Sunday, August 30, 2009

Friend of Jeremy and Zach Roloff has died

A friend of Jeremy and Zach Roloff who was seen on the show once, died earlier this week. He was 20 years old. If you recall the episode in the 2nd season when they had an apple war - little people vs average sized people, Adam Garland was Jeremy's partner for the apple war.

Our deepest condolences to the Garland family.

From the Hillsboro Argus:


Adam Garland, 20, service on Saturday
Friday, August 28, 2009

The Hillsboro Argus

Adam J. Garland, 20, Hillsboro, died Aug. 23, 2009, in his sleep.

A funeral service will be 10 a.m. Aug. 29, at Grace & Truth Bible Church, 770 NE Rogahn St., Hillsboro. A viewing will be held that day from 9-9:45 a.m.

Adam Garland was born July 17, 1989, in Fort Lewis, Wash.

He attended Glencoe High School and graduated from Century High School, both in Hillsboro. He also attended Oregon Youth ChallNGe Program. He most recently worked for JLM Landscape Co.

He loved cars, snowboarding and spent every July 4th of his life at the beach.

His family remembers his kindness and witty sense of humor. There were many times he helped others in need.

Survivors include his parents, Donald and Molly Garland; his brothers, Peter, Joshua and Benjamin Garland; and his sisters, Hannah and Heidi Garland.
Remembrances: a memorial fund c/o Springer & Son, PO Box 5308, Beaverton, OR 97006.

Services: Springer & Son, Beaverton.


Em said...

Wow, I wonder what happened? 20 year olds don't just die in their sleep.

Rap541 said...

Thats too bad - and unusual. Not unheard of sadly - a close friend at work lost her 18 year old a few years ago to a previously undetected heart issue. They had no idea. What a shame tho.

Greg said...

I searched his name on Myspace. He last logged in on Aug 22. He died on Aug 23. Wow.

It could have been an undiagnosed medical problem, but the lack of a donation fund (cancer, heart and stroke, etc) in the obituary makes me think it's one of two things, but that's pure guessing and unfair and since I don't know if the grieving family will search his name and come to this site, I won't go on.

But all I will say is I hope this is a wake up call to some people that Jeremy, Zach and their friends ~might not~ live the PG rated Disney life that the show and the books would have people believe.

Joanne said...

Its very unusual to hear a 20 yr old dying in their sleep. I cant imagine what the family is going through.

Anonymous said...

im disguested by the comment left by "greg"
you have no idea what this family is like, and to use the over used phrase "its a small world" especially in the portland-metro area for christians. I have met various members of the family through mutual friends and occurances where the boys came to my youth group. I've been great friends for years with many of the Faith Bible students and to just assume that because these kids are on tv, theyre doing drugs.
there are some of us out there that DO do the right thing and stay away from that nonsense that our peers do.
how disrespectful to Adam's memory and to his family to suggest that drugs were involved (it doesnt take a genius to figure out what you were referring to). Maybe you should take the time to meet people before you start throwing those allegations around.

Greg said...

If you are a friend or family, I give you my sympathy.

I'm almost don't want to say anything because the last thing I want to do is cause any pain to the family. But because you're addressing and challenging my comment, I feel like I need to explain. If family is reading this, please don't read my opinion beyond this.

I'll say right off the bat that I didn't know Adam, never met him and and have no idea what the cause of death was. I read a few comments he made on Myspace.

Like other people have said, it's very unusual for a 20 year old to die. I did not dream up my comment, which is my opinion, just for the fun of it.

I remember seeing all the comments that was online when the Jeremy 'scandal' thing broke. Adam had a couple to Jeremy in that big list. His Myspace user name then was "Catfish". That was Adam correct? I'm 99.9% sure it was. "Catfish" told Jeremy at that time he had stopped drinking because he was caught for DUII.

That was 3 years ago? He was 17ish, had 'stopped' drinking and had a DUII.

I honestly can't remember if this other one was him or another friend, it doesn't matter because I'm talking about them and their friends as a whole, but I thought "Catfish" also made the comment to Jeremy when he was about 15 or 16 that pipe tobacco is so much better than swisher sweets.

I don't think Jeremy and his friends are the clean cut choir boys the show makes them out to be. I think what I think because of my own common sense and based on seeing their own comments, including Jeremy and Mueller and other friends quite obvious, to me anyway, refer to drinking and other things. I remember another one of Jeremy's friends that I saw in the show a few times, make Myspace comments or his friends leave him comments like "Happy Birthday man, I have some killer bird feed to give you" Personally, I don't think they were talking about feeding the birds because they love nature.

In my opinion only, I don't believe they 'do the right thing' about drinking and some other common substances for teens.

When a 20 year old dies unexpectedly in his sleep, there are usually 3 reasons for it.

1. An undetected medical problem.
2. Intoxicant related death.
3. Suicide

If that person made a comment a few years earlier about how he was quitting drinking and had been stopped for DUI, yeah, I do start to think in my own mind that it might have been #2. I don't know anything else about his life to speculate on #3.

But I've seen enough of how Jeremy, Mueller and a lot of other of their friends (Faith Bible Students) act and talk to say I personally don't think they live the PG life that some people believe because they watch a family aimed show on TLC. Jeremy and one of his Faith Bible friends had comments about how they were getting drunk on vodka when they were 15 and almost burnt down a barn in their drunkeness.

Is it possible they made all those stories up? Yeah I guess so, but it's not what I believe myself. Those types of comments sound A LOT like a majority of teenagers. I myself can't ignore all those comments made by them and think that they're above all that because Jeremy Roloff wrote in a book that his family made money from that him and his friends wouldn't do any of that stuff because they only do stuff that pleases God.

A lot of comments made by themselves when they're being themselves talking to each other or something in a published book for a Christian audience? I know what I believe is likely the truth.

I look at it like that. If there's a group of kids talking about loving pipe tobacco at 15/16, getting drunk on vodka at 15/16, references to weed and talking about a DUI at 17. Then one of them dies when they're 20 years old. My initial thought is to think that they all were not all living a Walt Disney Entertainment kind of life because one of them said it in a published family book.

Greg said...

I've seen one of Jeremy's female Christian friends post one of those surveys. The question was do any of your friends drink or smoke weed? Her answer was along the lines of "Duh. Like everyone."

I read another girl's blog who knows all those guys, she said she was sad at the way so many of her friends live. She said if you don't "party", you probably won't have anywhere to go on Friday and Saturday nights.
I don't think Jeremy and all his friends are sitting at home every weekend readings books.
She seemed like the one sincere person that I believe out of all the friends I've ever seen or heard about and she made it clear she was in the minority among her friends because she doesn't "party".

What I believe in no way diminishes the tragedy of Adam's death or the sympathy I have for his parents and siblings.

Anonymous said...

I hate it when people (like yourself Greg) try and bring down what is already down. Just stop

Greg said...

I didn't post my message to bring anybody down. Hopefully some people will use this tragedy as a wake up call to realize that they aren't invinceable and to seize each day.

Rap541 said...

Well, youth generally likes to think it is immortal. Whatever the reason, it's definetely a shame such a young man died.

And frankly I think it's proven again and again that being reborn in Christ is not a vaccine against teens drinking, using drugs, etc.

Anonymous said...

i am a friend of adam and of jermey and can tell you for a fact that greg you are exactly right. i know for a fact that adam was a heavy drinker as i went to many parties with him. I went to faith bible to school with these kids for 4 years and know adam well. so everyone bashing greg his assumtions were correct although we are still not sure on the actual cause of death for adam.


Sheri said...

I think it is very sad that there are people like Greg and Anonymous at 12:50AM that would sully this young man's reputation even in death.

Anonymous, if you are a friend of Adam's, why would you say these things about him?

And Jeremy James Roloff is a Christian who said he does not drink because of his faith in God. Are you calling Jeremy, who you claim is your friend, a liar?

Sheri said...

And I am praying for Adam's family and for Jeremy for the loss of his friend.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

yeah i have personally been around jermey and adam when they were drinking. i have no doubt that his reckless life style led to his death. this does not make it any less sad for me i miss him everyday but i hate to say it but i kind of saw it coming. he had several close calls before. he fell off a 2 story balcony and broke his neck, also blew 2 of of his fingers off with a shotgun. both while under the influence of alchohol. I am not so much a friend of jermey i went to school with him for 4 years but he was more of an aquantance. but adam and me were very close. and adam would tell me stories of him and jermey sitting around bullshiting and drinkin whisky. I was at at party having a great time with adam just days before he died


Anonymous said...

You know what guys? Why is anybody dissecting Adam's death? Adam has a family and Adam has friends who loved and cared for him, he is now gone, leave it alone! I myself have watched LPBW since it started and thoroughly enjoy each and every segment. No, the Roloff's might not be perfect, but who is? Are you Greg? So let it rest.

Greg said...

Anonymous that knew Adam, thanks for saying the truth and sorry for the loss of your friend.

The last comment bashing us, why when someone dies (at 20) do you want to pretend like they were a saint ignore things that might have led to his demise. Burying our heads in the sand has never helped anybody.

Anonymous said...

Pretend? There is no pretending here, and I didn't know Adam, I just think it's sad when Adam and his death are being dissected, when it actually is nobody's business but his family. That's why I say, "leave it alone". Death is a very sad affair which can't be dismissed lightly no matter what the cause.....I hope Adam's family find peace.

Anonymous said...

NO no one is perfect but im saying that i am a realist and am not going to ignore the fact that his wreckless lifestyle most likely caused his death. Knowing that he most likely caused his own demise does not make it any easier on me or our friends or his family. I loved adam very much and unfortunally were no longer going to have the great times we did just weeks ago.


R11 said...

Nobody who knew Adam will be surprised if this stuff led to his death.

To the person upset because this is shattering your fantasy image of Jeremy and the Roloffs? How can you be so naive to think these kids aren't just like other kids and never have problems like the rest? Do you think having a TV show makes them immune to all the usual teen problems?

TV is NOT reality even if they call it reality TV.

Greg said...

"Death is a very sad affair which can't be dismissed lightly no matter what the cause.....I hope Adam's family find peace."

I agree with that. I think we all do.

Btw, to the Anonymous' when you post a comment, if you choose Name/Url and put something beside Name, you don't need a URL. It makes your comment easier to identify instead of two Anonymous' with very different opinions.

Em said...

Adam's friend - I'm so sorry for your loss :(

You went to school with Jeremy for 4 years, but you weren't close? Why? Did you not like him?

I'm not surprised about the drinking. Whiskey? I always heard Jeremy's favorite was vodka :)

Adults need to realize times have changed and it's very abnormal for a kid not drink and that stuff.

Terence said...

No Jeremey is a nice kid i even went snowboarding with him and adam a few times i was just into the things adam was into, like cars and motorcyle while jermey was more into soccer and sports.

and yes em it is very rare for kids these days to not drink although adam took it to almost an alcoholic level and thats why us that are close to him are not surprised. as i meantioned early him breaking his neck after falling of a two story balcony intoxicated.


Em said...

Oh thanks for explaining, Terence. But isn't Jeremy really into cars too? He seems to be.

When I read Adam's obituary about loving cars and snowboarding, I thought that sounds a lot like Jeremy.

Terence said...

yeah not when i knew him. apparently he is now but im 2 years older and graduated before him

WAKE UP said...

Anonymous(es), the truth is that Adam made very bad choices. Pointing that out isn't "discecting" his death. It's calling attention to a problem that seems to be rampant amongst the youth of Faith Baptist. Perhaps, insetad of seeing this as negative, you could see that this is a wake-up call for the other boys and their families. NOW is actually the perfect time to discuss how alcohol can ruin a young life = while the wound is still fresh and the boys are in a position to pay attention!

Greg said...

Well said. Another one of Jeremy's friends used to have a whole picture album of himself trashed and wasted and drinking and partying when he was around 16. His Myspace URL was something like /drunkenirish . He's the guy that had the drunk vodka story with Jeremy.

Jocelynn said...

Wake Up, I don't like talking ill of the dead, but you are 100% correct. If what people are saying is accurate and seems to be pointing in that direction, kids need to use this as an ugly and tragic wake up call.

I bet Jeremy didn't think one of his buds that he was posing for pictures with would be dead a couple of years later.

Don't let his death be wasted.

Terence said...

yeah his name is noah z. he went to faith with us. he is another troubled child. and wake up you put it very well. while this is a sad time we should not let us ignore the events that led to his death and we should learn from them

Greg said...

Terence, actually the one I'm talking about with the vodka story with Jeremy was named Jake R. But I'm sure you know more stories than I do.

I know who you mean though. That Noah was mentioned in some comments in the big list of with the Jeremy scandal thing. I remember Jeremy said something about how he got into major trouble with noah. Maybe that was something with vodka too? But the conversation back and forth about the vodka and almost burning down the barn was between Jeremy and Jake.

Terence said...

jake yeah i know who that is. yeah we all went to school together

Amanda said...

My condolences to Adam and his family. You know its one thing to bring someone down you dont even know but another to make accusations. My older brother passed away just two years ago due to a car accident and when I would hear all these stories that it was caused by drunk driving it would make me so upset because that was far from the truth. Yes he had drank occasionaly with friends but not prior to his accident, I know this for a fact. I dont understand why so many people (who by the way didnt even know my brother) feel the need to go out of their way to make my brother seem less of a person or a drunk. It just puzzles me. Oh and by the way, what kind of friend see's this coming and does nothing to try and prevent it. If you were really a friend youd ask him and or tell his family to seek professional help. Your pathetic and are obviusly no friend to Adam. You will be frowned upon

Jocelynn said...

Amanda, my condolences to you for the loss of your brother.

But I think you're being way too hard on Terence.

I don't think you're situation is the same thing. Having a loved one die in a car accident and hearing incorrectly that it was drunk driving would be very upsetting.

I don't think Terence is making anything up, it seems consistent with what everyone who saw his Myspace comments are saying.

People can have a friend who is doing something destructive. It's not their fault if it ends in tragedy.

Terence said...

Amanda it is really rude that you would accuse me of not being his friend. Me and adam had so many good times riding motorcyles and working on his vw baja bug and my jeep. You know nothing about the situation. NOTHING AT ALL. He was sent to OYCP witch is a youth challenge program for troubled students. After that did nothing he was kicked out of his house. dont accuse people of doing things you know nothing about your doing exactlyy what you said you hated that people would do to your brother, It hurts me that someone would accuse me of lieing about the situation when my good friend just died.

molly garland said...

Terrance- nice job trying to stick up for yourselves. But Adam was never Kicked out of the house. He chose to move since he is trying to start a new life. He did talk many times of you and if you would like to oome over and see me I would love it. At this point it is possible he died of a neck injury he sustained while riding his bicyle. He had been to urgent care and my chiro. Both agreeeing it was serious. At this time: till we haar different , he suffucated in his sleep caused by the injury to the top tree vertibry in his neck. Teen drinking is not acceptable and I'm not poopooing it. Just hoping to put a few spectulations to rest. Love Adam Garlands Mother.

Jocelynn said...

Molly Garland,

I can't imagine what you're going through right now. You're in my thoughts.

Whatever the cause of death or whatever happened in the past, does not lessen the tragedy of the situation.

Diane said...

Mrs. Garland,

It's very late and I can't sleep so if I say something stupid and inappropriate I apologize.

I'm not old enough to have a son/daughter, but I don't even know what I'd do so soon after losing someone in family. I'm trying to put myself in your position.

Would you mind if I ask you what you are feeling? If the cause of death was the neck injury do you cope by having anger for the doctors and chiro that saw him? Even if it wasn't the cause of death, if the other stuff people have said is true, do you have anger towards Adam (I hear people who lose someone say they're very angry at the person who is gone), do you have anger towards Adam's friends who might have partied with him if that played a factor in his neck accident? Do you just remember the good times? How have his friends reacted to you?

If you don't want to answer or if it's painful too, just ignore me please.

Peter said...

Adam's mother, My deepest sympathies to you and your husband and your other children.

I hope I'm not being insensitive if I ask were the Roloffs at Adam's funeral or memorial? Were they supportive of you?

How close were Adam and Jeremy?

If it wasn't what lead to his death then maybe it's not an issue for you, but if most of what Terence was saying was true, that must have contributed to some turbulent times. If I were in your family and you knew Adam was friends with Jeremy and the Roloffs and I saw them say all this stuff about how Jeremy and his friends stay away from all those things, I think I would want to spit on them in the face or something.

Em said...

I'm very sorry for your loss.

Susan said...

I can't imagine that there is anything worse in the world than losing a child. My heart aches for you, Molly Garland.

Molly said...

Sorry about all the misspelling in my post earlier. I wrote it through tears and extreem greif. I have no anger towards anyone at this time but am told greif changes with time. They tell me though, it get sweeter and less harsh. Only time will tell me the truth. I will not discuss the Roloffs and if they were there or not . I can tell you there were about 400 people at Adams funeral. I guess that says something about him and his family. By the way, Faith Bible School is not Baptist as someone said earlier. Thank you for your condolences and yes it is awfull to lose a child. It is not suposed to be this way. You plan on buring your parents and sort of your spouse but never your child! No matter what you have seen in photos you can not see the whole person. Adam had a heart that was incredible, he loved people and was very much a servent to people in need. I have non stop had people coming and calling letting me know of things Adam has done for them in the past with out any desire for payment of any sort. Usually not even being asked-just seeing there was a need and doing it. I will miss him, all his antics and his wonderful sense of humor.

Molly said...

One more thing since this is about the Roloffs. I have never had anything but thoughtfull, considerate conversations with those boys. They truly do care for others and both have a wonderful take on life. The show has not gone to their head, nor have they lost their respect for their elders. They have many times done nice things that I would not expect a "TV" star to do. You never get the idea they are any different than anyone else that is at my home or at school. I am proud of them and who they will become as adults. By the way Greg, I'm not sure what you do for a living but do you have children? How are they? Perfect maybe?

Brokenwing said...

Mrs Garland, thank you very much for sharing. My prayers and thoughts are with you.

Anonymous said...

You can't force help on someone who either doesn't think that they have a problem with drugs and drink or knows they do and doesn't care about it.

marie said...

No, Mrs. Garland, I doubt Greg has kids. He spends way too much time speculating about other people's lives for him to have one of his own. Greg, you are downright scary. You are taking way too much of an interest in these kids lives -reading their myspaces, even remembering details such as screen names and who said what and when, checking to see when Adam last logged in. Can you say stalkerish? Then you insist on taking those little bits of information and making gigantic assumptions from them. So what if Adam drank and partied? What teenager doesn't? But to assume that somehow played a part in his death without any proof is asinine. Even if that was your opinion you had no right posting it for everybody to see and don't say you didn't- everybody could tell from your first post just exactly what you meant. In doing so you were disrespecting Mrs. Garner and the rest of Adam's family. Now that you know the truth, you have nothing to say do you? Maybe you should stop being so obsessed with these kids and analyzing their lives and instead focus on analyzing your own life. Mrs. Garner, my deepest sympathies.

marie said...

My bad, I meant Mrs. Garland.

Greg said...

Marie, I had nothing to say after Mrs. Garland's post because I don't make it a habit of arguing with grieving mothers.

It's not a question of being perfect...

"So what if Adam drank and partied? What teenager doesn't?"

Well, as per Jeremy Roloff, what teenagers don't? Jeremy Roloff and his friends. That's the point. That is obviously not true.

Again, I'm not going to say too much more about what I think out of respect for Mrs. Garland. I said I had no idea what the cause of his death was, but I think his Myspace comments and what Adam's friend said made it clear that drinking and other things caused problems in his life. What is so wrong with saying kids should use this as a wake up call?

As for the rest of your post, that's nonsense. The default stalker allegations are always thrown out by Jeremy Roloff fan girls who want to blame people for reading what Jeremy was actually doing instead of realizing that maybe Jeremy isn't all that you think he is.

You should familiarize yourself with private vs public. There is no stalking involved in reading a public website like Jeremy's Myspace was. Guess what? People search the internet for info about celebrities on tv. People like you are so two-faced. If you didn't care about anything about the Roloffs, you wouldn't be on this blog. If I told that you that Jeremy has a website and he's talking to people about what he did last week and posting pictures and here is the URL...I don't believe for a second you're not going to type in that URL. If you do, that doesn't make you a "stalker". GET REAL!!!

Jeremy was caught in lies and saying things he shouldn't have. Fans like you can't bring yourself to think something negative about Jeremy. You blame people for reading what he was writing and what he was doing. It's ridiculous.

I'm not going to apologize for having a good memory. I remember what I read.

After I read this blog, I typed in Adam's name to make sure that his Myspace was the same one as "Catfish", the one I remembered making the comments to Jeremy. It was. His log in date was the day before he passed away and I commented on how suddenly things can change. Wow, that's just so stalkerish. Grow up, Marie.

Rap541 said...

I'm inclined to agree with Greg on the stalker comments. Myspace is public. So is Facebook, Twitter, etc. If you look someone up on Myspace and see information that they have chosen to make public - you're not obtaining that information by *stalking*.

Greg makes the valid point that its only called "stalking" when people don't like the information.

Rap541 said...

"And Jeremy James Roloff is a Christian who said he does not drink because of his faith in God. Are you calling Jeremy, who you claim is your friend, a liar?"

Sheri, considering Jeremy admitted to drinking in his Myspace, and there are multiple witnesses to Jeremy's drinking while overseas.... Yes, I think it's fair to say that when Jeremy James "I'm a Christian" Roloff says he does not drink due to his faith in God, that he's lying.

Or are you going to accuse all of the witnesses of lying?

I know it will shock you, but I personally don't have a huge problem with Jeremy or Zach if they are engaging in typical teen behavior. It's not that unusual. However, when fans like yourself throw "Jeremy is a Christian and doesn't drink because of his faith in God" - it starts to grate. Clearly he does lie, and the people pointing it out don't deserve your rage and hate.

Kelley said...

Brittney and Rap541,

Do you think the Roloffs give a flying fig if you don't respect them? I am sure they are laughing all the way to the bank. If I were them, I would laugh at people like you two.

They have a lucrative job, they are living a great life, they have a loving family. They are respected within their Christian church, they have dear friends who love and respect them.

Do they care that some stranger who has a perverted view on marriage, who has nothing better to do than sit on their butt and nitpick at them, doesn't respect them?


The Roloffs are happy, respected by those that matter and have a strong relationship with God. You don't matter.

Sheri said...


First of all, it shows your lack of morals, values and respect that you would try to disparage Jeremy's reputation in a topic about the tragic passing of a young Christian. Did you even stop try to disparage Jeremy James Roloff long enough to offer condolences to Molly Garland and her family?

Since there is no other place to respond to your inappropriate placed desire to talk about Jeremy - I will do it this one time.

"Yes, I think it's fair to say that when Jeremy James "I'm a Christian" Roloff says he does not drink due to his faith in God, that he's lying.Or are you going to accuse all of the witnesses of lying?"

Yes I think they are lying or are greatly exaggerating. Did Jeremy have a glass a wine to toast celebrating his graduation, but people like you turn it into "Jeremy drinks and was lying!"

Petty people like yourself lie about people who are well known in an attempt to drag them down. There is a target on Jeremy's back figuretively because the Roloffs are a proud Christian family and certain factions of the media and society don't like that.

Jeremy made his statement in the Roloffs lovely book, about himself and his close friends. I suspect the things that have been said about Adam are also exaggerated.

Rap541 said...

Sheri - there's a target on Jeremy and his drinking because he's on record stating he *does not drink* because it does not please God.

There was no qualifying "except a glass of wine with the folks or when I am in a foriegn country." He said he doesn't and yet he does. How is that honest? Please explain to me how saying you don't do something and then doing it is honest?

Adam's friends apparently are also lying now? How about the exchange on Jeremy "Sheri says he doesn't lie" Roloff's myspace between Jeremy and Adam where they discuss how they were drinking? That was written on the internet about the same time Jeremy was saying he and his friends don't drink in order to please God.

How can any reasonable person insist that someone telling two different stories about what they have done is telling the truth?

But you're on record now Sheri - you're calling everyone who witnessed Jeremy doing shots overseas liars

Oh and since you feel like slamming me - please note right at the top of this thread, my post - "Thats too bad - and unusual. Not unheard of sadly - a close friend at work lost her 18 year old a few years ago to a previously undetected heart issue. They had no idea. What a shame tho."

I'm sorry if that wasn't good enough for you. Please continue to judge me. After all, you're the Christian, and the one who *knows* the liars are lying. Please do go on - its always nice to have my opinion that Christians like to judge others harshly and wagon circle when one of their own is called out confirmed.

Finally Sheri - if the Roloffs are so proud to be Christian and share your beliefs, why *won't they* say so themselves? Why do they sit quiet on this topic? Seems like if they were proud of their views, they'd be right here, saying "Yes, we do hate gays because we're Christian".

But they aren't. They let you do that for them... think about it.

Kelley - I am quite sure the Roloffs ARE laughing how they sell themselves.

Rap541 said...

Btw Sheri - since you're making a point a point of chiding me - I notice that your first post - AS A CHRISTIAN - was to complain about others and NOT TO EXPRESS ONE WORD OF SYMPATHY TO MOLLY GARLAND.

My first post - what a shame.

Your first post - how dar anyone sully *Jeremy's reputation*?

Care to defend yourself since you made a *point* of publically judging me AS A BAD PERSON when you yourself couldn't be bothered to think of the grieving mom until your SECOND post? Even I made a point of deeming it too bad in my FIRST post. I mean.... since you've made this a decency competition? Why WASN'T your first post an expression of how you felt about the loss of one of Jeremy's Christian buddies? Mine was.

Rap541 said...

Btw Sheri - I am still waiting to hear you explain how I am a bad person for expressing how this death was a tragedy in my first post - you remember how you snotted off how bad mean ol'Rap was for not expressing condolences to Molly Garland? Heck, even my second post was about it being a shame such a young man died.

Care to explain to the class why *your* first post in this topic was a whinefest about *Jeremy*? I am sure Mrs. Garland appreciated how your concern was about *Jeremy's reputation* but really, you're calling me out for the things you didn't bother to do yourself and now when its brought to your attention, you sit silent rather than admit that you sullied *my* reputation with your nasty, untrue accusation.

Guess since I am not a Christian, you get to lie about me and then just say "I love Jesus" and you're off the hook. Is that how it works?

Anonymous said...

No one knew Adam like I did. Better yet, no one knew the situation like I did. So I hope everyone can come to their sences and realize a death is a death, and no matter what the cause of death, friends, the family he was with at the time, and his own family is under hard greif. No one can change what had happen, or bring Adam back, so I strongly recommend people stick to their own business, and keep their oppinions off the interent. That is rude, and very selfish.

I love you Adam, Rest in peace buddy.

Leigh said...

Although I didn't know Adam and live on the other side of the country, I wanted to tell Adam's family and friends that ever since I read here about Adam's death, you've been in my thoughts. I'm not a relgious person myself, but I've thought about you all often and hope you're doing as well as can be expected.

I wish I had something more to comforting to say. I know from a friend of mine who lost her son, that she said the pain never goes away, but with time it does become a little easier to cope.

GCG said...

***ANNONYMOUS SAID: "so I strongly recommend people stick to their own business, and keep their oppinions off the internet" ***

Since YOU posted YOUR opinion on the Internet then I guess what you REALLY meant was those who don't share your opinion should keep their opinions off the Internet. **rolling my eyes**

molly garland said...

Wow you guys are something else. I have not been on here since my last post but thought I would check it out since I'm struggling tonight. Thank you Leigh for your comforting words. By the way Terrance, Adam never ever broke his neck. The neck injury he sustained on the weekend he died was done while riding his bicycle and was tagged by a driver who turned into him on a back road. He landed in a ditch on his head. Yes, he drank but had not been drinking that day at all. Try not to make a bigger deal out of the Roloffs lives than understanding that they really are people. There is not one person that has not sinned and the wonderful thing about being a Christian is that Jesus did come to die for us. That does not excuse our sins but we can be forgiven. I am greatful for the fact that my sins are forgiven since they are many. I am very sorry for the thoughtless things that are said and thought by many christians about other sinners. There is not one sin that is greater than another. My thoughtless words to Greg earlier were a perfect example of me and my sin nature. Sorry Greg. I do hope that through Adams death there is some sort of good. I sure do miss my sweet, sweet son. Everyday is a struggle. Thank you all for your thoughtful words to me. Please just remember to not place too much value on things like a T.V. show. Molly

Greg said...

Molly Garland,

Thank you very much for offering to apologize, but it is really not necessary. It was very nice of you considering all that you have been through.

I also apologize to you if I said anything to cause you pain. That was the last thing I wanted to do.

I feel awkward talking to you about the Roloffs with what is going on in your lives, but since you mentioned that, can I sincerely try to explain to you where I and other people were coming from in our messages on this blog?

I don't think I am perfect. I don't expect other people to be perfect. To be honest with you, I don't think teen drinking is awful (21 as a legal age is ridiculous in my opinion. It is very common. I don't think drinking makes a teenager a horrible person.

What I want to explain though is JEREMY ROLOFF wrote in a book that JEREMY ROLOFF and his friends did not drink or do drugs or any of the bad stuff most teens do. I think the exact quote is on here somewhere. He said he didn't drink because of his faith in God and him and his friends only have fun in ways that please God.

That is what Jeremy Roloff told the world. Jeremy said he was unlike most teenagers, Jeremy said he was different and did not drink because of his faith in God.

Some people that like the Roloffs and their show believed him. I've seen a lot of comments over the years from fans who said wow Jeremy, Zach and their friends are great kids! They play apple wars and build forts instead of drink like all those bad teens I know.

Other people like me who saw their comments over the years (I think common sense tells people that they're not the type of teens to avoid all that) did not believe Jeremy. I said he was lying.

The "good" Roloff fans get angry and say how dare you accuse Jeremy of lying. He is a sweet innocent christian boy that resists all those bad temptations because he is so dedicated to God. He doesn't drink because he loves God.

THAT is why people like me make the comments we do about Jeremy and his friends about their drinking. He lied. That's why. He is pretending to be something he's not. He has an image based on lies. It's not because their drinking is the worst thing ever or that it's uncommon. It's because he's lying about it and then he gets praised as a saintly hero for his lies about it.

I hope that explained it a little bit.

All the best to you.

Joshua Teal Garland said...

im adams brother and ya he drank and with friends and yes jeremy was a good friend of adams. The roloff brothers and myself have learned from his mistakes. but it is written clearly in the bible that MO ONE is good. this means that everyone is going to make mistakes. but my brother is now in heaven and i would ask that people stop comenting about crap in his past why dont you comment about good times you had with him whether they involved alcohol or not we dont care. im 16 and ya i have drank and smoked and whatever else you say "we teenagers" do and I have good memories of it. so stop disecting his death his family dosnt even know for sure it could just be that God decided to call him home.

Connie said...

My deepest condolences to Adam's family. My thoughts are with you Molly and Joshua. I can only imagine how hard it is to deal with.

And Joshua, I know how frustrating it must be to see some of the comments, I don't know if this will make it any better, but I honestly don't think anyone was judging your brother or meaning to be disrespectful.

You have to understand the view of the fans. The Roloffs show is marketed as very family friendly and Disney esque clean. No real "teen" issues are ever addressed although they say the show is real.

On top of everything, Jeremy said in the Roloff books that he did not drink and all that "teen" stuff. Obviously it was a lie. That's why the drinking of his friends and himself catch people's attention, not because people are shocked that teenagers drink. It's because Jeremy told the world that him and his friends are different than most teenagers and don't do that stuff.

Dale said...

God bless all of you. Jer is his own man now, Zach is as well. At the end of the day, The Twins have to answer to thier God.

Why all this speculation and conjecture? Let these young men live their lives.

And, guess what? Regardless of he said, she said, it is still up to the Twins to live their lives in the shadow of The Lord. That is up to them, not us. Ok, they were teens, ok, they were tempted, NOW, ok, they grew up.

God Bless your family, Jer & Zach, and All the Roloffs.

Anonymous said...

hey i went to see u today adam and left something cool on uur grave i thought u might like it.

lucas said...

Joshua, while I understand your pain, it's difficult for me to recognize the fact that probably, at the private Christian school you attended, there was a higher percentage of minors drinking, smoking and getting wasted then at most public schools. Sad.

Expressed said...

Lucas, I don't know that you can say that lucas. Public schools, private schools, the majority of teenagers are doing all that stuff.

And not that I think you're being a jerk, but the Joshua that posted is really Adam's brother respectful.

Josh, I'm very sorry for your loss. From the very, very very little I know, you seem to be coping well.