Saturday, September 19, 2009

Amy and Molly Roloff celebrated their birthdays this week

It's been a big week for the Roloff family.

First, a big ol' HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! x 2 is in order. Amy and Molly share a birthday of course. It was Molly's 16th birthday.

The other big happening is that it is Jeremy and Zach's last weekend before they officially start college at PCC next week.


Rap541 said...

Wow! PCC starts late!

I grew up in NY where elementary and high school didn't start until the wednesday after labor day......

And was shocked that college started the last week of August. And they are *just* starting class now? Thats different.

Jason said...

Rap, I thought that too. Where I'm from colleges start in late August too. The good news with that is they finish earlier :)