Monday, August 3, 2009

A few more pictures of the Roloff family; Matt, Amy, Jeremy and Zach at the World Dwarf Games in Belfast, Ireland

There are a few more to pass along as the pictures continue to Roll-off (ha ha) on in.

This batch includes the elusive Matt Roloff himself! Yes, there was a Matt Roloff sighting. Also, Jeremy sporting a supportive Statesmen tattoo, and few in-game shots; you can practically feel the intensity of the event.

If you haven't explored other items on the blog, you might be interested in more of the Roloffs at the World Dwarf Games.


Karen said...

Yay! Matt! There was always something incomplete without Matt. It warms my heart to see Matt.

Lori said...

These are my favorite of them all.

I love all the Roloffs, but Matt and Jeremy are my favorites :)

Allison Curry said...

It makes me happy to see Matt. I get concerned when it seems like he's not able to be with his wonderful family.

Matt, if you ever see this, know that you're loved and appreciated by millions of people all over the world.

Everything is because of you. Dwarfism has never had a better advocate than you, in my humble opinion.

Everyone I know has been educated about dwarfism because of you and last of all, you're entertaining with the wonderful program that wouldn't have happened without your creative genius.

My entire family from my kids to my 71 year old mother-in-law enjoy watching your program and have nothing but love and respect for all the good you have done.

Thank you Matt.

Allison Curry

Expressed said...

It is great to see Matt. He is the man! :-)

Wasn't somebody arguing that Jeremy wasn't supportive? He looks supportive to me!

Matt and Jeremy are also my two favorite Roloffs. I'm glad Matt wasn't forced to miss it.

Expressed said...

Allison, wonderfully said. I second that.

And he's the father of Jeremy! :-)

Anonymous said...

I think Matt looks good. I was concerned he was looking frail in the picture with the Portland Timber wife, but he looks healthier here.

Ronald said...

Allison, you are correct in everything you said.

None of this would exist without Matt Roloff's creativity and brilliance. He is a great man.

Julie said...

Whoa, people are happy to see a picture of Matt! lol.

If this is the Matt appreciation place, can I say I'm not of Christian faith and I don't have dwarfism and I love Matt. I love everything about his personality. He would be a great person to know and I admire his spirit of never giving up and inspiring people to live their dreams.

Y said...

Thanks for the pictures. I have this site bookmarked.

I like all the Roloffs too, but Matt and Jeremy are my favorites.

I can't wait to see the episodes about this trip and the trip to the BVIs with just Matt and Jeremy.

Anne B said...

I love how the Roloffs are always there to support each other. Whether it is for fun and or in times of sadness and sorrow, they are always there for each other like a true family.

Ashley said...

Wow, I'm surprised to see Matt. He was in none of the other pictures. Are you sure he wasn't air-brushed in here? Ha.

I have a feeling Jeremy will be getting a haircut soon. His hair looks like it's getting long. At least he won't need to conform to stupid Faith Bible rules anymore :)

Amanda said...

Seeing Matt makes me smile. I love Matt. And Jeremy. Well, the whole family rocks!

NN said...

I second that Allison!
Nice to see so much positive feedback on this thread.

Aussie A said...

Finals was a match for the ages! Aussies agree. We lost in basketball, but gave a great effort.

Hahaha Jeremy was supportive to all! Jeremyy was doing shots at the party with all the lady athletes from all countries :))))

A great time for surre :)

Noell :) said...

Jer doing shots? hahaha wow.
I knew he had to be a normal kid.

Nicole said...

Agreed Noell :) It's not hard to picture Jeremy Roloff doing shots at a party like a lot of teenagers.

I don't care what he "wrote" in a book. Someone must have put him up to that.

I've seen kids who honestly don't touch alcohol and Jeremy doesn't fit in that group with his personality or the way he carries himself.

Matt keeps on making comments about how devilish Jeremy is and how he will look to break the rules the moment he gets a chance. I'm not believing that Jer, the sneaky bad boy rule breaker is the one guy at a party who bolts at the sight of booze. LOL!

Jenn said...

Glad I'm not the only who never bought the whole Jeremy is a straight edge Christian who would rather read the bible than throw a few back and get drunk at a party.

Kate said...

I agree about never believing the whole angel Jeremy act, i mean seriously if i had their house and farm i would take advantage of it. i think i know what goes on once the cameras leave and matt and amy are out of town haha...