Sunday, August 2, 2009

More Pictures of the Roloff family at the World Dwarf Games in Belfast

A whole bunch of pictures of the Roloff family from the World Dwarf Games in Belfast are pouring in. If you have any more you would like to share, feel free to contact us vie email

If you're just browing the site today, don't miss the item right below this detailing the results for the Roloffs and their team.

Most of them are from the basketball and soccer games. There are a lot Zach and Amy of course, but some of Jacob, Molly and Jeremy.

Another Roloff vacation and another lack of Matt sightings...hmmm.


Roxanne said...

I think they MUST be broken up and they just aren't making it public because they don't want to be another Jon and Kate.

The Christian base that backed Jon and Kate were very upset when they said they were divorcing.

Their house is so big now they could probably both live there and be like they aren't married.

It's not normal for a happily married couple to never be on vacation with the family. Atleast I don't think it's normal. I can't imagine my family going on all those vacations and my dad not going. Matt must not have been at the soccer finals or he would have been in a couple of those pictures.

Jake is getting really tall.

Ashley said...

Jake looks great! If People think Jeremy is good looking, he's going to be nothing compared to Jacob.

Jake is stunning.

Anonymous said...

Ashley, I couldn't agree more. Jake is a great looking kid now who keeps getting better looking by each passing day. He's going to be a heartbreaker in a few years if he isn't all ready.

Kudos to Amy for getting out there and competing.

Nancy said...

Amy Roloff is super woman. What does this lady not do?

She plays basketball.
She coaches soccer.
She takes 4 kids around Europe by herself?
She runs a charity foundation.
She stars in a tv show.

She rides motorcycles.
She eats bugs (k, that was gross)
She wrestles gators.

She gives speeches.
She cooks.
She takes care of 4 kids.

Amy Roloff is super woman!

Greg said...

Wow, I gotta agree. It wasn't that long ago that Jacob was barely taller than Zach. Now he towers over him.

I want to know if Jake and Zach still fight. If they do, I think Jake has reached the point where he would win everytime.

Anonymous said...

Is Jer on his tip-toes in that first picture?

Dana said...

I think it's great that Jeremy is there to support his family. How many 19 year old guys would be happy to support watch and support his brother and mother?

I also hope Rap will notice that Jeremy is walking with Bill in a picture.

Cindy said...

Thank you for all the pictures and the updates.
Even a setting like this, it's interesting that there are no pictures of Jeremy with Jacob or Molly, except for the group shot.

There are quite a few of Molly with Jacob.

Noell :) said...

So this is what i think off all these pictures:
I didnt even recognize Molly i the first picture, she looks beautiful!
And I love Jer's style!
I love the picture with Bill in the background, its hilllarious! :)
And I loveee lovee loveee Jer's bright yellow shirt! hahaha :)
And Marty's head is amazing!
So all together, i loveee these pictures
Ohhh and this blog of course :)

Rap541 said...

"I think it's great that Jeremy is there to support his family. How many 19 year old guys would be happy to support watch and support his brother and mother?"

A nineteen year old on a free trip to Ireland? :) I mean really, why aren't you citing Molly and Jake for being fantastically supportive as well? Oh *Jeremy* gave up so much to be there... Wow, a nineteen year old gave up a vacation AT HOME to take a vacation OVERSEAS! Oh bless him for giving up precious friend time to spend it with his horrible family on vacation. This must have been complete torture for him! :)

Molly and Jake apparently were supporting Zach as well... funny how *Jeremy* is the only one some peopel praise for sacrificing so much! I mean, *he went on a paid for vacation and spent time with his family*! Someone give this young man the "Most Awesome Nineteen Year Old Ever" Award because NO ONE HAS EVER BEEN SO FANTASTIC! I mean! Wow!

Thats the point right?

Btw - Dana? All I want is proof that Jeremy actively is friends with Bill when Jeremy isn't at dwarf events without his own special pals from home. Does Jeremy call Bill? Invite Bill over? Speak directly to Bill? :) I've never seen it.

Jocelynn said...

Noell, I like hearing your take on the pics.

I agree about Molly. She keeps getting more beautiful every year. I like her look. She has a natural beauty that oozes of confidence.

Personally, I'm not down with Jeremy's style, but that's just me. He should wear what he wants. I'm not fond of his hat.

I think I've seen a few pictures with Bill in the background like that. Did you see the LP video before it was deleted? I think that is Bill's favorite pose for pictures! :)

Jeremy looks like a referree in the bright yellow shirt. Or maybe it's a goalkeeper? Yeah, it's a goalkeeper!

"Marty's head is amazing"

Looking at the pictures this thought came to me. The thought of being in a room for a week long event like this, with Jeremy, Marty and Bill could drive a more reserved and serious person like Zach crazy. I might have needed to purchase ear plugs! :)

I think it's sweet how Molly and Jake seem to spend so much time together and look so loving in pictures.

Tim said...

Yeah, gotta say I know a lot of siblings that watch their own siblings play sports or competition. An exceptional kid it does not make.

I'm impressed Amy still gets out there and is that active. She really will try anything.

I'll be the 289th person to say "Jake is really getting tall!" He is. Wasn't it just last season when Zach and Jacob fought after he threw a pillow at Mueller. When that happened, Jake had just over-taken Zach in height, but not by much. Now there's a big height difference.

Jackie said...

They look like they had a great time. Thank you for posting the pictures. It's wonderful to see.

My family and friends think I'm crazy, but I will put my craziness on the internet :)

Am I the only one who sees a similarity between Jacob and Jeremy?

I see it more and more as Jacob gets older. The hair color throws people off (remember Jeremy's hair was not as curly as it is now when he was Jacob's age and Jacob's age is getting a bit of curl), but I see it in their facial features.

Maggie said...

I wish I was there. Great pictures. Thanks!

Lori said...

Good times and great people. I love the Roloffs.

Em said...

Noell, I like Marty's head too :)

The Roloffs are a VERY good looking family.

Sorry Jackie, I don't see any resembelance between Jeremy and Jake. None at all. I would never guess they were brothers from looking at them.

Anonymous said...

didn't see football final those statesmen knows how to drink :>

Andrea said...

Great pictures! Can't wait to see it all.

About supporting the family...does Jake still play soccer? Didn't he used to play during the summer? How can he now? They were on the road all last summer and this summer.

Noell :) said...

Jocelynn and Em,
Im glad you agree with me! :)
And now that you say it, he does look like a goal keeper! hahaha

Anonymous said...

I'm going to agree with basically everyone and say that Jacob is a cute kid and i can tell is gonna be a hottie when he's older!
and of course Jeremy is beyond gorgeous but i like him more without the hat

Nicole said...

I agree with all of that Anon.

I like what Jeremy usually wears, but I don't get the hat he's always wearing.

Anonymous said...

i agree with you. I think jacob does look like jeremy,just imagine jeremys hair on jacob and you can totally see the resemblence:)
Yes,Jeremy is Gorgeous! haha
but guys i also like the hat lol
i dont see anything wrong with how it looks :p

Nicole said...

I'm out on that one. They're both good looking boys/guys, but I don't see a resemblance.

Where is it? I don't think anything about their faces are similar. Considering they're the two average sized brothers, I don't think they look alike at all. Their whole facial structure is different, like the slant of their cheekbones and chin and mouth, even the shape of their eyes. All different.

Marie said...

I like the Roloffs trips. I'll never get to all those places. I'll have to settle to living vicariously through them.

Jacob is gorgeous. He doesn't look like Jeremy, imo. Jeremy is nice looking, but Jacob is simply beautiful.

Rap541 said...

To me Jeremy looks very much like Amy's brother, while Jake looks like Matt.

Erica said...

It's sweet how close Molly and Jake seem to be.

I think Jake is going to be much better than Matt (or Jeremy).

C. said...

I agree about Molly and Jake, they do seem really close.
I hope there's more episodes with them once the twins go to college

And I dont really see the resemblence between Jeremy and Jacob, besides being a hottie/future hottie

L9 said...

I must be missing something about Jeremy. I'm a few years older than him, but I don't see what all the fuss is about.

Maybe I'm tainted having been friends with some of his friends older siblings. I found Jeremy to be smug, immature and sexist. That could play a part why I don't see him as attractive.

It's funny to hear that people think he's a heart throb. When he was about 14 or 15, I remember he hit on one of my best friends who was a junior at the time. He used lame come ons like "Whats up baby, wink wink". She almost lost her lunch. Now he's a heart throb? Go figure.

The youngest Roloff does look cute. Hopefully puberty treats him well.

Noell :) said...

I totally agree with you about how Jer looks like Amy's younger brother!
I saw a picture of him on an episode when he was younger and i thought it was Jer for a second!
And i personally, LOVE the hat!
hahah :)

Rap541 said...

I suspect I know the picture you mean.....;)

Erin said...

I like Jeremy's style of clothes, but not the hat. Sorry Jeremy hat fans :)

When I see it I feel like I've been sucked into a time warp machine back to the 1950's.

Or I look for Ms. Daisey (Driving Miss Daisey - the chauffeur hat!).

I like everything else about Jeremy's fashion sense except his hats. I didn't like the alcatraz prison hat he used to wear either.

I saw one picture of him with a normal hat, I think it was a Rockstar hat and he looked much better.

WDG said...

I saw Roloffs lots in Belfast for week. Funny see talk about Jeremy hat here =) Maybe America not common but not unusual in my country.

People not like Jeremy hat? I will duck to write =) Jacob Roloff want to be like big brother. Saw Jacob with same hat type as Jeremy lots. =)

Sorry english not good =)

Erin said...

"Jacob Roloff want to be like big brother. Saw Jacob with same hat type as Jeremy lots."

Nooooo!!!! Save the child from the bad hat! Lol!

I'm not surprised. Jake has been emulating Jeremy more each year.

Hopefully not too much and he won't wind up in the National Enquirer too ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Jake is getting really tall! gosh in a few years he's going to have the girls all over him!!
I sadly haven't seen many of the more recent episodes of the show, does anyone know if he has a girlfriend? or had one yet? just curious

Jocelynn said...

Anonymous, I can't believe that 12 year olds have girlfriends or boyfriends! Geez. I agree with what Molly said about that. Her and Zach were the only smart ones (I guess they weren't "dating' when they were that age and Jake and Jeremy both were/are).

The same episode as the one about Jake breaking his arm they said he had a "special friend" who is a girl named Taylor. Jake on said she was a "friend! A friend from school!" He was blushing and looked embarrassed ;)


CrawCraw said...

I know people can talk about what they want, but I can't stand Jake. I wish people would stop talking about him.

First, he's not that cute. Jeremy was and is better looking than Jake.

Second, he's not entertaining or fun to watch like Jeremy.

Third, he's not even likeable. He's not funny. Even Zach has moments of humor. Not Jake. He's a brat. Everybody in the family has said it. I am curious to see the British Virgin Island vacation with him, Jeremy, Mueller and Matt. If a week alone with them can't save him from not being a brat, nothing can.

Fourth, I'm shocked he has a girlfriend. He throws tantrums or get hurts. That's not what girls of any age look for in a boy.

Didn't Jake get knocked out on the slide AT SCHOOL? That's just what a girl wants. Yep, there's my boyfriend, knocking himself out cold on a slide. Lucky me.

Ashley said...

Jacob isn't my favorite, but hopefully he will grow up soon and stop doing some of those childish things.

Craw, since you mentioned it, did they ever say how he knocked himself unconscious on the slide? Did he slip climbing the rungs? Did he lose his balance at the top where you kids go from standing/climbing to sitting? Did it happen because he was doing something stupid, like trying to go down it standing up?

Carla said...

I agree that Jake need to grow up soon and leave all his annoying "baby of the family" acts behind.

He's almost a teenager now, its not surprising that he's starting to think about girls and all that stuff. I personally think its cute.

Matt and Amy better be careful though, this is the time where cooties go away and kissy kissy stuff comes into the picture

Jocelynn said...

"Matt and Amy better be careful though, this is the time where cooties go away and kissy kissy stuff comes into the picture"

At 12??? Is anyone with me on this? 12? For a boy???

Not the boys I knew.

I notice that a lot of Jeremy fans dislike Jake? Why is that?

I would have liked to have seen what Jeremy was like at 11 or 12.

Jocelynn said...

Ashley, by the way, they never said how Jake fell off the slide. I figure he was probably standing up and tried to walk or run down it and tripped, but that's just my guess. He broke his arm and was knocked unconscious. It must have been quite a fall.

Carla said...

I kind of worded my comment wrong i meant, the teenage years is where things start getting more...different

Back when I was 12-13 thats simply when the first kiss stage was going on, nothing really went past that at that age.

I wouls also like to see what Jeremy was like at that age, I guess he was already a girl magnet according to Molly in the Jake's special friend episode

Rap541 said...

"I notice that a lot of Jeremy fans dislike Jake? Why is that? "

Based on some comments I have seen, the people who dislike Jake the most are usually the people who go on about how attractive and wonderful Jeremy is. Considering that a lot of Jake fans tend to coo about what a cute kid he is... I assume the hostility is based on the fear that Jake will outshine Jeremy.

Which is silly. I don't think Jeremy is model material or the most incredibly handsome young man on Earth but he's nice looking. Likewise, Jake is a cute kid but I don't see him and head and tails above all the rest of boykind.

I do think part of Jake's "behavior" problem is that we pretty consistently see Jake surrounded by 17-18-19 year old teens who aren't especially well behaved and who generally assist in the mischief by by taunting/hitting/encouraging bad behavior. The twins and their friends are *never* corrected for throwing things or back talk or saying curse words (In my home "piss" was not ok by my parents) and Jake is generally there, taking it all in. Is it any wonder he acts like a bratty 18 year old? Think about it.

Monkey see, monkey do.

Whitney said...

I agree about the girl situation with Jake, at this preteen age there more at the crushes, hold hands, kiss phase.

It seems the oldest(jeremy) and the youngest(jake) are/going to be the daters of the family. Zach's shyness has held him back a little with girls, and nothing ever really seems to be mentioned about molly with boys

Justin said...

Whitney, I agree with what you said about Jeremy and Jake, but I don't think Zach is shy at all anymore.

I think the show has made him cocky, confident and full of himself like it has the rest of the Roloffs.

With girls, lets be honest. A lot of it is because he's a dwarf. Jeremy and Jake are average height so people say they're cute. A lot of average height people aren't attracted to dwarves. I think Jen Montzingo said that on her blog or at least she said it's hard for her because average heigh guys she likes never think of her more than friend material. It's probably the same for girls who know Zach.

Zach is mostly surrounded by average height girls. Plus, though I don't think he's shy, he isn't Mr Charming with girls, like a lot of teenage guys he would rather talk about sports.

Justin said...

Rap541, that was a great description of Jake. He spends so much time with 18 year olds who aren't great influences, what do they expect?

He already uses a lot of the same phrases his brothers use.

Expressed said...

"I notice that a lot of Jeremy fans dislike Jake? Why is that?"

Probably for all the reasons why Matt CLEARLY prefers Jeremy over Jake...

Why do you think Matt clearly prefers Jeremy more than Jake? Those are a lot of the reasons why Jeremy and Matt fans feel the same way.

Laura said...

Jake is cute, but he doesn't have the charm that Jeremy does. Jer is much more relaxed and easy going.

I didn't see Jeremy when he was 12, but I can't imagine him throwing the hissy fits and crying that Jake does.

Rap541 said...

In fairness to Jake, I don't think Jeremy at 9-12 was competing for attention with his parents and family with a pack of older boys of 16-19. Really, a lot of Jake's problem is that he's trying to keep pace with kids much older. The *rare* occasions where we have seen Jake with his friends and where his parents don't choose to punish him in front of his friends, Jake is a happy kid who seems friendly and confident. I question whether Jeremy or Zach would even *listen* to their mother correct them in front of their friends, and she certainly doesn't, and Amy and Matt don't say boo to behavior from the twins that earns Jake a public on camera smack. I'd throw a hissy fit too if my big brother can tell my mom to get out of her house because he feels put out at being yelled at (Jeremy failing to check who the inspector was, throws a verbal hissy at Amy when she yells at him and nicely walks off muttering nasty words about his mom) while "Molly effed me" earns a day long punishment of Mom trailing around yelling all day and threatening.

For all that Jeremy is cited as confident and friendly - we've never seen Jeremy thrust into a situation where he doesn't have a family member or friend from childhood to play wingman. I am very curious to see if either twin will make any new friends or if they spend freshman year huddled in their DBU club because new people are too challenging.

My bet? New people will be too challenging :)

Em said...

I kind of agree about the twins and their friends Rap541.

But I think they will and do meet new friends. In groups. I am pretty sure they all made friends with new kids that went to Faith Bible. It's not like they never make new friends. If there is a new kid they're going to school with for a year I am pretty sure they've made friends with those people. I am sure the same thing will happen in community college if they are going to school with a lot of their same old friends. They'll make new friends, but the new friends will be friends with all of them.

I agree with what I think you were trying to say. I don't think Jeremy or Zach would be friends with someone who is just friends with them and not the pack.

But I do think Jeremy has a more social and extroverted personality than Jake. But who knows I think they're all getting very extroverted (arrogant?) because they're famous and they're treated like they're all the Royal Family (HaHa). Shyness and insecurities disappear quick when someone is surrounded by yes men and treated like they're a tier above normal people.

Rap541 said...

I just think the "Jeremy wouldn't have been this way at 12" arguement is specious at best. Jeremy and Jake's social sitation has never been the same. When Jeremy was 12, he was the oldest average height kid in the family and there was no camera, and no competing with a larger older brother and said older brother's friends. There was no older dwarf brother with health issues to compete for attention with either.

I don't necessarily think its bad if Jeremy and Zack hang with their high school pals... I just don't understand the claim that Jeremy is outgoing and makes friends easily when in fact Jeremy's friends consist of people he met in kindergarten. I would be really surprised to see either Jeremy or Zach leave the little cocoon of friends they have, or bring a new face home to the farm. I am curious to see how it pans out (I could be wrong, after all) but I would be really shocked if either twin made new friends.

fergie said...

dude, why do ya need new friends when you have all your old friends?

haha i know all these dawgs from jr high. so weird to see everyone obsessin about them now.

they'll rename pcc faith bible forever!!

jer, zach, muel, dan, b.roth, rempel and half of the eigth grade faith bible graduating class of 2005 are pcc'ers. its kinda sweet and pathetic all at the same time. haha.

scotty is the scholar of the dbu'ers! OSU baby!! thats what i'm talking about!

Rap541 said...

Considering how few kids are in each class, it is interesting how few Faith Bible kids are going to four year schools.

FB grad 2007 said...

"it is interesting how few Faith Bible kids are going to four year schools."

Maybe it's not true of the Roloffs and their friends, but a lot of Faith Bible graduates go to George Fox University. It's a respected Christian University.

George Fox was ranked the 73rd top University in the U.S from High School counsellors. Harvard, Princeton, Yale and Mass I of T tied for #1.

Rap541 said...

FB grad - not trying to be offensive. It's just that the graduating class was what, 20 or so this year? And a large percentage seem to be going to PCC. Could just be a fluke, but if I were a parent, I would be looking at where the graduates are going after high school. Granted, this may not be every parent's reason for sending a child to private school but why shell out the money if the kids graduating aren't significantly more prepared for college than a public schooler?

Lisa said...

Rap541, in my experience, most parents such as the Roloffs and the parents of their friends, send their kids to private Christian schools for the environment.

They want their kids to be raised with Christian values. They want to know their kids are surrounded by kids whose parents have the same values and that their kids will be safe.

All those parents have money. Schools such as Faith Bible are very expensive. Parents can rest easy because the high cost of tuition keeps out some of the thuggery that goes on in public schools out. You can call me discriminatory if you want, but it's a fact that public schools in poor neighborhoods have more problems with violence and such than an expensive Christian private school.

If a "bad seed" does slip in, private Christian schools can very easily kick the kid out and protect the other students. It's not that easy for public schools.

I believe those are some of the most important factors why Faith Bible parents send their kids to the school. They want to know their kids will have a deep faith in God and be surrounded by teachers who believe the same and they want their children's friends to have the same beliefs and values.

As Faith Bible Grad said before me, there are many students who move onto respected colleges and universities.

How dedicated the student is and how well they perform at Faith Bible and beyond is up to the student.

I don't know the dynamics happening here, but as someone else said, it sounds like, perhaps PCC became the in thing. Hey I'm going to PCC, he is too, and him too, you should go there too!"

I don't believe if this years grad class is typical for Faith Bible. I believe most continue their education in Christian colleges or universities.

Anonymous said...

Rap, I've talked with someone who used to go to Faith Bible too. Jeremy's group was very loud and ruled the school. Like other people are saying, I'm guessing a lot of them all want to go where the Roloffs are going because it will be the cool place to be. You know what it's like when all your friends are doing the same thing and you're the odd one out. I think that happened, just with school too.

It will be one big party and be honest, they all know if you pal around with the Roloffs for another few years, you're going to get a smack load of free stuff and free tickets to everything.

I wouldn't judge Faith Bible as a whole based on the 2009 Graduates because I think the circumstances were different because of the Royal Roloff twins.

Samantha said...

HAHAHA! "the Royal Roloff twins"
so true so true, well said anon 10:42

Lynnette said...

I would love to have seen what Jer was like when he was 11. I wish they would show some old videos. It would be better than the "Lost episodes". I wonder if Jer got hurt like Jake does back when he was that age?

Craw said...

Lynette, Jeremy did not get hurt like Jake. Amy said she's never had any of her kids get hurt like Jake does. I can almost guarantee that Jeremy never knocked himself out on a slide when he was 11. lol.

Jeremy has talked about his toughness growing up and how not to be a wuss. I think Jeremy not being a wimp like Jake is a big reason why Matt seems to favor Jeremy a lot more.

Anonymous said...

they should stop traveling for a while and clean that filthy house. and what girl would want aman that has no problem living in filth? unless she is just as nasty? refering to the parents and kids and their so called girl friends! yuk!!!!

Anonymous said...

I cannot stand to watch the Roloff's any longer. First of all, their television show has become extremely scripted. The producers are trying to drum up drama when there is no drama. Amy is so excuse oriented when it comes to talking about her children's shortcomings. For example: Zac and Jeremy's overall poor achievements in highschool, the children's disgusting bedrooms, and her children's poor hygeine. When a mother acts like Amy does, it doesn't help the children out one bit. She has produced lazy, piggish young adults. It is shameful, because they have all received so much from doing this "reality" show, ie: money, vacation after vacation, new house addition, pool, vehicles, etc. Matt, the father, is a shadow of his former self, and it is hard to watch how horribly he is treated on the show. I can only hope that he is treated with more respect off the air. I believe the family would have been much better off had they never seen a television camera. They really have not turned out to be the best that they possibly could be.
At the very least, please clean that pigpen of a house up!!! Also, why does Amy go around with a camera all day taking pictures of her children? After all, it is all on tape! Lose the camera, Amy, and pick up a mop and start scrubbing. You could ask your kids for help, but we all know that they won't help, thanks to you.

Anonymous said...

Matt and Amy are money lovers,like all their children are, all these TLC reality shows are crap on a cracker.