Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Amy Roloff website changes and updates

Amy Roloff updated her official website. Kind of.

There is a new tab on her website titled "Giving Back" with information about her Golf Tournament coming up in September.

"Not only will there be a golf tournement at one of the nicest courses in the US, but an amazing dinner, and auction will also take place over the two days. If that wasn’t enough you can’t miss the special celebrity appearances by Time Bandit from Discovery Channel™s The Deadliest Catch, AC Green,Mark Radford (NBA), Antonio Harvey (NBA / Commentator), & Bobby Gross (NBA / Blazers 77 Championship Team), and many more¦
Buy your tickets
HERE, space is limited so don’t delay."

Visit the link below for more information about her event.

Other changes to her website:

Amy has a few new speaking engagements lined up. She was back in Michigan this week at a "Michigan Works" event in Houghton, MI on August 24th.

Her next scheduled date is in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada on October 1st. I believe this is the first time Amy's speaking in Canada. On the show Amy and Molly visited Vancouver for a Birthday getaway. Amy also has another speaking event in Michigan -- Jackson, MI, a Disability Connections Confernce on October 8th. Amy will be at the University of Alabama on October 23rd for a speech about 'having a disability and succeeding in the workforce' for Human Resource Management seminar.

Other changes, it appears they re-titled the heading of the Amy's blog segment from "Blog" to "Catch Up With Amy" (perhaps she didn't want to use 'Keeping up with Amy'? ;-) Although the she still only has two entries, the last one being January 2009.

None of the family member profiles or pictures have changed.

However, there is a notable change in Amy's links section. She has removed the rather divisive and controversial 'Focus On The Family' link that she originally promoted since her website's creation last September. Focus On The Family is arguably most notorious for their anti-gay stances and efforts politically. I made my personal feelings known about Amy's association with Focus on the Family known the first time around and we posted a letter a woman wrote Amy regarding that issue. Amy of course is welcome to carry whatever political and religious beliefs and affiliations she wishes, but her link to Focus On The Family did seem somewhat odd given that Amy is a diversity speaker who has been invited at events that cater to anti-discrimination causes and have included gay and lesbian speakers. I considered Amy's Focus On The Family promotion similar to a scenario if one of her fellow speakers at an event, promoted a group who advocated that people with dwarfism aren't fit to be parents of average sized children. It would make the whole event somewhat awkward and would contradict the purpose of the event. Of course, Amy's removal of the link could be nothing more than limiting the number of links and she needed to add her own Charity Foundation. However, for whatever, reason, Amy has removed that link now.


Anonymous said...

I don't think there is any thought behind taking down the Focus on the family link. IMO, Amy does not change her ideals or buckle to pressure or criticism, maybe one of the reasons why she was so stubborn about not apologizing for Jeremy's racial slurs.

Rap541 said...

Well, in a way I agree with Anon 7:37 - I don't think Amy has been living the way Focus on the Family wants its members to live. Anyone check out the website beyond the views on homosexuality? These are very conservative people. The Roloffs do not follow the Focus on the Family living beliefs. There's no daily family bible study, the man is clearly not the family ruler etc etc etc. So I don't think Amy is changing her ideals in the sense that I don't think her linking Focus on the Family was anything more than a tactic to get the more hard core Christian fans to think the Roloffs embrace that lifestyle. Likewise I think her removal of the link is likely due to the reality that she's marketing herself as a diversity speaker and she's going to turn off potential clients if she's affiliated with Focus on the Family.

I suspect its all about money. Not religion or beliefs.

Dana said...

Rap, you are so arrogant and ignorant about the Roloffs.

The Roloffs don't do Bible study. You don't know that. Just because it's not on the show doesn't mean it doesn't happen. I know that the Roloffs are very involved in their church groups. The kids. All the kids. Even Jeremy! You try and sound like a know it all, but really you don't know much about the Roloffs.

They are good Christians they love God and a lot of Christians like Focus on the Family because it's a good Christian organizations.

Have you ever thought that maybe the Roloffs agree with Focus on the Family about homosexuality? That's what is in the Bible!

Did you know that Dan once said that him and the Roloffs are against gay marriage?

Did you know the Roloffs church holds seminars with a man who educates the public that homosexuals can be cured.

Now you're going to say that the Roloffs don't agree with FOTF and Amy sent people to their website because of money? You're kidding yourself.

I agree with the last part of what Spirits said about it. She can't list 50 links on her page. Most of them have logos. Her charity foundation is new from when she opened her official website.

She added one, she needed to subtract one. It could have been any of them. Don't read anything more into it than it is. The Roloffs are still great Christians who believe in the same values as all Christians. If you consider that "anti-gay" so be it, that's your problem.

Emery said...

Well said Dana, I too have seen many times on the show where the kids were involved in some sort of church activity.

Didn't Molly go to Mexico with a church group in the past year?

Rap541 said...

To be blunt, Dana, I really consider it a positive thing that Amy is no longer endorsing a group that actively hates. However lets look at your thoughts.

Per you - the Roloffs do Bible study, just not on camera. Why? Why wouldn't a strongly devout Christian family NOT want to set an example? Why wouldn't they want that shown? The family sitting in a circle, discussing scripture?

Could it be because thats less entertaining and therefore less money than say some of the Roloff kids back talking their folks while they walk around the living room eating cereal?

Homosexuality in the Bible? Yes, in Leviticus. Dana, as a follower of God's law in Leviticus, do you seperate yourself from your male relatives during your menses because you believe you are unclean and not fit to be present? Do you keep a kosher kitchen? Do you understand that per Leviticus, men and women smited with deformities like Matt's, Amy's, and Zach's are unclean and unwelcome in the temple of God, just like the homosexuals? :) Do the *Roloffs* follow God's Law per Leviticus? Because I'm pretty certain they've eaten shellfish on camera.

Dan saying the Roloffs are against gay marriage, and the Roloffs endorsing a church that holds "gay cure" seminars are all things that the Roloffs as Christian on national tv are NOT willing to show about themselves. They are against it... unless they are going to be documented on camera as "Matt and Amy Roloff and family proud Christians who believe homosexuality is a sin, gays can be cured, and they do not like homosexuality". Then its all quiet...

Possibly because it might turn off viewers and turn off the money? After all, Amy does do her paid speeches at events that are often including the homosexuals.

But more to the point - have you actually read FOTF's site? Because really, if you're suggesting that the Roloffs follow those guidelines ONLY WHEN NOT ON CAMERA - then there's not one shred of truth to their "reality show".

But I don't think that's the case - I think the Roloffs play the Christian card as easily as they play the dwarf card and it shows in how they are very happy to have the support of the conservative Christian crowd as far as books go... but are very very quick to portray themselves on camera as average slubs who just occasionally pray at rare family meals.

Either they are conservative Christians like you claim, or they aren't - as they portray themselves on a reality show. They can't be both, Dana, and you're crazy if you think money is *not* a factor in what the Roloffs allow to be filmed.

Which is it? Are they strong Christians? If so..... why do so many people post about how they didn't know it until they did their own research away from the show? Why are the Roloffs downplaying their religion on camera?

The obvious answer is to not turn off viewers and thereby bring in more money.

Ashley said...

I get a little irritated with a lot of the blogs on here, mostly because I find them to be one sided against the Roloffs a lot. But I think Spirit hit this one dead on.

Dana, everything you mentioned in your above post is probably true about the Roloffs. They are Christians, and Christians take the "word of the bible" very seriously. So, they probably are anti-gay marriage, and probably to believe that somehow homosexuality can be cured.

I agree with Spirit that it is for those reasons Amy took down the link. To most people, Focus on the Family is a very conservative and controversial group. They are basically hating against gays. And Spirit, I have constantly made the same comparison you did about Focus on the Family and gay couples with children to people trying to prevent dwarves from being parents. It's the exact same thing, in my opinion.

I think that by supporting this group, Amy may have appealed to some viewers, who are devout Christians, but she probably turned A LOT more people off. Focus on the Family have beliefs that are very extreme, and supporting this group probably does nothing good for the show and Roloffs in terms of their fans.

Right on Spirit!

Anonymous said...

Im agreeing with Rap Here,for once haha.
Because if thats what the roloffs believe than their hypricates who need to be educated.Homosexuals to be cured?! WTF!!!Who is anyone to say they need to be cured,thats bullcrap.If thats what the roloffs believe,maybe we need a conference or meeting on how to cure little people,or a conference on how to cure christians to be nonjudgemental and thinking they know it all.The Roloffs know first hand on what its like to be discriminated against and i dont think they would say dont descriminate against us,but hell if your not this way you should be fixed and discriminated against.ANYONE WHO THINKS THAT WAY IS STUPID!! sorry but its true
this is the anon who was fighting with you about christians and how they are not judgemental or think their better thaneveryone.dont know if you remember,but i see your point and where your coming from now and i apologize to you and your family.I want you to know though that im a christian and im not like that and im sorry for others.

JB said...

"Dan saying the Roloffs are against gay marriage..."

for what its worth, i know about 50 kids who are friends with the roloff kids.

out of the 50, i'd say 50 are against gay marriage.

if anybody doesn't think the roloffs share focus on the families beliefs about gay ppl and society, i don't think you've ever spent anytime around them or their friends or their church or their school.

Rap541 said...

"if anybody doesn't think the roloffs share focus on the families beliefs about gay ppl and society, i don't think you've ever spent anytime around them or their friends or their church or their school."

JB - oddly enough I see your point. My question would be this. Would you think the Roloffs share Focus on the Family beliefs about gay people and society *based on what you see on their reality show where they insist they show the good and the bad*?

And if your answer is no - do you think its honest of them to hide their more fundementalist beliefs merely to get a larger audience and make more money by pretending to be more diverse than they actually are?

Because, really, something just isn't ringing true here. The *Duggars*, as much as I don't care for their beliefs, at least are willing to portray themselves as fundementalist Christians. TLC certainly does not stop their reality families from displaying their beliefs, so it's not as though the Roloffs are being told to tone things down.

If the Roloffs are proud to say "We're Christian and homosexuality is wrong" - why *aren't* they proud to say it on their show? I mean, there's a polite way to say that. The obvious answer is that they understand that being honest about their views would adversely affect the show's popularity.

Which is hardly standing up for their beliefs.

As it happens, deep down, I think the Roloffs do hold the beliefs that Dana assigns them. My issue, my point, is that they are constantly cited here and other places as Christians who stand up for their values - including the whole "homosexuality is wrong" - but they choose to portray themselves much differently when the cameras are running.

When the cameras are on, they are diverse and all about acceptance, and not very demonstrative about their beliefs. But to read their books, and to listen to some of their fans, they are living a *completely different* life, a Focus on the Family life, where hating gays is fine, and Amy respects Matt as the man, and the twins never ever back talk and of course the family does bible study and are active in many many church activies.

I just find it hard to believe that everything that shows the Roloffs as more than lackadaisical about church always occurs off camera. But when I couple that with how the Roloffs seem to have very fundemental, and unpopular religious views - then I understand.

They know they will get less money if they are honest about their religious views. Therefore, they hide their true beliefs. I just don't understand how this doesn't make them liars.

Anon - we're cool :) And for the record, I do believe that there are geniune Christians out there who really do understand the golden rule.

Anonymous said...

Your actually making sense to me haha.
Everything you have said is true.
I would really like to believe the Roloffs are diverse people who except all people,but unfortunately the way they are in front of camera and off are very different and also sometimes lies.Now im alittle upset because i stood up for them when all along they were lieing.I think, with the way Amy is about christianity, that they do not except diversity which P.o.'s me because they are always talking about respect to little people,dont discriminate because their different blahblahblah,when they themselves are discriminating.What they should be saying is dont discriminate against us but let us walk all over you while you pay us to do so.Im very upset with them at the moment.They need to get their act together real quick.Its disappointing to fans,especially to those fans who know that if they were to ever meet the Roloffs,they would be unwelcomed for being exactly what the Roloffs dont like or think is wrong.:/ Sad Sad.
And im Glad we're cool Rap:)

Expressed said...

Rap541, I don't know why you think the Roloffs hide their Christianity. They don't. If they did, they wouldn't have written the book and did the TODAY SHOW about the book. Amy wouldn't have done the FOX News interview all about TLC's Families of Faith. Amy wouldn't speak at so many Christian events. They wouldn't plaster FAITH BIBLE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL all over the TV. They wouldn't punish bratty Jake's language by having him look up Bible passages.

They probably don't talk about how they feel about gay marriage on the show for the same reasons why they don't talk about how they feel about North Korea or who they voted for or how Michael Jackson died or if Michael Vick should be allowed to play football.

It's a tv show! An edited TV show. It's not the Roloffs deliver the news on all current events.

Just because you don't see them say how they feel on the show doesn't mean they don't feel the way their church and their all their friends feel and it doesn't mean they're ashamed of their views or hide it.

Rap541 said...

Expressed - if disliking homosexuality is an important part of their faith - why aren't they saying so?

Frankly - they *ARE* talking about how diverse they are and how we all should accept people who are different. That particular view is their personal opinion and they are not shy about expressing it. But they apparently are shy about a rather important point - that as Christians, they do not accept homosexuals.

I mean we can dance around why - but ultimately it would hurt their diversity public speaking... so instead of "as christians we think homosexuality is wrong" they show "we put the kids in Bible school".

The second doesn't affect the money. If it did, we'd never see what school the kids went to.

Anonymous said...

Expressed- the roloffs DO make it clear that they are Christians, though they dont live life like the Duggar's.
Also I personally feel that every episode one of the kids is wearing something Faith Bible!!

Anonymous said...

I for one would stop watching the roloffs If they came out against gays.


Expressed said...

Anonymous on August 28, 2009 10:22 AM : Thank you. What else can the Roloffs do to make it clear they're Christians? They do all that. Amy explained the only reason they don't show them in Church on Sundays (the Roloffs do go to church) is because they don't want to impose on other people who are there to worship.

The Roloffs are right. Some people don't want to be on camera. The Roloffs have respect for the church and their fellow members. A church is not a Fred Meyer store. They can't stick a notice on the front door saying if you enter you agree to be filmed for television.

Another thing the Roloffs do to make their faith obvious is they are usually shown visiting church on their vacations. They did it in the Bahamas and I think they did it in New Orleans.

Reap541, I answered your questions. People should know their beliefs about homosexuality when they make it known they are Christians. They don't do episodes about how abortion is horrendous either, but any intelligent person familiar with good Christians should know how they feel about that issue too. The Roloffs don't talk about how they feel about prayer not being allowed in public schools, but you should know how the Roloffs feel about that too. They send all their kids to private a Christian school.

You're being ridiculous if you think the Roloffs are hiding their beliefs or ashamed of how they feel if TLC doesn't include segments of the Roloffs discussing their feelings about all those topics.

If the Roloffs were worried that their religious views would affect ratings they wouldn't do all the things I listed first.

In my opinion and I don't expect the network to feel the same way it's better for them to avoid controversial topics altogther like they do, but no, LPBW would not lose a lot of viewers and the Roloffs would not be hurt if they actually did say on the show that they believe what the Bible says about one man and one woman (you should be smart enough to figure that out) without them spelling it out.

Haven't you noticed the Roloffs have very strong backing from other Christians?

If the Roloffs did come out against gays, the show would not be hurt. Amy might lose some speaking assignments she could get now, but she would probably gain because Christian groups would rally in support, like they did over the Miss California thing.

But it's silly to talk about it because reality shows like this aren't about the families sitting around discussing their personal religious and political opinions on all the big topics in America and the world. That's not what TLC wants the show to be about.

Rap541 said...


Yes. Because if they offend the majority of Americans by stating their views on homosexuality, their lucrative show will likely go away. Therefore they will not admit that their religious beliefs compell them to dislike homosexuals and consider homosexuals less equal. The money is more important than the integrity.

When it comes to money versus honesty, the Roloffs will take the money. Don't get me wrong - I can see why the money is tempting. But don't tell me how proud the Roloffs are of their beliefs when they cover up those beliefs to make more money. They are not proud Christians, proud to say they hate gays. They lie about it. They allow themselves to be portrayed dishonestly for money.

How is that standing up for one's cherished beliefs?

Eugenia Giebel said...

I've read where they are comparing you to Jon and Kate saying you are much like Kate. Anyone who watches the show knows that is not true. I admire you. You are family first and Matt just doesn't seem to see that. That episode where he said projects are his only reason for getting out of bed in the morning blew my mind. You and those kids should be his reasons for getting up and living everyday. I hope you can work out any problems. But he is going to have to meet your half way. It can't be a one-sided situation and that is what it seems to be most of the time. I am proud of you and your accomplishments. And I wish had had the relationship with my kids that you do with yours. Keep up the good work.

Harp Neal said...

I think Amy does not even know this site is here I think it run by someone who does not like her think about it..Read what it says we all know Amy would not say some of this stuff..Bet you don't popst this one but i will be on FACEBOOK WARING ALL HER FANS ABOUT THIS SITE..