about the competition - not trying to hide it.

But hey, we aim to be the people's site for those interested in the Roloffs and fortunately with something as public as The World Dwarf games they are fighting an uphill battle to keep all information hidden because there are a lot of people who like sharing information and hey, we don't mind being the rebels :-) If it wasn't for the fans caring about the Roloffs, they wouldn't even be in Europe, so our loyalty is to the fans. Who ever thought that posting the results of a dwarf athletic competition would be seen as bad?

On that note, this blog would like to throw this out there - there are hundreds of people connected to the Roloffs and the show. Some people are individual thinkers. We sometimes hear from some of them on their own time when it suits them. If you think this attitude against loyal fans knowing what is going on, even public functions, is ridiculous and you have your own opinion that it's actually good for the show for fans to remain interested and have things to look forward to or you just have a rebellious spirit, feel free to contact the blog at . Everything will remain completely confidential and anonymous. No one will ever know. You have my guarantee it will remain private. So if you want to share any information about the Roloffs and the show for the sole purpose of rewarding the loyal fans who support the show who don't want to wait 9 months to be hand-fed the information, feel free to use our blog to do it by simply emailing us. Good, bad, big news, small news, anything you want us to know to pass onto fans that you aren't at liberty to say yourself; you can use us to get your message or news out.

Even if you think we already have the information through our other contacts - it never hurts to get different accounts of the same facts. So if you have any news at all that you would share with fans of the show, you can contact us at the email and be secure in the knowledge that it will be 100% confidential.

And speaking of sharing things that fans like, here are a few more Roloff sightings during their vacation through Europe. The Roloffs went their separate ways through some of their trip. Amy, Molly and Jake went on their own.

Then a separate one of Jeremy and Zach, who appear to be really soaking in the culture by wearing kilts.