Thursday, August 27, 2009

Amy Roloff sighting by a golf reporter and secrets of the not-so-real filming of the reality show

Amy Roloff was at an LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) event, it is being held at the same course Amy's charity golf tournament will be held.

Not much more news about it than that, but there was a report from an article in the Oregonian newspaper that sheds some light on the secrets of how Little People, Big World is filmed. That is, there are re-takes, reactions you see aren't always the real situation. And apparently, according to this particular reporter, some inaccuracies or lies, told in front of the camera.

It's interesting to hear the scene of Little People, Big World filming being described by an outside source - a golf reporter for a newspaper, Mike Tokito:

"Also, the show "Little People, Big World" did some filming as star Amy Roloff took a tour of the facilities in preparation for a charity golf tournament she is organizing. At one point, Roloff and a small army of production people walked through the media center.

After looking around, Roloff and an LPGA official walked out, then after cameras set up, walked back in as if they were entering the room for the first time. The official explained how reporters from different national publications were represented, including the New York Times and Sports Illustrated, neither of which has a reporter here."

I think that's the kind of thing, staging certain scenes as the initial reaction, the camera crew and the Roloffs staking out an area, setting up and then shooting their scene, is the kind of thing that if you think about, you realize is the reality of what happens all the time (a scene that seems to fit that description was Jacob riding on the shopping cart in the grocery store, the cameras *just happened* to be perfectly positioned to catch him whizzing on by) , but if you're a casual innocent viewer accepting what you see is the real thing as it happens, you don't pay much thought to things like that.

I'm not sure if TLC will be too happy with the Oregonian. I suspect one of the reason why TLC asked Matt Roloff to stop posting on the official TLC website was because when questioned by fans how some scenes appeared to lack a genuine feel (a scene in the second season where Jeremy walked into their bedroom and presented a signed soccer ball to Zach who acted like he was seeing it for the first time) and Matt confessed that the cameras weren't there when Jeremy gave Zach the ball so they asked the twins to "act" like Jeremy was presenting him with the ball and proceeded to stage the scene as described above.

Personally, I don't think this kind of stuff takes away from the entertainment value of the show, but people shouldn't be fooled that it is actually reality, especially if they're prepping what they'll talk about and where they'll walk, etc. It does blur the line between how real the show actually is and between a normal scripted show with actors following a basic script and plan.

The full article can be read on Oregonlive in the link below.

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Justin said...

It makes the whole thing dishonest and suspect.

The Roloffs are always saying on television interviews that it's real.

It makes it all suspect. What's the difference between this and the filming of a movie? It's totally different from how they present as them going about their day and with a camera behind them.

If they stage things like that, who is to say things people like aren't all fake? Maybe the whole Crossroads scene that people liked was all staged? Maybe they told Amy to keep repeating that it was the home of the blues? Maybe they told Jeremy to keep asking and making funny faces?

For honest faith based Christians there seems to be a lot dishonesty going on.