Saturday, September 5, 2009

Duggan and Duggan - sponsors of the Roloff team - the Statesmen; share some stories and pictures

As most of you know who follow this blog, the Roloffs put out the call in a newsletter many months ago, asking for Sponsorship for Zach's team -- The Statesmen who eventually did participate in the World Dwarf Games held in Belfast, Ireland which took place in late July and will be seen during the New season, Season 5 of Little People, Big World which will return this fall.

In June, the Roloffs held an event at their farm for all the sponsors. One of the companies who stepped up to sponsor The Statesmen was Duggan and Duggan, a commerical and industrial contracting company based out of Allegany New York.

They probably sound familiar to avid fans of the show or visitors to this blog - as the Roloff kids and Jacob Mueller are often seen wearing Duggan and Duggan shirts. You might also recall the name from a tattoo story that made the headlines a while back.

Corey Duggan, son of Duggan and Duggan founder Mel Duggan, was gracious enough to share some of his pictures of the day at the Roloffs and answer a few questions about Duggan and Duggan's involvement with the Roloffs and The Statesmen.

1. For those that don't know, what is Duggan and Duggan? What services does the company provide?

Duggan & Duggan is a commercial and industrial contractor out of Allegany New York.

2. How did Duggan and Duggan, a company based in New York get involved with the Roloffs?

My brother and I got one of my friends to get a tattoo of matt on his shoulder blade. and when we mailed the pictures of the tattoo out to the Roloff's we sent some D and D shirts too that ended up making it on the show. Eventually Matt called us and invited us out to the farm. He loved the tattoo and we have kept in touch since (well mostly my brother has)

3. How many times have you been to the Roloff Farm?

Twice. in 2008 me, my tattooed friend Chris, my brother Kyle and his wife Katie and Katie's brother went there to visit. And in 2009 my father and I went for the Statesmen sponsorship.

4. It must please you guys that the Roloff kids and their friends seem to love their Duggan and Duggan shirts! We've seen quite a few pictures of the Roloff kids and their friends wearing the shirts. For those that don't know, Jeremy's somewhat bright yellow shirt that garnered some attention in some of our reader's comments is a Duggan and Duggan shirt.

Oh yeah, we were pretty pumped when we saw the shirts on TV for the first time. We had no idea they were going to wear them. It’s still neat to see our logo on national TV. The bright yellow one is our safety yellow shirts. All the clothes we gave them are the same clothes we issue to our employees in the field.

5.How did D & D decide to become a sponsor for The Statesmen?

My brother gets the Roloff family newsletter and saw they needed sponsors. He got my dad to have the company sponsor them.

6. You had mentioned that Duggan and Duggan sponsored Martin Klebba. How did that work, did each sponsor have a specific Statesmen team member that they sponsored or was it a donation to The Statesmen as a whole?

Also, because I know some of our readers will do the math themselves ;-), The original Roloff sponsorship letter said they were looking for 9 sponsorships and it would be approx $3000 per athlete. The Sponsorship check was for $38,500. Did they happen to say what the excess money donated was going to be used for (Other World Dwarf Game participants? The DAAA? Upgraded accommodations for The Statesmen?, etc.)

I’m not 100% sure how it all worked out. I was just kind of along for the ride.

9. Have you been given a date yet about when to expect that episode or the World Dwarf Games with Duggan and Duggan as a sponsor to be aired?

No, sorry they didn’t tell us.

10. What was your overall impression of the Roloffs since meeting them?

The family is really nice and down to earth. We are glad that we have got to know them.

Mel and Corey Duggan with Marty Klebba at the sponsorship event.

The Statesmen at Roloff farm.

Jacob Roloff wearing one of those nifty looking a Statesmen jerseys

King Matt on his throne? Matt with the 'Paul Mitchell' people, also sponsors of The Statesmen.

Jake Roloff and Mel Duggan. Fans of the Roloffs probably recognize the Duggan & Duggan shirts; the kids are often seen wearing them.

The Duggans with Matt Roloff

This is the 'Grand Canyon' part of the farm. Viewers might remember when the Roloffs visited the real Grand Canyon, Matt told Amy he wanted to build that on the farm, just on a smaller scale -- who thought he was serious? Never doubt Matt Roloff's seriousness when talking about a project for the farm! ;-)

The Duggans with Martin Klebba

Rocky was excited to welcome the sponsors to the Roloff home ;-)

Corey and Mel Duggan with Amy Roloff

Zach Roloff and the Statesmen team


Erin said...

Great pictures! It's cool that a regular company and the fans of the show actually get to go to the farm.

Craw said...

I think it was cool for Matt to invite the tattoo guy out to the farm.

Why is Jacob always butting in on Zach and Jeremy's stuff? He's not part of the Statesmen. Why is he in all the pictures?

It's like the graduation party for Jer and Zach. There's Jake in the middle of the party.

Or Zach and Jer's soccer practices and warmups. There's Jake in the middle with the team.

He should stay out of things that aren't for him.

It was Zach's team, not his. No wonder why Jeremy never wants Jacob around.

Deb said...

LOL @ Rocky!

jess said...

Jacob looks sooo cute, and tan (: