Saturday, August 29, 2009

You can help support a creative fundraiser for Make-A-Wish Foundation

Dropping a 600 pound pumpkin from a helicopter into a swimming pool full of hundreds of floating rubber ducks to measure which duck is launched the furthest sounds like an idea that Matt Roloff might have come up with, doesn't it?

However, it's a creative idea to raise money for the fantastic Make-A-Wish Foundation from another Oregon farm located south of the Roloff farm in Gervais, Oregon - Bauman farms.

This event was brought to our blog's attention by a reader comment in response to the item about the new information the Roloffs released about their own 2009 Pumpkin season.

Our blog has no affiliation with Bauman Farms, but it's a creative idea and it's always good to raise awareness for the excellent Make-A-Wish Foundation. If you want to show your support, you can buy your own duck online for $10, $15, $20.

This is quite the creative idea to raise money:

If you have stopped by the (Bauman) farm recently you may have seen several displays of plastic ducks and wondered what they were all about.

Well as many of you know we are having the Giant Pumpkin Weigh Off at the farm this year on October 3rd and 4th.

One of the main attractions at the event will be when we drop a 600lb pumpkin from a helicopter 300 feet up in the air. The helicopter will be aiming at a 20 foot pool and inside this pool will be hundreds of floating ducks. Each one of these ducks will represent a donation made by our customers towards the Make a Wish foundation. We have yellow ducks available for $10, green ducks for $15, and blue ducks for $20.

When the pumpkin explodes in the pool the ducks will go flying and the duck that makes it the furthest will not only win the buyer of that duck a gift basket from Bauman’s Farm and Garden every month for the next year but will also represent the amount of money Bauman’s Farm and Garden will donate to the Make a Wish Foundation. If a yellow duck makes it the furthest we will donate $1000, a green duck $1500, and a blue duck $2000. This donation will be in addition to the net proceeds raised from the sale of the ducks.

We are hoping that this will give all of you the incentive to buy the blue duck for $20 because it raises more money from the sale of the ducks and there is more of a chance for us to donate $2000 when the ducks go flying. Our goal is to raise at least $5000 because if we raise this much we will be able to grant the wish of one local child who has a life threatening medical condition.

By purchasing a duck today you will help us reach this goal to grant a wish made on a falling pumpkin by a local child in need. Click here to buy a duck online:

So even if you aren't local, you can help support the cause with the purchase of a duck for $10, $15 or $20. Although the winning 'owner' receives a gift basket from Bauman Farms every month for the next year, it's of course more about the spirit of the cause than the prize (which I'm just guessing could probably be donated to a worthy person or organization locally if the winner is not located in Oregon). I wish Bauman Farms all the best with this event and for getting involved in such a worthy cause.

Since this is a Make-A-Wish Foundation item and we try to tie everything in with the Roloffs, the Roloff family were involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation about a year ago. They were the "wish" of a 13 year old boy from Michigan who has a debilitating form of muscular dystrophy.

Here are some pictures from that day at the Roloffs.


Expressed said...

If the Roloffs did that, the falling giant pumpkin would probably somehow land on Jake. LOL. Like Jeremy said when Jacob got the tick "And the reputation continues for Jacob". LOL

Anonymous said...

The Roloffs wouldn't do that because they're too selfish and greedy. The Roloffs donate their own money????

The Roloffs are all about lining their own pockets with money. You're talking about a family who are charging folks $250 to sit with them on a little tour of their farm. G-R-E-E-D-Y!

I think the Roloffs pumpkin season is all about making themselves all the money they can. They wouldn't give anything or anybody else their time or money from their pumpkin season.

Go Baumans!

Raven said...

That DOES sound like a Matt Roloff idea.

The Make A Wish foundation is wonderful. I'm glad the Roloffs allowed that kid to have his wish, but I cringe everytime I've seen that video when Zach said "Nick's LAST WISH". It wasn't his LAST wish.

Rap541 said...

"That DOES sound like a Matt Roloff idea."

And yet it's not. Hard to accept, I know, but its really fair to say that Matt Roloff really didn't come up with this. Since, you know, it's happening on a completely different farm and all. :)

If we're bringing up the twins social faux pas, yes, Zach should be chastised for the "last wish". Jeremy should be chastised for referring to gas station attendents as "dumb high school drop outs" as well. Both twins have a tendency to say incredibly hurtful things.

Raven said...

Rap, I didn't say it was a Matt Roloff idea, I was agreeing with Spirits that it does sound like something Matt would think up.

Rap, watch the video link attached. Would you not agree that Jeremy handled himself better on camera and knew what to say while Zach blundered socially? Zach had another cring-worthy moment. Jeremy gave the impression that he's very humble.

All I can say that if I were around the twins in a sensitive setting with a very sick little boy, I would be worried more about Zach accidentally sticking his foot in his mouth and saying something inappropriate than Jeremy.

Rap541 said...

Sure I would Raven. Would you say that Jeremy's comment about gas pumpers was also rude and an inappropriate way for a child to speak about a working adult?

Or is Zach the only one you will criticize? :) I mean, Zach's a poor public speaker, you've said it again and again. What's Jeremy The Eloquent's excuse for making nasty comments?

Lemme guess "he's just a kid!".