Sunday, August 2, 2009

Roloff family at the World Dwarf Games Belfast 2009 - Sweet Victory and Agonizing Defeat

It was a wide range of emotions for the Roloffs at the World Dwarf Games this weekend as the finals in Basketball and Soccer (football) were held.

As you can see by the picture....congratulations to The Statesmen for winning Gold in Basketball! They defeated the Australian team in the Gold Medal game.

Viewers of Little People, Big World might recognize most of the participants on The Statesmen - which I must say are sporting sharp looking uniforms. Of course you'll recognize Zach and Amy Roloff, Marty Klebba, Jeff and Eric Manuel, Bill and Adam from Zach's Grasshog team seen on past DAAA episodes of Little People, Big World.

That brings us to the much anticipated soccer results. As everyone knows, the Roloffs are soccer obsessed so that is all the matters and there was quite a bit of fan inquiries building up to The World Dwarf games, which I think is pretty impressive.

The Gold medal match came down to The Statesmen VS a team from the UK. The epic match is being called by some associated with the World Dwarf Games as perhaps the greatest dwarf football/soccer ever played. It went to penalty kicks....and the Statesmen suffered a heart-breaking defeat. Unfortunately Zach was unsuccessful in his attempt during the penalty kicks. Although from all reports the match was stellar, it was not without controversy as apparently Amy lived up to her 'angry soccer mom' reputation that was featured in an episode of Little People, Big World. According to reports we're hearing, Amy was angry with the officiating and let the refereee have it and everyone knew she was upset.

The basketball final was actually after the soccer final, so the Statesmen did end on a winning note.

I hope you enjoyed knowing the results because this is information that apparently TLC and the Roloffs do not want you to know. And I must talk about this because we've received emails about this subject and I'm in complete agreement.

Much has been said in the past about how the Roloffs appear to have an anti-Fan attitude. Unlike other celebrities, the Roloffs give their fans nothing extra (at least that is free of charge). Most of these discussions center around the lack of fan interaction the Roloffs have with their fans around the world online (which is essentially none). However it goes beyond that. Readers of our blog have noticed that videos and pictures of the Roloffs that have been hosted on public sites have a tendency to vanish as soon as they're posted on this blog.

As Matt's assistant Becky (best known as being in charge of pumpkin season and treating Matt's mother, Peggy Roloff poorly) said recently, exciting things are happening in the lives of the Roloffs but she likes being employed and if she told you she might find herself unemployed. I believe that actually has a lot of truth to it and it's one of the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. That is precisely why in my opinion, any official site associated with the Roloffs or the show, is, to be blunt - useless for fans. This is the information age - people want to know things know - yet if they had their way the fans wouldn't know anything about even public events until 6 to 12 months later when they finally choose to televise it.

You see, you're not even supposed to know the Roloffs were in Europe for the better part of July. If they had it their way, fans wouldn't even know that the Roloff twins graduated. Perhaps that clears up why pictures of the graduation party held at Roloff Farms with the crew filming were quickly removed.

I think it is completely ludicrous. Presumably the thinking is if fans know that Jeremy and Zach graduated - they won't watch the graduation episode when it airs 7 months later. If people know the Roloffs are in Europe, they won't watch vacation episodes when it finally airs. Does it make any sense? Nope. I think it reeks of control issues.

It is absolutely ridiculous honestly. Any person that cares enough about the Roloffs to come to sites like this one or to surf the web to find out what is happening with the Roloffs are the loyal fans who never miss an episode. To use a comparison, do the people who buy magazines like "Soap Opera Digest" to find out the upcoming story lines of their favorite soap operas, not watch the episodes? They're the ones who set the DVR or VCR's twice just so they're sure they don't miss it!

Ask yourself, are you going to skip the graduation episode because you know they graduated? Of course not. If, completely hypothetical, the Roloffs were to use sites like twitter as most celebrities, and were to mention that Jake jumped off a roof and broke his ankle last weekend (just an example; he's fine!), nine months from now when you see the preview for the episode about Jake breaking his ankle, are you going have the attitude 'Oh, I knew about that so I'm going to skip watching a detailed episode about it.' Of course you're going to watch. If anything it will just make you more anxious to see more about it. The whole thing is just a ridiculous notion.

The brings me to The World Dwarf games which is the worst example of it. Generally, it's a positive thing for people to care about events like a chance for dwarf athletes to compete athletically. An event like this helps bring awareness and attention to people with dwarfism. Yet in this case, the TLC/Roloff camp appear to be fighting against that. Seriously, they want to put a clamp on the information and results. Athletes and those connected with the show and bystanders are under instructions not to tell the results. It's a Nazi-like attitude. We don't want anyone to know anything about this public event until 6 - 10 months later when we present it the way we want. It's absurd. In this case, it's counter-productive to the whole dwarfism cause of raising social awareness. You have other competing countries like Australia, trying to do a noble job of getting attention for The Games and for their athletes and genuinely appreciate any interest shown by the public. It's always demoralizing when any athlete puts time, effort and their heart into something and no one cares because it's not the big professional league. In this case, there are people who care, and it appears that the LPBW/Roloff camp would rather that nobody knows about it (if you're a dreaded fan).

The LPBW/Roloff camp who attempt to squash all information from being reported until they choose to televise it perhaps as far away as a 10 months later. Will people even care 10 months later? I'm sure that some of the competitors who are not famous would appreciate any interest and support from people who took an interest in their competition. Yet here we have the famous television family and the network who are working against the cause of awareness for The World Dwarf Games and against giving the competitors their moment in the sun until they eventually televise it many months later. I think they should be using their fame right now (and for the past week) to bring the games to the attention of anyone and everyone who cares about the competition - not trying to hide it.

But hey, we aim to be the people's site for those interested in the Roloffs and fortunately with something as public as The World Dwarf games they are fighting an uphill battle to keep all information hidden because there are a lot of people who like sharing information and hey, we don't mind being the rebels :-) If it wasn't for the fans caring about the Roloffs, they wouldn't even be in Europe, so our loyalty is to the fans. Who ever thought that posting the results of a dwarf athletic competition would be seen as bad?

On that note, this blog would like to throw this out there - there are hundreds of people connected to the Roloffs and the show. Some people are individual thinkers. We sometimes hear from some of them on their own time when it suits them. If you think this attitude against loyal fans knowing what is going on, even public functions, is ridiculous and you have your own opinion that it's actually good for the show for fans to remain interested and have things to look forward to or you just have a rebellious spirit, feel free to contact the blog at . Everything will remain completely confidential and anonymous. No one will ever know. You have my guarantee it will remain private. So if you want to share any information about the Roloffs and the show for the sole purpose of rewarding the loyal fans who support the show who don't want to wait 9 months to be hand-fed the information, feel free to use our blog to do it by simply emailing us. Good, bad, big news, small news, anything you want us to know to pass onto fans that you aren't at liberty to say yourself; you can use us to get your message or news out.

Even if you think we already have the information through our other contacts - it never hurts to get different accounts of the same facts. So if you have any news at all that you would share with fans of the show, you can contact us at the email and be secure in the knowledge that it will be 100% confidential.

And speaking of sharing things that fans like, here are a few more Roloff sightings during their vacation through Europe. The Roloffs went their separate ways through some of their trip. Amy, Molly and Jake went on their own.

Then a separate one of Jeremy and Zach, who appear to be really soaking in the culture by wearing kilts.


Roxanne said...

Uh oh. Amy lost it again?

Zach must be taking the loss hard.

I agree about the Roloffs and info. It's stupid.

Roxanne said...

Oh and the pictures, I'm surprised Zach wore that. He usually is too embarrassed to do stuff like that.

I don't think it's a very good picture of Jeremy.

Tom said...

Haha, alright UK!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooooooooooooo!!!

Amy's temper was one more reason to root against them. They're controlling attitude is another.

Now they're telling people what they can say? They're all letting their egos getting too big.

I remember when the show was new they used to need to get other people in stores to sign a release form or block their face out.

Once the show got popular, the stores let them rule. They put a piece of paper on the door, like Fred Meyer and it says by entering this store you're giving your permission for them to use your image and voice on tv. What if you don't want to be on tv? You're out of luck, the Roloffs are more important. You need to come back at another time to do your shopping.

They have too much control now and everyone bends over backwards for them.

Ashley said...

Thank you so very much Spirits! Your blog is great.

If the Roloffs were smart they would get you to run their official sites. haha. Fans would actually want to go there for a change. You know what fans want. They either don't know or don't care.

I'm sad they lost in soccer though. I was hoping they would win.

Caryn said...

I think the vow of silence is coming from the TLC side and the Roloffs follow the rules. I agree it is silly.

It was not soccer, but I am proud of all of them for winning in basketball. The picture of the team with the American flag brings a tear to my eye.

Anonymous said...

I bet Adam scored. There are a lot of parents/coaches like Amy, but I wish she would control herself a bit more. Like Matt said on the show, it's embarrassing and not productive.

Nancy said...

I feel badly for Zach as well. He must be disappointed. It's nice they won basketball, but it's not soccer for Zach.

Be fair to Amy, if she was upset she probably had good reason. It wouldn't be the first time officiating was sub-par at an Olympic style event.

I'm surprised Zach wore the kilt as well. I agree there are better pictures of Jer.

Everyone is saying it, I'll say it too. Jake is getting so tall and good-looking.

Cindy said...

Congratulations Statesmen!

A gold in basketball and a silver in soccer by the way of a loss in penalty kicks is pretty darn good in my opinion.

You can't win 'em all.

I'll always say a few words about Amy, Chris (? - Adam's dad) and even Marty. It's really something for Amy and Chris to get out there at their age and play against people their kids ages. Marty isn't as old, but he's still competing against kids much younger than he is and seems to hold his own easily.

Noell :) said...

I loveee the picture of zach and Jer in the Kilts! ahahhahahaha it made my day! :)

Jocelynn said...

Noell, Jer does some things that disappoint me, but one of the things I like about him is he doesn't seem embarrassed to try things even if people might laugh at him. He does what he wants and has fun.

There is always a balance in that, but I wish I had more of that streak during my teenage years. I cared too much about what people would think to enjoy having fun in little things like that.

I'm shocked Zach was game for the kilts!

Congratulations to The Statesmen for BB Gold. As someone else said, you win some, you lose some. It sounds like they gave a great effort in soccer. Nothing to be ashamed of. There is always next time.

Rap541 said...

It's a tough call on info.

If it's "private" in the sense that whatever is occuring happened on the farm and will be revealed on the show... Say for example, where the twins decide to go to school, or what new thingy gets built on the farm, that's fine. It wouldn't have been "news" anyway except for the show, and really, thats not a huge deal.

When we get into things like the results of a national competition, or an international one, or people out and about in a public setting, thats where I think the level of control being exherted (sp) gets a little silly. I mean really, we're not supposed to know who won the Dwarf Games? People aren't supposed to talk about it? People who attend the LPA conferences are sworn to secrecy?

Has this site actually been asked to not discuss the results of the games?

Greg said...

Rap, I disagree with you on the first part.

When you ask people to be interested in you, you don't always have control of when they'll show their interest.

I think Spirits point is if Zach and Jeremy are going to Corban College, it will not prompt anybody to abandon watching the show because they know their college plans.

This isn't Survivor where the reason why people watch is to be surprised. It's supposed to be real life.

If they don't want people to be interested in them, they shouldn't keep doing the show

Tim said...

Greg, I couldn't agree more with you.

"If it's "private" in the sense that whatever is occuring happened on the farm and will be revealed on the show... Say for example, where the twins decide to go to school, or what new thingy gets built on the farm, that's fine."

Rap, you have to consider what type of show it is. It's not a mystery novel. Mystery and suspense has nothing to do with why people watch.

If it did, the high rated episodes like the treb accident, Matt's DUI verdict and Mike dying would not have been as highly rated as it was if people knowing the outcome was a factor.

For example, Matt's newsletter said that an unfinished project on the farm has finally been completely but you'll have to watch the show to find out.

I know from (well, just a logical guess would tell you) the helicopter video over Roloff farms that Molly's castle is finished.

What does it matter? Am I not going to watch the show because it's Molly's castle. That's not why I watch the show.

Matt playing mystery man, 'whoaaaaa what is the mystery projected that is finally completed?' is not luring any viewers in. Anybody that would care about that is already loyal viewers.

I think it's ego and power trippin.

Jackie said...

The picture with the American flag makes me happy. Good job guys (and girls - you go Amy!!!)

I feel bad for Zach about the soccer outcome.

The picture of the boys in kilts made me smile as well.

Rap541 said...

Greg, I understand your point, and Tim's as well.

"Rap, you have to consider what type of show it is. It's not a mystery novel. Mystery and suspense has nothing to do with why people watch. "

I have to say, I don't *mind* a little mystery. :) And when it comes to things occuring directly on the farm, like say Molly's Castle being completed or a new giant bridge being built or whatever.... I don't mind if it isn't being blasted about the web because those are things are occur on private property and the family has a reasonable expectation that it will be private until they choose to make it public.

When it comes to thinks occuring in public, where other people are involved, I think its unreasonable to expect people not to talk or to restrict photos or ask that scores be kept secret. Look at the DAAA World Games. They're not the Roloff Games, and its unreasonable to even ask that the scores be kept under wraps. Or Jeremy and Zach looking at Corbin - they're in public. Its unreasonable to expect people to act like they weren't there.

The disappearing photos and things just seem... a bit controlling. maybe I am just too harsh and all, but either you want to be famous or you don't... seems like a family that has totally embraced being on national television for several years would have some understanding that since they are on tv, people are going to look for them in public.

Lori said...

Congratulations and thank you to the Statesmen for representing the United States. I love the Roloffs :)

Lauren said...

I feel so bad for Zach, he was the only one to not score in the penalty kicks. Thats gotta be tough to take.

Andrea said...

I'm looking forward to these episodes.

Anonymous said...

What's REALLY interesting - if you go to the DAANI site and click on the World Games links, the results link brings up a 404 - Not found page. They've even managed to convince DAANI (through some discreet "donation," perhaps?) not to publish the results. Sad, but I see more of Matt in this process than I do TLC. Matt seems to be a very controlling type, wants to be the one to pass on information, likes to the "the guy" with the inside knowledge.

Anonymous said...

i so admire your family, you guys are really true. It reminds me of our family and all the things we went through. We also had four kids, 3 girls & 1 boy. We are normal size, and I just admire your harships. You and matt are great parents. We have been married 38 years annd I want to let you know it has no way been easy. We have both through our marrage loved and hated each other, but we have mad it. Please dont go separte ways, just get away if you have to, but your foundation is your bond as a couple and not destroying your kids bond. Your farm and home is amazing and amy you are so amazing too. I admire you as a mother and your speaking is so insiring. You are both so insiring in every way. Please keep up with all you do, and just know amy that I see Your life as mine, because when my kids we gone, I had the worst depression and emptiy nest effect I ever had. Because you are so into taking care of your kids, and when they are gone, you dont have anything to do anymore. Thats when you need to reach out and talk to your matr and maybe get help. You guys are so Awasome, and I thank you for your show, please dont leave. I will pray you will stay on to help me. God Bless You and Matt and Your children

Anonymous said...

I was there at the World Dwarf Games! And, although the Roloffs and their TV Crew tried to take over the entire event....they LOST the Soccer Final! It WAS a SUPERB match which rightly came to a head with the penalties! Amy calls it. "A team from England" It WAS ENGLAND!!!!!!And ENGLAND won!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or.....Roloffs LOST!
There is a vide o of the match somewhere on the net!It is a shame that the Roloffs are this way. They must be millionaires by now...with their farm AND television show! So, why can't they think about the 'little guy' who does not have a farm, 12 tractors, 3 diggers, umpteen cash registers, a television company etc. etc.The 'fan' who watches them on their show in awe of them. Nobody in this world is perfect! We all win! we ALL lose! should ALL have been there to watch Amy lose! Yeah.....................

Anonymous said...

"Roloff Games"..... funny, but MR can't control everything can he? Happy marriage and kids that respect him... money can't buy you love- or control, as much as he might think it may. HA HA

justin said...

I agree totally with Anonymous.

Sue Z said...

So, the twins graduation episode is yet to be aired? That is so stupid ... everyone knows that they graduated in the Spring of '09. Why is there such a delay in viewing their episodes? Why are we just seeing what they did last summer? Is it because their oldest sons are losers and doing nothing with their lives now? Other reality tv shows are much closer to "real time"

Jocelynn said...

Sue Z, they showed it at the end of Season 5 Part A. I think it aired in January. It was still a long time in between.

I don't know why it takes LPBW so much more time between filming to air than the other shows.

Peter said...

Sue Z, Jocelynn already answered but yes you're right about the rest.

People need to look at Jeremy and Zach for what they are. 20 year olds (in a few days) who have never worked a real job, that are happy to live at home and play all day like they are 8 year olds.

What makes it really pathetic is they aren't even grateful or respectful of why they are able to be such lazy bums.

People can say what they want about Matt, but at least he puts some time into promoting the show. Jeremy and Zach do absolutely nothing except play like they are Jacob's age.

How has their lives changed since they were 12? It hasn't! Live at home, go to school for a bit and come home and play with friends. Everyday because they have no job. Their lives are exactly the same that way. Pathetic!

Anonymous said...

I just saw the show about the World Soccer Gsmes and was curious about the results and found this site. I am blown away that this transpired almost a year ago! I am really shocked and feel betrayed! Your previous posters have analyzed it really well so that I don't have much to add but I think they are crazy to mislead their viewers in this way. I will certainly watch the soccer episodes - a silver medal is nothing to sneeze at, and Amy is a poor ambassador for the US with her apparent shouting at the refs.

What's with their marriage? It seems pretty shaky. I personally don't think it is unreasonable for Matt to expect that they all pitch in to keep their house picked up. It was so nice and they just trashed it.

I'll be checking this site faithfully. Thank you for the info, sorry I don't have anything to contribute.

Anonymous said...

Oh it get worse. I can tell you for a FACT that as soon as all the filming is complete it takes the TLC production crew about a week to edit and produce the final show. I am told by a source with in the Roloff/TLC camp that the Roloffs (mainly Matt) have bullied TLC very hard to have the show be way it is right now. The long delays is the way Matt understand the world of marketing. He thinks the long delays #1 create demand #2 allows the to have a long buffer of time to cover screw ups. (meaning this, we have to loser boys that play all day until late at night. The wake up real late and have no drive of any kind. They waste all opportunities they get and think they will get more opportunities all their lives.) The twins are an embarrassment so let time pass so we can do more stuff to cover more time of the show on that and not on the loser twins. For example, Matts crazy projects or Amys fake Charity Foundation fill most of the shows and the twins lack of achievements become only a side not or just a minor part of the plot.

Oh, by the way... these midgets are so insecure of themselves that among the things they regularly do their boost their ego, they decided to call Amy Charity Foundation(which by the way is just a simple Tax scam) a philanthropic organization. and Matt calls Amy a Philanthropist
Well, according to dictionary .com the definition of philanthropy is as fallows:
altruistic concern for human welfare and advancement, usually manifested by donations of money, property, or work to needy persons, by endowment of institutions of learning and hospitals, and by generosity to other socially useful purposes.

If you watch the charity event episode 2 thing come to mind

#1 Amy Roloff acts real funny when she falls to the ground like a fool. I remember those 2 falls. I was laughing my way into insanity.

#2 She said at the start of the show that they were going to spend $50,000 to set up the whole charity event. That was their budget. Why not just donate the whole $50 grand and avoid the whole nightmare. Well, because the whole charity event was not just a philanthropic gesture but just another race against time project to fuel the shows ratings.

This was just an exercise in futility. Let me remind you that ill conceived trip to Iraq to bring a small LP child tot he US. JUST A HUGE STUNT. A shameful stunt. How come Matt doesn't just fly to other parts of the US and help poor families with disabled kids here in the US. Well, That's not fun. No ratings on that... but you say IRAQ and the people go nuts.

Let me say it for the last time EVERYTHING THESE PEOPLE DO IS JUST FOR THEIR SHOW'S BENEFIT. Why the show, because TLC is like a sugar Daddy of these leaches. By the way, The charity event was saved at the end by a generous donation from TLC. They needed a happy ending for that episode, you know. They needed Amy to look like a successful philanthropist and not just a WANNA BE, WHICH IT WHAT SHE IS... A WABBA BE.