Monday, August 17, 2009

Zach and Jeremy Roloff college plans...the buzz is in

The most asked about question in recent months about Little People, Big World and the Roloffs is will Jeremy and Zach Roloff go to college and if so, where?

Several different people with different associations to the Roloffs or the show have informed the blog what they believe is happening. We've received enough of the same story that we can finally pass along some possible answers to all the inquiries fans have about the college question. But first, let's build the anticipation ;-)

We maintain this blog for you the fans and people interested in LPBW and the Roloffs. So we will pass along some of the buzz. First, with anything such as a person's future plans, things can change, there are several different paths a person can choose and they can mull over different options and a person can always change their mind. Just because one scenario does not come to be the one that is chosen, doesn't necessarily mean it was false. So we will go back several months and share with you some of the rumblings that have been going on.

As you know if you follow this blog, Amy has flip-flopped a few times when publicly speaking about if Jeremy and Zach would be attending college. Late in 2008 she said she hoped they would go to college, but she wasn't sure if that was going to happen. However, at other times she said they would definitely be going to college. Her bio's for the twins on her official website says "college it will be". When speaking in Kentucky last summer both Jeremy and Zach told a crowd they wanted to go to college. On the show, viewers heard Zach whispering to Molly that Jeremy said he wasn't going.

So on with the rumblings: Going back several months, there were rumors and stories coming out, strong feelings among some people in the know that Jeremy Roloff was going to 'Go Hollywood'. That Jeremy was seriously considering moving to California this year to pursue a modelling career. Publicly, in a controlled "interview" with his dad's employee (because Jeremy doesn't speak publicly truly on his own), Jeremy said he was open to modelling as a career and would be happy with whatever God steers his way. School pals of Jeremy informed the blog that he had talked about the modelling, but they weren't sure if he was serious or if that was really going to happen, they didn't think anyone, even Jeremy knew what he was going to do post-graduation - as of a couple of months before graduation.

With Zach, the blog has heard some conflicting theories. Several months ago, someone in the know, said they believed Zach was not going to college this year and would be home at the farm all year to do the show -- although it probably wouldn't be presented like that, because LPBW doesn't acknowledge the show on the show and having the 19 year old kids not do anything after high school except the reality show doesn't fit with the whole concept they're trying to present the show as - a real family just living their lives.

Others said Zach was always definitely going to college. Perhaps the most surprising story floated around was that Zach would attend a college in Utah. It's hard to envision Zach moving out of state for college. Yet it does make the Roloffs trip after graduation in June to Utah intriguing.

There has been the Roloffs tours of different colleges in 2009 with the TLC crew. They've toured Corban College. They've been to Portland State University. We've heard a few rumors about the University of Portland and Western Oregon University.

But now the blog has heard from so many different people in various positions with the same story that we'll pass it along. Of course, you'll have to wait and see if this turns out to be accurate, but this is the speculated (I would say, very informed speculation ;-) answer to the big question, where is Jeremy and Zach going to college?

Drumroll please?.........

Several people have told the blog they believe the answer is Portland Community College.

This will come as good news to fans of the show who worried that the show would change drastically if Jeremy and Zach went to college away from home and would limit their time on the show.

From the 'word on the street' (*wink wink* ), essentially, nothing is changing in that regard. Portland Community College has a campus that is actually closer to Roloff Farms than Faith Bible High School was. PCC is only only about 10 minutes away (maybe even less for the Roloffs, given their penchant for speed when driving ;-)). PCC has three different campuses. One campus is about 25 minutes away, another as mentioned, about 10 minutes from Roloff Farm.

It also is looking like the DBU (the name they gave the core group of Jeremy and Zach's friends that are often seen on the show) are simply moving their headquarters from Faith Bible High to PCC. Only one of the Roloff close friends that fans know from the show will be going to a four-year University. The majority of their good friends will apparently be joining Jeremy and Zach at PCC, including other Faith Bible classmates who fans aren't as familiar with as well as some other life long friends of the twins who attended elementary school with them, but different high schools.

So it basically sounds like it will be one big reunion of Jeremy and Zach's friends, just in a different a college setting, Portland Community College instead of high school.

For the show's future, this of course is the ideal situation. Given the flexibility of some of the course schedules of some Community College and given how close it is from Roloff Farm, any worries about how the show would be affected with college won't materialize.

Don't be surprised however if this is presented as possibly being temporary and there is a business reason for that. First it should be mentioned that several credits at PCC are transferable to other colleges and universities, so there is some substance to that. However, as mentioned, this is ideal situation for the show. Their college plans 'just happen' to fit perfectly with continuing the show.

Matt is a business man and knows it is never smart to lay all your cards out on the table. That's why every season since the 2nd season, Matt Roloff has publicly stated that the family is thinking they might call it quits and they might choose to end it at any minute, yet 3 consecutive times they re-sign for more seasons. They always want to leave the threat floating out there that things could change and they won't do the show. Not only for contract negotiation reasons, but they don't want to be caught with their pants down. I doubt Matt Roloff would ever allow it to look as though the family is banking on the show and then have it end and have a perception that it wasn't them that ended it. By the way, we will have another item on this later, but in terms of popularity, signs are pointing that the show is in very good standing. I think Little People, Big World and interest in the Roloffs continues to get even more popular, however I suppose the fall ratings will prove that prediction right or wrong.

However, personally, I don't think some fans fully understand the magnitude of how the show benefits the Roloffs every day of their lives. Sure fans see the huge remodel and the vacations, but it's every aspect of their lives down to the little things. People who have worked on the farm have reported that you can't quite imagine what the farm is really like, there are Polaris Rangers all over the place. They drive to one area of the farm and there is another already sitting there. The barns are full of all the equipment and toys that would be the stereotypical man's dream. People report that all those materials are all provided and paid for by the show, Matt only needs to pay for the labor.

The kids of course don't have typical jobs. Their 'jobs', 3 teenagers, is what you see of them on the show. Hanging with friends, playing soccer, getting VIP tours and treatment and travelling to great places. The kids have times where they sit around bored like other teenagers, playing video games and the like. When they want to do something, they do whatever they want - cost and availability is no object. If they want to go to a Portland Timbers or Seattle Sounders soccers game, they go free of cost to them and they receive VIP treatment. Events such as 'Dew Tours' a BMX, biking, boarding event that is popular with teenagers right now, if they want to go to that they can go free of cost. If the Roloffs want to take a quick trip somewhere (not only the big elaborate trips that make for episodes) with a friend, they're able to do it. It's not even with the material things like that, the crew is not just the 'crew', they're some of the Roloffs best friends. If the show were to end, all of that would change. The Roloffs entire life that they love would, in time, change drastically if the show were to end.

I don't say any of this as a criticism because as stated previously, LPBW is a successful show and the Roloffs deserve the rewards. My only criticism in this regard is because I do believe once you fully comprehend how they benefit from the fan support every day of their lives, that is very off-putting and shows a lack of character to shun the fans all of the time as the Roloffs do - I honestly can't imagine having my daily life full of perks every day and every whim I have made real because fans support the show and have the level of disregard for the fan base that the Roloffs show with their lack of action. No one in the Roloffs position ever admits that they get big heads once they receive the fame, power and money from their celebrity and forget why it all came about, but hey, it happens.

However, once you realize how almost every aspect of the Roloffs lives revolves around the power of the benefits they have from the show, the more you realize how unrealistic it would be for the Roloffs to make any life decisions that would jeopardize the future of the show. Thus, Jeremy and Zach going to college at the local community college 10 minutes from the farm which enables the show to continue as before is not a surprising turn of events. It *just happens* to be the best thing for the future of the show, but don't expect it to be presented that way.

So the show will continue as did before. Jeremy and Zach can still live at home, just around the corner from the college. They'll still be surrounded by most of their buds, except one familiar to fans (don't worry Jacob Mueller supporters, it's not Mueller, nothing expected to change there, he will still be ever-present by Jeremy's side). And Jeremy and Zach will be continuing their PCC.

The Roloffs Fall newsletter should be coming out any day, so it will be interesting to see how everything is presented.


Greg said...

Ha, I just knew Jeremy would not separate from his buds.

The status quo, eh?

Stacy said...

I think it's great! :) It pisses me off when people knock community colleges.

I love the show, I'm glad Jer and Zach aren't moving halfway around the country.

Anonymous said...

Not surprising.

William said...

The college courses can be good. I have nothing negative to say about that.

Gotta say something about this 'real family crap'.

The show hasn't been about real people going to the bank like normal people since the first few episodes.

Real people are watching their pennies these days. Real people don't get taken down to meet the participants at games because they're just so special.

Ashley said...

Thanks for this.

College is college. I wonder how Jeremy will do? Most of his friends? That could be a distraction.

Jocelynn said...

I wish them the best and it's better than nothing at all, but I'm disappointed for their best interests.

It would have been good for them to go to separate colleges and get away from their friends.

That's how people grow and change.

Lori said...

Well, I think it's great news. They have the best of both worlds. They keep the money trucking in and being blessed by God. At the same time they're getting an education and can according to what is written, they can upgrade if that is needed in the future.

Expressed said...

I know it's not popular, but I think Jer is making a mistake.

He should have went the model route. You're only young once. Imagine Jeremy in LA? He would have a blast.

I hope Jeremy wasn't pressured into college.

Jared said...

PCC has trade courses for learning a trade. Maybe Jeremy is taking that? Not a bad decision.

Diane said...

I hate that the Roloffs are such snobs to their fans with all they have. I think they're egos are out of control.

Q said...

Who is the one going to University? None of them ever struck me as being particularly smart. Sorry.

Darlene said...

Good luck Jeremy and Zach! I love the Roloffs.

Derek said...

I would do the same thing if I were them. They'd be stupid to throw the cash cow of the show away.

Yep, they're spoiled and not very gracious, but can you blame them? They're allowed to live that way without any expectations of anything.

Vicky said...

Can I have some Little People in my family???????? LOL.

The Roloffs are living a dream come true. They get paid to be treated like kings. The kids get paid to bum around the farm. They don't do anything for anybody. It's all about them getting free stuff and having fun.

That's their job. Pay me to do that please!

The twins would be stupid to truly go away to college and give them up.

JakeFan15 said...

This sucks.

I wanted Jeremy and Zach and Mueller and the stooges to move away and get off the show.

Jake and Molly should be on the show more. I'm sick of seeing the twins and Mueller all the time acting like idiots. Jeremy and Mueller bore me and they're fake when they're on the show.

Anonymous said...

Why aren't they going to Corban College? Stay close to God.

M said...

I knew they we're going to end up in community college... not that i'm knocking it. They just don't have the grades. I hope that they take it seriously and do we'll... but i'm not all to sure.

Mckenna said...

Im happy and sad about the twins college plans, its good because i love the twins and wouldnt want to see them not be on the show. But i was hoping that we would finally see more of jacob and molly if they were to go away, cause there always in the spotlight on the show

Brokenwing said...

I just said this somewhere else, but I'll say it here too.

I'm not surprised that some people will knock them.

Some people would do that no matter what. People were knocking them when they thought they were going to Corban (a Christian college) and called them sheltered. Now they're not going to a Christian college and they'll still be criticized.

There is nothing wrong with community colleges.

Before people predicted that Jeremy wouldn't go to any college. He is and instead of being happy for him, some will criticize him or be negative

I don't think they're staying near home for Amy. As much as I don't agree with some of what Spirit blogs about, Spirit is right about that. The Roloffs have a great life because of what the show enbables them to do. They might regret it later if they were to throw it all away. Opportunities like the show gives them don't come around everyday. They're smart to milk it for all it is worth and do what they can to keep it going. That means Jeremy and Zach sticking around.

They're doing it for a good cause and they're making money off it and most of all, they're having a great time doing it and enjoying their lives. Keep it going and get college educated at the same time. Like Spirit said, the courses can be transfered and count towards to other colleges. That happens a lot.

Katelyn said...

This is why I don't think the show is good for them.

The show is not following them, they are following the show.

Yeah the money is good now and they like the ego boost of feeling important but what are they going to do when the show ends? It might not be this year or next year, but it will end sometime.

It's a shame nobody kept this family grounded.

Paul said...

Jeremy would have been better off moving to los angeles. He wouldn't have made it, but he would have grown up.

Zach and Jer will never grow up until they move away from the farm and are forced to do things on their own.

The show is an enabler. It enables them to be infants. Fun fun fun. No work, no responsibility.

I'm taking a guess that Amy enrolled them. Amy filled out the paper work. Amy will get their supplies. Amy will get them to any introduction orientation classes. Amy will wake them up and get their breakfast on the first day of college.

ThenThereWazLite said...

I love this show. It's one of the very few shows that are nice family shows to watch. They are a good family and I can honestly say that by watching this show I've learned so much I didn't know before about dwarfism. That in itself is wonderful for all of us. I don't blame them for being stand-offish about the fans. There are some incredibly weird people in this world. I'm sure they've read their share of kookie blog posts to scare the living daylights out of them. I'd have an electrified fence and a pack of pit bulls if I were one of those families. I hope they continue the show and do well. We need them.

Rap541 said...

Paul - You've summed up my thoughts quite nicely.

Brokenwing - the difference between a community college and a competitive college can be summed up like this. With a community college, if you live in the community, and can pay tuition, you're accepted. With a competative college, you actually have to meet a minimum standard to get accepted.

There's nothing wrong with community college - it gives opportunities to students who might not otherwise have opportunities - but lets not act like either twin has accomplished anything here.

They're staying at home where their mommy cooks and sorta cleans, and where mommy wakey wakey's them for school since her big college boys still haven't mastered setting their alarm clocks and I somehow suspect niether twin will be taking an aggressive courseload since they need to be available to play on the farm.

What good cause are the Roloffs directing the profits from the show into? At last check this show was NOT a charity and the Roloffs are doing charity. Jeremy is not "giving up" his nonexistent Los Angeles modeling career to tend his parents and graciously donate all of his earnings to charity. Neither is Zach.

What they are doing is what every mediocre student who goofed off in high school does - they're padding out their childhood by an extra two or three years.

Who wants to bet we get an episode where Amy fills out their applications for them and they let her do all the registering? After all... they are just nineteen year old adults... best let mommy handle it.

Brandon said...

I share the opinions of Rap and Paul. I think anything would have better for their development as people than staying at home with all their friends.

ThenThereWazLite said:
I don't blame them for being stand-offish about the fans. There are some incredibly weird people in this world. I'm sure they've read their share of kookie blog posts to scare the living daylights out of them.

I don't believe that at all. Spirits is talking about how the Roloffs disregard the fans on the internet - no interaction. Having a fan Facebook page like a lot of celebs and athletes is not endangering them.

The ironic part is the Roloffs aren't stand offish when they're getting paid. People can pay to go to the farm and see the Roloffs up close. Everybody knows what school Molly and Jacob goes to because the Roloffs plaster it all over the TV show (probably for comps from the school).

Know what I'm saying? They're cool with letting strangers come to their property and they're cool with telling the world what school their 12 year old attends, but occasionally replying to a comment on a fan page over the internet - THAT IS what frightens them and endangers their safety? Come on.

Noell :) said...

I totallllyyy agree with you!
I think Jer should be a model!

Alot of people like Jer, Zach, Mueller, and the other buds.
If they all went away to college, the show wouldnt be the same.
And i know that i wouldnt watch it as much.
ONLY because, they make the show more interesting and fun.

I see where your coming from.
They wern't always the best in school. haha.
But i think its the right decision for the both of them, because of the grades.

JakeFan15 said...

Just cuz people still watch doesn't mean they like Jer, Zach and the buds being idiots. I watch, but I hate that part of the show.

More people complain about Jer and Mueller acting stupid than about anybody else in the family.

I've seen a lot of people say they want to see more of Jake and Molly. I thought it would come if Jer and Zach went away to college, but I guess they're going to keep on hogging camera. Yawn yawn. They're not interesting, they're boring and stupid.

RX2000 said...

If it's true Jeremy was contemplating having a modelling career, I wonder why he's not?

The rumor makes sense because he couldn't have a real modelling career and live on the farm in Hillsboro.

Did Jeremy decide that's not what he wanted?

Did someone in the business tell him it wouldn't work out?

Did TLC convince him to stay at home for the show?

Did Amy convince him to stay at home because she can't bear the thought of losing one of her kids yet?

Did Jeremy get cold feet because he's not ready to leave his "buds"?

I remember reading when Jeremy said he is interested in modelling and will be happy with "whatever God steers into my life".

I'm not religious, what does that really mean? I think it means Jeremy wants to do modelling but if the agencies aren't knocking down his doors and there is no opportunties for him, then he won't.

Does anybody think if given the choice Jeremy would choose spending another couple of years of his life in school over the bright lights of LA trying to look pretty? Jeremy is all about fun and what sounds more fun?

Greg said...

RX2000, I know what you're trying to say, but you asked what sounds more fun to Jeremy? Maybe staying with the status quo. His life right now is about nothing but him having fun and having the show plan things to film him having more fun!

It's a community college with all his buds, living at home with everything being done for him and the show giving him whatever he wants.

That is a lot of fun. I know what you're trying to say, but it's not like it's a normal kid having a choice between mundane boring life doing college vs trying to be a model in Los Angeles.

Robert said...

I don't envy Jeremy and Zach when they're 25...or anybody who is in their company. Money and spoiling kids with everything they possibly want is not a way to raise kids.

What is this show even about now? It's not about watching a dwarf go to the store and try to reach over the counter. It's about treating 19 year olds who have accomplished nothing like they're Gods and having the world bend over backwards to make sure they're happy.

Jeremy and Zach don't know anything about the real world except that they should be happy at all times.

Sheri said...

I am sure that they asked God for guidance and He gave them the answers. If this where God wants them to be, there is a reason for it.

NN said...

Brokenwing, I agree with you all the way!
Great gig if you can get it. Most of the people who bark and criticize the Roloffs would break their necks to get an opportunity like the Roloffs have. I'm not saying that some of the criticism isn't warranted because I have read some valid points on this site. But all in all I just think that in the eyes of many the Roloffs can and will never do anything right.

Rap, are all Community Colleges in the US set up in such a way as you described? Here in Canada, at least where I live, Community Colleges are quite competitive in regards to enrollment, grades matter. I'm just wondering.

Rap541 said...

Most are, yes. I actually looked at Portland Community College's website before I posted. Basically as long as you can afford the cost of tuition, you can take classes. If the twins are interested transfering to a four year college, they will need to take reasonably challenging courses.... but in all seriousness, they don't have to in order to be "college students". All it takes is enrolling in *one* course.

There are a few here and there that are more legitemately "feeder" schools... I can't say I am so familar with PCC to know that it's not... but its very similar appearing to the local community colleges in my area.

NN said...

Ok...these schools must be much less desirable in the US if anybody can get in without some kind of standard. Thanks for the info.

Rap541 said...

They are less desirable. I know, we're so pc "there's nothing wrong with community college" - and to a point, there's not - its a great place for a so-so high school student to try higher level classes without wasting a lot of money, or for someone to pick up new skills. But ultimately, the two year associates degree that the community college hands out isn't as desirable. Better than just high school, don't get me wrong, but not exactly impressive either.

It IS a good place for a poor student to prep for upper level work. But you get what you put into it - as I said before, I don't get the impression either twin is going to demand a challenging course load.

Anonymous said...

Whyw would Jeremy give up a very profitable job that requires only his presence for an extremely challenging (and initially low-paying) job (modeling) where he would be on his own? Jeremy is not the sharpest saw in the shed, but he seems to have his dad's acute sense of "what sells," and he's not about to kill the golden goose. Whether or not he survives the loss of attention that will come one day when the show finally ends is debatable, but by that time, he will have a tidy sum stashed away and will be able to pick and choose his opportunities. As will everyone else in that family. They are acquiring financial security for years to come by pretending to be what the public wants them to be. Given half a chance, I think quite a few of us would willingly be led down that path, laughing all the way to the bank.

Greg said...

"Jeremy is not the sharpest saw in the shed, but he seems to have his dad's acute sense of "what sells," and he's not about to kill the golden goose. Whether or not he survives the loss of attention that will come one day when the show finally ends is debatable, but by that time, he will have a tidy sum stashed away and will be able to pick and choose his opportunities. As will everyone else in that family. They are acquiring financial security for years to come by pretending to be what the public wants them to be."

Anonymous @2:21PM - I think you pegged the Roloffs perfectly. That behavior however is not admirable and some of us will call them on it as it unfolds.

There is more about life than money or pretending to be something you're not to make even more money. If you feel the Roloffs are the way you described and I agree, it makes their chants of 'we do it all for dwarfism' and everything we do is an attempt to be like Christ, all the more nauseating.

Shelly said...

Well said 2:21 Anon, but I don't have to respect the Roloffs for it. I wish more people would see the Roloffs for what they are.

Lil said...

Just wanted to put it out there that plenty of intelligent people attend PCC. It's a great place to get general classes out of the way for 1/10 of what they would pay at a university. I'm attending PCC after graduating high school as an honors student so that I don't have to deal with debt later on. Sure there are quite a few "business major" duds who I have to take classes with for a while. But in the long run, I think that PCC is a wise choice that won't hurt my career choices in the least.

Rap541 said...

I just don't see any indicator that anyone, including Jeremy, has ever seriously considered modeling for Jeremy. Perhaps we can ease off giving Jeremy credit for "giving up" something he never had?

Anon at 2:21 - Really I have no issue if Jeremy wants to be played to play and act like he's immature for the cameras. Likewise Zach. But let's not pretend that these are two exceptional young men going out into the world, doing amazing things because they are all about adventure. What they are is two young men who have chosen to delay moving forward because goofing off like 12 year olds on camera is easy. These aren't two young men interested in living life, they have chosen to stay in the warm cocoon of home, with mom and dad to take care of them and to continue to hang around the same places and people they have known since they started kindergarten.

They're choosing the warm cocoon of childhood life. That's fine while the money lasts... but frankly they had better be men about criticism because as men they are choosing to live free and easy as faux children on a reality show. They're not *children* any more. If they wanna be children on a reality show for the money, thats all fine but they have to take the good (the money) AND the bad (the criticism of how they act) as the men making adult choices that they are.

Anonymous said...

I don't respect the Roloffs for what they are, but I certainly understand it. I bet 9 out of 10 19-year-olds would choose to earn obscene amounts of money to hang out with their buds, go on cool trips, have all the toys they can imagine wanting, etc., etc. The "price" is continuing to live in a luxurious house with all teh bells and whistles, and occasionally pretending to attend college classes. Although PCC has programs for auto mechanics and flight mechanics, which I could actually see Jeremy doing well in. No matter what he chooses to do, Jeremy will be a hustler all his life. He's just fortunate enough to have had the perfect hustle dropped in his lap at a very early age.

Ryan said...

Lil, thank you. I agree. I don't attend PCC, but I'm going to a Community College similar to PCC in my own state.

I'm not a slacker and I'm not attending to goof off. Plenty of people who have good careers have attended the same community college. It's just saves on a lot of the cost while getting a good education.

Having said that, I don't think any of that applies for the Roloff twins. I have a hard time believing they are serious about education when their main motivation seems to be living the high life off of the fame and money from the show.

I feel the same way about Jeremy as Anonymous at 6:33pm. In my opinion, he's a hustler and a scammer and will always be. He's in the perfect situation because the mainstream media treats the Roloffs with kid gloves because nobody wants to be seen as the mean journalist picking on the adorable dwarf family and a lot of their audience are Christians who want to believe the best about their fellow Christians and won't ever judge them.

Perfect situation for a hustler.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad Jeremy did not come to Los Angeles to "model". That place can change people for the worse. Anyway I think it was a smart move to go to PCC, it'll be cheaper in the long run. Even though they are rolling in the dough. But then again by the time they finish their GE's Molly will be heading off to college and we all know shes going to a University so..three kids in college..good luck

Christine said...

Anon at 2:51PM, I disagree. Jeremy can't be ruined by Los Angeles because the Roloffs have already changed because of the fame and money of the show for a lot of the same reasons why people in Los Angeles change.

When the show started the Roloffs "seemed" like the type of people you could see yourself chilling with if you knew them.

Now they're schmoozing with celebrities, getting all the special treatment that only rich "important" people get and charging regular people $250 to see them!!!!

It's funny cuz in one of Matt's newsletters or question things a year ago he said the family hasn't changed at all.......I love it when celebrities are asked if THEY have they're in any position to answer that question! I've never seen a celebrity say "Yeah, I've really changed! I've become a real elitist jerk!"

Anon50 said...

Anon, you're assuming that Jer and Zach will still be in college when Molly graduates.

IMO, I wouldn't count on it. Somebody already nailed Jeremy perfectly. Classic hustler.

I think Jer is realizing and will realize when faced with career choices and college classes that the *family business* (no, not 'working' on a farm) but selling the public a pretend image
is the easiest way to make money.

I completely expect Jeremy to follow Matt in whoring themselves out and will sell the public everything under the sun. Maybe they will start selling Bibles autographed by the Roloff family??

I would bet all the money I've spent on my psychology course on it! Ha! That's what Jeremy is going to do. Find ways to make more money of the Roloff name and their pretend image as a down to earth wholesome Christian family that loves their fans and are 'just like everyone else!'

I won't be shocked if it happens soon either. Matt has been wanting to brag to the world about Jeremy's creative brilliance since he spouted off about how Wharton should be banging down Jeremy's door.

Matt Roloff won't sit silently by and let the public think of his Golden Boy son as a 20 year old slacker living at home taking a few classes at the local community college. I won't be surpised if Matt soon spouts off about Jeremy's brilliant creative money making ventures for the *family business *, more ways to hock the Roloff name.

It's the perfect job for Jeremy because it won't take away any time from his play time.

fergie said...

haha i know all these dawgs from jr high. so weird to see everyone obsessin about them now.

they'll rename pcc faith bible forever!!

jer, zach, muel, dan, b.roth, rempel and half of the eigth grade faith bible graduating class of 2005 are pcc'ers. its kinda sweet and pathetic all at the same time. haha.

scotty is the scholar of the dbu'ers! OSU baby!! thats what i'm talking about!

Jocelynn said...

I wonder how many of those guys are going there because the Roloffs are and that makes it the cool choice?

I'm sure PCC is a fine school, but I was hoping those guys would branch out to grow up.

Good for Scott for being the one to go on his own at least from the ones I know, if all that is correct). He must not be living at home. Oregon State is over 2 hours from Hillsboro.

Brandon said...

WOW, Mueller and Jeremy going to the same college? I am SO shocked. No, I am not.

I bet they're taking all of the same classes.

Call me the scrooge of childhood friendship, but I think it's pathetic.

Roxanne said...

I think it was very predictable that Jeremy and Mueller would go as a pair.

I'm also not surprised if one of them would go to a 4 year University that it would be Scott. He seemed like the smart one of their group.

I hope he will still sometimes be around on the show. Shallowly speaking, he's the best looking one! :)

Anonymous said...

I go to PCC and I've seen Zach already several times this term. The first time I wasn't sure, but the second time I passed him in the hall I got a pretty good look at his face. It's definitely him.

Anonymous said...

Maybe LPBW will stagnate with more of the same.
Sure it would cost TLC more, but it would be interesting to see Zach and Jer go away to college and deal with dorm and campus exploits.

They'd fly home for the holidays and long weekends. Matt and Amy would be on the phone with them every other day. It could work. It would be some of the same with some change.

Jer, a model? He must get a lot of flirtacious messages from babes and gays, so you can see where it could go to his head, but he doesn't have professional model looks. I think he'd get chewed up by Hollywood, but he's got the fame, contacts, connections, so who knows where that would take him.

The Roloffs are an interesting sociological study in themselves. I look forward to the new season.

Anonymous said...

"The Roloffs are an interesting sociological study in themselves. I look forward to the new season."

Well said, Anon. That is why I still watch.

Em said...

Person at PCC - Have you seen Jeremy yet? Is he always with Mueller and all of his old friends?

Anon at 4:01pm - Interesting thoughts. I wish you were right because different could be good.

Faith said...

"Person at PCC - Have you seen Jeremy yet? Is he always with Mueller and all of his old friends?"

he or she probably did. lol

i used to go to faith and now goto pcc. it's like a faith reunion! it's fun. funny how life works like that. God is good, he keeps on putting good friends in our lives.

AEB said...

I've known Jer since b4 highschool. He's a good friend.

People at PCC, don't act like f*ggotts. Don't be all 'OMG I saw the Roloffs!' That's just being gay.

Jeremy is just a normal person.

Rap541 said...

AEB - just because it amuses me - how is a girl posting about seeing Jeremy and being excited acting like a homosexual?

I mean, do you even know what the word means?

Did you learn it from Jeremy?

Carly said...

"how is a girl posting about seeing Jeremy and being excited acting like a homosexual?"

The question wasn't to me, but can I answer?

Gay or F*g means bad or stupid when kids say it now. It's kind of stupid, but that's what it means.

Carly said...

"Jer, a model? He must get a lot of flirtacious messages from babes and gays, so you can see where it could go to his head"

I think it definitely has. I remember in the second year of the show Matt said Amy had her hands full trying to keep the kids from getting big heads.

In my humble opinion, she lost the battle with Jeremy.

Rap541 said...

"Gay or F*g means bad or stupid when kids say it now. It's kind of stupid, but that's what it means."

Carly - I'm aware of that. Do you - and AEB - realize that in fact the word meaning hasn't actually changed and it's just equating homosexuality with being bad? And it's not exactly polite?

I mean - and I direct this more to AEB than to you, Carly - do you say this in church to your pastor? "Pastor Smith, don't be a faggot about it. My parents are just being gay about stuff." Really? You tell your dad "Stop being such a fag Dad"?

Or do you understand its a slur and therefore keep your faggot comments to your friends and the internet?

We all know the reason it's considered insulting, and equating homosexuals with being bad is indeed, making a racist slur. If midget is wrong, then so is faggot. I don't understand why this is so hard for people to understand. I was taught not to name call in Sunday School. Something about not casting the first stone, and turning the other cheek?

Anonymous said...

With the ambivalence that the boys have shown regarding what they want to study and even whether or not to go to college, community college is the perfect solution. Every college kid needs to get general ed. requirements out of the way, so why not get them at a place that offers smaller classrooms than most universities at a smaller price? Why pay a private school $30,000 for freshman year to take the same classes as at a community college for a fraction of that price? Plus, a student can always transfer to the four-year school as a junior.
Community college is also a place for students to get to know themselves and what disciplines they are most interested in. It's the way to go for those who aren't ridiculously wealthy, those who don't want to be buried in debt, those who are practical and know a good value when they see it, or those who are exploring their options.

Brokenwing said...

Well put Anon @5:48.

In this situation it also allows the Roloffs to continue the show. It's a win-win.

Greg said...

That's if Jeremy and friends take PCC seriously and don't use it as an excuse to hang out with Faith Bible friends and get high smoking weed.

James_at_PCC said...

I don't know about the Roloffs reasoning, but there should be no stigma about PCC or any community colleges.

In these economic times, Community Colleges are becoming more and more popular.

At PCC alone, enrollment has increased by 20% since last year.

Anonymous said...

I went to P.C.C. at the Sylvania campus. It was a good experience and a great way to get my general courses out of the way. I then transferred to OSU and ended up getting my Master's Degree plus 50 hrs. of post-graduate work. So...what is so wrong with going to a commuity college in the first place. BTW-I obtained straight A's for two years at PSU with a 4.0. I give PCC my sincere support.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter where any of the Roloff kids go to college if they don't take it seriously. I'm dumbfounded to keep hearing both Matt and Amy say that Zach and Jeremy need to improve their grades, yet the boys still have cars, driving privs, friends at the house till all hours. Sheesh. Where is the parental back-bone. These kids have no discipline that is evident.

Anonymous said...

community college is like a disco with books.....ha, love chris rock...

Anonymous said...

World Service--Matt to Iraq.
I'm sure there maybe those who say it should be done on a wider scale, but it's better to start off small then increase responsibly.
Handling alot of 'newfound' money is one heck of a responsibility. It might taken the Roloff's breath out of them a bit when the TLC perks and money started to flow in. It takes time, but I have faith that the Roloffs will in the end grow into the situation and bring to it the quality of character that is there, if you take a moment and look past the surface. Be patient and quietly supportive. What do we get out of it? The satisfaction that compassionate human beings like the Roloffs who have a chance to handle this substance with care and responsibility. But it takes time, so give them the chance.