Sunday, September 6, 2009

Amy Roloff television interview and Molly's 16th birthday party

A couple of Amy Roloff items in the media and on the internet to pass along.

There was a follow up "tweet-like" entry on Amy's Charity foundation to the entry about having Molly's 16th birthday party.

Amy said Molly's party was a "success". As predicted by some of our blog readers, the Roloffs do everything in grand style. Amy gave a shout out to Willamette Valley Limousine for providing the limos for Molly's party.

As previously mentioned, Amy was a guest on the Portland television station, KATU's morning show, AM Northwest. Amy's guest spot was uploaded to You Tube:

There was nothing too ground-breaking about the interview. A few minor details about the Roloffs vacation in Europe and Amy's opinion on the news that another TLC reality tv show mother, Michelle Duggar is pregnant with their 19th child.

This is a summary if you don't have time to watch the whole video.

*Roloffs went kayaking. Amy says her kids are athletic and like that kind of stuff.

*Asked if the kids are embarrassed about hanging around with mom; Amy answered not really, their life is on television so everything is exposed.

*A picture is shown with another family from Make A Wish Foundation. Amy says it is humbling.

*Amy talks about Zach and the Statesmen practicing at the farm before the World Dwarf games. Zach loves, lives and breathes soccer. Wants to be a soccer coach. They're involved with the Portland Timbers and have been to so many games.

*Flashed a picture up of Amy, Molly and Jacob. Amy explains it was taken at the beach at seaside. Jacob is getting really big. Amy is 4'2" and Jacob is much taller than her.

*Picture of Amy, Molly and Jacob in Rome. Amy explains that herself, Molly and Jake took one part of the Europe trip and "the boys" took the another part on their own and then they all met up again in France.

This where as blog operators we must share what other fans have passed along to the blog to you. People who saw the Roloffs in Europe have emailed us. When you hear that Jeremy and Zach went on their own through Europe you tend to think of it being the two of them and don't think too much about the whole tv show aspect of it. As people who emailed said they witnessed, when Jeremy and Zach are out dining in all the top restaurants, they aren't taking a table for two. Try a table for 12, perhaps a table for 16. As another patron who saw them told the blog, it's funny because Jeremy and Zach were at completely different ends of the table -- all of the crew with them joins them for their meals. They aren't the "crew", they're their friends. There are the producers and the camera operators, and the utility people - not filming, but chowing down with Jeremy and Zach having normal conversations like you'd have with any group of friends around dinner. So when you hear that Jeremy and Zach went on "their own" around Europe, keep in mind what "on their own" actually means, it is really Jeremy, Zach and gang of 12 or so people.

*Amy said she had been to Europe before, but enjoyed seeing her kids experience it.

*Jacob's biggest fear was he's going to be bored stiff visiting too many churches and too many musuems, that's too boring for him. Molly was in awe of everything. In Rome they went on a Vespa tour so Jacob was exicted about that.

*Amy explained that Little People, Big World is shown all over the world, she hears from people all over the world (we can vouch for that), however, it's not shown much in Italy, Amy said people were looking around when they were filming trying to figure out what was going on.

*Picture of Amy Roloff with Michael Harper golfing beside each other. They laugh about the height difference in the picture because Amy of course is a little person and Michael Harper is an ex-NBA player.

*DAAA has helped Amy and Zach to show them that they can do sports physically.

*Amy says she is more open after years on the show.

*Amy discusses her speaking engagements. Her themes are things that you bring upon yourself. She says discrimination is huge, especially employment. It's mostly about them, but how do you overcome that.

*The hosts asks since Amy exposes all aspects of their lives, what do people come up to her and comment about? The host says people come up to her and give her advice about how to style her hair or clothes, etc...Amy said in the early years of filming (you've probably noticed in the most recent episodes and pictures, the main parts of the house are looking rather spotless now) it was the messy house. She said she was raising 4 kids and 5th one with Matt, she said she could worry about the dirty dishes in the sink, but who cares about that if it causes her to miss one of her kids games.

*Amy said some of the comments she gets is about the language her kids use. The host seemed confused. She asks what do you mean language, like potty mouth? Amy said sometimes things slip out, but it's a reality show and things happen and they're not perfect and are just doing the best they can.

*The hosts asks Amy about the announcement that Michelle Duggar is pregnant with her 19th child. Amy says she doesn't understand that. She always wanted to be a mom, but just because you can, doesn't mean you should. She's sure they're a great family and nice people, but that's a huge span and you just wouldn't have enough time. The host said there wouldn't be one on one time and Amy has one on one time with each of her kids. Amy says she tries and she's used to having them all with her at one time. Amy said the biggest thing isn't finances and money, it is: Do you have the time for each of your kids and do you know what is going on in each of their lives? Amy adds that Michelle Duggar is going to be a grandmother before this one is even born "so that's kind of..."

*Then they talk about a news story that an 11 year old boy in Indiana was mad at his parents, so he jumped in the car and took off, leading police on a chase. The hosts said to Amy that her kids have taken the cars or tractors or something. Amy says they definitely know how to drive. Amy explains that the boys have had some wild rides on the farm which has upset Matt because it tears up the ground, but they wouldn't be quite as daring as that news story, but they definitely now how to drive. Amy says Jacob would be able to do it.

*The host and Amy finish with a hug and ends the interview.


Deb said...

I really like Amy in interviews. She's very earthy, if that's a word :)

I think Amy has come to appreciate how easy to please Molly and Jeremy are on vacations. She made that comment about Molly this time and Jer in the past.

Anonymous said...

"In Rome they went on a *basketball* tour so Jacob was exicted about that."

To clarify, Amy actually said they went on a VESPA tour (as in scooters)

Spiritswander said...

Thank you for the clarification. :)

Jodie said...

Thanks for putting this on here and thanks to the person who taped it. I don't have a You Tube account to leave comments.

I like Amy, but I wish the interviewer would go more personal, instead of talking about trips or events. I like the show, but I don't like all the trips anymore. The personal family stuff is better.

I like it when Amy sometimes talks about the kids real personalities and things like that. It was a better interview than the main network interviews tho. (GMA, Today, Oprah, Fox News)

Carly said...

I wish they would do more interviews.

Anonymous said...

amy rocks!!!!