Monday, August 31, 2009

Amy Roloff is semi-twittering/blogging

Amy Roloff is somewhat 'twittering' or blogging.

It's located in the "News" tab of her Charity Foundation website.

Amy (and some of them were by her friends helping her with her charity foundation) had some entries previously that were related to her upcoming charity golf tournament, but today she seems to be making a few comments about other things, more along the lines of Twitter or Facebook status updates (which basically is what twitter is though some celebrities choose to communicate directly with their fans).

Amy says she's planning a sweet 16 birthday party for Molly.

She says the weeds in her garden are out of control with all the travel she's been doing and the twins are off to school soon.

I think blogging on her charity foundation website is a smart way to keep coming to her charity foundation website. Trust me, the personal things are what interests people about the Roloffs. The only drawback I see with Amy blogging or using her Charity Foundation website like that is that it kind of renders her official website somewhat useless. Her blog on her official website only has two entries in one year. Perhaps after her golf tournament, she'll shift her blogging entries to her official website?

Amy's charity foundation twitter account which she does not run, posts "tweets" when she has a new entry which leads to this page which is the same as the news tab on her charity foundation website.

On the subject of twitter, I think it's interesting that the TLC twitter account confirmed that Jon Gosselin is using twitter. Whenever twitter users have asked TLC if the Roloffs use twitter, TLC has always said none of the Roloffs have accounts - even though Amy Roloff's account "realamyroloff" was legitimate until it disappeared.


Paige said...

I feel like Amy will post a few of the update things and then that will be basically it. Just like her other website

I bet Molly's sweet 16 is going to be awesome!! Knowing the roloffs it will probably be over way over the top. I also saw somewhere that she has a boyfriend, anyone else?

Anonymous said...

molly doesn't have a boyfriend.

Kathy P said...

I really enjoy the Roloff family, each and every one. Matt is a bit crazy but I love his spirit of adventure. I think he really knows his time here is limited and his disability increases yearly, so he is just making the most of what he has, while he can. Please hope Amy will be kind and not do anything to disrupt this crazy, kooky, real family. Love each and every one of them.....please stay together ! Love each other.

Anonymous said...

Amy congrats on the boys grauation. I have so enjoyed watching your children grow up. I think you are the best mom. I to went though my girls leaving the nest..It's hard. You have done a wonderful job with the kids. They are great kids. Job well done.......Pam R. Arizona