Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Your chance to be a guest reviewer about the new episodes of Little People, Big World

We're less than two weeks away from new episodes of Little People, Big World. Since the center of all the interest in the Roloffs comes from the episodes, this season we've decided to give you the chance to have your voice heard if you wish.

Do you want to provide a service to other LPBW fans and people interested in the show? We're going to open the blog up to guest reviewers/recaps of the episodes.

You could have your episode review will be featured in actual article form, not just lumped in with all the other blog reader comments. Your review will be seen by thousands of people (and you never know by whom! ;-))

Do you like recapping for people? Do you think LPBW is the best show on television and want to share your enthusiasm for the show and your opinions on the episodes? Do you want to jump at a chance to point out some editing discrepancies?

It is a television show after all and it is meant to be a fun experience to watch the episode, so whatever way you have fun with the episodes, you can share your reviews and opinions with everyone.

If you think people are too critical of what they see on the episodes, this is your chance to affect the content. Have everyone read your review of each of episode. Do you think people are too naive and want to tell it as you see the episodes? You have your chance.

The interesting aspect of a show like LPBW is that people can watch the same thing and have very different opinions. We aim to represent all views on the show and the Roloffs.

Ideally, the episode reviews will be just that - a review with some of your own commentary and opinion on what you watched and your reaction. However, you can review whatever way you want. Make it your own style if you wish. Also, the sooner you can get the reviews off, the better. For example, if you don't get a chance to watch the episodes until several days later, perhaps this isn't for you. Mondays and Tuesdays are usually the busiest days for the blog; fans watch Little People, Big World on TLC and then they come to the internet wanting to see what other people thought. Or they misses the episode and want to read a review of what they missed.

If you think it would be fun to write reviews and have your opinions about the new episodes featured, please email the blog at:


If you've sometimes posted comments to our blog or even on some LPBW message boards, please let us know your screen name in your email.

Depending on how many replies we receive, not all offers to be a guest reviewer will be chosen; but if you're interested in helping and think it would be fun we encourage you to email us. This is strictly for fun and entertainment.

Thank you in advance. Any help in making the blog entertaining and informative for our many visitors is always appreciated.

Jeremy Roloff's racist scandal referenced in an article

This is one of the reasons why I thought the Roloffs, if for no other reason (and there are a lot of other reasons!) should have made more of an effort to deal with the National Enquirer article that called Jeremy Roloff "The Big Bigot In The Land of the Little People", regarding his use of racist and homophobic slurs online.

An article by Richard Lawson at tv.com referenced the Jeremy scandal in an article about Kate Gosselin and how TLC's once stellar repuation as providing educational programming as been sullied by scandals and bad behavior by their stars. Matt's DUII arrests (he was acquitted of the more recent one in 2007) were also mentioned.


"Everyone knows TLC now, not for being the domain of upbeat, affirming, sometimes even educational programming. No now it's the new, cynical American downward spiral version of that. It's upbeat, affirming, sometimes even educational material that quickly curdles into terrifying cultish behavior, drunk driving arrests, allegations of racism and homophobia, and now extremely public divorce. So if TLC's good name has been sullied a little bit, well that seems to be a trade they're willing to make for buzz."

First episode of Previews of Season 5 of Little People, Big World

TLC has released the written previews of the first two half-hour episodes of Little People, Big World on October 12 at 8pm.

Oct 12, 8:00 pm
(30 minutes)

Little People, Big World
King of His Castle?

Ten years after he began building Molly's Castle, Matt is dead set on completing what's become his most drawn-out and costly farm attraction. Amy begrudgingly approves until Matt's budget on the project begins to swell.

Oct 12, 8:30 pm
(30 minutes)

Little People, Big World

Last Dance

Amy helps Molly get ready for her first high school formal dance, but it's a bittersweet experience because it's also Zach and Jeremy's last.


This picture of friends Daniel Meichtry, Scott LeSage, Jeremy Roloff and Jacob Mueller is from the Dance/banquet that was mentioned in the preview.

Monday, September 28, 2009

TLC finally confirms that Matt Roloff has a twitter account

Not sure why it took so long because the account has been around for quite some time. TLC's twitter account has issued previous denials of any real Roloff twitter accounts, but they did finally confirm that:

http://twitter.com/mattroloff is the real Matt Roloff. Although he doesn't use it...

"LITTLE PEOPEL BIG WORLD fans: just in time for pumpkin season, Matt Roloff is on Twitter @mattroloff! Season 5 starts Oct. 12!"

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Roloff family went Kayaking

In the upcoming Season 5 of Little People, Big World, viewers will see members of the Roloff family - Amy, Jeremy, Molly, Zach and Jacob kayaking. They visited the Columbia Gorge Kayak School on the Columbia River Gorge for some kitting and paddling in nifty looking kayaks.

The Columbia Gorge Kayak School blog had an item posted about the Roloff family back in May. They have a nice write up about the Roloff visit. They said it was 70 with no wind, so a great day for paddling. Back in May, they said back in May they were told the episode with air in 4 to 6 months which would place it in the November range.

They have two pictures of the Roloffs kayaking.

Check out their blog for their complete write up and information.


You can visit their website to see some pictures of what you could be in store for if you ever decide to go there for some fun like the Roloffs. Looks like lots of fun. They are located in Hood River, Oregon, an hour east of Portland.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The epic Gold medal football/soccer game; Zach Roloff's team The Statesemen vs UK team at World Dwarf Games in Belfast

It's been over a month and still, people from all over the world are inquiring about the now famous Gold Medal match in football/soccer at the World Dwarf Games in Belfast, Ireland. It was between the UK team and The Statesmen -- the team with Zach Roloff and who is coached by Amy Roloff.

That particular game has been called by spectators and those associated with the World Dwarf Games -- arguably the best game every played by people with dwarfism.

This blog always aims to serve where there's a lapse in information and we feel promoting a dwarf athletic competition is always a good thing -- it will still be several months before this ever makes it to TLC and an episode of Little People, Big World, which of course we recommend watching. However, for those, who may have even participated, or family and friends of the participants who want to see some of their effort and discussion about it, we have a taste of it for you.

As mentioned previously, it's being called the greatest dwarf soccer game ever played and for good reason. We have a break down in photos that captures the excitement and intensity. This does a pretty good job of capturing the thrilling action. And it gives me a chance to do play by play! :-)

If you don't want to know how events unfold when you eventually watch it, perhaps as far away as 8 months from now when it airs on TLC's Little People, Big World, don't read this item any further and you probably shouldn't read this blog at all and it might be wise to stay off the internet altogether regarding Roloffs or LPBW :-)

Here we go...

After a thrilling game, the gold medal game between The Statesmen and the UK team are tied 1-1 after regulation and extra time. It goes to penalty kicks. 3 shooters each.

The Statesmen will shoot first. First shot by the youngest Statesmen player, Troy...


1-0 Statesmen

First UK shooter....


Tied 1-1.

Second shooter for The Statesmen = Zach Roloff


Still tied 1-1.

Second UK shooter....


UK leads 2-1 after two shooters each

The Statesmen final shooter, their star player, Adam Romano. He must score to keep the game alive. If it is saved, UK wins Gold....


Statsemen = 2 UK = 2

The third and final UK shooter. If he scores on Statsemen goalkeeper Martin Klebba, UK wins Gold. If he's stopped, they continue on for more penalty kicks...

You can feel the excitement in the crowd watching, you can cut the electricity with a knife....some UK players can't bare to watch...

And he shoots....

UK win!

Elation and joy for the UK team....

Disappointment for the Statesmen...

Whew, that was exciting, even watching in still pictures.

Congratulations to all involved for being part of such an epic match!

A Jeremy Roloff sighting at Portland Community College

I imagine a lot of fans of LPBW would have a similar reaction if you were starting college in a new city and this were to happen to you.

A blogger shared her story on her blog:


In other news, I started school again today! PCC's Rock Creek Campus is so pretty this time of year! (The sunny whether helps too!) I've never actually spent time at this campus before but walking around trying to find my classes today was quite fun! I only had one class today, Math, but I was wait listed for it. When I walked into the classroom two things became apparent, 1.) There is no way I'm going to fit into this class and 2.) There was this guy sitting at the table next to mine that looked oddly familiar... Unlucky me, I was right about not getting into the class! I ended up moving my schedule around and getting into a different math class! So now I get to take a 4.5 hour math lab class every Friday that starts bright and early! What a way to end the week right?!? ha ha

On to #2 of my realizations for the day... this tall curly brown haired boy sitting by me looking so familiar and yet I couldn't place his face! Who was this kid!!! As I got up to leave the classroom I took one last glance at the boy and it suddenly dawned on me who he was!!! This wasn't just some kid that resembled someone I knew or someone I'd possibly been in DECA with... He was the boy that I had said so many times before I wanted to meet in person because he seemed so funny! He was Jeremy Roloff!!!!

... It was super exciting to see a member of the Roloff family in person let alone to know they'd be in one of my classes!

So recap: I started school today! Woo Hoo!I'm moving Next month!I saw Jeremy Roloff in person!BAD NEWS:I couldn't get into the class due to wait listing so I no longer have class with the former mentioned Jeremy Roloff! :(


Saturday, September 19, 2009

You can watch Molly Roloff and her volleyball team go undefeated

Someone with Faith Bible has uploaded several games of the girls volleyball team featuring Molly Roloff. It was a tournament and it looks like they went undefeated! Congratulations to Molly and team! :-)

Molly is #27.

Follow the link below, they have the other games listed as well if you're interested.


Amy and Molly Roloff celebrated their birthdays this week

It's been a big week for the Roloff family.

First, a big ol' HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! x 2 is in order. Amy and Molly share a birthday of course. It was Molly's 16th birthday.

The other big happening is that it is Jeremy and Zach's last weekend before they officially start college at PCC next week.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Little People, Big World returns October 12 -- Date is official

The 5th Season of Little People, Big World will return Monday October 12th. TLC officially made the announcement.


TLC today announced that fan-favorite LITTLE PEOPLE, BIG WORLD premieres its fifth season on Monday, October 12 at 8 & 8:30 PM. The series, which follows the Roloff family – comprised of both little and average height people – will continue to share their heart-warming moments and real-life challenges.

The season will pick up exploring how life is changing for the entire family as the kids grow up. Matt and Amy start to explore new territory as their oldest children are ready to start their own lives. They are left with different ideas on how to fill their time and have to figure out what will be their next chapter in life. Meanwhile, as Molly settles into high school, Zach's poor grades and Jeremy’s lack of direction leaves their future undecided.

The Roloffs continue to make an impact off the farm as Matt returns to Iraq to try to help the family that was introduced last season as they come to America so their children can get the medical help they need. Amy’s passions for sports lands her a new role as a Dwarf Athletic Association of America Board Member, where she takes on the planning of a major golf tournament fund-raiser.

Season five is comprised of 40 new half-hour episodes, and will be celebrating its 200th episode in spring 2010. LITTLE PEOPLE, BIG WORLD is produced by Gay Rosenthal Productions. Executive producers are Gay Rosenthal, Paul Barrosse, Joseph Freed, and Nicholas Caprio. Co-executive producer is Jeff Weaver.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Amy Roloff television interview and Molly's 16th birthday party

A couple of Amy Roloff items in the media and on the internet to pass along.

There was a follow up "tweet-like" entry on Amy's Charity foundation to the entry about having Molly's 16th birthday party.

Amy said Molly's party was a "success". As predicted by some of our blog readers, the Roloffs do everything in grand style. Amy gave a shout out to Willamette Valley Limousine for providing the limos for Molly's party.


As previously mentioned, Amy was a guest on the Portland television station, KATU's morning show, AM Northwest. Amy's guest spot was uploaded to You Tube:

There was nothing too ground-breaking about the interview. A few minor details about the Roloffs vacation in Europe and Amy's opinion on the news that another TLC reality tv show mother, Michelle Duggar is pregnant with their 19th child.

This is a summary if you don't have time to watch the whole video.

*Roloffs went kayaking. Amy says her kids are athletic and like that kind of stuff.

*Asked if the kids are embarrassed about hanging around with mom; Amy answered not really, their life is on television so everything is exposed.

*A picture is shown with another family from Make A Wish Foundation. Amy says it is humbling.

*Amy talks about Zach and the Statesmen practicing at the farm before the World Dwarf games. Zach loves, lives and breathes soccer. Wants to be a soccer coach. They're involved with the Portland Timbers and have been to so many games.

*Flashed a picture up of Amy, Molly and Jacob. Amy explains it was taken at the beach at seaside. Jacob is getting really big. Amy is 4'2" and Jacob is much taller than her.

*Picture of Amy, Molly and Jacob in Rome. Amy explains that herself, Molly and Jake took one part of the Europe trip and "the boys" took the another part on their own and then they all met up again in France.

This where as blog operators we must share what other fans have passed along to the blog to you. People who saw the Roloffs in Europe have emailed us. When you hear that Jeremy and Zach went on their own through Europe you tend to think of it being the two of them and don't think too much about the whole tv show aspect of it. As people who emailed said they witnessed, when Jeremy and Zach are out dining in all the top restaurants, they aren't taking a table for two. Try a table for 12, perhaps a table for 16. As another patron who saw them told the blog, it's funny because Jeremy and Zach were at completely different ends of the table -- all of the crew with them joins them for their meals. They aren't the "crew", they're their friends. There are the producers and the camera operators, and the utility people - not filming, but chowing down with Jeremy and Zach having normal conversations like you'd have with any group of friends around dinner. So when you hear that Jeremy and Zach went on "their own" around Europe, keep in mind what "on their own" actually means, it is really Jeremy, Zach and gang of 12 or so people.

*Amy said she had been to Europe before, but enjoyed seeing her kids experience it.

*Jacob's biggest fear was he's going to be bored stiff visiting too many churches and too many musuems, that's too boring for him. Molly was in awe of everything. In Rome they went on a Vespa tour so Jacob was exicted about that.

*Amy explained that Little People, Big World is shown all over the world, she hears from people all over the world (we can vouch for that), however, it's not shown much in Italy, Amy said people were looking around when they were filming trying to figure out what was going on.

*Picture of Amy Roloff with Michael Harper golfing beside each other. They laugh about the height difference in the picture because Amy of course is a little person and Michael Harper is an ex-NBA player.

*DAAA has helped Amy and Zach to show them that they can do sports physically.

*Amy says she is more open after years on the show.

*Amy discusses her speaking engagements. Her themes are things that you bring upon yourself. She says discrimination is huge, especially employment. It's mostly about them, but how do you overcome that.

*The hosts asks since Amy exposes all aspects of their lives, what do people come up to her and comment about? The host says people come up to her and give her advice about how to style her hair or clothes, etc...Amy said in the early years of filming (you've probably noticed in the most recent episodes and pictures, the main parts of the house are looking rather spotless now) it was the messy house. She said she was raising 4 kids and 5th one with Matt, she said she could worry about the dirty dishes in the sink, but who cares about that if it causes her to miss one of her kids games.

*Amy said some of the comments she gets is about the language her kids use. The host seemed confused. She asks what do you mean language, like potty mouth? Amy said sometimes things slip out, but it's a reality show and things happen and they're not perfect and are just doing the best they can.

*The hosts asks Amy about the announcement that Michelle Duggar is pregnant with her 19th child. Amy says she doesn't understand that. She always wanted to be a mom, but just because you can, doesn't mean you should. She's sure they're a great family and nice people, but that's a huge span and you just wouldn't have enough time. The host said there wouldn't be one on one time and Amy has one on one time with each of her kids. Amy says she tries and she's used to having them all with her at one time. Amy said the biggest thing isn't finances and money, it is: Do you have the time for each of your kids and do you know what is going on in each of their lives? Amy adds that Michelle Duggar is going to be a grandmother before this one is even born "so that's kind of..."

*Then they talk about a news story that an 11 year old boy in Indiana was mad at his parents, so he jumped in the car and took off, leading police on a chase. The hosts said to Amy that her kids have taken the cars or tractors or something. Amy says they definitely know how to drive. Amy explains that the boys have had some wild rides on the farm which has upset Matt because it tears up the ground, but they wouldn't be quite as daring as that news story, but they definitely now how to drive. Amy says Jacob would be able to do it.

*The host and Amy finish with a hug and ends the interview.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Duggan and Duggan - sponsors of the Roloff team - the Statesmen; share some stories and pictures

As most of you know who follow this blog, the Roloffs put out the call in a newsletter many months ago, asking for Sponsorship for Zach's team -- The Statesmen who eventually did participate in the World Dwarf Games held in Belfast, Ireland which took place in late July and will be seen during the New season, Season 5 of Little People, Big World which will return this fall.

In June, the Roloffs held an event at their farm for all the sponsors. One of the companies who stepped up to sponsor The Statesmen was Duggan and Duggan, a commerical and industrial contracting company based out of Allegany New York.


They probably sound familiar to avid fans of the show or visitors to this blog - as the Roloff kids and Jacob Mueller are often seen wearing Duggan and Duggan shirts. You might also recall the name from a tattoo story that made the headlines a while back.


Corey Duggan, son of Duggan and Duggan founder Mel Duggan, was gracious enough to share some of his pictures of the day at the Roloffs and answer a few questions about Duggan and Duggan's involvement with the Roloffs and The Statesmen.

1. For those that don't know, what is Duggan and Duggan? What services does the company provide?

Duggan & Duggan is a commercial and industrial contractor out of Allegany New York.

2. How did Duggan and Duggan, a company based in New York get involved with the Roloffs?

My brother and I got one of my friends to get a tattoo of matt on his shoulder blade. and when we mailed the pictures of the tattoo out to the Roloff's we sent some D and D shirts too that ended up making it on the show. Eventually Matt called us and invited us out to the farm. He loved the tattoo and we have kept in touch since (well mostly my brother has)

3. How many times have you been to the Roloff Farm?

Twice. in 2008 me, my tattooed friend Chris, my brother Kyle and his wife Katie and Katie's brother went there to visit. And in 2009 my father and I went for the Statesmen sponsorship.

4. It must please you guys that the Roloff kids and their friends seem to love their Duggan and Duggan shirts! We've seen quite a few pictures of the Roloff kids and their friends wearing the shirts. For those that don't know, Jeremy's somewhat bright yellow shirt that garnered some attention in some of our reader's comments is a Duggan and Duggan shirt.

Oh yeah, we were pretty pumped when we saw the shirts on TV for the first time. We had no idea they were going to wear them. It’s still neat to see our logo on national TV. The bright yellow one is our safety yellow shirts. All the clothes we gave them are the same clothes we issue to our employees in the field.

5.How did D & D decide to become a sponsor for The Statesmen?

My brother gets the Roloff family newsletter and saw they needed sponsors. He got my dad to have the company sponsor them.

6. You had mentioned that Duggan and Duggan sponsored Martin Klebba. How did that work, did each sponsor have a specific Statesmen team member that they sponsored or was it a donation to The Statesmen as a whole?

Also, because I know some of our readers will do the math themselves ;-), The original Roloff sponsorship letter said they were looking for 9 sponsorships and it would be approx $3000 per athlete. The Sponsorship check was for $38,500. Did they happen to say what the excess money donated was going to be used for (Other World Dwarf Game participants? The DAAA? Upgraded accommodations for The Statesmen?, etc.)

I’m not 100% sure how it all worked out. I was just kind of along for the ride.

9. Have you been given a date yet about when to expect that episode or the World Dwarf Games with Duggan and Duggan as a sponsor to be aired?

No, sorry they didn’t tell us.

10. What was your overall impression of the Roloffs since meeting them?

The family is really nice and down to earth. We are glad that we have got to know them.

Mel and Corey Duggan with Marty Klebba at the sponsorship event.

The Statesmen at Roloff farm.

Jacob Roloff wearing one of those nifty looking a Statesmen jerseys

King Matt on his throne? Matt with the 'Paul Mitchell' people, also sponsors of The Statesmen.

Jake Roloff and Mel Duggan. Fans of the Roloffs probably recognize the Duggan & Duggan shirts; the kids are often seen wearing them.

The Duggans with Matt Roloff

This is the 'Grand Canyon' part of the farm. Viewers might remember when the Roloffs visited the real Grand Canyon, Matt told Amy he wanted to build that on the farm, just on a smaller scale -- who thought he was serious? Never doubt Matt Roloff's seriousness when talking about a project for the farm! ;-)

The Duggans with Martin Klebba

Rocky was excited to welcome the sponsors to the Roloff home ;-)

Corey and Mel Duggan with Amy Roloff

Zach Roloff and the Statesmen team


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Amy Roloff and the LPGA

Amy Roloff is everywhere lately! Golly, it's hard to fathom that back in the first season of Little People, Big World, episodes used to center around things such as Amy going to the bank or the grocery store or taking the kids to soccer games on the local fields. Now it seems like there is not a place she isn't travelling to or an exciting activity/adventure she isn't embarking on or a famous venue she's not touring or a celebrity she's not meeting. Amy was featured on the LPGA official website yesterday.

As the Oregonian noted earlier this week, Amy Roloff was at Pumpkin Ridge Golf Course where her golf tournament will be held September 13th and 14th. The LPGA was at the course for their own event - the Safeway Classic presented by Coca-Cola. The official LPGA website has a quick item about it along with a few pictures of Amy with the players and more pictures of Amy with the golf professionals on the LPGA tour.


Later this morning, Amy will be a guest on an Oregon television station's morning show AM Northwest on KATU. She's doing a lot of promotion for her golf tournament which is soon approaching -- September 13 and 14th.